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Rescue Wings!

Rescue Wings! for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Playstack located at 56A Poland Street W1F 7NN London UK. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love the physics but the game doesn't work on mine,it's actually dark when i'm flying... Please fix this ASAP!
Not very often you get games that are this polished anymore, I'm not even annoyed by the odd advert that comes on because its that well thought out. A gem hidden amongst so much trash these days
Better if fully offline but never bored Like others,i played full game and exciting planes and challenged
This is a very good game πŸ‘πŸΌ. I like it very much ☺️. The animations are very good. But their is one problem there are to many ads. Please reduce the number of ads.
Absolutely amazing, this game has hooked my and I already can't wait for a second one, I love the concept of the game very much, this makes me want to become a water scooper pilot. I hope you add more levels ,planes, and the ability to upgrade planes.
Energy drains so fast! Plus I instantly dislike games that do this. It's a good game. But energy kills it.
Awesome, I don't like to wait for the fuel but the shop have an option for unlimited fuel. I love it!
It a online game I will not prefer to download Interest is only required to see ads Full of ads No option of -5 stars
Pretty fun! Only make some animations a bit faster. The start feels like I'm waiting more than playing. The UI swap question was confusing because the UI swapped all the time, not everyone remembers the original button layout.
This game is superb at all it's criterias but it must support atleast one offline mode which will make this game a top-notch game of all a real 5star game. Moreover this is a great game enjoyπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘β€οΈ
I liked this game a lot. It is really fun and has a good level of difficulty. However, I feel you should not have to use 3 fuel tanks just to play a level. Maybe instead you could make it so that the first try of a level is free, but then to retry it costs 1or 2 fuel tanks??? Otherwise, I really enjoyed it!!! Thank you!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Š
Sorry for being mean. But this game with offline mode will attract more people like me. Pls put anti cheat on the game and put offline mode
I've been playing online for a while now and the way the scores are judge is really unfair. Please set a fixed way of winning like per rounds or something like that.
Worst game ever for me because when loading comes my phones home screen comes and the phone gets off.
It is decent but it is brought down massively by the fact that you lose fuel for every level you do which just dissuades people from playing it. If it didn't have that it wud be a 5 star game
It was a fun game and would be amazing if it wasn't so hell bent on making you pay to have fun past the first few sections. Like most games it has an energy system to limit how much you can actually play unless you pay $5 for unlimited fuel. Each level is 3 fuel so if you pass every level on the first try you can play 10 levels. It also has an "adventure" mode that you need to play to get more levels which costs 5 fuel which gives little to no money. And then the multiplayer is unbalanced.
Really don't like the fact that after every level you play, there's an ad. Even if you turn your wifi off, it tells you to reconnect to the internet, even though you're not even playing online, really disappointed about this, would've even given it a 4 star, not even considering it now
The game is so fun. I like the animations. Can't believe that dog made me rate this game with his puppy eyes.
This is an awsome game! I am loving it! Its so fun because it has a lot of detail and i like those games! But one thing i dont like is that theres limited fuel and when it ends i have wait. If developer will see this the the common awnser would be to buy infinite fuel. BUT MY MOM WONT LET ME SPEND MY OWN MONEY!!!!! Pls maybe you could something developer. 😯
This game is so fun for when your bored or just wanting to play a good game 100% should download best game
One can't judge this game without trying it. Its hard to judge the graphics in 2d but still wonderful. No problem in controls. Just Another relaxing game on playstore.
Love the visuals! Love the gameplay! Would like to see a little bit less ads and more fuel to start with but I understand the reason why. Would recommend!
So far I'm havin a good time with this unique playing experience. The graphics are top notch, the flight mechanics are seemingly simple yet sometimes challenging. It's a mellow, fun and easy in a good way and although it asks if you wanna watch a commercial to start off where you left off there doesn't appear to be any forced on you and I like that. Great time killer and I highly recommend it.
I really enjoy play this game πŸ‘ very good graphics with a light theme. Levels should be longer to make the game more fun.
While the basic idea is nice and somewhat unique, the overall ADnoyance is kept low and unobtrusive, there are still basic design flaws that will kill long term fun. I really like clear and simple controls, much more so as the usual touchscreen is a unforgiving mess. In this case, however, this advantage is negated by the fact that you can only do loopings and not go back. Try the PC XT game Sopwith camel from around 1980 to see what I mean. This unneeded flaw will degrade gameplay later on.
