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Restaurant Story 2

Restaurant Story 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Storm8 Studios located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this is really fun, but the pop ups at the beginning crash the game sooo much! There is like 4 to 5 pop ups at the beginning that lag a little. I am trying to serve my dishes quick so I don't lose business and the pop ups crash my game! This is the one game I would actually pay to never receive those adds at start up or throughout the game. I am so close to uninstalling for this reason alone.
I had to buy coins and germ in restaurant story 2 from promo notification on April 2nd 2020, payment is success cut my phone credit, but coins and germ not add to my account, and I had notif payment succes too from google play, I had send twitter, facebook and email about these, but nothing feedback from strom8, I had called my provider telko too and they suggest to contact Strom 8 directly. Please proccess my coin and germ, my account is farrahresto. Many Thanks
I used to play this game but after I updated it years ago, I can no longer play it since it won't open. I keep uninstalling and reinstalling it but it won't open no matter what I do. I am using Oppo A71 right now. Please look into it because I want to play this game. It has been years so please look into it immediately
this game is addictive and fun but they did something very shady and stupid they set up a ten day challenge which is really hard to for 2000 gems i completed the challenge and they gave me recipe that worth nothing and has doesnt have anything special about it the makers if the games is a straight up liar
Half of the pictures of the things are not shown!! πŸ™„πŸ˜‘ You even not know what are you buying and cooking!! Such as glass window various styles of furniture and also some recipes and ingredients. You need to fix it!!
So much fun but so glitchy, surely this can be sorted out? Sometimes you lose your progress because of this!
Probably over 9 or 10 years ago, i downloaded my first restaraunt story game in the series i played. I eventually tried them all out, because i like them a ton. Compared to most phone games, if youre a little patient youll never spend money. Its fun with friends and great for kids. However, ive come back after some years and im sad to see its been a long time since they were updated. Id love to see a third to the series eventually, my little sister would absolutely adore these games updated!
i'm enjoying this game, i played the 1st one for quite a while and got a nice looking restaurant. my only issue is the lag when you load the game, have to close and re open a couple of times to solve it. Also the reward for the first Mastery recipe is not worth the work or even what you get for what it costs. 2 eggs, 2 bread, 2 Chicken & 2 potatoes. potatoes are a 4hr replen and the recipe takes 1hr to cook & the cash output isn't great. so honestly don't think it is worth the effort to unlock.
This game ruined my phone. After installing my internet began to run slow and during phone calls my voice breaks up a lot so the person can understand me. After deleting it, my internet is back to normal but not my calls. I strongly don't recommend this game, which makes me sad because I used to have this app a long time ago and it didn't have these issues.
after all these years of playing this game it is glitching continuously. keeps saying something about internet connection when every other thing that requires internet is connecting fine. Ironically it is happening when I have the chance to complete the cruise ship challenge. About to uninstall a game that I once enjoyed playing. FIX THE PROBLEM STORM 8!!!!!
Is good and everything but I have an issue with every time I open the app it's a hit of miss where it runs super slow or running smooth. Please fix.
What happened to your games? same issue I encountered with RS1. It hangs, says I have no internet connection when I have a stable one, then erases all my progress.
everytime i open the app it shuts down my laptop causing it to restart. i had this game on my old tablet and fell in love with it, but it just won't work on my new computer. i've uninstalled it a couple times to see if that would fix it however the moment the game loads my screen goes black. i would love to play it again but not if it keeps messing up, please fix.
was having fun. then i needed support. because this game and only this game continues to say I require a internet connection.... this is where things get super bad.. you hit the email supplied on this Google play site the email sends you to fill out a form. the form sends you an email saying you ticket is closed "In littery 1 second after you hit send" this new email sends you to the forums that you post on but never get a reply........ no other way to contact them...... bad customer support...
way to much of a pay to win game. everything takes hours upon hours to do. Decrease the time it takes to do ANYTHING and that will be worthy of at least four stars
I've been looking for a game like Restaurant City from Facebook and this is the closest one to it. Problem is that it occasionally lags on my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus when I log in and it's annoying because it becomes consistent even when I kill the task and log back in. Hope this gets addressed.
