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Retro Garage - Car mechanic simulator

Retro Garage - Car mechanic simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by First Step Games located at 197375, Saint-Petersburg, st. Verbnaya 18/1. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It is an amazing game i recomend it and i have an advice:don't get mad if you can't find the right piece just keep searching.I would like to be another players on autodrome.Thank you!
I loved the game. Repairing the engine, wheelbase and body parts and getting the vehicle back in working condition. Impressive game. But ad playing capturing to check and find issues of missing parts isn't happening well. 1 down for that. You can actually add more features to the game. Waiting for those. As of now only 4
No sudden ads in the middle of the game. Nice BGM. Good game for warming before playing a rhythm game. Just need more variations of cars, zoom in zoom out feature, challenge mode and in-game newspaper (telling about our reputation)
Best game i have ever played plz add a semi truck and maybe where you can pull a trailer with it and add it where we have to go get our car we buy yourself with a pickup truck and trailer and add a freerome place in like a city or something over all it is a good game
Awesome games, need to make it so you can drive the cars, and need more classic muscle cars, best mobile mechanic games ever, simple graphics, witch is great because it mean the it most space to do stuff, graphics are awesome actually
Awesome games, tou made it so we can drive cars so its good, and need more classic muscle cars, best mobile mechanic games ever, simple graphics, witch is great because it mean the it most space to do stuff, graphics are awesome actually
Nice car mechanic game, a little simple to dismantle and build cars, for a mobile thats fine though, would be cool to see additional upgrades like fix multiple parts at the same time or have extra workshop space. But a nice fun game all the same
i like the idea and how if it gets too hard theres a way out without having to pay any money. controls are a little wonky for me sometimes but im starting to get it to work. the only thing i want is more stuff to do. more cars, more things we can do with the cars, maybe more customization options. oh and maybe a short tutorial. other than just wanting more, i really like this game. and there are some ads but it doesnt get super annoying.
Stellar game. Out of all the games I have had had on my phone over the years the has got to be the best. Simple mechanics, (pardon the pun), funky graphics and runs smoothly. The best part about it has got to be that you have to somewhat know what your talking about when you first pick up the game. Doesn't get boring and there is so much to do, not to mention the car progression system. I Definitely recommend it to anyone, especially people who like cars. Only suggestion would be the ability to drive the vehicles, as well as engine parts that affect performance, such as turbos, performance cams, superchargers, bigger radiators and more. otherwise, awesome game!
This app is amazing! Thanks for making this app with the new version it is really good ๐Ÿ‘ thanks for making this love ya guys.
Great game has lots of things to do to use up that spare time you have easy to play little bit of thinking and remembering. I play lots of games and this is one I have not deleted. Happy play this.
Game is fun - Timer should not run down when you're not working on a car - Color code the parts that has to come off 1st before you can get to the next part - The Catalog should also highlight what parts you need when working on the car -
Great game huge potential to be something big I would add regular updates with engine customisation or swaps as with body and small things later on great game really could be something special and with abit extra as mentioned I would pay to have good work keep it up
It would be fun if we could test drive the vehicles after restoration Edit: Thanks devs for letting us to drive the vehicles after fixing them
The game is actually spot on to play with, but if i may suggest can us (the player) zoom in and zoom out or just having free movement while dissasembling chasis or engines.. and can we have the option to engine swap the cars or in this case the cars we bought in the city and keep them in the garage
PLAY THIS GAME. If you like cars and the mechanical side. This game is pretty awesome. For a simple mobile game it's actually pretty damn good :)
Good game but could you make working floor jack's so the car is not floating in the air when there's no wheels on it
Overall good and very challenging, some bugs really bug me out, sometimes it's freeze the game and make me to force closed it, it happens many times... May force guide you to fix it.
This game was and still is so much fun and I hope you guys expand it even more, the only thing I would like to say is we need different engine types in game I like working on four cylinders but I like working on v engine the most, so if you all can put different engine types in the game I would be so happy and grateful I get to play such a kick-ass game.
