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Words & Ladders: a Trivia Crack game

Words & Ladders: a Trivia Crack game for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Etermax located at Capdevila 3448, C1431FKP, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The questions are mostly not hard, and it's a bit unfair when you can start a game, answer every question, and win the game before your opponent has a chance. At one point, I had lost, and it froze on the Send screen. The button didn't work, so I had to close the game. When I opened it again, all progress in that game has been reset.
I've given 2 stars as it would probably be quite a fun game if it wasn't ridiculously easy, I think even 5 year olds would know the answers to these questions they're that bad. I had what colour is the sky?What is the opposite of true?Where is the Eiffel Tower?& to make it worse I had some questions repeated 2 or 3 times!! There was 1 question I didn't know the answer to and that was the name of a character in the game but I paid 100 coins for the answer so went through the whole game non-stop!!
This game it's so much fun I absolutely love the graphics and the animation. I wish I could rate more than 5 ⭐
The game is fun, but there are a lot of errors in the dutch version. The answers are wrong, unclear, or the answers contain spelling mistakes. For example I had a question which was "Which city is not in Gelderland". There thousands of them. Also something like when the answer has to be "koorts" the "correct" answer was "koorst". That is unacceptable.
There should be a turn limit. It's entirely possible complete and win an entire game without the opponent getting a single turn.
The clues aren't always answerable. Name a state that doesn't border New Mexico. Almost all of them don't but apparently the correct random state is Oregon. Well sure but why would I choose that state? No idea. So many are like that that it's too frustrating to play. And you spend 80% of time watching ads. Silly game.
The concept is good, but could use some work. 1) Many of the questions are stupidly easy.(Ex. What is the first month of the year?) 2) The wording of some of the questions is not only gramatically incorrect but also misleading. (Ex. What is the behavior of a group of wolves? Answer is "pack," personally thought "howl". Similar question asks what a group of wolves is called, which is clearly "pack.") 3)Crashes constantly, mostly while loading ads (usually for a "reward" of sorts, and forced ads).
Questions are either extremely simple or completely unsolvable. Many of the clues are to vague, leaving too much room for ambiguity. Additionally, you aren't provided with the correct answers if you're incorrect. Some clues have multiple correct answers, and you just have to guess. Example: for the clue "A German city" my answer of "Berlin" was not accepted. There isn't an in-game option to report questions/answers.
Isn't a daily reward supposed to be just for showing up daily to the game to play? NOT for watching a video?!!? Yeah... Well. Also, glitchy and touchy as hell. That game itself is a fun concept, but needs some help. 😒🎲
Extremely fun little trivia game. Wish the questions were more random as I keep getting the same ones often. Also waiting on the 4th level.
This game is fun but why does it not show the answer? I like being stumped but when the time runs out the answer should be shown..it leaves me more frustrated every time I get it wrong. Please update this and the game would be 100% better!!
Made my phone extremely laggy, the invite wouldn't work at all, i couldn't join friends when they invited me, theres not a way to even change your profile name or icon, and it makes you start a "new game" woth some random person and there doesn't seem to be a way to quit the game. This was an overall very frustrating experience and i hated every moment of it, don't get this game, its a waste of time
Played the game about 3 times and when I try to play more it matches me with an opponent and lets me spin bit no riddle pops up, and it's slow.. takes it a minute to load anything... Liked the game for the most part . Now just disappointed that it won't let me play.
The game is mildly entertaining at best. Still experiencing bugs. Was 52 steps into a match when it said my connection was lost and upon reconnecting (maybe 5 seconds later) the game was restarted with both of us at 1. Not a fan of the fact that if you do not answer correctly you are not shown the correct answer and or spelling, your turn is simply over and here, watch an ad for your troubles lol. Sorry etermax, but this one is a little embarrassing. We all know you guys and gals can do better!
I really like the game and almost everything about it but gosh dang it please do an update so the game will load faster!
Game is extremely laggy. Each section takes forever to load. When spinning the wheel for moves, it hesitates and skips numbers. Daily bonus makes you watch an ad. Ads are forced, and you cant close them out. Sometimes the x after the video doesn't work. Over all poor design, but a good concept.
Questions go from extremely easy to grammatically impossible to understand, as well as downright impossible to know. I'm pretty average at challenging trivia, but I'm sure many wouldn't be able to pass these either. So if you're a famous trivia player, go nuts. Otherwise you'll just be frustrated
Awesome game! It's easy to learn, challenging, fun, and addictive. Graphics and gameplay flow beautifully, the characters are cute, ads are minimal, and you can play it with friends.
I love this game! I am addicted; I've put all my other games to the side. It's not too hard, not too easy; a perfect mixture. Getting to the top is a good challenge.
Way to many ads. The game has a good concept, but the questions are to easy or have more than one answer making it difficult to enjoy. Plus it doesnt tell you the answer if you are wrong. I dont like that i always answer all the questions and reach the end before my opponent can even answer, makes the game to easy.
