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Repair Master 3D

Repair Master 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Rollic Games located at Esentepe Mahallesi, Talatpaşa Caddesi, No: 5-6 Şişli, İstanbul 34394. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Just downloaded this game today. Not yet sure now but seems like it's going to be a good game. Controls are simple and easy to use. Game is addicting and somewhat educational. Shows the rough draft of how to repair devices.. Recommend that anyone who wants a good game to pass time at the same time as providing basic understanding of device repair to give this app a try.
I have downloaded this game twice because the first time I reached a level that the game wouldn't respond on the first download, 2nd download the game won't recognize my move. So I am deleting and moving on with life. No negative stars to rate. Don't waste your time.
I'll be quite honest, this is the perfect game to sit back and play when you're looking for just a suuuper chill game that doesn't take a long time - a lot of anything, really - to kill time or as a "boredom buster."
Stuck on day 16. No way of fixing. Developers need to fix this. Not worth it. Hope they fix it. It was fun while it lasted.
This game get boring after some time, you do the same over and over again, The creator must add new devices and a mode that you could make errors and fail (but that mode will give u more money). And also that you could talk to a customer to set up a price (if too expensive only a few will do it, if too low a lot but it wont give u a lot of money). And also put ads when you finish a day because rn when u repair a devica an ad plays. Also add new stuff to upgrade, (I did all upgrades so I finish).
Even after paying $2.99 to remove ads, the game still CONSTANTLY pesters you to watch ads, requiring you to constantly wait between screens to be able keep playing the game without watching ads. The base game is fun, but a lot of patience is required to deal with the developer's need to make any amount of money off of every single player.
Too repetitive After playing 30 minutes, you have fix everything. Even if you pay for the game you still have to watch ads at the end of a day (4 items fixed), for an additional job or to open a gift. Within 5 hours playing this game, the 3 offices are fully decorated and it didn't unlock anything. I have more than 1 million dollar that I can't use.
Far too many adds so played offline. Eventually got to day 16 but can't go any further. Repaired and reattached the headphone but it just locks up there. Tried repeatedly pre and post update but always it stops there with no indication of more work to be done or anything. It just freezes.
Boring and ads kill you, sometimes you need to watch 2ads for 1 item or bonus. Don't waste your time with this.
the game only has three levels after you max out those 3 levels the game is just repetitious with no where to go but make money and nothing to do with it, plus the game shows you everything to do what challenges is it in that complete waste of time if you're just looking for a mediocre challenging game or something to give your five year old is great for that.
Got to the last task on day 14 and just can't finish the job to put the 2 ear pieces back on the headphones. Game freezes and doesn't let me do anything. It's a fun game, but needs more variety and I'm upset I can't even play it now after I paid to remove ads.
It is a good game that progress as yoy gain knowledge on how the patterns work. Its a fun time consumer that can make you feel as tho your making progress slowly as you go. What I really don't like is that every two projects you do you get and add it breaks the flow. There is also a bonus that won't let you go past without ether watching the add or waiting the 10 seconds to click the skip button also breaking the flow of the game. Though the game is fun I don't think I will be returning to it.
Not worth it paid to remove adds and still has adds. Ask Google for refund stating doesn do what it says it will do and google says doesn't meet refund policy. So save your money and don't play game as its a waist of time. Would give no stars if I could.
Ad after ad after ad. Just a money sink for the devs. Game has potential if I didn't have to watch 30 seconds of ad for 10 seconds of game play.
Since updating the game hasn't worked at all. Replacing a component results in the tutorial showing up and freezing the screen, preventing you from finishing the level or using the app at all. This is still an issue, lea ing me stuck on day 79 with drone repair
Firstly, way too many adds, you need to have an exceptional game for the players to want to pay to remove adds and this game isn't it. This game doen't give you time to figure things out, it tells you what to do constantly. I'm uninstalling it as it's not worth my time (wasted on adds).
I loved the game until I got to level 77! When I got to level 77 I repaired one of the devices completely but after I fully completed it it wouldn't move me on to the next level It's acting like I wasn't even finished repairing it but I was so until this game gets fixed I'm rating it one star! Also to all the people who complain about there being too many ads: Just turn off your wifi then u can enjoy the game Ad-free all you like!
