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Restaurant Story: Ren Faire

Restaurant Story: Ren Faire for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
They put out the updates and don't advertise it hoping people will download it before they offer the gems and gold for all the games because they give them out for free. Bakery Sugar and Spice has been out a while and no offer for gems yet.
I am not happy with your application. How many people have to down rate your application for you to fix the issue? I have been playing the game for awhile now and all I get is promotions for downloading a game and no notifications when my food is ready I also don't get all my rewards that I worked for. I also learned that IPhone user's don't have these issues. Which you are ripping your users off by not giving your users what you promised. Your nothing but bull sh*ters and that's sad.
I do not like that I can't have the appliance and food show up in the classic restaurant story that I use like I normally could. It also doesn't tell me when my food is ready. And how about telling us about the update to begin with? Android shouldn't have to intensely research everything.
I downloaded the new update and stopped receiving notifications that my food was ready. I'm not one to remember to check, so I am constantly logging on to find rotten food! Very frustrating!!!
I have been playing this game for over a year. I am tired of Apple users get all the perks like blocking ppl from writing on their wall, newer updates, and so on. Android users should be treated like Apple users. And stop ripping ppl off with the gems. It is hard to earn gems without actually forking out real money. I see Team Lava has angry Android users so, better listen to us because we are the ones that download your apps
1) no longer receiving update notifications, 2) not receiving notification when food is ready, 3)pop ups upon logging in resulting in unwanted gem purchases.
As an Android user I didn't know anything about this new Ren Faire until I started getting parts for it and didn't know what they were for. Of all of the games that I have ever played your developers, your company are the worst. The prices you charge are ridiculous for what is given in return. I think that it's unfair to give all the perks to your Apple users, I do own Apple products but my phone is an Android phone. While Apple users got gems to advance you kicked all of your Android users to the curb!!!
Love their games but they need to be a bit more generous towards Android users, never knew about the new updated till my neighbors started gifting me parts for the new stove. Before they used to notify about new updates with free gems. Not happy at all.
I have been playing for a long time and am disappointed to see that you are no longer giving alerts to Android users to update. Piece of advise, you want more people to buy gems lower your prices people dont mind spending $1.00 or $2.00. But $6-$8 is too much. Don't ruin your awesome games by being so greedy. Next time please give us our update notices back and I will gladly give you 5 stars.
We never got this update and miss out on new items. As an avid fan and paying customer I'm getting sick of being left out!
I just found the Ren Fest update yesterday and now looking the comments I see it's been available since August. Quit pushing new themes and start treating Android users like your apple customers. Love this game and bakery, but really getting tired of the BS.
I love my Storm 8 games and my neighbors but I am really fed up with being treated like a second class citizen for having an android device. Iphone users get items and priveleges as well as update notification. Please realize not everyone is an apple fan
No update notifications! I knew something was up when neighbors were requesting parts that i didn't know were needed! Seriously, Team Lava, get ur sh#&t togther and stop short changing Android Users!
I do love this game BUT as an android user I'm sick of being left behind while you focus on iphone users. Like many other people I am seriously considering uninstalling.
What the heck happened with the notifications!? I have loved playing this game and connecting with people. But, I'm getting very fed up by being cut out of things! If it wasn't for my neighbors, I would have already uninstalled!! GET IT RIGHT!! OH, and lose the perverts! You know what I'm talking about!
I am so over having to search Google play for updates to Team Lava games because I play on the Android system.
Like many other android users I have had to ask neighbours why we are suddenly getting sapphires only to be told that there is a new oven available. Not happy.....! I now have to try and work out which rs is the updated version... Why can't you include the version number in the name instead of giving them different names. I have just installed Renaissance faire but I have no idea if it is the updated version from rs bagel cafe or not...
I don't understand why I when I open this it just opens into the other one I already download, but nothing is added. It's just the same exact game, as if I never downloaded this one.
And things just get worse & worse. With notifications on the fritz, the one hour goal recipes take FOREVER to complete because I throw away more than I complete. Also, don't get notifications for updates (Which means no gems for updates)... on & on. Its fun, but getting very tiring dealing with certain things. Not that these people care. Completely wasting my time here. Pfft.
Please have all updates available for us android users!!! Find it very unfair that iphones get updates and we only find out by visiting some neighbors seeing they have new stuff. Then try and search and it cannot be found for us. MAKE IT AVAILABLE PLEASE
I just discovered that I am late for the update!! No wonder I saw the knight and Renaissance wallpaper castle stuff OMG!! I'm not happy about this at all, I am an Android user!! So I am behind in the goals too I guess!! Not cool!!
