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Reversi Free

Reversi Free for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by AI Factory Limited located at 23 The Avenue, Hatch End, Middlesex HA5 4EN United Kingdom. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great fun. Simple, but not simple. Challenging. With one problem. Really like it - addictive & you can play at different levels of difficulty. HOWEVER: beware using the hint button. It consistently points you towards LOSING THE GAME! That should be fixed! It should be on the player's side. I definitely recommend this game! Not loud or trying to impress with eye-candy features & inane music. Just a true game.😊 But, after level 6, it definitely gets a little snarky.πŸ˜’
Great game. Learned to play on this app many years ago (using the hints at lower levels). Bought an actual tabletop version for the whole family. Coming back to it now to play without the hints at higher levels for the personal challenge. I love that it was still here when I came back to look for it again.
Needs more than one playable version within this game. I beat the cp in a perfect 64-0 game and now I can't play it, because if I do, it'll reset the board deleting my awesome victory.
Another great game from AI Factory, just like Chess or Checkers! But unlike the two above mentioned, this one reminds me of an old friend, wich i haven't seen from 20 years...
Tries to steal your personal details with the game launcher,this program has gone down considerably since I installed it a few years ago
I've been playing this for forever now and it's pretty good but the AIs not that difficult even at lvl 10, I've noticed it occasionally will give me a win to grab the corner
Good game, now ruined by too many long ads. Takes longer to get through the ads than it does to play a game.
All is good but I think you have to give a "next level" button because as we clear a level, then we have to go back to main menu to approach the next level.
I love the game, but ... the ads have become super intrusive! Further, the sodding tiny "x" hiiding in some dark unused corner of the screen, is invariably microscopic and surrounded in a sea of "go to the Playstore and install me now!" I often have to close both playstore and the game. Then start again, praying that I don't get that ad (or one of the many like it) again. That's what cost you two stars. I'll stop now, before I take another two stas away, coz of the crappy ad engine.
I always enjoy the game Othello and this is a good reproduction. The ads aren't too obtrusive and I like that the different options are available without purchase.
It is Very Good . its Imporve Your Focus,Thinking Power. It improves your decision Making process . every Decision in your life is important
An excellent game which increase your thinking abilities as well as your focus........πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Contains both passive and interuptive ads. Seems to play fairly. I choose level 8 of 10 and then choose the white pieces. It will always move first. If done right, you will always win. If you select any higher challenge level it gets very smart and harder to win. Rememeber that the higher the level you play, the more moves ahead it will consider, making it increasingly more difficult to defeat. Lately there are more ads, so I changed from 5 to 4 stars.
Enjoying the gameplay & level variance -- use game to keep mind sharp (& test) - use hint to help keep open valid spots visible for strategy -- from some comments, some don't understand purpose of "hint" function & that it isn't there to show you a winning way but to show you valid plays -- Any chance of a custom background option?? Or a new set of chips to play with??
Well game with good graphics in a very small mb...But change the font of the app it is quit old fashioned.. Thankyou😊
The reversi part of this ad app works pretty well although the computer seems to be a bit easy compared to a lot of the games from the same brand. I find it makes moves that don't really make sense even at the higher difficulty sometimes.
Ads, Ads, Ads, Ads, Ads! If the developer had to deal with as many ads as this game has, they wouldn't even play.
Fun; relaxing & enjoyable even if you don't win every game. You know that your strategic mind is up against a fair opponent!
Its really a cool app, because when I started playing I didn't know how to play. Then I searched on YouTube. That was really helpful and now I know how to play, and I win.
I have ways loved this game, the stategy involved. Makes you think and read the opponent before the play.
Excellent implementation of Othello/Reversi strategy game. 10 different levels of difficulty. Persistent offering of other games in the stable does become rather tedious. For that reason only I have given only 4 stars.
I uninstall it but goooooood game i uninstall the game bcous i can't play it i ca't play it bcous i'm am kid so i nead to uninstall but GOOOOOOOOOOOOD GAME it's like ches games if you like ches play thes game but if you like ches but don't like ads thes contains ads i think i don't remember if theres ads or not i don't remember it's ben a wil i uninstall it so i don't remember but i remember it's good game for meπŸ˜…β­β­β­β­β­πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ’–πŸ’• and if your plying a mach on the top conor some thing there you chek
I enjoy this game the different levels are not just harder but offer different strategies as well. My only complaint and the reason for such a low score is the ads. Not only are there ads EVERY game but now they are asking for age verification too. How dare you put an ad on my device that requires an age verification.
The graphic part of the game is nice but after a game you guessed it adds come on that dont go away .also higher levels are unbeatable becouse the cpu. knows the moves to make that leave no legal move for the human player which is partly or mostly the game itself frustrating to deal with stupid adds that are there to anoy
For too many n intense ad, I only gave 3stars, game still fun n good response for computer. Sadly this game can't be play well caused of ad..
