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Restaurant Story: Outdoors

Restaurant Story: Outdoors for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like the game but everytime I open up the app, it always tells me what I have accomplished. this is kind of getting old. Please fix it or I'm going to delete this game.
If you want to invest time in leveling up to make your resturant look like the nicest Chinese bistro or pay money out of your own pocket to do otherwise play this game.I love bakery story way better for so many reasons. But the room I have for creativity is on the top of the list. This game has a horrible development team
I love love bakery story so it hought id try this one too. The goals ive been given are telling me to make things that i cant seem to find in any of my cookbooks? Ive also come back multiple times to my food being gone when i have the door covered or even to a whole counter being gone! Probably going to uninstall this one soon!
This is an awesome game but on my droid phone it keeps running thru all past goals and i cant get anything done in game!! Plz fix problem!!! ALSO, if u other players want CASTLE STORY, u can download it on an ipod or iphone in the US ;) i play it every day on my ipod & use my droid phone as a wifi hotspot ;)
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This version of RS held the Halloween goals which was horrible n depressing but most goals are becoming that way. Where's the creativity the prizes the challenge???
There was so many problems. I liked this game at first, but now, it started to have problems. One of the most annoying problem was that I have finished these goals/tasks but later, they keep popping up again. After completing 6-7 goals, all the.6-7 goals started to pop up again in order and I have to keep pressing continue. Seriously. Fix it!
I have been playing this game for over a year now I had to get a new phone now it will not let me get back to the level I was at it has made me start over how do I fix that I am upset I have put a lot of time into this game and making my Restaurant look cool as hell and now I can't get back to it
My name is Marjorie Hickman and in restaurant story you gave me castle story to download so I could get free gems. But it's saying it's not available in my country. Please fix this I want to play the game castle story and I want the 6 free gems it comes with. Fix it now
It's a good game and addictive. With a lot of yum yums😋! But I have a problem I can't access to my other account. The one I'm currently playing is known by the username sweetus2004 and restaurant name : Tasty Treats and the other one's username is MI2K4 and res name's Sweet n Elite. I just made it recently and then I got into my older acc. When I wanted to switch to my new acc again it wasn't letting me and I have no idea why. Please help TeamLava or I will be forced to uninstall it.
For fall counters and pecan pies...the cost for 4 counters is 40,000 gold coins but the prize of completing is only 2745 coins and 75 pts. Costs to upgrade undermine the prizes. Also consider having a grid when opening the recipes...scrolling is time consuming. Also put the recipes in time categories.
Was really good but now my ovens have vanished and one grill, it is too difficult to play and no fun no more. I spent a lot of time on this building it up, and I've emailed team lava but no response. I'm very angry and upset about it...where is my stuff?? I feel like I've been burgled.
My first time playing this game is so boring and it makes me angry. I played this game in 2013. So, I uninstall this game. A year later, I install again this game. I try to be patient to play this game and cooking to get more coins. When I look at my coins, it increases it makes me happy. That's why I love restaurant story.
I really do like this Game but, I spend real cash for this game and I dont appreciate all the glitches. My walls have disappeared. .I can no longer see 2 of my Ovens. For my REAL CASH I should have and be able to see ALL of my things. This is why I have recently stopped playing, Im losing the joy I used to feel playing this game.and untill gliches are fixed I wont be playing or Spending REAL MONEY.
Love it. Besides 30 of my gems going missing over 2mths cuss the game is outta sync or food That's already done starting all over again on the stove. But I still play for hours on end. There's always something to do while waiting for food to cook.
e engin is set up so you do not receive requested gifts from feiends when needed to complete a build. Thr Engin will not allow it and try and scam you to spend crystals and or spend $. You will get them the next day though but is set up so u spend. I tested this multiple time. Requested gifts from friends and accounts I set up and even just one material is set to delay to complete a craft.. In my opinion brilliant but to obvious.
I love to play this game.. but suddently i cant play when they said "please double check your connection" & "we currently in maintenance, we'll be back in few minutes".. please fit this.. i'll give u five star... =="
I usually love this game but for some reason it keeps telling me I haven't beat all the goals! The pop ups keep asking me if I want to spend gems to earn a goal and tying up my game play. I have lost food and gems because of this. Please fix
Love love it! But....why not add more food gift selections. Same boring stuff for all the years this game has been out. I hope someone actually reads these ratings other than the players :(
I like the game, though the bakery story game is my favorite (its food is much cuter). Overall I enjoy playing, but sometimes it gets out of sync and I have to redo everything I just did. I also wish there was a separate section for the stuff I already own so I don't have to search through the main catalog .
