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Restaurant Story: Summer Camp

Restaurant Story: Summer Camp for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I have to spend 15-20 minutes daily going through summerys of already beaten missions I don't need daily updates of what I've already done. And it's irritating to have to do it every day! And you can't do anything until you do go through the summery I'm ready to just quit playing all together!
I like almost everything in this app!! But why cant we just dress up our chef? And there's very little time to complete goals and I don't have enough gems to skip them all..I think it would be better if more items were bought with coins and not always gems..I dont even have enough gems to renovate or decorate my restaurant. I love decorating!! I love the cooking and serving easy features...and there's a million variety of chairs and table sets to welcome the customers.Still I love this game a lot!!
The cooking takes a little while but thats what makes the game more real!!! And I love decorating my restaurant and seeing the different foods I get to make!! And most of you that complain seems like your phone is the problem not the game...πŸ˜•πŸ˜• if you like cooking games this should be at the top of your list
Fun to play but not much details explaining rules of the game. Have to do Google search to see how others figured things out. Ex. How to invite neighbors/friends, meaning of star ratings, building ovens, etc.
Everything is great about the game. The graphics, the storyline and the foods! But one thing that disappoints we are the bugs especially when the game accidentally closes on it's on and it still requires to buy some stuffs for tasks to be completed even we already done that. Also we're looking forward for more updates about the game like for example, we could view the cookbook, more stoves to get access to, free restaurant name change and exciting events like having a known celebrity visit the resto.
I love this game & have been playing several years now. I just have a few things I don't like. I agree w/other comments below about having to go through ALL the goals. There are hundreds i've done. In fact I think I only missed a couple. Is there a way to just get the option to do the ones I missed cuz I don't even remember what the names of the ones I missed are called! Also, recently we have to have gems to complete goals. I don't like that. Other than these issues, I love this game.
Need free gems updates. The updates for free gems remaining cannot be downloaded on my tablet. Please stop issuing new app games to be played for free gems. There is no way to keep up leveling or playing these additional games and have a life in order to get free gems. Perfect solution is to have GetJar apps accessible to these games that way we can get free gems amount equal to paying for the gems! Thanks - Ready to uninstall these games
I like this game most specially u can choose steam punk theme and some designs are made for meditations. what I don't like is that I can't leave the food for a long period of time bec the food will spoil plus I can't just tap to add neighbors. Fun and addictive game though! (=^β€’^=)
Super fun, easy to learn and to find neighbors. No need to invite friends/family Always something new being added so it doesn't get boring. Items and equipment are more affordable than many games I've played. Kudos Storm8!
Every morning I have every task I done completed pop up... It takes me at least 15minutes to exit them out then I can prepare my food.. this is very very irritating plz fix cause I really can't take it anymore!
Game is ok except dishes cost a lot of money to prepare and only earn 2 coins per plate served. Gems needed to purchase certain items and extremely expensive as you only get 24 gems for $5
Best part about this game is that it is free to play. Unlike most games you don't have to purchase anything to complete the goals. The only drawback is after every update it seems like I have to go through all the past goals that have ever been. Please fix that it takes almost 10 minutes to get through all of them juat to resume play.
Why do i keep downloading these apps All they do is take me back into the game i downloaded first? I expected a SEPARATE game with a different theme. Am i doing something wrong. Pls get back 2 me re: this issue. IF YOU HELP ME I WOULD BE GLAD TO RATE ALL OF YOUR APPS AS 5Stars, apart from that one BIG problem, IABSOLUTELY β™₯β™₯β™₯THEM&will rec 2 all!!!
This game is awesome, especially because it is free. But I swear if I have to go though every freaking past goal one more time....I am level 97...do you know how many past goals that is? Cant we (and when i say we, i mean you) figure out a way to make it a scroll screen listing all past goals vs. A pop up for each one?
But the only problem I have is that old goals that I've already completed keeps popping up. That's very annoying. Then I had to uninstall and reinstall this app because my designs was disappearing off the walls. I don't mind buying gems but I want more gems for my Buck. Plz fix these errors ty. One of Ur biggest fans. SUNSHINE 🌞
I really like the new decor and lemon goal theme. Please continue to give great content. The only thing that I disliked is the versions change too much without notification... please fix and I will give 5β˜†
is not possible to arrange the things i that i can from the market according to my level? you're making it hard for us to find the items we can buy.
I decided to purchase $9.99 worth of gems to help me out with the 4th of July goals. The transaction said incomplete but then 5 mins later I got a email stating the transaction went through. I go back to the game and I'm still sitting with only 2 gems. Emailed the support team and am still waiting for a response. Once I get my refund I will put down 5 stars.