ADS! Good god I've never seen a more ad riddled game in my life. Finish a level > ad want to continue? > Ad. "Floating bubble" appears in the middle of a game and it looks like a free collectable? NOPE ad! Selected the "skip" option because you didn't want to watch an ad? GUESS WHAT! here's a 15s MINIMUM ad!
Advertisements don't load correctly, It says "ad not ready" and when it loads it says "Can't play this video" and I don't need to wait so I get free money, please fix this
My daughter plays this game and she has fun with it but on day 16 after 2 steps, it won't let her repair the wifi. Very disappointing that it just the game stops working and there is no option to reload except to exit out the game and try again with the same results.
This could have been an awesome game. But honestly, SO many ads. I played for an hour, and 40 mins of that was ads - no exaggeration.
I don't understand why you aren't listening to your players. Are you that arrogant? Or just thick-headed? There are way too many ads for this level of game play. Period. Why you don't understand this boggles my mind. The game play is repetitive, not challenging at all (other than testing everyone's patience), slick but boring graphics, and just no real sense of accomplishment each level. This app is nothing more than an ad watching simulator.Zynga has really gone down in quality over the years.
As unrealistic as possible. Less of a simulator, more of a fantasy. Just, everything's wrong. It's all wrong. And their aren't any switches on the inside, for example in the laptop, their aren't sliding switches above what looks like a Heat spreader (with no heatsink attached) and, the game requires you to put around three times the usual amount of paste. It's a joke, I know the game isn't meant to be real, but just making sure it's known lmao.
The game ran perfectly fine all the way through, until I got to day 52. It has you doing the standard repair, but at the second step, it registers that I did that step, but the hint hand is still telling me what to do, even though I already completed that step.
Im just jammed on the same level and wont let me continue it just jams at that level. U can finish the level but no.button to progress just freezes and stays on that screen. Wish it would fix its been about a week now and i enjoy the game
I was enjoying the game, but now it will not allow me to progress past day 16, I repair the object and then it freezes and I have to quit, I have tried everything except Uninstaller the game, which is my next plan, because I'm sick of it not working.
The games decent, was expecting it to be more challenging. I personally think the games too easy. I can't enjoy the game without the ads. Having an ad pop up every five seconds is a pain and makes it boring. I had also noticed the games PEGI 3, although in game, it says you need to be 16 to accept the terms and conditions which doesn't make sence.
This is a pretty good game, but would give it 5 stars if it wasn't filled with ads and too buggy. Overall, it's a good concept and I like your game and hope to see you flood with downloads sooner! πŸ˜„
Stuck on a level done all the in-game repairs correct and can't continue as the game won't decide that I've completed even though both boxes at the top of screen verify that I am done! Incredibly annoying.
With me playing it more often now realising this is a pretty aoying game because like every lvl u just get an ad like seriously why that many ads and the money after paying for no add JUST MORE ADS just can give rage we want to have fun in a game not wait every 30 seconds to play another lvl and if the owner see's this I hope they get this helpfull .OK so I would change the little of variety into a BIG amount not to big but bigger than what you have already! 2ndly put the ads only like 5lvl each
My daughter loves this game, but yesterday, it stopped moving forward after she had completed the task. The app just freezes and must be restarted. Please fix this for her!!
I got to level 16 and every time I get the headphones done it wont continue. Its stays right where I put it back together. Gettin ridiculous.
Could be fun if the annoying "tutorial" style arrows and hands that show you what to do would go away. It's rather pointless and frustrating to have the game show you exactly what to do for every single step. Also there's absolutely no sound whatsoever and that definitely takes away from the game as well. You should just add like a detailed work ticket(like a task list)with the item you're supposed to fix and then let the player follow that task list and figure out stuff for themselves.