It wouldn't load, kept shutting down. I uninstalled and didn't install until months later. Now it plays good. Thank you for a great game
The questions range from easy to "how the heck am I supposed to know that?" I've had a couple issues but can't find a way to contact them to inform. How can they correct it? Follow up: I found the contact by leaving this review. Now I just have to wait for their reply.
This game is BROKEN! When i first installed a few weeks ago everything worked perfect, NOW nothing works. I can load the game, then spin the wheel and my character even moves the number of spaces that its supposed to, but then...it just stops...no question ever comes up and it jus sits there like that. I have cleared cache, and recent apps and restarted the game and I have uninstalled and reinstalled and NOTHING helps...I am playing on a Note 9..please fix I really love this game.
I like the idea of the game, but there are glitches that lock up the game after almost every turn. It would be great if you offered an ad free version.
It's... Okay. I can understand there would be bugs since it just came out but a lot of the questions are just SUPER vague and doesn't make sense. I also cannot stand all of the ad's, there are SO MANY ad's. I would actually love this game if the questions were more understandable, the bugs were fixed, and there was a pack I could buy to get rid of ad's. Fix those things and I'll change to a 5* review.
The app is either laughably easy or ridiculously hard, and could've been executed better. The gameplay itself is alright, if you can manage to answer the questions. I suppose the intent of the game was ambitious, and of course terms you're unfamiliar with will end up seeming impossible to guess. But some clues are very vague and interpretible, while others are again very easy. Overall you're better off to just keep playing Trivia Crack.
Love the game but it closes every time I try and play. Freezes in the middle of the game. Very close to deleting. It messes up the entire experience while playing the game to constantly start over.
Simple and pretty funny game. Not much of a challenge for an adult I'd say (colour of the sky for example as a riddle) but nonetheless cute. Bit more explanation of items (shield for example) would have been great. The amount of ads in this game makes this a 4 star rating, there are just too many (after each game). Maybe add an option to purchase the ad-free game would be good? Edit: I keep getting connection errors, even when I'm on 4G. What's up with that?
Concept is good, execution is terrible. Want a free, one time continue your turn? AD! Want to end your turn? AD! Want to collect your daily prize? AD! Want to... AD! Also too many notifications. Some questions are insane, some are simple, but you'll never know if you're dumb or just unlucky because they don't give the answer for you to learn. I've been in multiple games, trailing far behind but with twice the answers too.
This game could really be a good one if it did'nt run so dam slow and freeze up my phone every other question.. I understand its a big file but come on now. This game is so laggy and slow theres no enjoying it.. It frustrates me to no end..
Pretty interesting game, not too simple not too difficult ☺ just two thoughts: 1. It's a little too buggy, app keeps on quit unexpectedly during the game, and always show "error occur due to internet connection problem" but the truth is I have strong and stable internet connection. 2. Some of the images have low resolution and even with watermark. I am sure the team can do a better work than that.
Very good game. I love this game it is very fun and very addictive. Thank you so much to the creators of this game. I am very hooked to it. I won't be stopping anytime soon!! :) :)
It's just okay! Functionally the game is fun. Some of the clues have multiple answers and are so ambiguous it is nothing more than a guess which does take away some of the "skill". Invite your friends is just that...invite them to the app. You cant set up a game with them. The only way to play with friends is to get lucky with a random game...which hasn't happened yet. The game features feel unfinished and under development otherwise its alot of fun.
Awful. The game worked for a while but now every time I spin, my character moves to the space but no question pops up. My game just sits there and I can't even leave the match. The only way to get out is to close the app completely. It's a shame because I really love the game but I cannot play it now.
This game is fun I guess, the main problem I have is that who ever goes first will basically be in front the whole game, so the rival flags will never hit the person that starts the game. Rival flags go behind you when you answer an answer, so the person in the back will always hit flags while the person in front will only if they hit a slide, which I'm my experience is very rare. They should change it so the flags get placed randomly around the board instead of just behind you.
This game is not clear enough. For instance, one of the questions asked, "music instrument." There are many instruments with four letters like an oboe or a tuba. The answer ended up being a drum. There are many other questions where the question is not clear enough and I hope this problem gets fixed.
I like the game, but I can't play it. When someone challenges me to a new game, I spin and the question doesn't appear, get another extra spin, but can't spin. Please fix it. Edit: The game now works as it should. I adjusted my rating accordingly.
The game is fun but the clues don't always make sense or make you guess because there could be dozens of answers. I LOVE the medium and wheel challenges. The biggest problem is that this app loads incredibly slowly. It is more annoying than ads to have absolutely nothing happen for 30 seconds, not even a loading icon.
great game. but the ads are getting annoying. not sure how much longer I can deal with them and keep the game.
Has potentional but needs a lot of work.. Too easy, too many reoccurring questions, WAY too many mistakes such as animal pictures being wrong.
