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Restaurant Story: Bagel Cafe

Restaurant Story: Bagel Cafe for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Whenever I close my restaurant even though I have food on my counters, it disappears when I go to my shop next and I'm not getting money for it! It happens every single time I close my shop. My food also goes really quickly, I wonder if it's actually being sold, or disappearing like when I close my store? Please fix!
I have had to get a new phone. And I can't remember my password or name of my cafe. Its started me from the beginning and I was on level 72. Fuming. SHOULD BE AN OPTION TO LOG IN THROUGH FACEBOOK. Like most games. Its happened with all my Storm8 games. Please make it an option to log in through fb. As its taken me a long time to get to tge levels im at. NOT IMPRESSED.
please fix the game, my goals doesnt appear after i installed another version of restaurant story. even tho it was the same game. i already reinstall for couple times but my goals doesnt appear at all. please fix it
I don't understand what this game is supposed to be. I opened it and it took me to my restaraunt (on restaraunt story). Will there be new bagels or something? I already have food cooking on all my stoves so I'll just have to wait.:-/
Refund the gems in restaurant story for me. This isn't players problems. This is developer cheating cheap shots, keep pop random windows on top of the game so players will accident spent their gems on accident ... been playing story games for 4,5 years. .. such a shame. . :( shame on you lavateam
Why don't i get updates and new versions automatically like i always did. I bought a Samsung 6 android and since then don't receive them even though it's set to auto update. This isn't fair..we can't all afford the real thing. Please fix. I hv to give one star lower.
I love playing this game but I dont like the fact that I cant personalize my avatar to look like me. Everybody isnt white we need to be able to customize our avatars. Also I like the fact you give is free gems for watching the videos thats a plus. But I agree with my fellow game players we need a select all button when sending gifts. Thank you.
I have the new sapphire to gift and have been gifted the item as well. I've also seem where several of my neighbors have the new sapphire oven. I asked them where I could find this new oven and they tell me is in with the other ovens and stoves. I still do not have this item. It's been server days now. I don't know why. I've been playing this and Bakery story for a little over 3 years now. Hopefully someone can help.
Everytime i want to place new chairs, tables or any type of decorations it wont let me. I press empty spaces it does nothing. When i try to prepare food it won't do it. It takes a long time for the action to actually be done. It is very frustrating. Uninstalling!!!
Played for YEARS NOW but I'm disappointed in the need for gems to complete goals now...wth? That is the point of completing goals! To get a reward, like cute scenes and gems... Disgusted with this money-hungry platform, but I like the more frequent updates and purging of old items. It's a catch-22, a loss for a gain...UGH
If they didn't have all those stupid annoying pop ups that repeatedly invade the game, asking to purchase completed quests, and designed to rob you of gems. It would be an OK game! And whatever you do don't make a false move you will inadvertently buy goals and lose gems on spoiled food! No 'are you sure 'pop ups on those! Now you will have just been robbed of your gems!
I have been playing 4 awhile now n i think it's ridiculous that we have 2 use our gems 2 start n finish stoves also gems 2 funish goals very disappointed ๐Ÿ˜•
I love this game so much I love playing it but the reason y I am giving it 4 stars is because you can delete it so like what if I wanna start over in my restaurant that's the only thing I don't like but fix and will deffinatly change my opinion๐Ÿ˜‰
Coz the fruit bar for limited edition sale is extremely expensive. 30 gems!!! I won't spend real money only for that. We cant also sell the walls and tiles. Pls lower the price, fix it and i will give 5 stars
Fix that takes too long to purchase ovens like the game good way to wind down but lost phone download game on new phone couldn't use old restaurant name had to start all over why I can still see my old restaurant leave tips just not able to recover first one was bigger and decorated better fix these issues
its have one problem only the problem is when i play this game i am top player of delhi in resturant story but i go to mumbai for study so i delete this game and i make profile becausa i start again this no starting top game so i next time i choose profile this started it first level
It is very annoying that you don't have a confirm button when purchasing items with gems. I have wasted over 100 gems in all of your games by accidentally clicking on items. I won't be playing your game ever again, so furious right now. Just spent another 24 gems on the worst item that I will NEVER use.