Has the potential to be good. Unplayable without a $3 ad free unlock but after that ads are still very much pushed as the only way to progress well, including delaying time between "repairs" to get you to click the ad. Repairing is very much the same process every single time and thus gets very boring quick. If you're into actual device repair this is not a good game for you. It's very much on the rails as you just do what the game wants you to do when the game tells you to do it. Not good atm
Good game, it's a great time killer. However I got to level 22 part 2 and the game will not allow me to progress any further, please fix this.
Honesty above all, ot could be a nice game, but, ads all the time just ruin the experience completely, i understand that you need to make some money, but is really necessary to have so many ads that makes yiur players delete the game ?? Well, for me that's what's gonna happen, deleted and i don't recommend AT ALL!!!
The game was fun while it worked, but it froze on Day 16. It won't progress farther than that. And the ads are excessive, even after you pay for 'no ads' it was a waste of my money.
Way way way too many ads I've watched more ads in the last 30 minutes then I've actually been able to play game having this many ads is almost abusive uninstall!!!
I don't like being forced into giving a rating after the easiest level of my life. I got through level one and then was forced to give a rating. Couldn't tap out of it, no X to close it's window and keep playing. I was expecting an ad. Nothing I hate more than constant ads and forced ratings. The idea for the game is good, execution I didn't get to see much of, but they made the same mistake as everyone else.
The game stops working after a few levels. On day 8, on the headphones repair, once you finish, the game freezes.
Everything was great for awhile. I bought the full version and all was well. Then all of a sudden last week the app won't load. I get to the 2nd purple screen with the balancing elephant and it just sits there forever. I emailed the developer and they haven't responded in a week. So they're fully capable of taking our money, but not giving us good customer service when their product bombs on us... i want a refund at this point. You don't deserve a single cent if this is how you treat people....
Its a good game. Not the best gameplay its really boring and the lack of sound just adds to the bordam. Its literally one of those game mainly focused on trying to make you see as much ADs as humanly possible. Its not what i expected when i sow the ad of it. Its a waist of time. Do Not download this.
Mandatory ads just to pass a level. I could understand if it was for extra stuff. There's floating bubbles that bounce around and pop up ads. You have to wait 5 seconds after completing a portion of your overall task to proceed unless you watch an ad, but you get bonus cash. Definitely not good enough game play for the amount of ads.
Cool concept, not a bad game... But... Stuck on the first level of day 16; get two steps in on the level and the game just freezes. It doesn't lock up my phone or anything like that, and the app doesn't crash; just stops working, as if the programming just ended right there. In my book, that's a pretty big issue. Hope the dev gets it sorted out, and maybe adds some features/dynamics to the game. Although kinda fun, it gets really repetitive really quick.
It's just dull when you find out the camera is the last electronic and it just repeats itself. Theirs no challenge in this game. I was expecting this game to have more into it. It was fun at the first time but now since nothing new is coming I don't have any reason to keep it. Moreover what with the room if I doesn't play any role in fixing the electronics. You're just decorating it but it has no value at all. But keep it up can't wait to see what you'll do.
The laziest game design I've seen in a while. Once you unlock the few items thats it. Its the same on repeat. Upgrading the workshop is pointless and terrible anyways, no options or anything just spend $10000 for a cup on your desk. Even the prompts to show how to do thing don't ever go away and the snap in place mechanic is unreliable at best. Also had a lot of bugs where the end of the wires were clipping through the item or the cleaning tool spawned off the screen. And so many ads
Good little game, but the non-stop barrage of ads takes all the fun out of it... Also ran into a few graphics glitches and freezing issues because of the ads...
Good game but so bad that it basically tells you everything to do and you can't turn it off I don't need to know how to repair it I want to work it out my self that's why am here ..... Remove the tips or make an option for both
Bought the ad free version yesterday and now it doesn't even load it keeps crashing. I want a refund !
I am stuck on a level. I fixed everything but the cover is not around to close and test the camera on phone
Ad after ad after ad you can be in a place with literally no internet and get ads but it won't show the ad, it will freeze game, upgrades won't work They want your money that's it. Not a great game overall and not a lot of effort is put in this kind of apps they just want to milk kids with a average age of 14 and all of these apps are made by the same people but using other companies
On the second repair where you have to remove a part from a phone on the bottom right, the part won't go into the part box on the right, when you let go it just goes back into the phone, so you can't replace it with the new part. Unplayable.
