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Revolve8 for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Mynet Games Inc. located at 東京都港区北青山二丁目11番3号. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pretty fun so far. With an overabundance of turn based games in the mobile platform, a rts game like this is a breath of fresh air. The style and music is appealing, and the characters, despite being based on existing ones, feel unique. Edit: Dang you guys actually listened to my request for earlier access to cards. Thank you, Revolve8 team. Very cool.
I didn't WANT to give this game two stars! Honestly it hurts me to have to do it. You see this game has SO MUCH HEART! You can really feel the love and extreme hardwork from the developers. Graphics, character design, story, animations, cutscenes, optimizations and effects are the absolute BEST I've EVER seen in a mobile game. Truly something to experience. But, BUUUT this game has NO creativity with its game mechanics. The same old repainted Clash Royale. Which is heart breaking!!
This game is awesome! The strategy is intense and the gacha aspects are well done and generous (you can give cards to guildmates which is a HUGE plus in my book) The game limits the expands the card pool you and your opponents can use as you rank up league, so you can understand the cards as you go... VERY good way to allow players to really understand what is going on each match. This game is so fun, I would highly recommend!
This is a good free stragecically made freemium mobile game. However, open (disclosure) they could charge less for books. Yes $0.99 (horse book... laughable) is for a purchase, but the value added is menial in regard to leveling characters. Then the typical get more for a little bit more money and so on. not to tear the game down, but overall programming, story, Tut's, and experience is wonderful.
It's been 2 days, I've downloaded this game but have not played it once. This game is stuck at loading time, and then shows 'Connection Time Out' every time. I am playing many high-end games, for example pubg, modern combat 5, such problems have never been encountered. This means that there is no problem with my Wi-Fi or my connectivity.
I wanted to like this. I pre-registered for the global release, was excited about the launch. But within 30 minutes of playing, I was done. The entire game can be summed up in one sentence: Clash Royale with a JRPG skin. There's few new things, such as normal and SP skills, but even the units feel like "oh, that's a musketeer, oh, that's a giant". I'm not saying the Clash Royale is the first game of its type, but it is the biggest. And Revolve8 is a clone specially tailored to weeaboos.
It's similar to CR but in Revolve8, all heroes have an active ability and you get to activate a leader skill once in a match. Timing of these skills are crucial and let you turn the tide of the battle when used correctly. It's really interesting to have all these leader skills and active skills, it lets you build a deck that revolves around the leader. Also, the leader skills are so flashy, I love them! Overall, a really interesting and fresh experience.
First of all, it's Clash Royale clone. second...it's really complex, and it's not a good thing in my opinion. Menus are slow and overburdened with animations, making them clumsy to use and hard to comprehend. Trash mobs on the battlefield are too small and hard to read. The sad thing that all this complexity doesn't really make the game deeper — just more frustrating. IMHO developers really tried to make a great game "with soul", so I wish them all the best and hope the game will find its fans.
It's alright. It's a Clash Royale-like which is basically a genre by this point. If you're a fan of that style then you'll probably be put out by the lack of units. But me, I just thought the art was pretty. I hate these games a nd that entirely comed down to a progression system. At the end of the day, there is little to do besides climb the ladder. Its like when everyone tried to follow the PvP shooter gravy train. Who cares where you rank in Revolve8 its not Clash Royale.
Got a lot of potential. Card based strategy games. PvP based gameplay, although you can do other thing, like doing some quest that has some "interesting" storyline, and a hero quest. Though eventually you have to play PvP in order to unlock new hero as you progres further to higher league. All in all, pretty good, So far.. Oh yeah, a little heads up. There is a gacha system..... (though it's not that much of a problem in this game, like some other games that I would not mention...)
fun game. just wish every time I played I wouldn't get a symbol telling me I have bad Wi-Fi and having to deal with it always pausing in the middle of matches OR just flat out crashing. Im still really hyped for whats to come for this game, but right now I'm going to be safe and delete it for now. really fun, tho! please fix the constant Wi-Fi and crashing issues quickly.
Fast paced, funky little tower defense game whose strength is overwhelmingly on the side of its visual flair and its striking cast of characters. I wouldn't go so far as to say the gameplay isn't fun but it's certainly quite bare bones at the moment, which is odd considering all the emphasis they're putting on the competitive online aspect of it when it essentially plays like a training wheels MOBA with an excuse plot. Hope we'll see these guys in a more developed experience in the future.
I'll be frank, the game is nice, with tactics involve and you can think of a lot of counters. The characters have a very strong personality which makes it fun to go through the storyline. However, when reaching around League 6, the matches are very not friendly. You'll meet a lot of powercreeps by mid league, and it starts to get frustrating instead of enjoyable. Unless you have high level towers, and deck its really hard to progress. I really dont see much of playerbase staying with this kind of progression. Since, you can't continue the story until you clear the league. And also, the card given are very low, and the limit for donation makes it a lot harder to push for specialised deck with high level card. I know you wanna prevent powercreep by guild. But you didn't do anything about powercreep via paying having miles of advantage. Mind you, I do pay. I know the extent of paying and not paying. And its more scary when its someone who isn't just using a powercreep charas blindly.
