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Retro Grid

Retro Grid for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Gameguru located at P.O.Box 16111 RAK FTZ Ras Al Khaimah UAE. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its old school and all but it has a bit of a lag would be great if I had a better device. Also the interaction could be better.
Hey creator of this game can you make a building tools for us to make our own space ship and buy our own ship too thats so so fun if you make that feature pls make update pls oh btw your game is so good i rilly like it
I mean, dont get me wrong. The game is amazing, but its just lacking in one thing that makes it great: A storyline. I remember this one game, the gameplay was boring but it had a great story that kept me going. Also, if that's too much, maybe you could just add levels, with different bosses at the end
Awesome game I dont normally write reviews but I felt compelled to for retro grid the entire game is just great from tje gameplay to the graphics its all 5 atar worthy
Pro, graphics are actually really good. Gamepkay is fun, I like it a lot. Cons: i cannot tell what is safe to collect and what will hurt me.
This game is very good and I will download the game on my tablet because this game amazing and I hope enjoy the game i well download it now so I will enjoy the game and defeat the enemies in this game it's very good and I am loved it please rate this game and maybe you reach the final round to defeat the enemies
I like the concept, feels a little incomplete. Also, I got to level 11, but didnt get awarded the level 10 achievement...oh well...
Game play is good until it gets buggy. For stick on a level with an enemy do far off screen that I couldn't finish the level.
Using the power up for double life and the last ship with 500 life there is a glitch.... you start with 1000 life with power up. The problem is if you get hit and then pick up a health regen. The life starts back to 500 even if you had 900+.... this make a more challenaging game dodging all the purple life regen power ups until late in the game. And your health is less than 500.... Please fix.
If you devs add some depth like bosses, I will go 5 stars instantly and also would be willing to pay for it, couple bux.
Once i start the game i cannot put it down an if i do its only to do something an wen ive finished im back on it time flys wen ur havin fun
This is a fun as can be game that really does harken back to the days of Galaga and Space Invaders with a solid but fair challenge. The one issue? It needs variety such as more weapon levels or choices (such as a spread shot or explosive slower rocket) and enemy types since grinding higher and higher forces you to slog through the same bad guys. Not asking for a whole redesign, just a tweak or two.
Controls - controlling w/ the ship directly under the finger tip is annoying. Should be able to control the ship from anywhere on the screen.
It needs to be moved. I accidentally spent my coins...I keep doing this because after you lose there is a big "continue?" question.
Can you please add some bombs because there's to much enemies at the same, so a bomb will be a really good idea to clear everything away when there's to much enemies. / The numbers with the circle's moving around can you explain that because I don't get it. What does 3,2 and 4 mean
The game is Awsome but theres a slight bug I found...I dont know if its only me but....I noticed every single time I pickup the slow mode thing and if I pause and then continue ,it glitches...its like I dont even have it but it still shows the time line of the time slow thing and if u pickup another slow time but the bugged one didnt ware off...it wont slow time ...And 1 more thing....the game is good and all but...it took me 3h to get to the last ship...it would be more awsome if u actuly added levels
Great game but after a couple of days the game started to lag a bit so its probably a bug, since my device is powerful enough to play the hardest games, and i have been testing it , and i found out that the game isnt taking the full power of my phone, just a slice of it, increasing this would make the game much better.
very cool adaptation in my opinion. must warn you that it does take some skill to get and keep upgrades
I love the game but I think it would be cool with different contorl settings and controller if u will
This game is incredibly addictive. I only have one suggestion. The reason I never gave this game 5/5 is because there are no boss fights. Please add them, like after every five levels. That would make it more challenging. And increase the limit of the damage powerbars from 4 to maybe 6 or 7. This is a really good game, but it can become a really great game!
Good game but it's to easy to get killed. What would make it a bit fairer would be to add a shield thing that drops down, u know like them that drop down to give u coins or 2,3,4× damage or slow motion. It would make the game more enjoyable because u wouldn't get killed as quickly. Or a couple of bombs which kill all attackers because occasionally there r 2 many to fight.
I'm going to report Google on what you're doing with your players — and I'm flagging as inappropriate because I purchased the ad-free + the last maximum ship and it trys to make me purchase again or it makes the game unplayable! When I downloaded this game months ago I had purchased every item just so I don't see any ads and even bought the best maximum ship and I noticed that a couple of my friends and family members are having the same problems! It's a shame and it's not fair! I also have a tablet + a mobile phone and it's unplayable on my phone. I reported the issues and these developers do nothing and it makes it seem that you don't give a damn! Nickel & diming your players is what you're doing... And I'm going to try and put a stop to it even if I have to go to SOCIAL MEDIA platforms; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others! Yeah, I'm very upset but so will these developers after seeing this grievance!
Good quality fun game but keeps saying it was made for an older Android software. I have the Motorola edge plus
Love this game takes me back when I was a kid, played games just like this won asteroids an space invaders
Pretty cool but it automatically starts the next level and I never know when it starts the next level.
Many laggings and bad control of ships, Wayy too many enemies for No upgradable ships or bombs..!!?? ?? Of all comments Zero response from makers ..they don't care it seems..too bad..good game though..!
I did find a bug though. The achievement for reaching level 10 doesn't work. Also a volume slider would be greatly appreciated. This game is much louder than most of my other apps!
This is a very good game BUT at times is very jumpy and the screen flickers and makes game play very difficult. Plus if there was a tilting mechanism in regard to steering the ship that would make it better still, other-wise my finger on the screen gets in the way, which also makes game-play difficult. This game still gets a thumbs up from me with 3* stars!!! (^-^)