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Revue Starlight Re LIVE

Revue Starlight Re LIVE for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Ateam Inc. located at 〒450-6432 名古屋市中村区名駅3丁目28番12号 大名古屋ビルヂング32F Dainagoya Building 32F, 28-12 Meieki 3-chome, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya 450-6432, Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love it! I love the songs and stage girls. I would like if the weaker girl would go first so they could get a chance. I was thinking about what I'd like in the next update. I would like if there would be Red, Blue, Black, and white stage girls! Maybe you could call it color slash! I want it to be easyer to get Coins and Diamonds too! I hope you read my review!
I love defeting boss it is so much FUN when i unlock to be able to play against other pepole it will take level 5000 fun to 12000 levle fun
Everything is good in this game except the pity. Usually the gacha games give pity, the featured unit but here it's worse. Because if I get no 4star unit for continuous 99 pull it only gives a 4 star unit at 100th pull not the featured unit. I like the banners as it provides many different steps which I haven't seen in any other games. If they fix the pity it will be so good.
An extreme P2W gacha game. Powercreeping here and there, PVE is dead, too many banners, extreme toxicity... What could possibly go wrong, right?
First and foremost I really want to appreciate the people that made that made this games every genres are always awe inspirating with the stability and graphics design I thank you for making an excellent game 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️and also appreciate the fight scene and gacha
This game is a cute fun gotcha game with voice overs by the original cast for people who are into that. I like playing with the sound off myself but to each their own.
I don't know if this was something that only happens in my tablet but when I entered the game,the screen was weird.it was backwards and I kept trying to enter the game but it just wouldn't work So that's why I rated it 1 star :(
I can't log in i don't why but my level in game is 81 we i start the game it's going lag and its going lag out in game
I wish there was a way to make Andrew stfu without turning off the whole sounds of the game. And I keep plqying even though I haven't explored 50% of it yet
i lost my old acc even with a gmail connection feelsbadman. Edit : I got my old account back!!! Thanks to the support team! ;)
It is very cringy at times and you have to pay for the best experience, but this is still my favorite mobage ever
This app is so much fun I love it so much like whenever I'm bored I play this and its relaxing 😌 ☺ 🤗 😊
Monetization sucks You get a new character and they immediately suggests you a 50 dollar pack to make said character viable
Wow this game is realy best u can get many 4 star character whithout spend money wowowowwowow u must play this game it's really best i not lie im serios dude.....u will regret if u don't play this game trust me it's really really best ....😍😍😍🤩🤩
So far, so good. The game runs smoothly and the graphics are to die for. The voice acting is on point and the characters are the cutest! I haven't gone too far into the storyline yet but it's already so interesting. The only one complaint is the gacha rates but then again its fine because right now you can have a blast as a f2p player like me.
I just came back recently to the game. I Been around for 3 months now after comeback, and I have to say. This game really improved. QoL updates and they're more generous now compared to before. They're giving a lot of gems and tickets which is really nice. Keep it up, Ateam!
Good game but loading time is far too slow and there is a problem with the free video gacha as it says I need to watch a certain amount of ads but when I click to watch it says no ads available.
I enjoy Re Live alot! The storyline, the decorations for the dorm, the actions as well as variety of events and characters to get. The game isnt pay to win because you can still progress and get strong by playing for free. Ofc when new girls come out you may feel like you're behind but you're not. Most people rush to get the new girls and dont use them. I reccomend this game highly. Events are amazing due to the fact of the chance to get supplies that are needed. Been playing for over a year now
So far, so good. The game runs smoothly and the graphics are to die for. The voice acting is on point and the characters are the cutest! I haven't gone too far into the storyline yet but it's already so interesting. The only one complaint is the gacha rates but then again its fine because right now you can have a blast as a f2p player like me. Edit: okay so the pvp is very annoying so i took a star.
At first is very nice but soon you'll run out of gems as soon as u finished the story. Events are TOO grindy. You should bring back the collaboration events back someday. There are too many whales around so, PvP for f2p players are hellish. The stage of dream's rewards should be able to be reset so that it could be a source for gems.
I love the game as it support the franchise and extend to the gaming community. The only issues is I have issue of reconnecting even tho I have a Fiber and stable wifi, and a compatible phone. Please can you fix it?
Fun game, love the play style and the amount of playable characters. The music is good too.....however...NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER BUY GEMS. THEY WILL CHEAT YOU OUT OF MONEY.
Great Game and relaxing Music Based RPG, although the gacha are quite giving me sweat everytime i took it. But overall aspect, this game is amazing!