The most unbalanced tower defense game I've ever played. Got matched multiple times with opponents a league above with higher hp and overpowered allies. Coins are also hard to get and so leveling up allies became a pain. Please at least fix the matching system. EDIT: Had I known what we need to do to get the promised pre reg allies, I would not pre reg for it. It's a scam and they fully know it.
At first I thought all heroes are unlocked and I pre registered because of the appearance of a girl in a robot. However it is not, you have to fight through players in a "league" and there are lots of league to go through. In a competitive environment unnecessary repetitive animation that just leave you in a state of lag while your enemy pound away happily at your minion is very frustrating. The game is confusing itself whether it wants to be a fun game or a cutthroat competitive game.
5 Stars right off the bat, it hasn't been an hour but I'm lovin' the game already! I was a huge fan of clash royale and what yiu did with this game especially with the visuals, voice acting and background music is simply amazing! I also love how every hero has its own story and campaign. It creates that connection with every character and it isn't just another card to play. The effort that was put into this game is undeniable. Keep it up and it'll eventually receive the attention it deserves.
I feel like people aren't giving this game enough credit, It's fun, competative, and, refreshing. Sure the timer for the books can be very annoying and should be tweaked a bit either decrease the time it takes to open or make them cheaper to open. Listen SEGA if you want anyone to play for hours on end or even spend money on it (Yes some people are, but im talking about in terms of making this game VERY popular) then you need to do something about these books.
Game is a cash cow. Played for over a week, you can get to league 5 relatively easy, but once you're there it's unbearable. You get 7 coins a win, nothing for a loss, and it costs 2000 coins to upgrade your units depending on level. It probably goes higher, but that was my stopping point. There are books to help gain coins, but they take 3 to 8 hours. You can only start the timer for one at a time, and you can hold a max of 4 books at once. P2W buy coins and virtual $$$ to upgrade with real money
I already wrote a review for the closed beta so I'll keep this brief; Revolve8 is a surprisingly fun game with tons of heart. It handles well with strange yet flashy animations, and the story is interesting in a way. Leveling up characters/your team actually feels worthwhile and while not overly complex, this game takes a while to master as strategic movement is key, and there are A LOT of ways to turn tides in a match. This game's a solid 9/10 from me, looks SEGA's still got it.
Despite being a "clone" of sorts to Clash Royale, this game, unlike many others, brings a refreshing and enjoyable experience to the table. Cards are well balanced, charater design is great, and it's even voice acted. The addition of skills also creates a lot of options, and if used properly, can really turn the game in your favour. I did find a bug though, after watching a replay of a battle I won, the person I was playing ends up 3 staring me. It could use a fix, but overall 5/5. 😁
It's a good game, the main reason I'm giving it 3 stars are; 1. There's an issue with typing in guild chat that doesn't get fixed until you download all assets, which the game never shows you how to, you have to figure it out yourself. 1-2. There's not enough characters for the chat, I can barely get a sentence in. 2. The notifications. Three notifications, all in one minute, to open a chest I had. Aside that, a funky story and fun mechanics that add upon what the genre previously had.
Music, graphics, art, and charm is all there. Shame the game suffers from the same microtransaction problems as other games like this. Also progression is locked (least story progression) behind your league rank which if you don't get a good grasp on quick you're kinda boned. They added a practice mode now which helps but they still have to find a way to circumvent that story lock since it's actually really interesting. Would also help if there was a way to lower the wait time for league rewards
True, this is similar to the Clash game everyone is mentioning, but there's so much story involved with each glorious character, not to mention all the different special abilities and being able to learn it all through fun tutorials expanding on the story even further. The art is also fantastic. I would honestly like some other games (for consoles or PC) involving this storyline and set of characters (if there already isn't such a thing). HMU @Sega if there is!
Although the overall quality of the game is amazing (love that you added campaign, not just pvp. And the characters are beautifully made, awesome VA and soundtracks), I find the "Network Recovery Method" annoying. Usually when our network is lagging (or switching to mobile from WiFi or vice versa, the game will wait until network is re-established (or at least give a prompt to retry connection). Unfortunately for this game, it forces you to go back to the title screen, abandoning the match...
Okay so I just reached league 9, and figured now was an apt time to make a review. This game is possibly the best arena game I've found, the balancing between the characters is great and as a F2P person I have made it to league 9 with skill alone. I don't have a single LE character though and now the game is getting a bit hard with people who do P2P playing the game, but it's still very doable and there are people with cards that are weaker than mine still in my league before. 500 isn't enough.
So far so good. However there are still space for improvements. May I suggest that you add a friend system for players to add friends and have friendly battles among themselves? Also, so far most of the AI battles (campaign and hero quests) are mostly not league-style battles. Can you developers create another campaign mode that is full of league-style stages with increasing difficulty so that the players can choose to challenge computers instead of pvp?