Finally! A unique game found on play store. Nice cartoony graphics, but dont let the "kiddie" look fool you. This is a challenging game. Controls took a bit to get used to, but only because I've never played a flying game quite like this :)
Fun and adorable. Beautifully done art, fonts, and overall design, etc. I am sure it has nice audio, but I have to play with it muted. There is nothing much to not like. Good Job! You're A Good Boy Scruffy! πŸ†πŸ‘πŸΆπŸ§―πŸ”₯
It's an ok game. Not bad. But a few complaints. Im not a fan of the the fuel system. I want to play more than what it allows. And my biggest complaint is that it gave me 30 notifications in a row spanning in 7 minutes to collect my daily reward. 30 in 7 minutes!!! Nice way to make me think my family is having an emergency. Because of this I'm deleting the game. I know I can turn off notifications but what happened was ridiculously stupid. I dont want an app that desperate. I know it was a glitch
Cute game with lots of fun and lots of ads, also drop the needed internet connection this isn't some online game you just need it for ads
It is a very cool game with cool cartoon graphics, no ad spams, controls are very good. But you could increase the money earnings per round and the auto acceleration button.
GOOD: Visuals and controls BAD: - The fuel and coin economics. and cloud save is only by logging in to FACEBOOK? why? has good potential but you just get no where when you can barely save up coins to buy a new plane and have to watch an ad for every two runs to refuel while playing against others...
This game is amazing . The way game starts make me laugh out of my bed. I really liked the game art and design.
good concept, light game with good graphics the only thing is that a bigger map or a longer levels could make the game more interesting and also lower down the fuel consumption as tank empty in a very little time.
Less ads -> less income. Too much ads -> Uninstalled -> No income! Not exactly what you want to happen, is it? So, if Playstack made it, don't install. I though it was great for the kids, but they will never hear about it from me.
I can't play the game, when I open the apk it keeps popping "there's a new update" window but I already updated it
While it seems like a fun game to play and pretty to look at, the game is plagued by an "energy" mechanic. This "fuel" cost of missions, imo, is a very cheap attempt at monetisation. I understand that nothing can be fully free, which is why one can accept ocassional advertisement, premium cosmetics or perhaps even shortcuts to unlocking some secondary elements of the game. But holding the gameplay itself a ransom is not the way to go.
Very cool :D the game even opens up in a reminiscent fashion as how we load a game on PlayStation as a child. The moment you open the app, you actually feel like you are in a video game. You don't really get that feeling very much from most games nowadays. Excellent job on the controls and interface. Keep it up! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
A very interesting game, really like the art style and concept. However, one problem that i have is with the controls. Because thst the drop button is right next to the accelerator, you have to take your thumb off the accellerator for a split second to drop a bomb before accelerating again. this can make a difference in speed runs times. I would suggest giving the option to move the button over to the left with the pitch controls which you dont use when dropping bombs. Great game though!
Game is well designed, fun and addicting but definitely pay to win. Match making on competitive is awful and difficult to progress. Would also like to see more opportunities to collect coins. I did pay the $4.99 for unlimited fuel because I liked the gameplay but the more I play the more I regret that decision.
Good game but can be better. -Pressing back on main screen should give the option to quit game. -Buttons should allow split customize so i can move the water bomb and accelerate apart without affecting the up and down. -Fuel runs out fast but understandable because free to play. (maybe can improve more fuel efficient?) Overall game runs smooth and is well optimised. Very fun time killer. NO POP UP ADS which is very nice! (Unless you want to) Overall would rate 9/10 if i could!
It isn't often you rate a game 5 stars after 20 seconds of playing. That is an accomplishment in it self!
Generally the game is good and fun if you play on adventure and the classic mode but the competitive mode is just a bad aggressive adds-tactic speding 1/3 of your fuel just to match you with a far better opponent and force you to watch adds in order to keep trying.
A good game to pass the time. Challenging at times though, thus, it makes the whole game wholesome. πŸ™‚
A real good game but I feel like physics can be improved. But still thats just if I am too picky. Its an awesome game.
Polished, good mechanics, unobtrusive ads (only for bonuses or refueling), very good game. Competitive mode (online) uses a lot of fuel for each run, meaning fuel needs to be refilled by watching an add or paying, and i don't have a problem with that. We can't expect to have a great game for free.