Great game, i would like you to add some l6,V6,V8 & turbo engines and some stuff was already added that I would of mentioned Another thing is y can't we build the cars from scratch that will be cool
I love the game I'm so addicted when I first played this game it's like car mechanic simulator 2018 but in the next update could you please add supercars like bugatti, lamborghini and others
This game is almost exactly like the classic Gearhead Garage game I used to play. I love it and highly recommend it. I know very little about the inner workings of cars and this game still peaks my interest.
I love the game, I love how they made a race track, but there's one thing I would like, 2000s+ cars in the game, I know it's "retro" garage but I would love to see!
Love it. In earlier years there was a similar game. It was called gearhead garage. It's graphics where like real cars. I used to play it every day. Now I got this one. Thanks. Well done.
Edit: Nice update with some additional features to make gameplay easier, including what I'm waiting for is an exit button. And if it continues to the next day the loading is also quite fast. GREAT!!! Keep up your good work, dev ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
It's a fun game I recommend you add when U start fixing the cars there is sometimes a person who asks for sport things and I would love if U guys added sport things like sport exhaust and stuff like that for when we fix the cars we buy then we can put sporty things on our cars that we can drive and when I mean sport exhaust I mean like it sounds sick so plzzzzzz I recommend that but btw very awesome game โค๏ธ
Pretty detailed, but some questionable details. Very in depth, but almost a little too easy. Its no car mechanic simulator, but definitely close, and much much easier too
I've tried several Garage games that are instantly repetitive but so far this is proving entertaining for much longer minimal advert interference too. It's a fun game and worth a look.
I really like this game, it's fun and engaging. It feels good getting to the point where you can just see what you need to fix a car with a simple glance. Now that it is necessary to collect individual parts, I feel it would be good to be able to build a car from scratch, rather than hoping for an easily missed chance to buy a very rare car.
Great game, i have a suggestion to add option remove the warning about "can't take out the part because of ..." because i always missclick and then the warning pop out is a bit annoying
An enjoyable little low poly game, enough detail to make it believable without making it overly difficult
I love the game but can you add a modern musle car so it can be more popular and add camber setting to the car please and add more race tracks to choose from and AI cars as well please and add cars from today 2021 cars like doge demon,toyotasupra a 2 jz engine and the engine of the demon has 808 horespower and its a superchared hemi engine please add the cars and add a turbo and a super charger please..................
The game is very good! And i love the recent update, now we can drive the car we fixed. I wish you could add additional cars and an offroad track.
Quite like this game even though I know bout about cars. Only thing is that after a while it stopped letting do anything was about smashing my phone touching the screen but nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled and ill see what happens.
I love this, please add more cars, and a suggestion as well, keep adding more stuff to tune and install to the cars... Don't leave it like that, develop it more, be ambitious. And keep the ads not forced on the gamer. thank you.
Great game, i have a suggestion to add option remove the warning about "can't take out the part because of ..." because i always missclick and then the warning pop out is so annoying
Love this game and I would love to see a drag strip/race feature. Maybe a car show type of thing to make a profit from and show off cars in the garage. Maybe more custom body part choices to give make the cars a little flashier.
Great game overall! But it keeps freezing for me whenever I try to repair the UAZ sadly and I need to restart the app, any suggestions on what it could be? On Android 10
Awesome game! I hope we get more cars/parts in the future tho. If you like cars and don't want to watch an ad every 0.1 second like in other games then I 100% recommend it.
Fun game, but I am currently on level 12 and when I click on an item it is just disappearing and not populating on the bottom of the screen to replace items. Not sure what's wrong
Yes finally a game that's worthy of playing and may I suggest an old carbureted V8 as an option that would be fun to rebuild or maybe engine swaps
Pretty boring doing same stuff, we should be able to drive the cars around once fixed or do a drop of timed service back to the customers. And add more vehicles
Nice Game, not so many game like this one, the graphic was nice and fun because it doesn't use the realistic type graphic which mean this game free to create another car without any issue of real live counterparts, love this game and Please add more cars like moskvich 400, trabant 601, volga m21, smz microcar, and melkus rs1000. Please use this as a suggestion for next update and Always enthusiastic in working on the next update.