Great game. The AI is a bit weak but the higher levels can be a bit challenging. Excellent UI and very beautifully designed. Probably one of the best games I've played so far
my all-time fave!!! no videos! no real $ for fake $ !!! no interruptions!!! just play to your heart's content!!! AND no pieces to lose when you drop the 3-d actual board and 64 black/whites!!! delighted to find this one and I will play it at least once a day until I can play as an expert again!!! TY!!!
Yes it is the very best game that increases mind power I was very happy to play this type of game Thanks you
This is the best game no ads. just there is no option to play online but I like this game in this game we can change the token style we can change board also there are 2 option one to one player that is with computer and another one is play with two player that is with who is with you to play and I realy like this game this game is spurebbbbbbbb!
Not a good design at all.... You have to place your chip where thay say... Can not choose placement... Not a good game at all
The CPU cheats. It purposely does not allow a specific move towards the end of the game knowing that it's opponent would win. Thanks for your response. I'm all set.
Lots of fun & a fast game. Very simple game. πŸ€— I try to beat the computer. Sometimes I actually do win. 😏
Its a nice strategic game and does not take as much time as Chess, takes 10-15 min fie a game. This App has diff levels, use them as u master the game..
crazy this game was on the reverse side of my checkers board as a kid......and i didn't get it, parents weren't familiar with it at the time either. now the most addictive board game i play on my phone daily
The advertising between games takes too much time. Thus distracting from enjoying consecutive game play.
It is a very nice game, I learned it a within a few minutes but each time you play it you have to be very creative to find a way to win. Really loved it.
Great app! Simple and easy, my girlfriend and i have been playing this at restaurants for years now. 2 suggestions, on the bottom bar match the player colors to the pieces colors, and then have an arrow or some kind of indicator to more clearly show who's turn it is.
Please provide option to challenge friends over internet under 2 player section. If you do I'll give you 5 star and make it popular. I am ready to pay if it's nominal price. I play you GO game as well. So if I can pay once for all games provided by you that will super awesome. Please provide that option over internet to challenge. I love your games
The look of the program is classy! Layout is well done. I can beat the CPU to 8 but then...rarely. I'll support you soon.
This is a strategy game. I do not appreciate ads with violent video games popping up and i especially do not appreciate ads i cannot cancel without quitting or ads that are timed for a long time. Uninstalling. The advertisers are obviously a greedy bunch lately. Used to be much better at one time. In fact when you are forced to click on an ad i did not want that still generates revenue and is not a good honest business policy
When I have the game switched to silent, how absolutely DARE they put loud Ads on? I get that I have to have ads (personally I would prefer to pay for the game and skip the ads), but when the game is silent then the ads should be silent too. We don't even want to see the ads, so WHY WOULD WE WANT TO HEAR THEM AT FULL VOLUME? Cut it out! Loud ADS when in silent mode is a breech of contract. AI, I see below you have squirmed round this exact issue. Simples. Don't accept ads with volume.
Very good version. Good for beginners, showing legal moves. Irritating ads, but that comes with the territory nowadays.
Simple but well-designed. I enjoyed the UI the most. The pass-and-play feature is also great and lets you play the game with another player in the same device. No need for any network connection or having the game installed on other devices. You can also set the desired difficulty level of AI in single player mode.
simple. well exicuted. reversi is a simple game. so a simple interface suits perfectly. it didn't try too hard. only one add per game and easily skipable. awesome.
I haven't played this game for decades. At this point even level 1 is a small challenge, lol, but I'm certainly a long way from master play. Anyway, the game is very attractive, plays smoothly and the ads are quite bearable and unobtrusive. So I'm happy to give this game a 5 star rating.
As difficulty increases, pc gets more turns.. They only give impossible choices 😨 Computer πŸ’» takes multiple turns, when you give it a challenge.. Faulty algorithm.. Perhaps?! πŸ˜πŸ™„πŸ˜“
Easy to play. No freeze. Just to have to put up with the ads after each game but it is not really bothersome.
The worst game ever don't install it. I am winning and then CPU got double triple chances and I am loss .This game was cheater.l hate this game don't download it .It totally mad . you know i never get double chance . Plzzzzzzzzzzzz... Download this game and one thing also it have too many ads what the hell going yaar make personal suggestion please don't download it it is so old fashioned I know this is fun but I hate the ads and the extra chance for CPU and I and a never got a extra chance .
Too many ads. Now I hate the game you show after each turn. And I uninstall your game for the same reason.
My god!! You always let the CPU cheat!! Even when I have legal moves, it's starts its own chance!! It so so bad! The chess version is so much better! I hope the creator of this game has a very bad decade!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
One of the Biggest Achievement of mine. I have defeated the AI in the highest level. Big fan of the developerers. Although I personally think some more training to the engine would've been better.
I like the game, I had another version and deleted it due 5o there was no challenge and no different levels. This one I like except for after every game there is ads which I don't care for. That is my only coplant this far. Thank you
This was my favorite game of all time I didn't mind the ads but then they got this new add booster now you can't get rid of the ads making this game or plus and very upsetting to play I am uninstalling.
