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Restaurant Story: Summer Fun

Restaurant Story: Summer Fun for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Well I'm doing goals and I do love doing the goals, so maybe that's why there's no pop ups. I've always loved RS but when the goals are done and the pop ups start again I'm coming back, hit edit and changing it back to a 1, I'm not kidding. Again I love the goals cole ting the gifts/prize whatever, I love it, you should really see my place have so much stuff in storage. I love, I can change up when I want.
Quite a big veririty of food in any of the stoves! This game is only annoying when the customers come in! Well,this game deseres to be rated at aboud two to four stars! Notes:1 star : must be good ! 2 stars:good and recives tips ! 3 stars:good recives tips and gifts ! 4 stars good receive tips and gifts and must have a great viririty of food and some reasonable levels for the stoves ! 5 stars all of the above followings
I am addicted and have been playing over a year but I do agree, summer is about over. I would really like to see some different types of trees to decorate with. Can't use palm trees in every application. Good job team lava! Oh BTW please fix the freezing issues. :-) 1RoseBud45
This Theme came out very very late. You all need to start a Fall/Autumn theme. Also. Don't make goals so far fetched. Assign other foods that we can give as gifts, these are getting boring. Like, level up the gifts that you can give. I'd you're on level 50 we should have other choices of food to gift than level 10. But when you gift your neighbor that's on level 10 a and your a level 50, it won't give you the option to gift them the gift until they reach level 50. Something like that.
i really love this game we can make a new friends and we also dont know that from where they are lovely game please play this one time you will love it
Not sure what's team lava have done, but after deleting two of their games I have insufficient space on my phone for his update. Was enjoying these as a bit of a time waster, bit no point if you can't even get it onto your phone.
Addicted since day one. Finally have amazing friends for players. Its a bummer teamlava doesnt respond to support because i havent met one person that retrieved their old accounts yet. Would be lovely to also receive the same amount of gifts we have as friends. 25 friends 25 gifts. I have 60 friends and am always maxed after 10 gifts. Takes days to build a stove...but im patient. :^)
Yeah you guys need to step up to the plate and we should get gems for down loading of the seasons that there is and really it takes too long for food to get done and for all them coins that you only get like 2 inches of property, that's ridiculous.please update all this. If updated I give you four star and then we'll see after that and it wouldn't hurt for you guys just to give us some gems anyways just for playing....
I have had no difficulties with these games, and have used them all! Plus, I have contacted the support team numerous times to have my games added back to my new phones, or get gems I lost when I accidentally bought, also when I have sold things on accident, they have always been quick to help. I trust team lava games more than any other. Best most fun games I have used, with new things happening all the time. Oh and for new users, the updates don't remove your progress, they add new things to your games.
Love team lava games! Not hard to uninstall old version then install new version. Your other games get gems for it. I think they have some long cook times so game can be flexible for people that can't check game all the time. One thing I wish someone could help me with...I got a new phone. I had old games on phone and tablet with different id's. I would really like my same games from tablet on my phone...would be much easier for me to play!
Its nice that the game get updated. But each time it updated it reminds you of everything task you have done on the game which gets very annoying when your removing food from the stoves. That really dosnt need to happen all the time
Why do I have to keep downloading an ENTIRE new game everything?? Why NOT just create an " UPDATE "? this is so unnecessary. Takes up my memory. The only reason I actually do the download is to get the gems. Then I open It and proceed to delete It. U keep making entire new games, and It's a waste! It's a great game, fun but It's repetitive and can get boring after a while.
I tried contacting through email twice and no response. It said my ticket has been closed. Like everyone else is saying about the notifications please fix. We need them in order to see if our food is done. I'm pretty sure you are aware of the issue. Please fix thank you.
Come on give us more realistic items for a restaurant and not in the design boxes at 24 gems a time , I like to see what I'm paying for! And stop making large oven's that only cook a couple of things they take up to much floor space ! And don't you make your own games anymore come get some brains , also why no kiddies highchairs or wheelchairs !
I am sure I am not the only that wants a chatroom. Who wants to flipflop between your wall and neighbor's just to chat. The chatroom should be available only with those who are neighbors of that place. Why isn't there like special gifts to give neighbors for their bday, holidays, or just because? That should be available. Last but not least, why is there a limit on expansions? I can't even have the way I want due to limited space. Come on Team Lava. Get with it because it would make it more fun for us
Not to mention the fact that this is not an update but a large download. My farm story & restaurant apps keep getting larger & larger with each "update". Plus when the clipboard starts flashing, I lose "connection" and half of what I just did needs to be redone. Primarily in Farm. Poorly implemented software.
