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Restaurant Story: Hearty Feast

Restaurant Story: Hearty Feast for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I loved this game until our new goal. android users cant get it done because of the spring salads. its a limited time thing or something. why would u give us a goal and not be able to do it. THANKS GUYS I GOT SPRING SALAD TO DUE GOALS. LOVE MY BAKERY & RESTAURANT STORIES!!!!
does this add dishes to the original game? I went ahead and rated 5 stars because I love the main game
I don't know if it's my device or a bug in the game but a lot of time things are not visible in my place and other players places.every thing and any thing is included.
I use to love playing but gotta have lots of playing neighbors or you never finish the mission because you do a round in steps then you have to buy 3 different stoves and if you only have 5 days to finish the last of the mission and can't get a the parts you need you don't get to finish.
I played this game for years and it was great until they made the decision to put 40/32 parts in order to make 1 appliance. Not everyone can complete that depending on time, neighbors response and how busy they are. Sure you have the opportunity to cook to earn parts, but even then that takes time. It's set up now where you have to buy gems to complete goals. Also food notifications have stopped so your food spoils. Update: They changed the parts to 12/28, but still no notifications. Bad service.
The goals are so Ridiculous :( Gp back to the old goals. Very Frustrating you can't get any help from Team Lava if you have a issue with the game.
I love how relaxing this game is. However, because of the time limits on the gols, it is almost impossible to complete them. But I love creating my own theme
I just love this game.. but this game is on WiFi only that is the problem but I have WiFi... when I go outside then is a problem
i have a old account i cant login to dont remember password tried to contact support but no one will help me. told me it might take 14 days for someone to respond. why would i continue playing a low level account when i have a higher level one. this game is ok but the support sucks. very sad and mad. 😒☹
it's a good game and I love playing it but half the time it takes so long to get things done and I don't have money to spend on the game to go further and everything too expensive I'm thinking of deleting the game
I played this game for years and it was great until they made the decision to put 40 or 32 parts in order to make 1 appliance. Not everyone can complete that depending on time, neighbors response and how busy they are. Sure you have the opportunity to cook to earn parts, but even then that takes time and not everyone can complete those kind of goals within 5 days. Maybe it's set up that way on 5 day goals to persuade people to buy gems from the game. Honest opinion, I highly doubt I'll continue playing this game much longer with this new setup. It's not fun when you miss out on goals, new appliances and items because you can't get the parts in time. Maybe if they kept the number of parts less. It was better when it was 8 parts each or 12 parts each appliance.
I have been playing this game for at least 4 years or more and still can't get to 100. This is the only drawback I have experienced.
A great game ❤️ Loved it, Great Menu too..But I'm a little disappointed with the lack of means to earn diamonds besides downloading apps. • Pls try adding daily lottery wheels, tasks and ads to earn diamonds and speed up cooking like Bakery Story.* • The gift section can be re-organized to have all the food in one place, another category for basic parts and the last for special parts like the bunny bags and cams. • Also add an intro for newbies about the wall & Names.
You might as well just play bakery story. the goals are better, the items are more atheticaly apealing and its alot easier to make money, dimonds and advance. This game, however, lacks all three of those things.
They do not take customer complaints, concerns, or feedback serious. If they did this would be a five star game.
i enjoy the game but dislike that i spend all this time building a stove only to find out that it takes goals to complete which are already over so i only get access to maybe one food item
Can you update the layout of "My gifts" its very difficult to go through the inventory just to select a gift and go through it all again just to select another. Could you add "Select all" button when sending gifts.
More variety vs Bakery Story, but for both games, I REALLY WISH they gave a way to empty items from your Gift Supply, like items you dont use!! really annoying. otherwise, very fun game, be careful of what you accept, it sticks with you.
I like the overall game, the only thing I don't like is when the food spoils so quickly and you have to pay gems to recover
I could never get any answers about game from them. It says i need to update game to newer version. There is no update. I am not able to build "gial ovens" cant click on them. Help!!
IPhone 6s it won't let me go on keep saying online game when I have internet bakery story working but restaurant story no problem transfer my restaurant story El Redeo from ZTE Max XL Bolton to my new iPhone 6s :-(
You need to add more characters to choose for a avatars! And add to watch videos to earn gem's like bakery story does!
i have been playing for years. i am not liking the goals. they use to be fun until you decided to make us collect so many parts, and not enough time to collect. and not alot of us have money to fork out for gems. i think ill be deleting the game. between the goals and missing recipes all the time. i can never find the ones i need. Andriod platform not good for this game. recipes missing like the fruit bowl, spring salad finally decided to load. still havent gotten the fruit bowl yet. not happy
Freaking Unbelievable this is the exact same game as RestaurantStory,nothing new my old Restaurant Story i even log in dont remember pssw gems,coins,lvl99,got fs,bs,my old games,even rs2,cs,and others But not my RestauarantStory,I WILL NOT START OVER LVL99.WHEN I STOPPED PLAYING NO 5 STARS 😡😡😡I WANT My old RESTAURANT BACK ATCHISON BUFFET OR now KAtchison Buffet on iphone🙄 Needs update says older version
U dont need to know my bookmarks, nor pages I look at..U are a fake cafe game for my amusement nothing more nothing less.That info is not needed for a game like this..
Fix the bugs so I can send gifts to All my neighbors instead of the same one's and please re-open my Ticket, then you will get a 5 star rating. Thank You!
This game continues to stop during play while visiting neighbors and it does this each and every time I play. I have reported this problem at least 10 times. Also I don't know how to build all of the new and different ovens and stoves, please send me instructions for building.
I had lost my game due to device change, since 2016. I requested help this year to recover my account, and its awesome; im back! Thank You!
i have downloaded all the games of storm and i have played too..nice games.. interested and i will be so happy if the game has more additional features like dressing the chef
It's getting utter disappointing nowadays. Continuous hang down ... No host in the game .... Disappointing AF
Have been playing for years. Love this game but recently all notifications went out.There is no longer ANY support. It makes it very hard when food is cooking for goals. Nothing else is wrong with my phone notifications. very unhappy about not being able to play this anymore.
Been playing for years. Took a long break but came back. Wish there was a way to earn stoves and recipes I missed while I was gone tho. Always something new to do. lately goals unrealistic, amount and time to make dishes unrealistic! when I asked about earning stoves/recipes missed was told to go to forum. Nothing there about it! very unhappy lately!
Loved the game until upgraded my device 2 a Samsung Galaxy 10+ which is when i lost all push notifications have checked out the forum & was told it's not a game issue it's a compatibility issue of my phone have talked with neighbors on the game & people in the forum it seems pretty weird that the same problem i'm experiencing other people who have Samsung phones r experiencing same problem so what r u trying 2 tell all of us who have Samsung's our phones are the problem & not a game issue