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Restaurant Story: Fast Food

Restaurant Story: Fast Food for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I play Bakery and Restaurant Story. I have enjoyed the escape and rest from my successful life. It has taken me some time to learn the game. Some helpful information that I would like is a go back feature or are you sure you want to ? Feature. I keep loosing all my gems for things I don't want.Also, when purchasing an appliance it would be nice to cook mire than 3-4 recepies on it . More goals more often. And 60 million coins to get enough space for your store is harsh. Vanishing gems ? Mi.
Great job n an addictive game! Rated full stars but I feel that developers should not dim out the stove sections when we didn't reach the level yet. Some of us like to just browse through the selection, thus it can be quite annoying at times.
Love the game, but have to drop down to 2 stars. I can't buy anymore ovens, food goes to fast, cost to much to enlarge, an I had over $5,790,000 coin. I closed the game and when I opened it back up I had lost $4,000,000 coins. WTH HAPPENED TO MY COINS!!! PLEASE FIX.
A good time game except for the @#%# part that keeps going over every thing that you have done since you first started the game. It did this three times today one after another and no matter if you made the goal or not it says you have not so need to purchase the goal. It even said I had not made it on top of the goal itself! Please fix this.
I love playing the game but I wish they update the new recipes. You have to wait to next level to get new recipes then its just one. Its strange I click on one stove for cooking and it gives me a whole new recipes but when I click on another stove it goes back to the same old recipes. I love the new recipes. I would like to stay in the new recipes. But over all. Its a fun game. I love playing it. Please update recipes. Thumbs up !!!
Well. To be honest I don't like it. I made a full row of food that all together used up all my money and the next day when I came to check on it‚ it was ALL GONE!! Please fix this because it is so frustrating and Annoying that if you spent two days on one food (which I did) it all goes away the second day. PLEASE FIX THIS!
This is a very fun game. Problem is, I spent 6 hours making gumbo and beignets. When they were done I took them off the stove and served them. I then started making burritos and bagels. After everything was set up I exited out the game. When I went back in, my gumbo and beignets had spoiled and my other food wasn't on the oven anymore. Therefore I wasted my money and time. I want this fixed.
Gained 70 lbs because you keep creating new food and making me sleep eat. After I play then I eat, I sleep, I eat sleep. Dreaming about Ramen Noodle, Cheeseburgers, etc. and NOT Colin Kampernicki. Maybe I'll dream about him feeding me food and poking my love handles. You also finally put more Avatars and designs. 1 star down because some of my nbrs have a few things I don't have like Bagel Gal in my 4th tab.My nbrs say some devices have it and some might not. When are you going to have Action Chef Lee as a Avatar? I started playing 2 yrs after that goal was finished
the customers didn't even give enough time to cook my meals!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡they left right away!!!!!
Please fix ! The game crashes when I even go to my wall ! The game is annoying! I will change to higher rating when fixed ! Thanks !
I have unstalled this game and installed this game 3 times its really messed up when I get on to play I don't have no walls it said ur game has been refresh no it has not one min I will have 2300 coins and the next I want have none listen y'all put theses games out here for us to play so fix it ty
I love the game, but I have one tiny problem and the problem is that when ur f2f the game and the food is done it doesn't send notifications to tell u it's done
This last week, it has huge issues being out of sync and has to reload. Also, it fails to load neighbors restaurant at times. It's a nightmare trying to do stuff. Please look into it. Thx
I been abducted for couple of years. lol My biggest letdown is Teamlava donot make corrections or improvements to they games in a timely manner. Overall I find them extremely fun, very realistic and satisfying to a person who loves time management games. Never a dull moment. Wish there a more easy ways to obtaining gems more quickly. For the many retirees it keeps the mind alert.
I played this years ago and then my file got corrupted and everything go erased. I downloaded it again and there is nothing but ads all over the place and it runs super slow. I have a Android s8. I guess it needs a patch. So until it is fixed I wont be playing #sadlife
I love the game and would give it 5 stars if you could actually earn money to do things. What is wrong with a game that you don't have to put your own money into to do anything. I don't mind once or twice but to do so for no real reward stinks. So make more money to be able to play and enjoy and i will give 5 stars. Until then NO and ready to uninstall.m
We shouldn't stop at level 99 and we should be able to expand more than 23x26(I think). I would like to have my restaurant larger so I can put some of the counters that I won thru goals or bought to enhance the look of my place. Overall great game !
Why is it almost every time I load the game I have to go through all the goals I've already completed? I have to tap ok and tap the X this takes around 10 mins. I can't do any thing with the game until I go through all that. Please fix. I don't want to uninstall! UPDATE the game is still not working right I still have to go through and hit the X then OK on every goal that I have already completed. Which going through all that has caused my food to rot which wastes money. Can u please fix or at least reply?
I love this game, but I wish there was more of an offline version of it. I don't get to play it as much as I used to because it requires the internet unfortunately. Otherwise I love this game because it's easy to follow and see, and it does not time me in a way that I lose. I've tried other games similar to this game and they force you to stop playing because time was running out. Great game and keep up with the good work! Is there a similar version to this game that I can play offline??
game is fun, but i dont like the fact that you have to depend on neighbors to build a stove, by the time you get the parts the challenge is over and that's s lot of coins wasted
Five stars may have been my rating, but the darn thing just glitched on me and stole 10 gems from me. This may be no big deal except for the fact there is no way to earn them, you may only buy gems. Give them back!!
Love it I played it years. ago. Some what the same. It is a good time waiter. You learn about food-and its fun to talk to others.
I love this game! But I'm having a problem when I click on anything all the words get covered by black boxes and the screen gets blurry. Hopefully this will be fixed soon because I can't play it like this. I don't want to Uninstall it but if I can't play it I might as well not take up space on my phone.
Here we go again. Had to spend over 3 minutes and don't know how much data to go through ALL the goals that I opted not to complete from the start of playing this game. 2nd time I have complained about this. If I opt to not do some goals, I shouldn't have to continually go through them again and again and say NO every week. Wastes my time and data. Please fix this and I may continue playing.
poorly programmed. when the design button is clicked your customers disappear and you dont get paid..