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Restaurant Story: Christmas

Restaurant Story: Christmas for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this app but, I realy hate that everytime I get on all these pop ups come on.. Not the regular pop ups but pop ups of previous goals from when you started the game. My levels in the 70's and I have neighbors I need to tip, but it takes me so long to click thru all these pop ups and deal with my food that thats all I end up doing.. I realy dont want to quit game, please fix...
Looks as if my review, from 8 hrs ago was removed . Not only is it cheating me the food money i litterally just watched my bank go from 13k to 11k without any purchases being made. UNINSTALLING. I remember i uninstalled this last year because of ths very thing. Way to screw your paying customers!!!!
Been playing off/on for years. Love this game but...last few days it's VERY slow, says it's an "online game" (which I'm on great home wifi), won't let me decline gifts, won't let me post on walls...just says "processing" until I finally just task kill it. PLEASE fix this and I'll 5 star the game!
I even DL the Bakery story as well. I love these games!!! I just wish we could earn more gems in the game. Like if you complete a task or cook so many things or give out so many birthday gems or holiday gems for certain holidays. Like you get this many gems for a birthday and this many gems for Valentine's day. That kind of thing. But this game rocks!!! :-)
I love these games and the special holiday versions. BUT we used to get 8 gems for downloading your recommended games, now we get 6? That is hardly fair. You also now give 3 for hitting certain levels instead of 4. If you are going to make changes like that shouldn't it be in the favor of your loyal customers? Think about everything we need gems for.
Now when you first open the game it asks if you want to buy the winter box. I don't want it, but didn't even touch it to buy and it bought it anyway. Gems are hard enough to get as it is. Please fix. Return my gems and I will give it 5 STARS.
Why do i keep losing progress on my tipping rating?? I should be almost a 4 star but i keep going back down to a new 3! My other complaint is the $ for furniture and stuff compared to what we make in rewards for tasks. Other than those things, I love it.
i'm familiar of playing this game before i uninstalled it last few years n download it back this year. everytime my food are finish cooking, there would obviously be food that are still cooking for another 1 / 2 hours.. the problem is, when i opened the game to check if my food is ready or not, the food that i already prepared on the counter is gone. What is wrong with this?
Not worth waiting to level up to 12 and higher for a handful of Christmas options especially when most cost gems.
I had to change phones and it made me start over on my game I was at level 95 I had 10 million points and lots of diamonds its not right to have to start over because you have to change phone they need to fix it so you can change the account with you you fix it give me my stuff back and I'll come back but for now I'm gone
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I like this game but I'll serve my food do all I need to do then check it later and it shows I didn't do nothing so I'm thinking I did it and it glitches and as if I didn't forget nothing getting tired of this hopefully it'll get fixed or I'm uninstalling.
I dont mind multiple versions. After downloading the new version and making sure everything is still there, I just uninstall the old version. My major complaint is that food spoils too often. I do have another life outside these games (just barely, tho).
U would think after all of these years something would b done about someone using your id..This is why I quit umpteen years ago..tsk tskk
I really enjoy this game! It has it's downfalls though. If the makers of this game would just get rid of the pop ups it would be a five star game. The pop ups are so aggravating! Even though you have completed the goals already...they will continue to ask if you want to complete old goals. Other than that I enjoy the game. I would recommend that the new versions come in quicker and stop selling the gems so high!!!
As we all know the relentless pop ups are totally unnecessary and equally ludicrous. The only way I have found to help stop them is to back out of the app until it says close the app then click yes. You might get a few days peace then. Also I've been on level 99 for a year. Teamlava support never respond to questions relating to these comments. Other than that its a good little game
I enjoy these games very much. It would be nice to be able to buy some items with gems but they are so expensive. My other beef is that when all of a sudden it goes through all the goals you played and it asks if you want to buy the ones you missed. Some have pictures and others don't. Please fix it would be greatly appreciated.
Great I love it and played it for like 6 hours straight today so yeah guys/bros/dudes yeah so yeah!!!....
As usual I liked the game but I'm beginning dislike having to download a new version every time a seasonal change happens. This seems to make the games buggy, and this is with any of the games like this. Had trouble with new goals popping up, and not getting notifications of completion of recipes, so I get behind on goals when they do pop, and it makes it impossible to complete them. It'd be really nice if this all got fixed. I love these games. It would be lovely to be able to simply update.
Love playing. But it does tend to take forever to get new goals. It also keeps stopping. A message will pop up saying " sorry unfortunately Restaurant story has stopped." Fix that and I will give it five stars again
Kudos to teamlava. Thank you for the designs. Not only a great number of different types for a reasonable gem amount, there are designs for coins as well. Plus 18 days, not just a few days. It would be nice if teamlava could put next to a neighbors name the last time that neighbor was on the game. Also, when spending gems ask twice, I lost 13 gems because of the windows keep popping up when I was playing. Sometimes I have a very short time to be on game to work the ovens.
Its great no pop ups, no freezing, no asking to rate every 5 minutes you just play the game as long as you want with no problems. It is a good game and im on it all the time. Only thing i dont like is you have to add neighbours to expand the cafe by logging into a account which ive done but not sure how i add people. Otherwise good game :)
I put food on the counter, blocked the door, and left. When I came back, all my food was gone! On all the other games like this, I can block the door and my food/items will still be there when I return. Fix this within the year and I will give 5 stars. If not, I'm going to uninstall. No use in playing a game that wastes my time.
Dealing with all the Team Lava games can get overwhelming and be very time consuming. All the tapping! Oy! It'd be nice if we could just cook and not have all the challenges. It can also be hard to keep up with. I get really busy at work. I can't stop to serve fake food, then it spoils and has to be thrown away. I can set the food for later, but ultimately I don't want a game that dictates when I play it. I only keep it to get gems in my other games.
I only like the holiday versions, and try to hang onto them. But when ever I download another version, I seem to lose items I've bought & put away. I'm scared to put things away now, I lost so much stuff! If I buy a lot of tables, at some point they disappear & now I only have about 5 of them. Other then me buying stuff & it disappearing, I love these games!
I downloaded these cooking games for my kids but somehow I ended up taking over. I enjoy bakery and restaurant especially during the different seasons cause I can update to the new theme and get new stuff and just delete the older version but still have all my stuff. Love love love it!!! Keep'em coming.