There should be an option to disable tutorials after the first two levels, i want to figure out what is wrong myself, not being helped
Ads and more ads. Even by skipping the ads, you get ads. By watching an ad you get some bonus cash. Try to cancel it, still you get the pleasure to watch an ad. If you love watching ads, then this game is for you
Started playing the game yesterday night and I've already maxed out all the upgrades and I have an extra 1 mil in the game without watching any ads for bonuses. Overall it's fun but you can finish the game really quick. Also you get a LOT of ads if you don't turn your WiFi off. So if you're bored and want a game that gives you quick progress and is decently satisfying then this game is for you I guess.
Fun! Really enjoying this. But maybe one or two other types of devices and something to do with all the money you get after the shop if fully upgraded? I guess it's just so good I want more. Graphics are enjoyable, game is functional the variety is fun and acceptable. Not overloaded with ads either. 9/10
On day 13 ●●●○ 14 it has become stuck it won't let me do the camera very bad. But good game otherwise
The developer is beyond genius! They put the ads inside the main screen that make the player can't even drag what we need to solve the problem of what we repair. Their IQ must be higher than 999!
Im so annoyed by the arrows and fingers telling me what to do next i understood after the first couple levels they just get in the way its too annoying to keep the game
Decent time killer...Needs a way to turn off the helping hand that's always there,make it a little more challenging...
Ads for money is common in games. But ads who blocks the game is kinda bizarre. This is the first time I stumbled upon a game behind an ads. Even if we have progressed in a level, the ads keeps blocking it. Could've been 5 star if the ads not blocking the game tho.
It does nothing but constantly get buggy, laggy, glitchy and every 10-30 seconds. It stops responding or just down right force closes itself I already sent a report saying the same thing. But I haven't heard a single word from anyone!
So much potential. What an absolute ad fest. Even saying Nope to ads doesn't work. Prepare for a lifetime of ads, ads, more ads, and when that's all done...more ads still. You spend 90% of game watching ads. This is a total scam and a joke of a game. It olays it for u, so u can't fail. Just absolutely the worst.
This game is EPIC!!! Not only is this game great for people who has OCD, it's even good for anxiety. This game is relaxing, easy to play, and it's dimensional!! You restore multiple tech items as you progress in the game, as well as growing a business room/store front! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME TO ANYONE OF ANY AGE! When you first start on a new tech restoration, the game gives you instruction. To make money faster to build your business you can watch ads; which will make you 3X the income!
I have never regretted installing or paying any money in my life like I did for this one. In free mode, you will be bombarded with ads, and guess what, when you purchase the ad free version, you still get apps all the time!! These guys are thieves and I cannot find a way to restore my purchase. The game's concept is nice, but execution is awful.
It's super fun and I love playing it. But unfortunately I'm stuck in a level as it freezes at the end not allowing me to continue. I have tried resetting the app and that doesn't help.
Another update in 3 days and it still doesn't work on day 16 Are you ever going to fix day 16? It still won't let you finish the last step. 3 updates and still the same problem.
It is a fun game but there is this bug I have run into where I'm fixing a watch and I fixed it but it just stays there and I can't do anything about it dev please fix
Very good game, I'm stuck on day 16 with the handheld console there the screen,then the buttons but it won't allow me to do anything after please could you help
Busy work. Very scripted. Paying to have the ads removed does almost nothing. Good way to waste time waiting for ads to get currency to upgrade your living space which has nothing to do with the gameplay.
I can't belive this game also have ps5 πŸ˜„ but reccomend please try reducing vibration I love the vibration of screw but not in some place like applying glue or something that is too much vibration I am playing this game from 5-6 days and I live this
Holy ads. Literally an add pop-up with every level and every action. Cool concept, but definitely a blatant money grab. Don't give developers like this your time because it only supports poor app content. Just ridiculous that junk like this is allowed on the play store.
This game is so bad for example when I am fixing stuff there is an ad blocking the wire or screw or whatever and I can never get rid of the ad so I have to restart all over again and it's just so annoying.