I've been playing this for months then one time I turn off my phone and when I turn it on, my account is lost. I've returned to level 15 when I am already level 34. and it's not the first time that it happened, it's the third time! I used to love it so much that I can't sleep well knowing I have to serve, but now I hate it so much. This game is non sense.
You think the pop ups are done so you click on the food and a pop up comes out of no where, congratulations! you just lost 40 gems and gained an ugly statue of people standing with pin wheels! No are you sure you want to buy this confirmation box. Good by gems hello the ugliest and most costly decoration in the game!
I use to love this game along with bakery. Was my favorite pass time. But now you get goals that u can't complete because u don't have the recipes. They steal ur gems with pop ups for things that are useless. It is horrible what u are doing to the people that play ur games and spend money with u. Ur items also cost to much. It is a game people. It should not cost so much. The greed is going to kill ur game. what a shame now u are lossing the money I was willing to spend. U better rethink what u r doing.
game is good but there is a lot of goals where we need neighbors. I don't know anyone who plays this game. either let us add people from community by sending them request or you're not getting better rating
Really like this game..play everyday. I have only been playing for about 4 months so many of the goals have come and gone. Since they are done /past..they are locked..it would be great if once a month..or in between new goals we can choose to do an old one if you have missed it. There are many appliances I want to have, but can't and is locked..or if you could open them up to buy with COINS...YES COINS..NOT JEMS(THAT WILL JUST MAKE PEOPLE ANGRY AND QUIT) and then build only the appliances๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜
I've reached level 18 and I seem to have no goals left - glitch maybe?? Cooking meals for the sake of it doesn't make a fun game... Though reading the reviews, maybe that's a good thing - they either need gems or are recipes you can't cook. Well if I don't get any goals soon, or unachievable goals, I'll have to delete this game. Shame as I was really enjoying it, but I won't play with no point in it.
Can somebody tell me how to make a new account? I was on level 99 and Im kinda boring with that so i wanna play from level 1 again.. But how to make another account with the same device.. But overall this is the best game ive ever played.. Thx
If all the goals wouldn't pop up every morning on this and bakery story I'd be happier! Its annoying to see every goal I completed already go across and interfere with game play! I don't do the goals because of this!
and I mean EXCEPT, THE goal reminders won't let you play. They interrupt so you can't make a new move. AND THE GOAL REMINDERS ARE NOT NEW they are past goals I compleated!! Please FIX THIS GAME CHANGER.
I absolutely adore this game but I would like to make a suggestion. If you have alot of friends, sending the same daily gift to them is a hassle. Scroll down, click click click click etc. Can you please add a select all option to this menu please. That would be awesome!! I know I'm not alone in this thinking. ^_~ Thank you all
It is the worlds best game. Every one should play this amazing game. But I do hate that u have to be on the internet to play. They should have a way where u can play but not be able to go to neighbors and not have your internet/WiFi on. Other than that it is a pretty amazing game. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Been having it one day n haven't put it don't yet. Great way to burn time n give u a little in site own running a restaurant. Well semi in site. It's missing alot of aspects, but still fun!!!
I really like this game but it tends to get boring at times, why are they selling the items with a lock on it, it makes no sense cause we can't buy it. Do like bakery story and open the items when they goes on sale. Make the items more affordable and r the gem prices less, please please please add more food since it stops at level 99. Also make the missions more fun and not so long and drawn out . STOP MAKING NEW GAMES FOR US TO REDOWNLOAD OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND JUST DO AN UPDATE TO NEW TITLES.
Restaurant story, bakery story, and dragon story all need a check all button for when you're sending out requests. I have 300+ on every game and it sucks to have to go through and check everyone individually. On another matter, why don't you let people send 3 gems out every day in bs and rs like you let people send out gold in dragon story? You should also put the spin to win wheel on all of your games like on ds :)
What's the difference between this one and all the other restaurant stories. I was kinda hoping for different recipes and a new location. Overall pretty disappointed.