This is a great game because you can fix junkyard cars and do customers orders like create your own design when you have a junkyard car or a seller car great game btw
I really like this game, even though it is much more simple than CMS 18 mobile, it has alot of potential!
This reminds me so much of Gearhead Garage, an old school mechanic game. Obviously the developer played it too and fell in love with it as I did. I'm really enjoying the game so far. The only couple of things that annoy me are: cannot zoom away from the engine when looking at it, only rotate. Cannot view what the customer wants done once starting the repair.
So much fun!! If you love cars you are going to love this game, just keep ading Stuff guys ,new cars,new engines every thing, the best thing so far is thath you can drive the cars you restore and i ts not too complex of a game.5/5 reccomend
This the best garage game ever! You have free controls over everything and all and I love it that everything is like real life although please add free drive where you can drive the cars you bought and test drive where you can drive the car your customers gave to repair.And it is fully offline that makes it even fun! I recommend this game to everyone reading this.
Very fun little game, it's enjoyable to tear the cars down and remake them how you like, I really do hope that some updates or added cars are soon to come.
Its a simple and fun way to spend time fixing cars and such. Few things to add, the option to see what parts is still needed because even though there are a task to just fix the chassis, it has some parts that you need but don't know what to add, also cars from other countries would be great and also to be able to drive them or race them and maybe more features to add in the mechanic shop like oil change? Overall 5 stars
I love this game!! I also have requests! 1 of them is that once we start up the car, we have the option to either keep it in the workshop or take it for a drive. Another one is that we can combine different cars together. And lastly, please add more awesome cars!! Keep up the good work!!! Please let me know what you think about those requests developers. Sincerely, Nikemaster6565
I'm jiving this 5 star as the game is excellent what I want . But for the developers I want to say that good job and now my request is that we can take the car we can also when it's broken in the test run and start the engine and accelerate by our self not by just pressing the key and the engine with stop by it self automatically and one more this I that I want have and open world and most important thing fuel that when it finishes from our car we will refill it and a gas station and a character
Very good bit missing a meaningful progression system, and I'd personally like to see motorcycles added. But with the addition of proper progression I could sink hours into this.
I really love this game i find it quite attractive but there's this one problem i have with it, i want to purchase multiple cars and fix but you can only buy one each time.
Pretty Good! Very reminiscent of Snap on's Gearhead Garage from 20 yrs ago, which was a favorite of mine. This game could get mind numbing but if new cars are added and kept fresh with challenges, it could be great.
Love this game and I would love to see a manual transmission customization option as well as clutch pedal and stick shifter feature in the autodrome as well as a drag strip/race feature
This is the best mobile game I've ever played. I don't have much more to say. I'm planning on playing this until my phone dies.
Contemporary game, I love it.... Maybe add damage details when clients crashed/fell off a cliff just simple scratches/dents. Looking forward for more updates
The game is good. Kindly add a junkyard as well, Where we can search for parts or vehicles or engines. And kindly think of adding a personal project where we will be able to built our own personal vehicle with any engine or any type of body. Kind of like a mix and match. Thank you
Fairly detailed game for mobile, however more updates could extend play time, as I finished it fairly quickly. I'd recommend if you're into mechanic-type games as it has all the core components of a mechanic simulator.
Hate the black box frame around the car while you are working on it get really annoying please remove that
My bad... I wasn't supposed to access the inner parts of the vehicle in the first jobs. But still, the game sometimes randomly hangs. Nothing that a simple reopen won't fix.
This game is great. I can just play this for hours. One thing I'd like to see is a feature that allows us to build a new car from all the parts that we need. I feel that this would be a lot of fun. You could also add some more custom body kits and the like. The ability to drive the car would be cool too. Love the game guys! Keep it up!
Such a good game good cars i love cars can you add 4 modern cars like yaris hillton or sokda oktavia or Toyota land crusir or Peugeot 407 2007 (year) and ya that's all but its good
Best mechanic game ever. The car mechanic 2016 is no better than this one. This game just rock it. It's easy to understand either
Really good game, but I have an issue. For some reason after playing the game for a while, it starts glitching out. It freezes and sounds weird. If this is fixed, I'd give it 5 stars.
I love the game its the best mechanic game there is. They have made it so much better over time with adding the race track and different models of the same car.