The game is bugged at Day 18.3 (one device before Day 19.) I can do all tasks for the laptop bar the last one, which it won't allow you to do. Not worth the amount of ads you have to watch to do 1 device. I thought I'd stop playing for a few weeks hoping for a bug fix but no luck. Don't recommend.
Only after days of game play, only a daily achievement was any kind of goal, but today it would only "start day", then wouldn't let me complete task and "helpful hand" kept sliding across screne as if I still needed to install part onto phone. And YES, I watched more ads than enjoyed playing this game. Unloaded from phone.
Ok game but needs three option to turn off the guidance, would be nice to try to figure the repairs out instead of following directions. WAY to many ads!
I spent the $3 to remove ads because this is a nice fun little game, but they still make you wait for "next" to appear but give you a "watch add" for extra points when completing a task, which doesn't really make it feel add free. Would give 5/5 otherwise.
Great game and good for passing time, there is a glitch in day 22. When repairing the drone you have to replace the battery. When I replaced it but it still indicated that I hadn't and I cannot move on. Pls fix soon cause I love this game.
The gameplay is really fun. I wish there were more devices and the repairs were more in depth. It also would be great if the upgrades weren't just for an aesthetic but also altered the gameplay. The ads are done in an ok manner, but come so frequently you literally get a warning that you have to wait for the ads to load.
I really like this game, I had it in the past but I recently bought a new phone so I got it again. It is alot better than the last timed I played but the one thing I would recommend on the next update, is the hand that tells you to do something needs to go ITS REALLY in the way! But other wise it is an amazing game.
Not enough of a challenge, no real variation in items, the ad I saw this on had a hairdryer which doesn't appear in the game. Game keeps glitches on the same level so can't progress. Probably suit 2 year old kids.
As a time waster.. even with the plentiful amount of ads that are almost unbearable, I enjoy playing the game however, upon getting so far, the game locks and doesn't let me progress any further. I am on day 16 and stuck as there is no way from within the game to report a problem. As was said in another review.. you quickly reach the end of new things to do, the neverending ads and overall quality of the game limit it severely.
Sometimes buttons were very small and hard to interact with. One day I tried to launch the game but It never loads and hasn't since
The game is really nice and it works great. The only request os that ghere could be more added to it. Either more devices or more things to buy. I played it for just about an hour and literally maxed out all the things from the store. I just wish there was more to it. Aside that, the game works perfectly and its really fun.
I would have given 5 stars, but you really need to dial down the ads, just a little. Its a game you should have fun, not get irritated more. At least put an ad after each 5th stage, or something like that, not after each stage, or in this case after each click/button push, whatever... Please accept this criticism positively, its a good game, you just ruined it with so many ads. Thank you
I was playing the level day 21 level 1 but it doesn't work to give the closer to me, then I do not play this game for a month, then I should play again, it stays in an purple screen for an hour, then it returns to black screen. Fix this please!
I was enjoying the game until this latest update. Now the game won't load at all and crashes after the designer screen. The gameplay was becoming monotonous as well. I gave it two stars because the game when I initially installed it seemed fun and interesting, but since the updates, all the boards are the same. I have uninstalled the game and won't be reinstalling it.
The amount of ads in the free version is ridiculous. Get a reward for completing a stage then you have to watch a video to open the reward. This level of in-game advertising is nothing more than simple greed. Not to mention the completely unrealistic gameplay. It doesn't matter how small your operation or work bench is, one of the very first things you do is find somewhere for your coffee. You don't get the coffee cup added to your work bench until well into the game. An utter load of poop.
Could do with some sound effects to make the game more pleasing to the ears, and more appealing to new players. The recent update has broken all my achievements, please fix this and my rating will go up.
Oh my, the ads! Seriously, the ads are just too much. Trust the other reviews and don't waste your time with this. The game basically equates to one add per 3 minutes of play (if that).
Did they think they could get away with putting playstation buttons on a switch controller you might be fixing in the game but it's the game that needs fixing a lot of bugs it was interesting but my OCD could not help it's self hope this helps someone
Ok game but lots of stuttering and they keep asking me to rate the game I did one level, just peeling off the screen and putting it on, it says RATE OUR GAME.