The completed goals keep popping up n I can't play the game at all. This error applies to all versions n there will be no ending for the repeated completed goals pop ups. I've to uninstall n reinstall over n over again hoping the completed goals won't pop up. They overwrite everything n I've to keep pressing "close", "ok" endlessly. Pls rectify. I've another acc using iPad n never encounter this issue.
It's appalling that customer focus is only on iPhone users, still no updates for Android, so we have no idea when there is a new update release, then you have to scour through Google play to find the update, also push notifications have disappeared with this new update so food spoils all the time, very very poor, please do better Team Lava!
I'm also sick and tired of having to search for updates. Why can you just include the name/title of the update so it's easier to search for them.
Why don't Android users, like myself, get updates. When you all developed this game, why wasn't there Animation, like Castle Story, Dragon Story, etc?? The only Animation we get are, people walking in, sitting down to eat, get up & leave?? You ask for a lot of Gems for items that don't do anything! The gold utensil set would pay 2,500 coins when sold & it's only 1,500 now, what's up with that? You all are asking for a lot but not giving back to very loyal players like myself. Please look into this, Ty
I had to do some digging, along with several neighbors, to find out about the upgrade and what it was even called. Wake up, storm 8! Not everyone has an iPhone or IPad!
I haven't been recieving notifacations when my food is ready. When i remember that i had some and check on it they have been expired. When i clear the ovens and restart the food over then i recieve a notifacation its ready and then 5 seconds later an expiration warning! I play bs and rs and fs and this is happening in all three games. Plz fix!!!!
It's unsightly to see that additional ad for a game! It's too close to my restaurant! I hate it! It's bad enough that I cant get full use if the game because I'm an android user, if you're not going to fix that at least get rid big ad next to my restaurant. It's not going to make me buy it...
I am about to stop playing. I no longer get notifications about new versions, about my food being ready, none whatsoever. Also there are no goals. What is the point? Same goes for the bakery. I have an android device also. Seems we are the ones not being able to play.
I actually wasn't aware of this update. When I kept receiving parts that I didn't have an appliance for, I pretty much figured it out from there. It's unfair to treat Android users like second class citizens when all of our money spends the same. Also the notifications for my food isn't working, the food keeps spoiling and that is a waste of money as well.
Team Lava & Storm 8, y'all really need to get it together because y'all are racking up a hell of a lot of negative ratings. Then make it so bad, y'all not even responding to the people's complaints...just messy.
I've been playing RS and FS for a while now, I'm level 99 on both. I have been noticing that other players have different stoves etc on RS. But I just let it go now I keep getting requests for sapphire's, so I thought a new task was up. So I checked my neighbors and see that they have a new stove that I don't have. Its completely unfair that for some asinine reason its not available for everyone. Is there a new update? I've searched and downloaded new versions of RS and still NOTHING. PLEASE FIX IT!!
I have played n spent lots of money over the years I've played 3 of your games now I'm dirt cause I have android device if this is not corrected I will not play anymore there are too many other games out there
Tired of the pop ups that take your gems (a pop up just took 24 hard earned gems), stoves for gems, redundant menu items and being treated different as an Android user. I have been level 99 for a long time and have played this game longer than I can count but Storm 8 has drastically changed and I'm done.
I'm an Android user and after I discovered that there was an update 2 weeks too late, I installed this new update and I haven't had any notifications for 3 days and all my food spoiled. I'm uninstalling this one and putting on the original. This has never happened before. And I also notice that no one replies to any of the complaints. At least show that you guys are taking consideration for the errors
Great game to play I'm trying to design my taste isn't so good thank you for your kind words and phrases 😃 ☺ ✌. I have to go now love n bless you all
I don't usually write reviews, but to agree with other Android users. I've played for a very long time and never had to search for updates! I've had to last few months and tired of it! It's a fun game with goals and holiday stuff, but awful when needing to update. The extra versions aren't needed, just update the version we version and will keep more users! This is happening with other stories too! Will change my rating when these issues are fixed!
This game needs fixed bad. I haven't received new goals in weeks. Just the "install this game for gems" goal. It will constantly SAY there's new goals, but there never are. Also, why are there so many different themes you can install, but they all look and play exactly like the original? This "Ren Faire" version has nothing Renaissance related in it. And it's the same with every other theme you have in the PlayStore. Such a shame because I really, really enjoyed the game for the couple days I was receiving goals.