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Restaurant Story: Royal Blues

Restaurant Story: Royal Blues for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Do wish you would have had a wall paper and counters along with more items under this decor. I am confused by the option to save or throw away food left too long. Why asked when if you choose throw AWAY you still MUST go in a discard each oven yet if u keep the food it AUTOMATICALLY saves All Food items. Soooo cumbersome!!!!!!!
You make some of my favorite games but I'm about to uninstall all of them. Sick of your pop ups stealing my gems/gold/whatever that game's paid currency is for some stupid thing I don't want, sick of having to find and download new games all of the time instead of getting updates, sick of rarely getting notices of new games, sick of having to depend on neighbors or spend gems/gold/whatever to complete a challenge. Really sick of the fact that you act as if your Android customers aren't important. Sad ...
OMGOSH. This is the most horribly boring game ever! duh duh duh du du duh duh...horrible music and sit and watch same little people walk in and out of a little building. MY child's games are much more entertaining than this. Please destroy it. I don't even like people who like it. Lol, just joking The game is boring tho. Best of luck to whoever made it :)
I've been playing Team Lava, now Studio 8, games for awhile now. They are the best games I've found on here. The graphics are excellent and you don't have to be a millionaire to play. They offer games in a selection of regular platform as well as 3D so if your older and have problems playing the 3D games like I do you will love this game. For all the people posting negative comments on here all you have to do is contact the makers of this game and they fix the problems your having.
...Why are all the items in the Design Tab stretched out?? It distorts all the items and makes it hard to see what they look like!! Please fix! I uninstalled and reinstalled and the problem still exists...Bakery Story does not have this problem.
I love this app. The only thing that sucks about it is, having to spend gems in order to get badges. Saving gems is hard and takes a long time to build up, if there was an easier way to earn them it would make the game that much better.
The original needs to be updated, I shouldn't have to download another version. Food goes away too fast, it's eaten before you're finished cooking the other one, even if you cook more than one plate that has over 1,000 servings. Needs away to see the menu, I shouldn't have to click on a stove to see the menu. Too much advertising pop ups to get another game, I don't want another game if I wanted one I would have looked for one. I should be able to cook the same food and it be added to t the same counter.
Some help from tech would be nice. The same message "open temp acct and give us the I'd" is not working.
LOVE THE GAME, but PLEEEEEEASE put a "are you sure?" prompt before spending gems? Im so F-ing tired of spending gems on accident because my finger slips. Soooo many gems needlessly lost to recipes, boxes etc. Love u guys but its so upsetting and disappointing. Ive been trying to collect the classic kitchen.
1) POP UP, notification that goals have not been met is annoying. Can't cook or tip when this POPS up. Until you scroll through it. Accidentally buy thing's. 2) Food is consumed without customers eating it. 3) Why do you have goal foods time range from 1hour to 13hours? 4) You charge too much for food to be made versus your return money made.
I'm sorry but I just can't get into this game. I play allot of the other games storm 8 has but this one takes too much time and not enough reword. It takes forever to cook then food is gone quickly too quick. I love the decorations we have to work with and most of the things are better priced and more cute then in other games but still takes too much time that I become frustrated and bored. Real live needs to be dealt with so hopefully you'll lower the cooking times but keeping to transfer account 4now
Like others are saying Android users are getting a bad deal. I've been playing for a while and I've spent money, but I'm sick of not getting notifications. Screw you Storm 8!! When you start listening to players maybe I'll play again.
When adding neighbors it shouldn't matter which version of the game they're on if they can post on ur wall u should be able to add them regardless. Stop making everyone download new versions of the game to get new updated content configure it into the versions we already have. Stop being so gem heavy on everything we ain't all rich. Stop pricing gem packages so high. And stop discriminating against android users it's bullshit they play and pay like everyone else. Reopen old goals some of us are new.
I am aggravated to see knew parts appear in my gifts & then you have to download a completely different version to get it. I am an android user & don't get updates. Just update our version. I am about ready to quit playing Bakery Story, Restaurant Story, & Fashion Story if I have to keep deleting & reloading different versions. Tired & aggravated with this!!!
I really like this game but I would like if we could move the food from counter to counter. For ex: when we have a goal that involves us to purchase new counters but we don't have space to put them out. All the other counters are full so we have to wait til the food is gone or clear the counter taking a loss. We should be able to move the food from one counter to another. For those off us that like to decorate we have to wait til food is gone. Lastly please separate food items from the parts please.
Love this game..been playing for about a year. I do wish 2 things...that the cooking devices be in categories..like all ovens under one tab...all drink stations under another tab... Scrolling 😬 Also, it was great to be able to get an older Valentine stove that was discontinued...it would be awesome if you brought back other cooking devices that we could buy and build...there are really cool ones I would love to have in my restuant...same suggestions go for bakery story also...thanks for fun games.