I hope to get gems easily,not. All. Players have their money to buy gems, it was very fun, other. Concern, items need for expansion is hard to gain
this my favorite game in the entire world, all tho an update would be nice, the developers just disapeard, but anyways i like the game how it is sometimes updates ruin the game instead of making it better, just keep it how it is πŸ’—πŸ’—
I would rather play the first version than this one. It's bad enough that you have to wait to buy the food ingredients but then you have to wait to level up to buy products for a restuarant (Such as Stove, Table, Chair). This game just needs to get deleted. I HIGHLY DON'T RECOMMEND THIS GAME. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Enjoyable and fun, but as the game has progressed it has increasing loading problems, including crashing during game play. Been playing for several months and it's starting to become unplayable which is sad.
As with your other game Bakery Story 2 , I love this game and I play it everyday. I love reaching the goals as well as hearing the stories behind them. I just really wish we were able to walk around the town and get a deeper look into the stories of the characters.
I am so very disappointed, I loved playing this game now it freeze up and won't let me on at all. I have even uninstalled and started over from the beginning...same thing .
Just lots of lagging. And its also a strict online game, even tho i dont see any reason for it to be like that.
I tried play this game but it lags pretty bad needs to be fixed. I give this game NO STARS, but to be able to leave a review I was abligated to give a star. if game fixed I will change it. (before you say it's my phone or internet it's not)
So Glitchy!! The game is almost impossible to play it cuts out, doesn't load or when you can get on, its pointless! Needs an update or fixing
PLEASE READ: Here is a very good suggestion for you guys. This game surely has its potential, but it lacks "elements" in the games. Have the dev ever heard or played Restaurant City by Playfish back in the days? The game was shutted down. Im not suggesting for this game to copy what rc was, but to take consider the elements implied with the game such as: 1. Restaurant's efficiency and performance rate. 2. Bigger restaurant, way bigger. 3. Varieties of themes for restaurants. (deco)
I think there's a problem with the game, the foods are not being sold, which is usually the normal thing in the game, which makes you earn money slowly and the foods you've cook is piling up. Better fix it, coz it really messing up the game.
This game is peaceful and amazing but it lags alot and it seems as if the developers have abandoned it. Could the devs please start creating new features for the game? More coin bought walls and decorarions. Ive been playing for years but the game has remained the same and the lag is getting worse with each level up
In the latest challenge, how do you make Hot Chocolate? I looked on the stoves, ovens, & grills & no Hot Chocolate. There is hot chocolate available to make using other appliances
I like playing this game, but it lags a LOT on my phone (the first restaurant story game ran REALLY well on my device). the graphics in this game are nice though.
Its cute. Havent gone that far yet tho. And also theres a massive lag everytime i go back to game. Ive missed many customers that will give tools but because theres a lag i couldnt press on my cooked meals right away to serve on counter. Please check and fix. Thank u.
This game had it's prime-time in 2009, but has clearly not been touched since, which is a shame. I used to love these series. It's very buggy, laggy, and doesn't even run unless you give it access to every permission imaginable on your phone.
Love this game! Problem is that, it's a constant online game, the cruise is impossible to complete, and you work too hard for one diamond. The dish you win, that requires diamonds is still impossible to complete, because it requires too many ingredients, takes too long to replenish. There is NO other way to get diamonds. No problems with Fishdom, on all accounts. It's free ample opportunities to get diamonds and coins and is SO STRESS FREE. this restaurant game should take its queue from Fishdom
I've been playing this game for 3 or more years and loved it. About 1 month ago it started shutting down on me. I uninstalled and reinstalled, now it lags alot, if/when it loads. Definately deleting!!!
Fun game. Downloaded the game freezes, lags and then I got kicked out. Not a lot of options to win or earn materials to upgrade and expand. Need real money to purchase gems, πŸ˜•πŸ˜• to expand/upgrade. No option to buy an extra door. Storage upgrade requires too much material for only 5 extra slots
I love the game but it is apparently "No longer supported" so the notifications don't work. That's a hassle when your virtual food spoils.
Game is extremely laggy at times. Too many "ads" asking user to install other games. I enjoyed the game the first day or two but I feel like the game is a burden because you have to constantly be on and requires a large amount of time to advance in game; not really my cup of tea.
inspite of having good internet connectivity d game says chck ur internet connections. its jus not opening up. plz see into the matter asap. my game is stuck in between. its just not starting up since morning.