Great game and game mechanics! I wish they'll have more cars to build, more tracks to drive in. Never expected to stumble in to a great game like this. I hope they make a similar game with modern cars in it
Cool game! I like me being able to take the engine down to bare block, and rebuild it.. same with the body and chassis. I do have a couple of pet peeves.. license plates (there are none), dash gauges (also none), and working brake lights. Also.. there are 4 different versions of the GAZ 24 Volga available.. sedan, convertible, racing, and sport.. but not the 2401 Volga station wagon! Aww, this would have been easy to do, like the VAZ 2107 wagon..
Great game, it's not like other games where you paint a car and it's done you actually have to do stuff. The graphics are really nice to the eye and that's good because for a game like this people don't need super realistic graphics especially because it's a mobile game
This game is 1 of the best games in the world I had it in every phone I had .it was so fun I finished the game maybe more cars with make it better
If you are a petrolhead who has grown up with soviet era cars, you'll enjoy this game. Simple gameplay but hard to master. It has ads but never intrusive. Really hoping for an update that would add tuning options for the van. If there was a DLC adding more content to this game, I'd pay money for it.
Everything is great but can you add more cars and online multiplayer and that you could race with friends or with other persons in yhe world and add tuning like upgrade the engine and so
It would be really great if there was a V8 volga perhaps the race version or the older one kgb edition or something along those lines, it's gotta be really really rare tho
Realy fun but. Could u fix the glitch were the uaz-469 wont let u repair it customers cars and when u buy one I've been stuck on the same job for 1 week irl now.thank you
It is n good game . But can jou add somthing like your own shop wear jou can sell your cars or show damage when you bump your car in die auto drive
Pretty damn nice game . Add more car and also it will be cool if we could drive the car that we repaired
You should add a drag strip and retro drag cars and put diffrent size wheel and tyre upgrades and/or use current ingame cars and modify them into drag cars
This game is made by pure geniuses! Really fun, I play it all the time. So many featchures and details... Woow Great decision to use SSSR retro cars. Please add more car types, maybe even URAL motorcycle, buhanka... I think theres one bug, when somene came to workshop for repair you cannot finish car fixing, I replace every part and try to install every single part from catalog, even start the engine and its working regulary but job is not finished!?
Very fun game make more tracks like a offroad track,include turbo and supercharger setups, more wheels spoilers and exhausts and maybe you could make a separate place on the map to buy these extra parts also add v8 cars
Love the Gearhead Garage theme, thought it was gone forever! Hopefully we can upgrade the engine soon like in the old original. Awesome job!
Great game. Works offline and is very interesting to play. I just wish you could test drive the cars after repairs. It would be more fun.
Great game! Its still in the early stages so there are a few bugs but they are still updating it frequently
The best game ever but you could of at least let us drive the vehicle after fix so it will be like a test run but with humps and all other stuff
I think this game is absolutely amazing other than all of the frequent ads it's a delight to play being the fact that I am a really big car nut it suits me well I would recommend this game to anyone who loves to tear apart cars and learn more about them
This is the perfect game for everyone today I had my paper and thanks to this game I remembered every single car part name it helped me alot thanks and keep on making these types of amazing games
Where do I start, this game is amazing, this has so many things I have ever wanted in a game, pls keep updating and adding more cars, I recommend adding different type of cars like a muscle car or super car, but don't make them exactly like a real car
Add more cars like American muscle, dune buggy, motorcycle, atv, and monster trucks. I love this game, please don't stop I loved gearhead gar**** growing up please make it bigger and better because you on the right path. God Bless
It is fun but I wish there were acutions and a junk yard instead of having to wait for sellers to sell. If you added one or both i would change to 5 stars.
Its pretty simple once you start to learn each parts, also isnt grindy as other games. would recommend as a time killer game as its pretty relaxing too
I love tgis game so much! It is fun to play BUT needs some updates, 1) add spark plugs, new engines, more engine parts, etc. 2) more spoilers. 3) new cars and not only ussr cars.Thats all, hope the creator sees this, THANK YOU!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘โ˜บ
5 star review, I love that you can buy cars from sellers so you can work on your own car instead of just working on other people's cars. I recommend for people who want to learn how the cars work.