Decent, I have played this game and to be fair the controls are great, the graphics is great, the game is great however, the only downside is the ADS! There's too many of them. I can literally play perhaps 1-2 levels without an ad or less appearing. I suggest you add a remove ads button or just lower the amount of ads so the game can be less irritating.
It's a fun game, but the adds block parts you need to fix things with. You have to completely get our of the game, and that makes you lose that game
It started hanging. Even through the updates. The app wouldn't open. Then I had to reinstall. And all the progress is lost.
Great game , a few thing people might like in the game. 1. Instead of constantly upgrading the same shop , have the game so u can buy different locations . 2 maybe have a few new machines that can fux thung by itself so u can earn money away from the app , but have the machines like a few million . 3 have a xp level and every time u go up a level u get maybe new machinery for fixing the phones faster or new locations Hope u get back to my review , overall love the game, keep up the great work
The problem is the ads. They are 30 seconds each. And here's the rub,you can choose to endure them for extra money per level. If you choose to skip that video,the next screen offers you a (tip),just watch a video. If you skip that... you are dropped straight into,surprise,another video. Of which you must watch several seconds before you can skip. Its nice to choose,but when you force feed the video anyway. You lose.
Great game concept. Didn't play alot before having to already leave a review. Only issue so far, and it's a pretty high issue, is that anytime it gives you some kind of reward for watching an ad, it never has an ad ready. So you miss out on alot of rewards and then after you're forced to pass up the rewards, that's when you get an ad. Big bummer. Hope it gets fixed if it's not intentional. πŸ˜•
Not going to lie the game is fun besides everything needing a ad. So I purchased the ad blocker and still get ads. There is no point in having this here if your going to keep giving me ads
This game is really boring. You shouldn't put the "Rate us" on the first level it should be at least 3 levels in and like a lot of people think you NEED to put more devices in. Also there are WAY to many adds there's one every 3 seconds. Overall horrible game. Oh yah I forgot to mention how I hated the way that it's like "Ad not ready" meanwhile I click off of it and it plays an ad. You need to step up and fix it and I might change my mind and put my review to a 3-4 star.😠
It's a fun game. Butttttt... It re starts every time I watch an ad therfore I don't receive the bonus for watching the ad. The game starts over when I try to do anything involving watching something to either get new things to work on or the extra money for finishing the project or when they give you new looking electronics to fix. I've deleted and re downloaded so many times and it still doesn't fix the issue. What's going on???
Aside from all the other reviews about money, in terms of gameplay there isn't much here. It's impossible to do anything wrong, there is no challenge. There is very little variety either. Also they give you cash that you spend to upgrade your store but there is no incentive to do so. Your stores amenities and condition have zero influence on how much you make per repair. Oh and there's only 11 devices to repair.
Too easy and not even close to real life. I could care less about realism in a game like this but they had an ad saying you could learn how to repair your electronics by playing this. I've looked at the inside of multiple electonics and have built my own PC. Please do not try and fix your electronics if you have just played this game it isn't even close to reality and I feel like someone could break their laptop or other electronics by trying to follow this. Also no challenge which is boring.
I got far but for some reason I can't progress anymore because with the repair it's not counting them as done, I hope you can fix it I quite like this game
I like it but I played 1 minute and it dose day 1 completed!! Yeah ok but " 3x cash 900 ad" day 1 completed! Ad after that saw the house things bought 1 thing instant ad not to be rude but I can't do 3-5 stars.