Fun game but I don't recommend. I lost interest due to recipe food items take way to long to replenish. Majority between 30 to 60 minutes and only get 1 or 2 ITEMS. Not able to complete order because MUST WAIT. No longer playing game. Waste of my time waiting to food recipes. Will start playing again if this issue can be resolved.
The game is always crashing. The dining tables dont match the chairs or the counters. The colors offered are not appealing they're bland. I would like more choices as the first restaurant story had.
I love this game! I had it on my iphone and fell in love with the simplicity of it, but since I downloaded on my new s10 it's super glitchy and choppy. This would be 5 star review if I didn't have that problem!
Can y'all not make up your mind on how the game is played? In the first one, you unlocked items as you gained experience and food actually spoiled when you didn't serve it. In this game, why would you waste time buying ingredients like reality, but you seemingly can leave the food on the stove without it spoiling. There needs to be consistency. Make this game like the first one in terms of machanics. Kudos to throwing in new foods.
This game is awesome but I have a Samsung Galaxy s9, which is fairly new, and this game is obviously not optimized for any android product. The first day I played the game it ran perfectly, however after that I would open the game and it would be extremely laggy. I'm talking freezing, crashing, getting under a frame per second. Storm8 needs to fix this issue. A large amount of any player base owns android running devices. Really unimpressed with this.
Would be a great game if the devs would chill with the pop-ups. Just had to go through seven screens to launch the game.. Also, its mostly a single player game, but requires Internet connection to even play.
I totally DISAGREE the people who said this is really bad this game is awesome! I used to play it on my apple ID but......... it got thrown in the BIN coz I have this one now SAMSUNG GALAXY and it's powered by android. AWESOME DUDE DOWNLOAD NOW! THAT MUST OF TAKEN SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH WORK IT IS PERFECT LIKE BEST GAME EVER!!!! WELL DONE WHOEVER MADE IT!! well done! PLZ DOWNLOAD
Game stopped working, no support from developers! While the game was fun, all of a sudden at login it kept saying that an internet connection was required. I was already connected. The "support" team was contacted 3 times, and I got s blanket response to make sure the app was set for automatic updating, and that limited support was available!
I downloaded this 4 times the game could not be opened. All my apps and games were fine. My wifi connection is strong. So what gives?!
I open the app and closes... Suddenly... I play the bakery story 2...and I also want to play this game.. But isn't open... Please fix this issue
I am not sure why but it wont even open on my tablet....i liked the first game but the 2nd isnt even opening...
Was enjoying this game until a glitch caused me to not be able to get to it anymore. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app with no fix. Please fix as I have spent money to purchase gems that I can't use. Will be more than happy to change my rating once this is fixed permanently.
Restaurant Story 2 and Farm Story 2 used to be my favorite Story games, but now they always crash my galaxy s20. I always have to restart my phone.
I enjoyed the game but unfortunately it's not working properly. I cannot view some of the decors, paint, appliances, etc. Even I buy and apply it in my resto. Bugs still not fix.
I started to download this game because I think it's fun but when I opened it. The game will suddenly make my screen quit the game. I already had Internet Connection but still no? FIX THIS
Horrible! Although the game is really cute and amazing, theres still bad, discouraging loops in it. I installed their advertisement app for a gem reward but it never came to my account after installing and playing ad game they refered. Also the lags and crashes are way too frequent.. My phone does not crash but it hangs even its a flagship one. on the other end, my tablet doesnt lags(mid range only)but it freezes the game thwt i had to cradh and restsrt the game. Pls fix and i will rate 5 star.
It's really great game. Though it lags alot to where I have to restart my phone please fix this little issue. But over all the game is great and I highly recommend
I really liked playing this game but then today I updated my phone and I can't even open the app anymore it just crashes when trying to open. I do t want to lose all my progress :(.
It is a fun game. My only problem is that cruise dishes are very difficult to cook with large ingredients. Less ingredients should be chosen for cruise dishes so that it could be completed. Some ingredients take 18 hours or so to restock. It would be great if cruise dishes are made with easily collected ingredients.
the game is good but after playing for a bit it became very laggy and everytime I would hold down to move something my screen would go black until I was able to see the options. :/
i would love to play your game but it wont start. level 2 ans it wont load. please fix it so i can play or i will delete it
This game is good, but from time to time it hangs and crashes, ruining the supposedly enjoyable gameplay experience. I even tried to install this game on my other device but still, the same hang and crash happens.