I'd give a 4 star if I could get more money for baking stuff. I also play Bakery and I downloaded them both at the same time and I have 2mil coins on bakery story and only 500k on this one. The goals are a bit pricier too. $40k for one table when you need 4??? Yikes! Also it takes a long time for another goal to start after you finished one. But other than that, I get on daily.
I enjoy playing this game & bakery story but HATE how they both crash constantly.. I deleted fashion story because it kept crashing then wouldn't open anymore grrrr come on please fix these games so I do not have to delete them also ... thanx tired of being very frustrated & wanting 2 throw my phone ... Misty Martin
the best game ever it was like so simile and like when I always think of it because I loved it and it was the best game that you could download it right now please please please
Takes to long to cook food . Upgraded ovens dont equal faster cook time or anything increased. Only way to really play this game is w in app purchases because practically every thing require a gem and those are barely and rarely received!
I really love my restaurant it helps keep me sane. I have been playing this and other games for years and love it. I really like all the events and can't wait to see what you all do for HALLOWEEN. New scary foods, ovens and spooky decorations. I hope that there are a lot of awesome decor to earn and buy this year! I can't wait to see what your imaginations have cooked up :-)
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
I dl'd several apps to earn free gems seeing as I can't figure out how to friend people and I need to unlock the stupid ice cream maker each app offered 4 gems I never got them! I waited closed the app came back l8r but still nothing! But I got notifications telling me I earned 4 free gems! I'm irked to say the least.
I trully love this game,it is so addictive and fun to play. I love all of the different recipes, appliances, and being able to decorate your own place. I do wish there were more recipies, shorter cook times, and I wish you could customize your host to look like you. I also wish you didn't have to tip everyone constantly for a better rating on your restaurant. It becomes time consuming and an impossible task. It would require you to play constantly and ain't nobody got time for that!
It's really fun if you like Bakery Story, Fashion Story and all that other stuff. The only problem I have is when you give collectables you give me the ones I already have. For instance you gave me 13 rolling pins and and 12 spoons but you only U mean only gave me 1 SPATULA I need more. And you guys should just give me random ones because I only spoons and rolling pins most of the time. So just next time just control what you give out and what people have. Answer me quickly TeamLava!
this was the best thing to do is a good restaurants for me Lisa Michelle Squier try her best thing to do about that.
So much fun! Yes, there are aggravating new downloads but if you delete the base game and download the new updated game, you get to keep your progress. That goes for all of the team lava games. Sometimes the challenge foods are at the end of the locked foods on your menu. Just a glitch. Just a little extra scrolling to find them. Super fun!
I like that some of meals take long to cook that way I can go away from the game and do other things or check my other games. I don't like how some of the items cost a ton of gems. Some apps you need to down load to get free ones don't always open.. I like that it is a way of meeting new people from different places
I love the restaurant story game but....why do we have to keep installing another restaurant story app! Why not just update the game! It take alot of space on my device! I now have like 5 restaurant story icons! I'm afraid that if uninstall the old restaurant story games I'll uninstall the new game! :-\ ¿¿
I love it, my sister got it before me so we are neighbors and we help each other out. There are cool things you can purchase with coins in the game, so it is pretty cool. But the thing is that it is like the other restaurant story's nothing changes the only thing that changes is the name and background on the app store
I would rate the game higher because it is fun, but I am disappointed with the makers. Every level you're supposed to be able to buy a oven/stove/ect to help make your resturant bigger and complete goals. I haven't been able buy one every level it just keeps reading unlock next level. There were 4 levels straight I wasn't able to. I downloaded it onto another device same story. I went to their help center and got a generic response. There are more issues that they didn't help with.
But you people need to be better organized hell summer is about over.. So what we have to download the fall when its the winter time & then download the winter when it's spring... I didn't get any gems when i download the summer fun so u lied about the gem's
Every time I leave the game for over 10 minutes some random person changes everything around e.g deletes my food, changes food uses all my gems or gets me gems, sells all furniture, deletes or move around my counters, buys more or deletes my ovens ,grills and cookers. Will delete since its a terrible game. Will recommend Bakery Story instead!
it use to be a fun game but you have to wait to long to go to the next level. you have to request to many parts and you dont have enough time. it's just not fun anymore
Love the game but I'm tired of it saying oops the game is out of sync... I've lost money and I just purchased a easy oven but bc the game was out of "sync" I've lost it smh
Can you help me? I get stuck in level 10. I was ordered to buy a new stove in level 10. I bought it, but suddenly my network didn't connected. So i refreshed, and went back again. When i was in, my stove that i bought still there but my goal didn't progress. Now it keep asking me to buy a new stove though i already had it. And stove part at design menu already closed. What should i do??
Needs a fix. Anytime I close my restaurant to customers, and I set out food on the counters, the food disappears with no customers able to walk in, and I get compensated. I can't fix the same dish 4 times because the other 3 dishes disappeared. It's frustrating.