I really like this game it's pretty good also it's funny how this is way funner than the actual car mechanical simulator
I love the game I'm so addicted when I first played this game it's like car mechanic simulator 2018 but in the next update could you please add classic cars like the old school gtr and maybe an old school lamborghini
It's actually quite good! I feel like it is challenging for game fans without being alienating to people who aren't familiar with cars. The engines are a fun puzzle and i really hope as I progress, they begin to include more objects like spark plugs and pistons. Maybe even wiring would be a fun update! I also appreciate and respect that the designers do not spam you with ads. There is an ad between "work days" and some for bonuses, but I feel like the app is 9/10 actual game play and thats fair.
Well made game with a good balance between detail and playability. My main criticisms is the uneven pace: it starts out well with a variety of simple repair jobs but very quickly every car requires a complete rebuild whether it is a wreck or decent condition because invariably the last part to come off (e.g. engine block) is slightly damaged. This happens when only a handful of car types are unlocked so discovering new cars gets tedious as the gameplay stops progressing and becomes repetitive.
Insane game excellent work but how about opinon to add a tubo or supercharger in race/offroad versions of cars and how about making little place where i can drive my garaged cars like backyar or even a few blocks of street. And more customers who just want to upgrade a car od downgade it whatever
Would like new parts added and new cars as well as new clients and new paint added and time must be like real time working not the fast time as is on the game and more coins added and G's must also be added to the game
I love this game but can you make a character so you can move around and make a lift for the car so you can access the chassis and lower it to get the body and the engine, (I know this is a lot to ask for but I think the game will be better this way) and pls make an engine crane and stand and a repair table, if you do this thank you and great game
Loving the update just like real lada motors I have an idea for the next update don't know if you'll get this. You guys maybe should make it that we must diagnose an engine before doing anything so for example diagnosing a rod knock or bad ignition or a blown head Gasket.
I didn't expect much from this game when I saw it. But after playing for a few hours it's great! Its simple, fast, not much ads. Would be better with more content like performance parts and driving.
Very Nice game and keep updating it. I love this game. It feels like a real car modifier or a mechanic and we are earning our living by restoring old cars, selling them and sometimes adding them to our collection. Game is very good and the cars are nice as I love the old soviet cars. But can you please add a gamemode in which we can drive our cars. Yeah one more thing can you please make another game like this which only have classic supercars and old muscle cars.
Awesome game, great way to pass the time while at the dentist for example. Only wish was that you could have multiple cars in the workshop which you can easily swap to. That would make working on the GAZ 21 and other potentially rare cars much easier as it requires a parts car. Apart from that, great game. Keep up the great work.
I like this game oll I need is a offroad track and a drag strip and lots of V8 and online mode so you can race with other players
Amazing game, its my favorite game on my phone, it just needs a test drive kinda thing for the cars you build. I also think u should add the transmission model under engine and make it so that u have to unbolt it and the cluch and stuff or make it its own catagory. The new update is fantastic, keep up the great work. Yall should add in the setting menu a check box to add american vehicals to the game or make a mod menu so people can create their own vehicals and add them for others to download.
top notch mechanics simulator. you can fix it up to the very chassis. no lag great graphics too definitely
I wander when they are going to add more upgrades for the vehicles to the game and this is a great game i will highlly recomend this game to others
Absolutely in love with the game. Just a couple points of feedback though. Add more music I feel like the one track is constantly on loop. Make it so we can control the camera entirely when disassembling a car, like the ability to move it and zoom in and out. Add some more parts for the engine and the chassis. It'd be pretty cool if we could race our built cars especially when there's already a map for it and maybe online head to head racing. Custom decals for cars.
just like gearhead garage. i appreciate the throwback sounds and jobs. its great. cars are pretty cheesy though
Games fun but it's missing something I think everybody would love so after where done building are cars it would be awsome if we could drive them or something I would be fine with just a parking lot but I hope you guys come out with thank you.
Fun, but.... I don't like that I can't just add a few sport options. It's like I have to add all of them or its shown as "disassembled." I just want to mix and match body parts, so idk why that isn't an option. That, and I can't turn off sounds. There's no settings menu that I can see.