This game somehow causes other apps in my phone to crash/error. My phone is Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, after i installed your game everything went to hell, i almost resorted to reset my phone but my friend told me to delete any app that i installed recently (this app) after that everything's back to normal. it doesn't make any sense.
It's a cool game with lots of features, but has many issues and just bad mechanics. Laggy at times and ingredients disappear after collecting them. Overall, so much can be better. A lot of work goes into completing cruises so the 2000 gem value is misleading. You get 1 gem per the theme dish being finished... not very timely. It also makes 0 sense to me as to why there is no "sell back extra ingredients" feature...
The game is great! The only thing it needs for me to give a 5-star rating is to have an option to play it offline
Unfortunately the lag on this game is unbearable. Loved the first version of this game but I think they added too much to this particular version.
The game is fine, but PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD add some new music! The default music is driving me insane.
I play restaurant story (original) and i love. An figure why not give part two a try. Nowni have a google pixel 3XL. A very good an well over capable phone to play this game. On open up, it was so laggy. You couldn't even click thr npcs or food. I do not recommend part two.
I just switched from an iPhone to a Google phone and I was super excited to see my favorite game that I spend a ton of time and money on was available on Android. I switched over my account and was super excited to play until I actually started playing. Progress I had made in the other game and things I had unlocked were gone. No wine at all which meant all my progress on the quest was gone. That was bad enough but the game worked horribly! Kept crashing and restarting. Please update for android
It makes you stop at level 60. There's nothing else to play for. Fun game otherwise. Needs updates to function with newer Android model phones. Freezes a lot. Would give more stars if what I mentioned actually happened
I would give it a higher rating but its very frustrating that you have to save up money and tools for the expansions just to have a tiny piece of land open up there are way too many tools you need for such a small area
Making me mad. I am really liking is game, having fun but my only problem is its choppy.. That makes game play no fun .. if it ever gets fixed I'm change my rating.
sucked. I cant link my google account and the game cuts in and out of a black screen everytime I try to do something and the game is very laggy. I really hope they fix these issues before I think about downloading again
Love this game the only thing I wish was different about it is that it didn't take so long for items to restock in the stores. already having to wait for items to cook is bad enough. I played the first restaurant story forever ago and loved it to. If you could adjust the items to not take so long that would be awesome. I mean you have it go from 30 seconds to 2 hours and theres not even that many items unlocked yet I can just imagine how long the rest will take to restock once I unlock them
This is my favourite game... But offlate it is aking to update the game but i cant see any updates and later it ask to contact the developer. Pls fix the issue
Really fun to play, only thing that is kind of bad is the wait time for some produce and the amount of space to set up your restaurant but as you level up you can make room and orvanize it better
This game is nothing like the previous. Its annoying having to wait on ingredients and the like. The app keeps crashing as well. Absolute garbage.
I like the game but my only concern is I cannot upgrade unless I need to buy gems. I feel disappointed after so many days and weeks of playing. Im just a kid got no money.
wish they will give you the next thing you will have to make for the ship. it's fun but not worth putting real money into game
Wish they would return to update it or hand it over to someone who would bring it to newer model phones...but otherwise its awesome
MONEY HUNGRY CREATORS I was up at 4a.m. to finish last leg of cruise. Finished all meals and it was not enough to finish before time expired. This game is designed for you to spend PERSONAL MONEY to enjoy. There is NO WAY, I should not have finished the cruise. HORRIBLE GAME!! Takes TOO, TOO LONG for food items to become available.
I don't like the fact that, you have to wait for the shelf to refill and wait for the food to cook as well. Then u have to go to 5 different stores to cook 1 meal plus you have to build those stores as well. This makes playing the game extra long and harder, which then becomes boring after a while.
Maybe the restaurant story (the first one) is better, and too many task to do in this restaurant story 2.
