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Retro World

Retro World for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by cmyksoft located at Russia, Kaliningrad, Moskovsky prospect, 40. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Personally I do think this game is actually really great the controls are responsive the graphics are spectacular especially for a mobile game and the power ups are a little generic but still good so I give this one a 5
Wonderful..nice grafix.. thriller...fun.. I liked too much ... How can I increase my inventory weapons.. In level 5-2 I stuck .. when ever I came to finish point I lost my life, battery.. What should I do..
Alright here's how i rate the game controls they're good the graphics are great I'm actually interested in seeing the fire World in desert in electricity world the sad thing is I can go there why I had to start all the way over and go to back to green Glade to get the orange key why I did it because it was too much work so I was like screw it I'm not getting that it's so much work so in conclusion this game sucks I rate this a 2 star out of 5 it's great but could be better
I like the game. It feels very polished and smooth. So far of what I've seen on Google Play, this is the best mario-like game. The only bad thing is that it can get pretty annoying, as in world 5, but still, great game.
great game that starts super well but start becoming boring towards the end as it requires too much work. It forces you to go back to certain worlds and the work ist tedious, it makes you feel like you should be taking notes during the game. I would have also liked more save points as the game can be frustrating at times, having the save points far away from the difficult parts, forcing you to repeat a series of easy tasks over and over to get to the tough part again.
Actually a nice title, reminds me of old British-developed games more than Mario. The problem is there's no controller support. I have a gamepad for games like this, and it defeats the purpose when developers don't add gamepad support.
Great game with good graphics_spot on for the type of game, but i didn't know i had to find other keys for the Eastern gate. The elder didn't tell me and I'm not going back. Going to bed instead. Worth playing this game! πŸ˜πŸ‘
It's like it combine the puzzles of zelda and the platforming of mario to one game. It also has some good bosses like the desert one which can be chessed easily.
This game was very close to Mario but instead you put a different story to the mix and it has a pickle art style and I love that! So great job guys I give this 5 stars 😁
This game is brilliant. I love the engaging gameplay and level design. It is not a common casual game for mobiles. If you like console games, you will love this game. Good work!
After some time, you can save game... But if you save some games, then it'll be too far to reach another saving destination
Game is really fun it has a mix of mario and zelda this game gets five stars would recommend this game to anybody willing to kill some time :)
I love this game I'm going to play this game all day long I like Transformer games I like Dan the Man and I like Subway Surfers and I like granny games and I love this game more then all those other games so I'm going to play this all day it's like an Adventure you will not wait to play this game it's like Dan the Man and this is better than then but he don't play it better retro play it better
You lose your progress when minimizing the app, usually to look at a walkthrough. Other than that, I love playing the game! The save/ load system can be confusing, trying to match the image to your progress. I'd say try to fix the bug with the app restarting after minimizing it. And please add a SAVE button, so I don't always have to go back to the church to do so.
Personally, I love this game! Its great retro graphics that don't make me want to vomit (Im looking at you Undertale), its fantactis music, flawed but fun levels, its a treat of a game and makes me want a sequel badly!
Very nicely and carefully designed game. But, finding the correct way to the gems is a difficult task.
It was hard to get the hang of the control first like jumping and timing and it appears some of the English is a little off. But I like it well enough.its a fun time-filler
Great Game. But Some parts are frustrating. Esp. The Underwater part, the Seaweed Slows you down like Hell. The Man also moves slow Underwater, you have to race with limited oxygen tank time. I'm stuck there rn. What I'm suppose to do with the crab?😫
Overall great game but I only have one issue,saving because you have to save at the priest's place actually at the deity so make it more than there
it's great for a platformer on mobile! I also dont realy like metroidvanias, but this is not as confusing as your usual metroidvania. this is pretty cool!
I could love this game if it weren't for the endless tutorial around every corner I'm getting instructions on what to do and what direction to go thats no fun sorry i had to delete this game its just not any fun being treated like a three year old.
Was looking for a simple Mario Clone, but got so much more! This is a story focused zelda/mario esque game! Platformer with dungeons, bosses and key-items! 10/10 would recommend anyone who's looking for a well done reto game to give this game a try!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
This game is a delight, with solid Super Mario mechanics and an ever-expanding world to explore. Just be aware that the game does get mighty tricky as you dive further in, and each save spot besides the central one can only be used once. I doubt I will ever clear the world 5 region myself.
Hard , difficulty increases by a good margin each level . Unnecessary exploring may cost you all the level progress . Memorising enhanced
I love this game so much!!! Although i cant make the revine jump in the snow world even if i have all the items i need for the jump, it is impossible. I would rate 5 stars but with this impossible jump??? Please make it easyer so people can make progress😞😞😞
I really liked this game. Its probably one of the best mario clones on the plau store. If you do decide to get this game, i recommend that you go to the in-game options and raise game speed to max because when you start, the game is slow and your character moves slow. Increasing the game speed really made this a better experience.
The game became to be very interesting and addictive. Lots of secrets, hidden places and upgrades. It is real metroidvania with the taste of Super Mario and Zelda! Thank you much!
I love this game! I was so adicted to super mario I looked for months for games like it had no luck then out of the blue I fount this! love it! Please tell me there will be a number 2 coming soon
its a nice and good app for me because it trains my brain to enumerate the ways and I had more curious about unexplored places of this game, but it has a dissadvantage because I cant go to continue my adventure when I came to the upper roof of the temple near to the iceland, aside from that, I request to the developer to upgrade to update a power to fly becase its hard to get out when you accidentaly go to the place with no power to carry out, I also request to upgrade ability and power,
its good so far like mario or lepsworld its fun but there are frustrating parts but still best game ever pliz install thisπŸ‘πŸ™Œ
I like the game, but there isn't enough save points. it's very annoying having gone so far then having to start way back at the last save point. hoping you can solve this issue or I will most likely delete.
Fun, but so many places to get trapped. Have to blow myself up to start over. Well made but not well planned. Too frustrating.
Fun and simple game easy to play better than most games on the app store that just want you to spend money for dumb upgrades o paup to play games
Its a very good game it was just some what like super mario and its very intersting in finding the jewels
I'm in desert And I can't get to red past 2 village After you go past the thing to Jump over with Jump boots you need to make it gone where you jump, that border needs fixed I still love this game you made a mix of zelda and mario
Please help ! I am playing fire world but underground color locked problem . example: mix red and yellow , then mix blue and a little bit of red !!!!!!!!
I used to love this game and I would have given it five stars but I've been stuck on the same third level in fire world for almost three weeks, and I'm out off ideas. Its so hard😒😒
It is so good but somewhat confusing as i have to wander around all maps just to aee which doors the keys open. maybe put some names on those?? just sayin
I downloaded the game after reading Geir's review of the game. And now I have been playing for about an hour and am pleasantly surprised how good this game is without being a cheap clone of golden classics of the past. In fact this game adds unique elements to the ones we are familiar with from other games and that makes the game very interesting to me! I am looking forward to many more hours to come playing this game and will update my review when I am a few hours into the game. So far 5 🌟
Game would be a lot better without the weird pseudo Hindu stuff in it. Also doesn't walk very fast. Not enough like Mario.
Great game the problem is the code in time world I can't figure it out I tried countless times using instructions from the deity
A phenomenal game. The degree of difficulty do become a little too much but other than that the gameplay is flawless.