Some goals like install and play this and that game in order to move to the next goal is totally absurd. Makes my fon hang like crazy once i try to install. Other than that, its a good game.
Hmm I think it is a good game to learn how to work in a kitchen that's all what I want to say. By🎆 😋😋
The levels are easy but the inviting friends part don't need to be a goal to me. Also they don't reward you coins for making certain items. It need a fixing asap ! I'm uninstalling
Why every morning you. Keep putting up the same adds asking if we want to buy old stuff. This makes this game no fun. I dont want the old stuff. Leave it alone. Im trying to start the day . Not continually be blocked by stupid adds. Im sick of it. Please just stop
This is not a good game compared to the other ones they have. You get smaller numbers of food, but it takes just as long to prepare it!
Why can't this game progress any faster without the purchase of gems and slowly waiting for food to be done. What is there to show after spending too much dinero on goals and reaching top level? Nothing, nothing, and still nothing. If a person spends $$$ on this game and reaches top level, at least send them an actual medal they can display on a real wall at home...you guys can afford it, we send you millions each year!
Been playing almost 2 years as well as other tl games. Love the Halloween goals etc. And love getting monthly goals tasks. ALTHOUGH...wish I could expand more!! If you need a neighbor that gifts daily add MYZTERIOUS32. Sorry can't visit due to numerous surgeries with heart n legs. Will eventually be 4stAr player again. I answer requests quickly:-)
I have Restaurant Story and Bakery Story also. I don't know what others mean when they say that Bakery Story is more updated. They both seem to get updated on a regular basis and it usually happens pretty close together. As for the people saying that it takes too long to cook food, well it wouldn't be much of a game if everything only took a few minutes to cook! The point of the goals is to try and finish them before time runs out!
What's driving me absolutely insane is when I come to play the game after a few hours, and for some reason all the goals keep popping up all over again. Like from the beginning of the game! And I literally can't make them go away, or make it stop. I continuously have to go thru the entire game goals essentially every time I play after quitting for a little bit.
The game is a great game. You all just make the goals to long and the items take to long to cook. It is so hard to get the parts from neighbors. You be on day 3 or 5 before you get parts. Need better holiday food for whatever holiday it be with shorter time to cook..7 to 22 hours is just to long. Take away all the fun.....need some walking around cooks and servers. Too many animals for a restaurant
I love this game but I was already up to lavle 50 about when I got a new phone and now I have to start from the start why u dont have like sign in option? So I can get my old account back?
This is the holiday I looked forward to the most. I have always loved your updates for it, but this year you only did one update with barely anything and now your adding stuff pertaining to Italy? Same with bakery story. I can honestly this is the first time I have been disappointed......
Something is wrong..... lately I haven't been getting any notifications for this game or bakery story I even went as far as to turn off my phone turning on and I've uninstalled it what is going on otherwise if it doesn't get fixed I have to get rid of the game and I really like it
I love this game it's highly addictive! If anyone has a problem finding items on the menu just ask other people on the game. If i could I'd give it 10★'s
Keeps forcing to close when I open the app. I stopped playing for awhile to see if anything would've changed but nope still the same. Sorry to my neighbors :( looks like I won't be playing any team lava games :( BS & RS aren't working for me.
The game is fun and my family love playing it. The only thing is u have to select all your friends one by one I got one hundred some friends y can't there be a select all button
I love this game and am on level 80. Something is clearly wrong I don't have some of the appliances options as someone on level 20!! No salad bar, stuck on the same basic appliances! I've updated, un installed and added the game back with the same issue! Help: ( Sincerely, About to quit.
I only installed this to get a reward in another app. I will be uninstalling as soon as I reach that reward goal. It seems like it could be a fun game if I could make the recipes it's telling me to make and if all of my food didn't disappear overnight. I know it wasn't sold because there's not enough money to account for the missing food.
I would give 5 stars but, I have had to for past 3 days continually asked if I wanted to buy goals that time has run out of. Also I think it is a waste of my time to have to go though again and again all improvements,contests,items that I have bought,and each restaurant expandtion when asking for these expired goals. If you could fix anything PLEASE!!!!!!! fix that
The fact that everytime I cover my door for the night the food still disappears so plz fix this the whole point of closing down means it food and happy points don't disappear please fix this as this is quite frustrating!! I've played this game before on a different account and that never happened or I would rate with more stars