Personally, this game is a great blend of the classic turn-based strategy and girl management. It's got great characters, an interesting story, an efficient event and rerun pattern, and even free gacha attempts. The only thing I kinda don't like is how low Stage Girls Rates are, and that makes it difficult to strategize for PvP.
Hello I recently started the game. I purchase the first time premium passport. After that i purchased a gacha but it didn't appear in my account and deducted my gems. My phone went black after that and it costed 1500 gems. After that, I decided to buy a gacha again but i was unlucky again as my gems were deducted even though i received nothing. The second occassion happened just before the maintenance which might have caused this to happen. Please do help me get back my 3000 gems.
It is very grindy at times and you have to pay for the best experience, but this is still my favorite mobage ever
Fun and Entertaining!!! I been playing this game ever since it came out and I can for sure say it is a lot different from how it started. Ateam is being way more generous now by adding new features and better cards for beginners to catch up. My only issue is that it is a very fast pace game so you have to keep up with all the updates and event. Though if you aren't too serious about investing your time into this game then this is perfect. Doesn't take as much time and it's fun!!
Sooo I started like revue not too far from redownloading it again and it's fun the characters like (e.x Akira , Yuyuko, Tendo-sama) are amazing!! I really recommend that you guys play it
There's no point to play this game anymore if you want to enjoy a good gameplay experience. If you're a fan of Revue Starlight go ahead and play it, there's no problem. I've been playing this game for months and I'm going to say this game is not f2p friendly at all! The devs always pushing the content for PvP by releasing new meta character almost every week!. Single player content is so boring, basically you just doing the same thing over and over again. But I still like the music tho, ngl
I love it! You can collect many characters and it's cool I recommend this also the characters personalities are funny
This game is honestly rather fun. Sure, pvp can really be a pain, but other than that this game is still fine. Also, to eeryone who got disconnected during a gacha pull, please press that gacha history button in the gacha screen, you sill got girls/memoirs from the pull just not displayed.
5 stars totally but rn I just want to point out that there is a glitch that was out for about 2 weeks now locking players out I dont know if its fixed but Im still locked out. Besides that its an amazing rpg/gacha game
I think the game is still unstable. It keeps saying 'connection lost' even when I'm using the best connection whereas I don't have any problem with other online games. Please fix it.
honestly, the game is really cool! i started out playing this bcs of a fanart, and started playing this and watched the anime. it is really fun. but i really want the EN to catch up with JP. the rates aren't that bad (prob bcs of mt luck) but it could've been a bit higher and this WW version should have more free pulls (other than the free 5 pull bcs of event/ads) but overall, it's a really good game. just be careful with whalers tho, im a f2p player but i survived to S rank! :)
The game is great so far. My only issue is the gacha through ads. I can't watch ads now it says no video available.
editing this review after 2 years. I play this game mostly for the yuri themes known in the anime. It has delivered mixed results, but the yuri undertones are strong when it does appear. Game balancing is a mess, however. power creep is a huge problem, huge investment is needed to stay competitive, which is frowned upon as "pay to win". this business model is unsustainable to capture new players and relies on old players. is it too late to change now? I don't really know.
It's a great game but it takes up so much storage for my phone. Its probably there phone's fault for being weak but it's a great game to kill time.
I got bug when i click on the game to play its always said couldn't enter. And when im enter the game it cant downloading and just back into the first page
Absolutely balanced pvp. Well, as long as you don't grind hard, you'll just get beat up good in pvp. There are also a few problems I experienced like having to reconnect for every time I restore my stamina. Well, gacha-wise, the rng in the game isn't that brutal. Visually, the game looks good and the songs are decent.
Better the azure lane, instead of ships🥱, we got really hot stage girls this is just better ,don't hurt this game pls, just do ur job and the gacha system don't really rush you to get there brand new units either, this game is perfect best gacha out rn people missing out.
PVP gameplay sucks, your character abilities have a tendency not to work but the other persons will. Problem keeps happening more over time
I once played this game and it was fantastic, problem was that I had to delete it due to freeing up some space on my phone and I was signed in with Google. Well I wanted to play it again, but I couldnt sign in with Google. I went to "Data Backup" or whatever it was called, but still couldnt get in. Now my progress is gone, and I cant do anything.
Honestly one of the best mobile game I,ve played. Graphics are amazing, gameplay also amazing. Auto play great while doing other work. Gacha amazing too but I keep getting way too much memoirs than stage girls. Usually only get 2 stage girls per multi. Gacha could improve by a little even if we still get atleast four 2 stars girls.
Nice Game but It could be good if you bring back the Collab exclusive Characters back to the Gacha List and do a Collab with RE:ZERO. Just a Suggestion for you.