As an Android user, I'm surprised you would want my rating. There's nothing to rate. I loaded the update and never received the goal. There's a new goal out today. I am not a part of our either. I have not been given a goal. It's very upsetting after giving years to playing this game to be tossed aside. I'm not sure why you ignore your Android market. I have yet to see a response to any of the inquiries regarding this issue. Do you get a payout from Apple or something?
I'm insanely tired of not getting a notice when there is a new game! Come on storm8 android users have been complaining about this for months and months now eventually were going to get so tired of this unfair treatment you're going to start losing money! WAKE UP AND START CARING ABOUT WHAT YOUR USERS WANT!! We are the reason you all are making money or did you not realize that?
I wish someone from Teamlava/Storm8 would respond to all the unhappy Android users. Apparently, there are a lot more Android users who download your apps. Keep it up and looks like you will loose a lot of customers. Either start reading these reviews and make some drastic changes. We should be treated fairly and given the same perks like notifications of new version, blocking people from writing on our walls, earn gems, and so on.
How long is it going to take for us Android users to get the same consideration as IOS users. How about giving us the Videos to watch like IOS users so we can get extra gems. And stop making us download different versions on the game to get weekly updates. Not happy 4year player
Too many pop up ads when you, we get it you want us to download your other stuff. Leave it be when you first open the app, not EVERY SINGLE TIME. Also, when gifting people, make a SELECT ALL OPTION! It makes the process quick and easy
Would be great if Storm8 would actually put some effort into customer service. The pop ups of old challenges are getting annoying. So much so that you can't even play the game. Storm8 doesn't put any effort into updates and if you have Android don't bother because they will not do anything to help. If you have a problem don't bother contacting them because they don't support this game anymore.
once again Android users are treated like the poor second cousins. Why can't you even just let us know that we need to install another version to access the sapphire components?? A simple facebook post would suffice.
Hate having to search for new versions. I start getting new parts as gifts, so that's my cue to see what's new. Playing for years now, please go back to letting your loyal players know what's new without having to visit forums and other nonsense. I already spend too much time in Team Lava land!
Has potential, needs to be completely redone. Its a black hole time waster and no progress is made. Just block the door and cook in peace. You wait 24 hours for a dish that serves "thousands", sign out, go back in 5 minutes, it's all gone? Really? Forget about having neighbors. The game creators didn't make that easy either. Just skip this game. Yep. That bad.
Despite probems encountered, I enjoy playing this game. Suggestion: there are a lot of appliances that I never had a chance to get. How about offering older appliances whil you're working on new ones! There are so many that sound interesting that I'd love to get. Please let us get these appliances that came and went before I started playing.
Again, was not notified of any updates. I found out when I kept getting requests for sapphires. Also, like all the other players, it isn't necessary to download new game. We can just update if u fix this. ALL THAT ASIDE, I LOVE ROYAL BLUE. WHEN IS HALLOWEEN UPDATE COMING?
I like the concept of the game but I hate that everything is so expensive and all the good stuff costs gems. You all (team lava) are ruining this game and all your others games because of your greed. I also feel that since you all (team lava) asks for our opinions that you all should also consider them. It's like it doesn't matter how we feel or what we think and it shouldn't be like that.
The reason the rating is so low is because you (Storm8) are not reading these posts. It's simple. Fix the game updates by adding Android users. We all love the game but we are not getting any feedback from you on when this will be fixed. This would probably be one of your top rated games if this was corrected. What's up with excluding us???
I DL this game as a promo for a Storm8 Bingo game. I did not think I would become so addicted! Play everyday now. Love redesigning my place & connecting with other users. My only gripe is the avatar. Customers are of different shades but the only change with personal avatar is gender. SO PLEASE LET ME PICK THE GROOVY CHICK WITH THE AFRO BC THATS SO ME! :)
I reached level 9 and had a reward f 5000 coins. It added for a few second then suddenly it was back to my old balance less 5000 coins. Super annoying. I al think that there ahouls be a way to earn gems without buying it.
I like this game a lot but had to go from 5 stars to 2 bcuz of so many problems. First my notification are no longer coming in. I double checked to make sure they were on and they are. But i dont get any, so this makes my food go bad which makes me lose money and goal rewards when a goal event is happening. 2nd the option to watch ads for gems is no longer there. Last, I wish that they didnt change the goal ovens to needing sometimes over 50 items to build the oven. I hope notifs are fixed soon.
I've been playing your games since 2008 and really enjoy them. I play this, bakery story, dragon story and other storm games. It's sad that I have to rely on my neighbors that use ios to let me know when they are new items and stuff to see if I have them available to me. SHARE THE LOVE!!!
But I'm tired of being discriminated against because I'm an android not an apple user. I will no longer buy gems when others can get them thru updates for free.
Thank you for your help and support you have gave me. I had all my games restored to their levels. To receive notifications, go to the settings on the phone and check the notifications box in all the games you play. I tend to disable mine, because they can be a tad annoying.