Nice game but reason behind giving 2 stars is that there are same levels example about headphones there is only 2levels that we have to open it and change the chips and stick it .all I want to say is the game needs improve mentπŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
It's a real fun game but yall need to fix the glitch that half of the people here have to deal with. I got to day 54 and I'm stuck. The day starts off by making me repair a ps5 and that's no big deal but I have to replace the parts inside the ps5. I have 2 to repair and when I try and repair the first one the hand that tells me what to do keeps telling me to pull the new part in. Then of course I ignore that and move on to the second part and the hand freezes and I can't move on. It kinda sucks
The game is fun and you don't really need to pay to win but after I maxed out all the upgrades the game suddenly stop working. Now when I start up the game, the logo with the loading animation will pop up but then, will freeze and back out of the app completely. I don't understand what I did. I was grinding on this game for 2 days now it doesn't work.😭😀
This app is by far the most obtrusive with ads. They have banner ads along the bottom, and then at the end of every 30 second fix, you have a full page interrupting ad. Not to mention ads for extra bonus after every few levels. This is one big ad interrupted by a game for 30 seconds.
It was OK at first. I enjoy fixing things. Pop up ads ruined the game. When you play ads cover up things you need to use on the screen to play the game. These ads don't close and cannot be moved. You have to exit the app and play again until it happens again, which is about 30sec. Weak!
The game is good but only for the first 17 or 18 levels. After that your station, shelf, and interior are maxed out so there is no reason to collect notes because you cannot even buy any cool tools with the notes you have earned. The game is boring and you only do repairs after repairs with nothing to achieve. If you want a game to occupy yourself for a short period of time then this game might be a good one. But for occupying yourself for a long time with something to get, this game is not good
Forced me to give a rating right after the first level. Give me a little while to get a feel for the game before forcing me to taste it. Almost nothing but advertisements. After reading other reviews, I won't be purchasing the ads free version. It seems like I'll still get as. I'll be uninstalling instead.
1 star, because I'm stucked innlevel 20 and the game frozen and cannot complete the level to move on...I don't want more levels, I want this level to be completed, please
Not great. There is a ad for every thing you do, plus for bonuses. I have not seen a way to toggle off the auto guide for repairs so it becomes to easy.
The ad appears on the game screen while playing, thus im unable to do anything as the screen is covered with a big window ad. Irritates so much.
This game could be really good and satisfying if only there weren't so many ads. I hate that these games are made with the intend of making money rather than letting people have fun. Also whenever I tried to play an ad so I got the bonus repairs it would say "no ad available" yet when I clicked to lose the bonus ot played an ad with no reward! Smh
While a fun game in concept, it never goes past more than a small handful of "repairs," even as you move through each device. This makes it feel unfinished.
I downlaed this game and it's repetitive and boring. Just used to pass time until you get extremely bored. I spent money to remove ads, and somehow, the developers decided to put ads on the main screen. Ripped off and deceiving company.
This game is not remotely accurate and could actualy case injury as it doesnt encourage removing power to an electrical device this could harm a person or damage an item there are particular steps one must take to safely and effectively repair items. This game is a great idea but badly exicuted
Actually really messy, this is not a game, but ad with mini game, the repair are not based on real life, and it literally force you to watch ad, even if you don't want ad, it give you ad, the currency system also have no meaning at all, watch ad to get more money, use money for upgrade your store, but if you want upgrade something for free, here more ad, then the upgrade literally do nothing, by pass daily just by quit game and enter the game again
I like the concept of repairing electronics. But the issue of having to watch a 30 sec advertisement ever play for bonuses even after you pay for ad removal, make the game very time consuming.
Pretty good but sadly I am stuck on day 33 on a laptop and the hand glitches and stays frozen after I fix everything and I can't progress any farther. I have tried to Uninstall and reinstall but it didn't work.
Got to level 20 and it works to a point then doesn't show the next step and other then that I have found it quite repetitive and but I did enjoy it to start with then got boring.
Cant pass a certain level. I think it reset me back to level one for some reason. I wasnt even on level one. Thought it needed to update but the recent update didnt work. Never even changed the icon.
Way too many ads. Not enough stuff to repair. Too many guiding arrows telling you what to do. Boring. Waste of time.
I love this app. I've had it twice now, and I HAD no issue with everything. I am stuck on level 33 because it just freezes and won't let me progress. I've tried leaving the app and coming back, but it just plays the same things over and over again, and won't progress. Once this is fixed, I will rate better.