The level of hero and league too... this is totally disappointing because I've started to like this game. Sadly, I keep getting unfair matches, someone who is higher league than me, and also the hero level if it's only 1 or 2 higher than mine, it'll be like fighting a tank while ME riding a bicycle, that's how the comparison really. You just cannot win.
It's more of like a Card Game/Collect Card/Clash Royale feel. The game is nice and graphics are great. Even the voice acting and the sounds are aesthetically good! But it does feel a bit cluttered though, and the UI is not that too user-friendly. It's not that it's too confusing or hard to master but the details seems to be too intricate and the UI is a bit of a pain in the eye.
Edit: I can't see the texts in quick chat if I set the graphics to low.🥚 I was entirely sceptical about the gameplay and I can't say I was ever a fan of multiple player rts, but as it turns out, I actually really enjoyed this game a lot. Great graphics, character designs, and soundtracks. Especially the soundtracks. Not to mention the thoroughly enjoyable stories, too. Here hoping that there'd be more to come for this game.
The game's good, however it really needs some balancing. Some cards and leaders are a bit too strong (sinbad and cinderella), and what annoys me is that my opponent always seems to summon cards in quick succession while for me I always lag behind. This is personally a problem because some cards are locked behind league, forcing the players to win matches instead of, you know, have fun, if they want to unlock most stuff in the game. Would love to unlock cards without forxed to increase league.
The gameplay is like CR but it has its own nitch. The heros have their own special abillities which can change the out come of the match when used wisely. This game is very fast paced due to some of the cards being glass cannons and have the abillity to end the match with couple of hits. Unlike CR, the usuage of ink (basically elixer) is crutial. If you screw up once, it is most likely over.
The game is really interesting and I'm liking the game so far. I like the art style and the stories gives more life to it. The gameplay is not something I'm not familiar with but with the added skills usage for the heroes, it gives a tactical twist that I enjoy. I'm excited to unlock more heroes and reading their stories. And of course, looking forward to high tier competitive battles at higher leagues.
Enjoying the game so far, but there are unbelievably irritating things about it that can make it frustrating to play. Fix these and its a solid 4 1) There is no concede/give up button. 2) Every time a character does a special skill it zooms onto them. Often causes misplacing units. 3) Very small roster of units. Makes games predictable quickly. 4) Easy to use the wrong deck after deck building. Should be option to choose deck when pressing "play" would go in more depth but 500 characters
First the game is cool and the skills make it more stand out from games with the same gameplay, the graphics is nice too, the story also great, but there is a major issue that i found on almost real time based game it is a connection issue even though my connection is fine but somehow this game disconnect so often that i feel i dont wanna play it, this is really critical point for game and should be prioritazed because what's the point of other feature if you cant even play the game
I really really wanted to like this game. The production values of this game are great. The voice acting is great. The music is awesome. And the character designs and stories are interesting. I also personally like CR-like games. But this game just feels wrong for me somehow. I think the problem for me is the skills. For me they just break the flow/momentum of the game. The enemy using skills have also caused me to misplace cards quite a few times. Oh well.
personally I keep having to start over, same thing has happened 4 times now. you'll be in a match, then you will lose connection even though you never have connection problems. then you'll be prompted to close the app or open from title screen. when you log back in you'll barely ever win again. your hero's have like 1hp, and their damage output is dramatically less or attacks have been slowed or all of the above. also, other players can somehow cause connection loss of opponent during matches.
The story animations are really lazy, but their main focus is pvp so I guess it makes sense. More fun than I expected, but the fact that you start off randomly sucks and makes strategizing useless, because by the time the card you want finally pops up you've lost. Really isn't much to do in the game except battle, climb, battle, climb, battle and climb.
Very slow paced game with the tutorial in the beginning. Yes, it is nice to know how to play the game. However, many games give the choice to skip it since most of us can play on the fly. Sadly this is just another clash royale copy and honestly that isn't my game. I understand this is still in the beta stage, but have the sound effects be a little louder. Also sync the voice with character when it is talking. Lastly give us more variety of music instead of the same thing over and over.
The beta test was interesting. I took care of the tester survey and figured I'd review over here also. I enjoyed the episodic story mode. The PvP was a little annoying because my free time never lined up with the league battle timer. I definitely think there's work to be done on making it easier for guild battles such as scheduling battles or AI integration. Aside from that, I loved the character back stories, the controls, graphics, and mechanics. I am hoping that us beta testers get something like a unique character or item etc.
All these type of games are becoming the same type of money grab. They give you a few cards and push you through the lower levels until you start facing opponents you have no chance of beating unless you shell out a lot of money. This game has more downsides though, units that can take a tower out in 2-3 hits have no place in this type of game. The special move animations are cool at first, but they interrupt the match and keep you from playing cards, again that has no room in a game like this.