It needs to be updated to support newer versions of Android. It also doesnt support large screens and is very annoying to not have it stretch so the size of my screen
I enjoy the game alot but it often does not stay on my phone for long because it can get boring, Restaurant Story 1 has better food and decorations, but Restaurant Story 2 is a bit more fun imo. It'd be nice to have more variety of sprites because it can be a little weird to see 3 people sat next to each other that look the same. New character designs would be cool but if not that then maybe just changing the colours a bit. It's a good game and I definitely recommend it
Sometimes it doesn't load right and it takes like 3 mins just to move the screen around to where you need to go.
Its a good game but sometimes i get giltches of the game freezing.anyways back to the comment,i think its needed a higher tip when a better food is made.
I have played this game for years and I have loved it! But for about 6 months there has been a glitch where all of the more expensive food stations are stuck and never finish the meals. This means I can't play it properly at all and I am stuck at where I am now. I have checked on it periodically in case it was temporary and also tried moving the stations but it has still stayed the same. I will be more than happy to update my review once it has been sorted too
The concept of the game is awesome! However, having to wait FOUR HOURS for something to refill over and over, makes me want to delete the whole dang thing. There isn't an option to watch an ad, it's impossible to upgrade cause parts are hard to come by... All-around tests your patience.
Getting construction parts from Cid is killing this game! its a good game but it take way too long to get parts to up grade! Cid the construction guy only visits every 30 mins and he just gives the same stuff! unless you want to spend your money on gems, you'll never upgrade and expand quickly....tbh im now looking for another game as its pointless hours spent looking at the screen waiting to collect an item of food that's taken 6 hours to restock or waiting for Cid! uninstalling from now! soz
Played the game this morning and everything was fine. Opened the game 30 minutes later and all of my progress is erased and it has me at the tutorial. Will never play this again
its very nice game.. kinda a little bit grindy for casual player.. but you will get used to it.. personally i already get used to the hard grind game thats why i say like that.. also if you keep grind over n over, you will not gonna missed anything special like eye candy.. this game reminds me to the restaurant city in facebook which is legendary game back in 2006 at least imo.. but just increase the gem drop or put more gem in rewards and this game is gonna be awesome..
1. This game is a bit laggy. I have to clear up my phone everytime before I play it. 2. When there is some mission need to be done, its quite hard to do it. Because the ingredient waiting time is too long. 3. My account is linked to my Facebook, but I can't ask quick serve to my facebook friends. Dont know how to fix it. Overall this game is entertaining. Just have to be extra patient. 😊
Love the game very fun wait time are a little long .... needs mini games something else otherwise I leave the game and come bck which gets a little boring otherwise very cute
Terrible game. This game keeps crashing. When I was actually playing the game I was dissapointed. The game is extremely repetitive and boring. There also wasn't many features. Don't waste your time with this garbage.
why is this game not updated since 2016. this is a high potential game since there are still alot of players now. this game is dying and i am very sad because i have been putting alot of efforts and spending alot of time in this but the game developer doesn't care at all 😑😑😑
the game is so fun and a great way to bond with your family! my brother and my mom plays too! and we enjoy playing together and visiting each other's restaurant! i love the graphics and the way the game flows. Its the best. i reccommend it!!
It's a totally fun, wholesome, addictive game. I used to play it back in 2016 and I just recently started playing again. Unfortunately, the cruises & goals are impossible to complete without the purchase of coins and gems which can get pricey quickly. Occasional sales are just 30% at most. It's a bit distasteful to me to see a family oriented game so extremely & greedily monetized. Township is far more generous, and it's a pleasure to spend money there. They also can't spell TEQUILA. Two stars.
i love the game but since i switched phones its glitchy and laggy. i have a samsung galaxy S9 plus. i lost so many gems due to lagyness. i push something and takes a while to pop up making me accidentally pushing buy with gems button. its annoying. please fix it. its been like this for months now
I love playing this game, had to Uninstall it a while back. Reinstalled it but its lagging because I upgraded my phone and the game was made for older versions. Kindly update game.
Terrible Soo laggy!!! At first i thought it was my Wi-Fi but the internet is actually really fast in my house because my PS4, COMPUTER AND PHONES all work simultaneously with the Wi-Fi. This game is just soo laggy.
Restaurant story 2 is very interesting challenging and as you level up it gets more challenging so i suggest you guys to download this gameπŸ˜‰πŸ‘