Update in light of developer's response: NOT TRUE! No "X" to tap on my screen so suggest you try it on the Samsung Note range. I've given up - uninstalled. I'm not waiting THIRTY SECONDS watching an advert! Uninstalled
Good Game. Sometimes it feels better when games are more than just fun and this game exactly is like that. More than a game, makes to think while playing. Keep up the good work. Kudos to the creators and the team πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
Gameplay good but ads have made it frustrating. Yes, I could pay, and have done so for some apps of course, but the more insistent and obtrusive their ads became the less I felt like paying. Now uninstalled.
Mind devloping game I request to all if you are wish to develop mide download Reversi free and I will say it super super awesome πŸ‘πŸ‘
Pretty fine game with a strong push to download other games. Almost makes you want to purchase paid version or remove from device.
Great app and a brain teaser which help you to focus on. If you want to do something interesting between your study break and become refresh for further study ; this app is for you!
Used to be good, way too many (long) ads now. Edit: In response to your reply, that is not how your ads work. The 5s timer turns into an arrow and brings you to another ad with a 25s timer. I get that the app is free, you need ads, but they don't work the way you're describing.
Contains both passive and interuptive ads. Seems to play fiarly. If ypou choose level 5 of 10 and then choose yourself as the white pieces, it will always move first. After that, you should always maneuver to occupy both the inside and outside squares. If done right, you will always win. If you seelect any higher challenge level it gets very smart and hader to win. Rememeber that the higher the level yu play, the more moves ahead it will consider, making it increasingly more difficult to defeat.
So far, so good! Only knock on it so far is that I'd like to make sure I have the difficulty set first before picking the game. Every time I'm in the menu about to hit "play game". It feels like I'm going to skip by that option.
At one point this was my go-to reversi app, then they destroyed it with almost constant ad bombardment. On to the next one πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
I think this game is good, but the level 10 difficultly is quite annoying. I felt that the said lvl is cheating because when I'm on the upperhand the game will tell that I have no legal move unlike the oppent , who is loosing (cpu), has plenty?! It is quite frustrating and I have seen this scenario for about 6 times already. Please explain to me if this is natural or it's just design like this so that we could feel that it is hard when it is not and it's just cheating. Thank you.
I play this game very regularly. It is perfect Reversi. If I don't have it on my phone, I will miss it terribly. The ads are not intrusive on my phone. It also works when net is off, but I don't switch off the Wi-Fi while playing this. Thank you to the app creator :)
advert frequency seems have increased making the game difficult to enjoy. one advert in particular is repetitive and freezes until you rotate. --- thanks for your reply, its still doing it - ad freezes the game unless you rotate the device and watch, this is too obtrusive. uninstall fixed it
pretty good game and AI (never bores me). also, pretty good ad management ,it doesn't hinder my gameplay.
They shouldn't show you where you can make your next move. It takes A Lot of the thinking out of it but it's a really fun game. Great replica of the real thing
Have had this game for years now and is always fun and challenging. Maker should renew the look and feel bc looks kinda old fashioned.
It's a good app to play reversi. Has 10 AI levels and stats to records. Also a lot of skins for how the game board and pieces look. Didn't find anything too annoying about this app either. So, feel free to download it if u want to play some reversi on your mobile. :)
Only played a couple of games so far. There is a nice smoothness to the play, ads are not too frequent or too long (so far). AI seems good though i have not gotten to the upper levels. Really like the largish number of skill levels.
Finally have had enough. Uninstalled today due to majority of ads are now video. No way to stop them before they play. No big deal unless you listen to music while playing. The ads stop your music, makes you back out to restart your player. Just a hassle all the way around. A bummer because the game is a blast to play. However what was once an enjoyable way to pass a few minutes of the day is now just irritating to no end.
It is best game to increase your brain level . I liked it . You must download it if you like to do timepass.
I have a VERY difficult time following the action. The pieces turn over too quickly. There have been many times when it appeared that the CPU got an extra turn due to action happening on one side of the board and then the other in rapid succession. A slo-mo option would be much appreciated. Over the course of an afternoon I have come across so many illegal moves by the AI--in the early rounds where they are easily detected--that I have deleted the game. Too frustrating.
An amazing fun and challenging game. I played this game before on an old phone years ago and couldn't get it out of my head. This is one of few games that I will always come back to and still enjoy.
Very satisfying, and on this version you can sneak a quick game in whole the kettle's on. Always liked this since I programmed it for my kids on a Sinclair Spectrum decades ago.
Othello is a great board game. Thanks for the clean interface and then decent engine. Level 10 is helpful to learn playing better. Please add more levels even if it increases the time the engine takes to find better moved..
The game is ok but the adds are way to long and way to many. The game is almost unplayable due to the adds.
Uninstalled. Liked the game but ads between each game have become too intrusive. Tried again but ads are now even worse. Some require two 5 second delays and two key presses to get back to the game.
the adverts have now become intrusive and impossible to cancel without the risk of inadvertantly paying. I am very disappointed and I will not be using anything from this developer again.
And I'm winning every match!! It's not like the game is easy but the expertise in training is so enhanced that increases one's potent as well as the enthusiasm of the play! Loved it!
Love this game but it often crashes after a few minutes and I have to restart it to play. One of the best designs I have seen but I wish it worked better.