Uninstalled. Could be a good game but i had multiple answers that were marked wrong because of spelling even though there is more than one way to spell the word. Examples: Vinyards vs Vineyard or Barbecue vs Barbeque. Plus, the questions are so vague. Example: What object reflects light? It could be a mirror or it could be the moon. Good idea for a game but it needs work.
Has the potential to be really fun, but....Not all of the riddles are specific enough,multiple answers could fit on some,but they only accept one certain answer...It's not as challenging as it could be. If you go first and have coins,you'll win EVERY time w/o the other player even having one turn, so IT GETS BORING FAST! A little better if both players decide to not use coins/videos, but you can't communicate so you never know til you play...Hopefully future updates make it more fun/challenging!
The gameplay is really solid and fun and adds a new twist to the trivia game scene and the Trivia Crack series as well. With all good things though comes with criticism as well. I feel like lives should not be used every turn you play but rather every new round you start. I also feel some power-ups should be explained as I don't know what certain things such as the shield do. Thanks and I love the game!
I was enjoying this game so much. My husband told me about it and I just DL it today. I played 3 games and started new games with the same 3 people. Played a round or 2 each and now the game will spin, move and lock up. I've tried reloading several times and that didn't help. I've uninstalled it now.. disappointing.
Okay, your concept of the game is great. I would've really enjoyed if the game isn't so laggy. It would freeze at anytime and it's annoying. The ads, too. They would appear after every game ends like word domination and it's a major turnoff. Your game has potential but still has a lot of room to improve. I hope you fix it.
Firstly, the questions you placed in the games are not specific enough. 2ndly, 4 times it takes me to the same slide which then forces me to watch a video or slide down to the previous route. 3rdly, if a person manages to solve all the answers in 1 turn, it wouldn't be fair to the other player. There should be a limit to the number of 'spin the wheel'. 4thly, the interaction with the wheel is not sensitive enough, you need to tap multiple times to spin it.
Not sure if it's a language issue, but some of the answers are incorrect. I notice at the top of the game there is a Spanish word, that's why I thought the translation could have been done incorrectly. I noticed 3 incorrect questions so far. 1. A group of sheep is a flock, not a herd. 2. Wire that conducts electricity is copper, not a cord. 3. The proper term of a make donkey is a Jack, not Jackass. I'm sure more with come up. I checked the ones above online.
It's a really fun game, some questions are very easy and some are a bit tough but that's why the game is interesting and I love to play it. Overall it's a great game. 😊
Deleted after one play. Nice concept but found gameplay slow. Questions are more like crossword clues than riddles. On login, game immediately asks you to submit an email address or log into FB. Neither of which I like doing before I've even tried a game. Not sure what the point of multiplayer is, my opponent didn't get to play. And finally, game assumes all players are male with the greeting of "you look like a capable fellow" or something along those lines.
The game plays very nicely but the questions are insanely easy. I was able to get from start to finish without my opponent even getting a turn because if you answer correct, you get to go again. Not one question was something I even needed to think about. Had my daughter, who's 5 and my 2yo son answer questions and they got the 95% right (while I spelled their answers). Make the questions challenging and it would be worth it but I'm uninstalling.
the roll that determines how many spaces you move is rigid. I didn't even make it all the way through my very first game and I only went up one ladder while I paid not to fall down two separate shoots, then paid for a third one didn't slide had to real roll and wound up landing on that same shoot again this time didn't pay for it, fell, and within my next 2 rolls landed on another shoot paid not to fall only to land on that same shoot AGAIN and all of this within 5-6 rolls. Make the rolls random
I'm trying to play this game with both wifi and mobile data but it says I have internet connection issues even though everything else is working.
Thank q etermax so much that the problem has been solved in short time. I am really enjoying d game.... You deserve more stars than these... 🌟 🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟......
The game has an ad for a stupid castle game, every time that ad comes up it freezes on it!! Another words it's not leaving that ad!! I don't want to nor will I install that game! I have to close out of the game and come back in, in order to continue to next player. If this doesn't get fixed I WILL REMOVE THE GAME!
The questions were very simple, and required little thought. There was no sense of competition, and I won a game simply by answering every question right, leaving my opponent at the start. They had no opportunity to take a turn at any point, as long as I kept answering questions correctly. I did not feel rushed, only bored, and felt bad for my opponent that I won simply by being the first to go.
This game is a lot of fun! The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because sometimes the questions make no sense. They will be phrased as if there should be options to choose from but there are no options, it is all fill in the blank.
I love the concept of the game, but I don't like that I have multiple plays in a row. I feel it should be every other turn. Not that I have a problem with winning lol but it doesn't give the other person a chance because I get everything right and they never leave start. But if we could change that i think it would be more fun.
Your game used to be good, but in your desire to make it a straight purchase game, you changed reward level points, you even now charge points to play a game unless you're challenged. I'm going to uninstall this game.