This very nice i like all skins but its hard to get... But i rate this 5 stars cuz its fun!! My fav skin was lalafin - cinderella and hikara kugura in - colab skin but i didnt got tamao skin in colab but its still great i like this game and even if needs wifi i still like it though and if theres a upgrade or update i upgrade it or look at new updates and its junna birthday!!! And i got her skin in first try i was screeming so loud i got it i like this!! Who made this thank you!! Sooo much!!!!!!
I changed my mind, after the anniversary, seems like they were listening to the fans and somehow compensate the gacha problem everyone (especially F2P players) had with this step-ups. Being a player who installed this game on the first day of global release, rolling gacha today is definitely ten times easier and more rewarding rather than back then. I'm actually willing to spend money on the passports now. Keep up the good work!
Pay to win like most gacha games, insane power creep, game is so dead that matchmaking is completely one-sided 80% of the time, server is unstable so it often takes 15-20 seconds to enter a single menu (and trust me there's a lot of unnecessary menus)
When I tried to furnish my theater, it was so laggy. Most of my furniture, per item had more than 50 pieces. I know that this is the source of the lag. If I narrowed my catalog to fewer tag, eg:birthday tag, it wont lag bc the item isn't many. In sort, everything normal as long as I didn't open my whole catalog and tried to put the funiture. Bc of this I cant make new room. Please fix this. (Oh btw, could you add somethin to the furniture coin? More pricey furniture? I had million in saving)
The game had been fun until Vs. Revue became messy. Pairing those below others. I was only 930 and my opponent was 993. Another was 909 indicating they had been higher before. It would be nice if theatching systems had been more fair and placed someone with the same current score. Not the past one. It's not as fun anymore since gems start getting harder to get as a free to play player after spending them on banners that are being rushed to their faces.
I think this a good gacha app☆ When there's gacha in a game, it's usually a food game. Only one minor problem is when I change my badge, the game freezes and I have to reopen the app
Actually this is fun game, story is amazing there a lot event also this game treat new player nicely. They have a ton events, birthday event, also you don't need worry u can't get character u want bcs you will get em later, this is recomemded for long term playing since you can enjoy it,
beautiful game with the gacha rate is quite good.there's also guaranteed rare drops in some gacha event,if you still couldn't get some 4stars girl/memoir(for f2p i think its still little hard,but there's daily assignment for free star gems,so you need to save it if you want to do gacha). about the battle system,its similar to yuyuyu,fgo(if you know it,it will be like a piece of cake,if not,its still easy to understand). overall this game is good for f2p,but dont forget to support the dev too
the game keep stopping when i open it everytime. please fix the issue or problem on this game. i just level 30 above. i want continue the story, event and so on. i already backup account and redownload everything but still the same. the problem is today. and thanks. the game now works perfectly after maintenance.
Terrible gacha. There are two types of things in the gacha, stage girls, and memoirs. Of course, if you've played stuff like FGO, the stage girls obviously have lower rates. This gets annoying when pulling because basically every rainbow invitation is just another useless memoir you don't need, and memoirs can sometimes take up 100% of your pull.
Gameplay is very awesome, music in this game is good and you have variety of options to listen during playing game. Game is quite friendly to free to play players also. The only downside is loading time takes too long
I Love the music and the animation its so great, and im fan of the anime too but i don't really want those powerful characters they are too op i can't strategize because its over for me to turn And i hate everytime in pvp i always match up with highers ranks i always defeated and i cant go further~
Good game, has balanced units and great gacha rates. There isn't much grinding involved, maybe none at all. If you're looking for a nice game just for casual play then this is the one.
This is the most EXCELLENT APP I'VE SEEN!!! It inspires me to ba a stage girl someday but I also recommend you to watch the movie of it called "Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight". THE BEST OF THE IMPECCABLE, EXCELLENT, ETC. Thank you for making this app and movie! どうもありがとうございました!
The tactical system and character design of the game are good. it's just that because the new characters are getting stronger and stronger that the others become useless. Sorry for my bad english
Really wanted to play but the game could never connect to a server, despite my wifi being at 5 bars and other games worked fine. Tried to reconnect, restart, nothing worked.
If you have played symphogear unlimited this is the exact same game. Rock paper scissors fights with "memories" to equip your units to make them stronger while singing to increase your ultimate. Even if you buy the 500 dollars worth of "beginner" packs they throw at you, memories count as deck cost so you cant even use your pay to win units until you reach higher levels. Characters are "locked" in roles. Tank, attackers and then support and never the other way.