I have 30 gems then when I open the game it said 5. And it keep popping up all the old completed challenges everyone I open it please fix or I will delete because I can't play our if I'm have to sit through pressing ok for all the challenges that passed. I can't even move the page when that pops up
LEVEL 99 on Bakery story also and I LOVE that game too.. If some of you hate coming back to spoiled food because you don't time your food correctly can try Restaurant story2.. I LOVE that 1 too.. No matter when you come back- your food doesn't spoil . of course you have to play to EARN.. But you will as long as you keep up with the goals and don't spend all your money.. THE GAME IS GREAT!!
Still won't load. 3 years. Installed and under installed countless times. No reply ever from the web people. 8 or more other connected games work fine. I can make food spend coin and gems. Throw the food away, never a customer in the restaurant.
I really like playing this game, but it's so annoying when it doesn't register what you do. And it says it's out of sync so everything you start cooking stops and it resets to a certain point.
This game is great! I wouldn't say it's fabulous, but great job using your time editing, updating, and much more! It is a very creative game, and it's wonderful. As I may say it may take allot of time to get everything set off. Else than that, it's still great!
Like the game it's fun But i don't like when i make something and it disappears. I block the door so customers can't come in till i am finished and when i come back some of my food is gone. HOW ? WHY? I have been cooking food all day i have the door blocked so know one comes in i just come to check if my food was done and all my food is gone. This isn't right i am deleteing game because this is not the first time its happen. NOT RIGHT. FIX IT
I've been playing for 2 years. It's a fun game except for a couple of little things. 1) the food disappears too fast. You can't get rid of the food in bakery story but food that takes hours to prepare disappears in minutes here. 2) the pop ups of past goals. Very annoying 3) currently it won't unlock an oven I need for a goal. The goal says to prepare so many of this food but the oven won't unlock. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall but it didn't work. It's frustrating because our goals are timed.
I am sick of begging my neighbors for this and that. It takes too long to get the items for a stove and I miss my goals. Now it isn't even telling what stove to make the hot dogs. I know it flashed it for a dew seconds but what happened to it being pointed out. And why does it play different from the iPhone version. Why limit how many gifts I can receive. I will give more points I we could just buy a stove for once and not have to use gems to complete it or beg for items
Game is ok, times to cook r outrageous and the glitches in it right now suck. Fix glitches and give full stories of ALL story games. I'm tired of trying to do anything on my restaurant and having all the old quests keep popping up. Once u fix these and give all access to tl games to everyone, then I'll rerate higher.
Absolutely love the game...but with one acception..those wretched pages cropping up that tell what you've done. The offer a chance to do stuff you'e missed. You can't do anything while they come by. I am up to 170 of them now. Can some one stop them after a while???
I don't think it's a glitch that every time I log in, it asks me if I'd like to complete every single past goal for gems. I'm lvl 99. I waste 5 minutes clicking "no thanks" to even access the game. Plenty of the goals that pop up, I did complete. I bet you make hundreds off of players buying gems to complete these goals. I think it's greedy of teamlava and I'm sure you're perfectly capable of fixing this if you saw it as an issue. But every new version has this same glitch, so I'm thoroughly unimpressed.
I love this game. On level 99 and play every day with a four star rating. All these things that are locked because of goals is not fair because I was not playing the games when those goals were done. I think you should give us a chance to do those goals! I want the tables and chairs and things that my other neighbors have!!
I noticed when I make my food and I have them out on the counters I come back within only 5 minutes and they are gone the door wouldn't even be open I would have it blocked I come back in 5 minutes my food is destroyed or gone it was like it was never made.. So I give this game 3 stars it is a good game it would be 5 stars if there wasn't any glitches in this game I've noticed there is a few more than just that I've noticed my floor was glitcand it said that it was purchased but I end up purchasing it twice
I reached level 99 and i request items from my neighbours and they didn't get it. Why is that?! What's happening?! Is it level 99 curse?!! Please help. I really love this game and i don't want to delete it
This is a fun game to pass the time with. But ALL of the past goals keep popping up and you have to say No Thanks to each and everyone of them in order to get back to the game. It's very time consuming and annoying. This game would be even better if we could customize our characters also. Just a little suggestion
Once again, can't get into my games because of some crap team lavas games seem to go through everyday. I'm over their out dated games anyway. All my gems from my bakery game somehow disappeared, can't open anything, these games are seriously becoming lame.