I have a few more requests! Can you guys make it where we can drive in the city? And also, can you make it harder to assemble cars like add more parts? And, can you make it where when we press the go home button, I want it to have us select a car and drive it home, then we click on the house door and we are teleported to work for the next day? Sincerely, Nikemaster6565
Pretty fun at first but money becomes so hard to get. I wish you could set your own prices or make jobs a whole lot easier like fixing one to three items to total restoration. It seems unfair that I practically repair and replace everything for 2 grand when I spend 1800 in materials
I like the game But the blue UAZ glitches and does not Let me play but really good game add more Cars not only Russian cars what is storage
I couldn't play it more than 30 minutes it's like Ads machine you have to watch ads more than actual playing
Nice Watkins Glen replica track!!! hahaha. Its just like gearhead garage. i appreciate the throwback sounds and jobs. its great. cars are pretty cheesy though
Game is glitchy because when I've tried to put on a roof rack it said to put on a roof when the roof was already on
This would be a 5 star but I just request a wide body and drag version for all cars and engine swaps like V8 supercharged or V6 and V10 oh yeah and a drift kit for all cars with custom wheels for all cars to and to older cars have cool old school style and please more maps to drive on๐Ÿฅบ. If it's to much the atleast can you add engine swaps and custom wheels. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š
I love this game,but there is another problem with it,it's doesn't have drag racing to make some money or doesn't have damages effect in driving mode in autodrome or the city even doesn't have street racing events in daytime (day and night),and it needs a new car (2000's to 2010's and 2020') instead of old cars,please add them, I love this game and your team is the best with it's game.
Love the game. But why the google play said that its updated on every month at 19 but the update keeps appearing a week late?
I love the graphics I wish you could add a city to drive your car in and walk around the shop like car mechanic 2021
Finally a game that does advertisements right, it doesn't spam you with them from minute to minute and the gameplay is quite enjoyable, the accuracy of the parts click zone could be a bit improved (sometimes I have to click a part multiple times to disassemble it because it thinks I want to take another part off the car) but otherwise great game and a real time killer.
Not going to lie. at first I thought itd be those types of games that show 50 ads at a time. But nope complete opposite, its very fun. This game actually has vehical components, it feels kind of real but in a game. nice.
This reminded me of geared garage and the old street rod games its fun and simple and while supported by advertising its done in a way that isn't annoying. Definitely worth a play.
It is the best car mechanic game of all time for me but i would like to suggest to drive around the city and a gaz 54 and more mods for cars in this and a gaz m20 popeda and last you can add day/night cycle on race track
I really love this game i find it quite attractive, it really help to figure out the basics parts of a car, and what it may need, it's quite easy to play. the controls are very smooth.
This is the closest thing to car mechanic simulator on a phone. The actual CMS on android is boring and tedious but this one is fun to tap through. Easy to find parts. Wish i could go drive. We need an SLRR (google it) for a cell phone. That games from 1995 and it could run on a modern phone lol
this is the best mechanic game ever but plz add engine mods like supercharger and turbo and peformance parts and plz add gaz 21 parts in the catlog
Wonderful game, lots of fun stuff and quite realistic. I would love to see more iconic old russian vehicles. And keep up the good work devs!!
It was fun it's interesting I could just to get it or not even getting like a little game it's really fun I would get it if I was you
I love the game! i just wish you can add a drive mode in the garage and you can just drive your cars.
I mean it WOULD be nice to know what im supposed to actually buy, but other than that the game is ok. In detail: When im supposed to replace a part, it doesn't tell me what is missing. Please add this to the game. I had to buy like... 3 or 5 random parts till i found the right one
This Is probably the best car repair game in the app store... Usually others are filled with ads and have very limited customization and freedom to what you can do but this game is so much better. I would recommend it 100 percent to anyone who is interested in cars
Great game! Very realistic! You need better and louder engine sounds when driving though. Please make a modern Garage mechanic game too, that would be awesome.