Energy drains so fast! Plus I instantly dislike games that do this. It's a good game. But energy kills it. Some levels will take a lot of retries. Some will even use up all 30 energy. So this is somehow not enjoyable. I don't like watching ads often.
i'm uninstalling this game only because of Ads. It only requires internet connection for running ads. piece of s***.
This game is awsome with an amazing experience of putting out fires in a plane is a great Idea, you should keep working on this game witg new updates devs.
Is this a game? Seriously. To "play" 5 seconds you have to consume 1 minute to watch animations, to wait to load, to open chests with gifts and again the same thing to "play for 5 seconds.
I don't know why are the people complaining about ads. There's isn't much of them. Anyway, I love the game. The graphics and especially the functions. It's pretty smooth. What I like the most is that you can compare your time with people around the world and thrive to go faster. Love this game ❀️
Game is good but fuel consumption is very fast and always show the ads , n we can't skip the ads.... I got anger n unistalled the game after playing level 10..
I like this game but I don't like fuel system because this is 30 fuels. I know,it make they money but not enought fuel
Great game but sometimes in the competition mode I just get a black screen and this happens when I win the first 2 sets. I have to restart the game inorder to move forward but because I "had to quit" I lose 2 stars. Otherwise is an addictive game
Very interesting game, but showing an AD just After 2 levels is ruining the experience, we will watch Ads, but it quite too quick to show an AD.
I really like the game, it's fun and beautiful and I could imagine playing it for quite some time. However if suggest to reduce the amount of windows offering extra features for money or watching advertisement. I understand that development cost money and I'm willing to pay at once for good game but I don't want to pay small amounts for every single thing inside of the game. Anyhow, this is only my point of view. Good luck with the development.
For the past 1 week in competetive rounds I keep winning but it says defeat I don't know maybe it is accepting the flights which we pay and get. It's a good game with good graphics but it seems like a cheating or it's my assumption.
I'm enjoying this game a lot another good game by Playstack after SvT,the only bug i found is that there is no 'Exit' option to the game.. whenever I press the back button nothing happens nd I hv to force vlose the app...Pls add exit option in the next update.
I had a trouble in connection. Mobile data works in other apps but not in this game. I am only able to play after many attempts which take ages to play.
Although quite entertaining, this game has severe flaws. You need fuel to fly, but can only refuel by waiting or by watching an ad. If you are offline, the gaming experience is absolutely terrible and needs a serious rethink. If offline, play time is basically limited to 10 minutes and then copious waiting time until the fuel is refilled. You need to watch ads to continue from checkpoints also. Very frustrating.
This game has so much potential, but EVERY SINGLE TIME you crash, complete a level, or go through a checkpoint, it gives you an ad without fail. The game has great graphics, sounds, and a lovable character which brought it up to 2 stars, but 14 ads in 6 minutes? I immediately uninstalled. Go ahead and watch the intro then delete.
great game, nice gameplay mechanics, very addicting had it not been for the fuel refill i would never quit playing, great job guys😎
Awesome and really fun game to play! Looks gorgeous, great music and sound effects and cool intro animation. It has a lot of fun and challenging levels to play. Love it!
Good concept, great execution. I appreciate the developers continuously updating the game and improving it. Previous Issue: For awhile now, it keeps telling me to update the app. But there is no update available, what gives? The last update shown to me is v1.9.1(162) on April 2nd, 2020. Edit: Support helped me resolve the issue. I reinstalled the game, cleared storage and then reconnected the game to my fb profile. It synced my progress and good to go.
Could have been great if the dev didnt shove ads down your throat so much. Can't play this offline because then they can't load the ads. Unnecessary greed is what ruined the experience for me
I love this game and this very interesting but I will gave 4stars because of the controls the controls are very confusing I think in upcoming updates the game will get more features and updates
The artstyle, mechanics and design of the game are all of quality, but this game is very much a rage game, and that in itself isn't a bad thing, where you're given the fair opportunity to try again and again so as to improve. But that's impossible with the 2011 facebook game inspired mechanic of having an energy / fuel system. You can watch an ad to get another try or more fuel, but then the game shoves some ads down your throat anyway, cuz hey, you can pay for any iap and they'll go away. Mno..