So much fun! easy to play and many options! But can take up storage. I Love all the different characters and personalities. I do wish that their were. More ways to get started gems, because otherwise you have to save up(if you can't do stage of dreams or story). Also when you upgrade characters, if their is no 1/2 off stamina it takes a while to upgrade you characters even more. But I still give it 5 star because it has become my favorite game and its great because they constantly update.
I really really really really love this game, I really do; the art is amazing, love the characters and PvP and PvE but the gacha rates on these spawns are literally the worst things ever...
A great game. Idk about the gacha rates but the gameplay is really into my liking. Just downloaded this game on a whim and ended up liking it.
Love the game, love the series, love the units. But this game desperately needs an auto progression or auto next battle system. I'm used to clicking on every single battle I have to do from summoners war then setting it to auto fight but it does get old after about an hour of playing. If something like that made its way into the game it would make it perfect.
I find this game really good especially the CGI animation. But I missed out on a few updates so can you please do this when I come back to the game, It will show the first update that I missed. Then after the update, I will catch up to the update. Then the same with the 2nd update. Thank you for bringing this amazing game to the App store.
can you please fix this ad video gacha ? its so frustrating i do all what people says and nothing happens and most of them recommend using vpn just to watch some ads , before the update i can do ad gacha in just 6mins because after a few seconds a new video ads appear but now even i do restart ads , clear cache, or restart the app many times still the same , even my net is very good , please fix ad video gache thank you...
Nice game. Amazing live 2d artwork, great characters with almost endless possibilities of their disign with them being based on musical's and plays. I have not seen the anime. The only bad experience so far is the long loading times, strangely after battle.
Kinda laggy + the game system is broken now, with the "overly op" cards + the whaler n ppl who have enough luck to get the 4* star on 1-3 steps, the PvP become more and more annoying + the messy management on the events. The new events just came out like 2 or 3 months ago, but the en server literally pick up the events and forgetting the other event that hasn't came out until now (that one 4* Kaoruko, cheerleader revival, etc). Please be more organized with the events.
Free gacha ads full of bugs. It often stuck, won't loading even after I reload the game, or restart the phone. Please fix this. It just painful to see the chance in free gacha, now player need to suffer from the loading too? Edit: adcha is good now! Thank you. And please always update the story as fast as you can. Its hard to collect stargem relying only in pvp, event, and bond, while you put new girl almost everyweek. The micro transaction in my country value is expensive too.
This game is honestly a really great gacha game, it's very generous with rewards and beginner perks, and you can easily get the characters you want. My only complaint is that usually when I go to the badge screen for my profile, the game freezes and I have to close and reopen the app. It might just be a minor bug, and I don't really mind it. But the game does freeze there.
Revue Starlight is definitely a new favorite of mine. The combat is smooth and the cards look good. And the story is your typical gay magical girl story. Overall, I would recommend giving this game a shot.
This game is really fun to play, the characters are beautifull but i can't connect with my sever. Up to now I have lost 3 game accounts
I play this game mostly for the yuri themes known in the anime. It has delivered mixed results, but the yuri undertones are strong when it does appear. Game balancing is a mess, however. Biggest issue is how Unit Skills are leveled (consider literally thousands of dollars to max one, if you're unlucky.) Huge cost to Unit Skills stagnates the PvP meta and is a toxic business model. Devs need to have the courage to overhaul how Unit Skills are leveled and balanced.
Game is great, have had a lot of fun. But I was drawing in 3rd step of Maya Tendo's banner in the event right now, where you get 4x the chance to get a 4 star. I lost connection while I was pulling, and when it came back, ALL 3000 GEMS OF MINE ARE GONE, AND NO ONE WAS ADDED IN MY ROSTER. Please fix this immediately. I really want to rate this game higher, but right now, this problem is REALLY big, for me. can't believe that still happened...
For F2P and new in game should consider about thier mechanic .this is is need a lot of investment especially Gold and Energy to farm for material to upgrade ur heroes (whatever u call) if u not planning to throw ur wallet this game is not for u even some1 said they are F2P ( u liar) the gacha and login reward is a joke after u play for a month or few week u will know this game is gabage. Only good thing to make this game good is CV and charactor the rest is MEH.
Great game by my experience, smooth gameplay, and use heavy network by the way. It reminds me about Fate GO
This is amazing ive been playing this game for awhile and its so easy to beat im already on story five the graphics are sooo great and the voice acting is bootiful the characters are amazing but. I HATE the gacha it's so annoying that you work so hard for your gems and you gacha and you get a legendary card and all you get is stupid memoirs that nobody is gonna use. I think you should remove memoirs. Nobody is using them any more.
Very hard for me to find a game on ios i enjoy and this is one of them i like the gameplay the graphics and the girls are cute