I love the game but this is a direct rip off of gear head garage for pc, even uses the exact same sounds and music, sure you changed the cars and added adverts and the stupid rest mechanic to force adds into your view. If you're gonna play, play offline. Don't support this pirate
I love this game but for some reason after 2 days every time I open it it is just black and I can't see anything. Plz fix
Amazing mechanical game but can get better. Please add the ability to drive our cars! It would be so cool to drive cars we built from the ground. Another thing is you should add cars that are from different regions (like jdm). Other than that it's an excellent game!
Iโ€™d like to congratulate the games designers and developers, youโ€™ve made such a brilliant, very enjoyable game with such simple game play and the ever growing list of the vehicles that are beginning added helps to keep the game fresh and the last updates give the teardown and rebuild more of a โ€œreal feelโ€ being able to see the cars and trucks chassisโ€™ Keep up the great work
Just want the engine to sound different but nothing is wrong with the game . It is really fan to play.
Sir in the game when we changed car from one model to another model changing mode in tuning is not available
I downloaded this game almost a year ago, and I still play it today. In fact, I'd say that "Retro Garage" is an example of what Google Play Store games SHOULD be like. There are ads, but only at the end of the day and after time trials. Want to get rid of ads? It's 99 cents for the cheapest option. Plenty of cars, trucks, 4x4s, and even buses. Easy and endless customization. The 50s-era GAZ-24 is both beautiful and realistically frustrating to find parts for. All in all, I love it. Keep it up!
Can you add more cars and more cars from other countries.And you can add Malay I do not understand and add turbo engine
The game is really good. But every 5 minutes or so, i have to close and re-open it because it freezes like hell and won't allow me to do anything. Otherwise stellar, very reccomendable.
Been playing the game for more than two months and I'm loving it and the regular updates so far. I'd like to see some cars from other eastern block conutries in the future. Something like the Yugo, Polski Fiat, Trabant, Wartburg... And maybe some heavy vehicles like a Kamaz truck or a Liaz bus.
Very fun game! It actually reminds me of and old PC game I played when I was a kid "Gearhead garage" some of the sound effects remind me of that too. The game is fun because you see unique cars from the USSR! Thank you for making a fun game.
Pretty fun little game, mostly ad free which is awesome! I would recommend to anyone that likes repairing car games. More advanced version would be fun
Have been looking for a game like this since forever. Great stuff. Pls add an auction / sell option. So can make money flipping cars as well. Or customize based on other players voting for prizes. Keep it up
This is a nice game I recommend it if u like machanical work however if the simulator of driving the cars is better u will definitely give this game 5 stars
I would like to see drive around in a town and I would like to walk around a junkyard and buy old cars from it and see a old pickup truck.
I made to garage and I think all different car is made out of broken part like GAZ,VAZ and different Russian car. This car is messed up, and I fix some car with easy, normal and hard to fix a car. Thanks.
Would like some non communist imports and us domestics,and it's a little repetive. that being said, it's hands down better than the alternatives that I have tried, basically no ads especially on plane mode.lol. good job
The best mechanic simulator you can get, simple and Fun. hopefully in the future there will be more vehicle's like Bikes, Truck, etc. this game had good potential
Easy to lose yourself in and kill alot of time no real bs microtransactions or wait time to complete things
Awesome game. Can you please make it so we can drive the cars and drive our cars to other sellers and attach trailers to pick the car up. Otherwise awesome game keep up the good work.
Its creative, not only we can repair a car but we can buy and restoration it for sell, most of it is classic car which is very nice..i only add 2 suggestion, add more modification part and we can do drive the car..it will be the best game everrr
Love the old cars in the game. Nice car engine to fix and repair. Overall its is a good game we'll at least for me.
Amazing mechanical game but can get better. Please add the ability to drive our cars! It would be so cool to drive cars we built from the ground. Another thing is you should add performance parts that actually effect performance. Like performance intake,turbos, superchargers,etc. Otherwise great game!
Its a pretty fun game it can be difficult at certain parts if you are new to cara but keeps you entertained dor a while. I do wish that there was a bit of mixing it up it can get repeateitive at timea but overall its a fun game
cool & learning game for those who are not mechanics can learn alot from this game & have fun at the sametime developers did great making this game