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Resort Hotel: Bay Story

Resort Hotel: Bay Story for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by WhaleApp LTD located at hasadnaot 8 Herzeliya. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love the game but also like many others waiting for new levels. Been month now . Also just noticed that whale app has more games in development. Is this the reason why we have to wait so long?
Cant even play. Used to be my favorite game and now I'm lucky if I get to stay on long enough to pass a level. Messaged twice only to be ignored. Irritating !! Uninstalling if it isn't fixed soon. Update a week later: STILL WONT LET ME PLAY AND DOESNT GIVE OUT REWARDS FOR MIKES STEPS, OR THE STUFFED ANIMAL ONE. LAME!!
I love it not impossiblr which is alot of match three games but takes alot of coins and hard to get them
Was a favourite game, but now keeps saying updates soon, just practice levels. There is no purpose if all I'm collecting is keys and nothing to build up. Frustrating as... I'll remove soon if nothing improves. Took me ages to get to high level too... grrrrr
I love this game I like more than the other ones like the hidden thing one. I am a lot farther on this game than on the hidden object game
I love this one I'm not very smart so this game let's me play a game that I want to play and I feel smart enough to play this game it's fun and I love it!!!
I like it very much.it is my favourite game But now it doesn't work/ doesn't load.A popover keeps coming to it saying check your internet connection. what should I do? Can you please improve it?
It took almost a min to load and then crashed at level 2 i tried again a couple of times but it just did the same thing so im afraid it getting uninstalled would recommend giving this game a miss
I'm so confused.... This seems to be the exact same game as "Hidden Resort: Adventure Bay," which is also developed by you. Update: NM, I figured out that one is match 3 & the other is hidden object. It's just that the area you renovate is identical in both games.
I would definitely give 5 stars but recently ran into a problem that has happened twice. I would pass a level and stop playing then when I got back it would put me back on the level that I just past. I was currently on level 1346 when I got back on I was put on 1345 again I used coming to help pass it so I guess that was just a waste of money.
I want to say that my game is not loading I've played this many times before but uninstalled it because my storage was very huge . Can you please help to improve it?
I'm at a stand still. Can keep playing and earning keys, but need updates to spend them. If the game doesn't update asap I will be uninstalling it.
I have to turn off my wifi in order for the game to load. I have been waiting on new quests for over a month, why not unlock the new island to complete quests for
I love this more than many that I have tried. Graphics like them alot and the furniture fixtures are awesome. It's addicting.
I love this game it is very fun, only gave one star because i have been waiting for a month or two now for new levels. I can not renovate or move forward
Not opening since last download and no new levels for a long time. Very disappointing. What about not opening though? Have cleared memory, uninstalled and installed several times and still not opening.
Stop loading up and would not allow me to collect daily gifts when it did load up but other then them issue loved the game
Was enjoying game but game is stuck in Halloween I am beating levels but not able to unlock next island . have you stopped updating game
Good game, but the amount of coins that's given after passing a board are extremely low per each booster left on the board. I've beat all the levels, and I was wondering when are we getting some new ones? πŸ˜•
Love it!! I'm still waiting for updates for over 4 months or longer. I've cleared cache and everything and nothing. When will there be new levels? It's taking way to long. I can play, but getting nowhere. When I click on contact us it won't even let me do that.
Love the game, however it crashes when I press for 2 extra moves and for a free game. Please fix the glitch
Bored now. Still waiting for updates after months, uninstalling, sorry guys, shame I enjoyed the game, ps 119 keys and over 2,500 stars.?
Nice story. I love how it's going. I downloaded it today and it started freezing at level 5. I had to restart the game Everytime. Now I'm at level 35 and it freezes anytime I open the match three game. I can't swap. I wanted to send a screenshot for you but it doesn't save. Pls fix it. I hate to delete it but if it's not fixed, I will
Love the game and the different missions to complete. However I have been waiting since July for new missions. What's with that?
Would give 5 stars but it cost too much if you run out of moves and it's too hard to get coins. Also been stuck on level 211 for a while about to delete it, it's too frustrating and not spending real money on a game when I have more important things I need to use it on, you know like BILLS js Edit: have completed all my tasks and levels when will we have new ones? EDIT 2: been waiting 6 months and still no new tasks uninstalling again!
Makers been promising to have new levels for months and many players still waiting like I've have since February doesn't look like any coming in the near future
When is the update coming??? I ran out of levels 6 months ago and I'm really fed up of only being able to helping my team and play in challenges. I've got 117 keys to use! I'm going to have to uninstall and find a different game.
Again. Can I ask if the game is done. I've had 110 keys for weeks and playing the same games for weeks. Is it time to uninstall. Still waiting for updates. Shame as I enjoyed the game but a month later and no change.
Worst my data is full of wasted it will be not open...loading loading always loading for 15mins full of irritation
Edit : I finished the levels july of 2019. Your contact us button doesn't work. I have played your other games and they all suck. Your updates of once a month are for cutie stuff not new levels. I've had 99 keys for 18 mths yes 18 mths. This is unacceptable. I have been waiting a year and half for new levels and new tasks. Ready to delete this game
I been with this game for along time now and I'm at 1241 for the past month ,can't do nothing else, it hasn't updated I can't build anything else,is there more levels coming? I was working on Craigs house and it cut me off now nothing else..
I have been waiting for new levels for months, just playing and not renovating is making it boring. Used to be my favorite game.
Nice, interesting and make me feel like building my own hotel resort. Wonderful game. I love this game.
Great game, i have it from 2 or 3 years now,one of the very few I didn't get bored. Much better than the beginning, more challenging additional levels who helping you to get more money,time,or bombs. Since I playing it only in the winter when I have more time to spend is going a little bit slow,but still love it.
Love this game for the bricks not the story,I really dont pay attention to what's going on and never do for all these types of games
Been waiting on review and reading everyone else's. Nothing has changed been playing to long and spent enough money for the update to take this long only to get sent to the App that doesn't respond and hasn't fixed anything. Ya'll are losing customers like it or not. I give a.... 0 ... ZERO... at this point.
Would give it ZERO if I could for the following reasons 1 no new levels or tasks for at least 12 months , 2 tournaments not giving out the prizes , 3 boosters costing more , 4 you can no longer contact team via game as it not working , 5 game now has many bugs . This was a great game now one of the worst .
About 3 week now no bonus you sent them email they don't care it kick you off . But I have Wi-Fi go into restaurant and public place you still can't play. Still no bonus and can't play your game period. So I decided to cancel the game.
It's not letting me claim my tickets for some reason for me to progress to next levels. It doesn't show the task, only the watch clip for +50 coins? Please help. I have 96 tix backed up. EDIT: SENT EMAIL. Looking forward to your response.
I had given thisn5 stars for the longest time. So very disappointed. This was my favorite game ever. You finally have been adding some more things to use the keys for but you definitely need an update. It freezes when I try to use keys to get items. It will let me play levels, but that's it. I waited months for a new update. This stinks really badly!
I totally love this game, garden scape is a garbage game I will recommend highly this game to all of .y Friendsβ€οΈπŸ˜˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