Could be a great game and haven't seen one like it yet but after playing it I will definitely look for one like it. Has to many bugs right now, freezes and crashes. I had this game on another phone, phone broke, reinstalled on new phone and it would not restore my purchases even though it has a button saying "restore purchases". I was at a pretty high level too and a lot of my time was lost and I definitely don't feel like starting over. Please update/fixbugs and then I'll give five stars.
I agree i played week 3 and it just stopped there. It was VERY fun but it stopped so now i play repair my car!
ADS ADS ADS!!!! Literally ad after ad. Get offered to triple your earning if you watch an ad, decline the ad and an ad plays anyway. Little bubble with cash for add floating round the screen hoping to catch you out to play you an ad. Surprised they haven't sent someone knocking my door asking if I've got 5 minutes to hear about their ads. Also very straight forward boring game. Tells you what to do. No thinking needed. AWFUL
I would give a higher rating but yet again the app has stopped working and last time I re installed it, it lost All of my progress and money. Now stuck on day 16 (after having to start from scratch) for the best part of a fortnight. Hoping for it to fix itself or I will have to delete but will NOT be re installing
This has the potential to be an awesome game... But the devs have gone on an absolute cash grab! Ads after each level, some levels have a floating bubble that only disappears after you hit it(which is another ad!). The models are good, the gameplay is good. But the devs have gone bare minimum, just to grab as much money as possible. Don't waste your time...
This game is a very laggy game and has unlimited ads. These ads come after every level and just ruin the while game you spend more time with ads than actually in the game. I would give this game a 0 just for the ads if I could.
It's a cool new concept. However, the gameplay is very monotonous, it's just repeating the same process and there's no challenge. There's also no music. Lastly, the option to watch ads appears too frequently; in just one level they tell you watch an ad 3 times. It really looks cool, but after 5 minutes it's easy to get bored.
The game was great until I got to to the fifth mission of Day 19, I started with the repair of a laptop and in the moment of changing the SSD, Ram and wireless, the game won't update, the finger will continuously say me to put the part that I've already put on the motherboard, I restarted the game many times, tried to put the things in a different order, but still the same problem, what a shame!
Forcing to rate after the first level is just in poor taste. There was no way to go on until you rated the game. I changed a screen protector, didn't get a chance to get a feel for the game before it forced me to rate it.
I give this 2 stars because first the adds second when i made it to the third computer when i pulled the back cuver the thing laged so hard and the screen broack apart and it went into colers and was messy.Please fix this mess that went on. 😒😒😣 im using the amizon fire. So i wouldent really recodmend this game. Update on second atempt. Ok the first computer game shuts down Try again the fps\frame rate.just repeats itself untill white blue just come flashing on the screen.I give up on the game
At the start of day 22, repairing a drone (second activity?), you do the repair...and the game doesn't register it properly. Repair done, green mark above to show it's completed, but then the white hint hand just tells you to do what you've already done over and over, and progress is never made. Ok game otherwise, but too many bugs. 4/14/2021 update: a game update came through... but the problem is still there. Can't get past day 22's drone repair.
Update: Game still not working properly. No way to contact support. Stuck on Day 36. Tried clearing cache. No luck. Cleared game data, wiped out all progress. Started over, ending with the same issue. Fun game if it worked, and needs to cut down the ads
Saw the add and thought I'd give it a go. On the whole it's ok! Whilst you can play it without seeing an advert every 5 seconds, as in no data or wifi (Stuck in a car park waiting for family to finish). It makes it very boring, very quickly. You can't boost revenues and so can't buy anything. Seems pretty pretty, and shows the development team up to be a bunch of greedy people, who'd prefer money over happy customers! Consequently, it is uninstalling as I type!
A fun game if not simplistic problem I have is if you're going to have ads in the game so you can get special prizes things like that then have all the ads work quit having no ad available no at available or just have no ad it's frustrating when you have to have ads in games but it's even more frustrating when you tell people that they have to have ads unless they pay for it and then you can't do anything for 10 to 15 minutes cuz you're waiting for an ad this game is fun but I wouldn't get it
Great until I got to level 13 and the 3rd dot, I open up the iPad do all the stuff and then it does nothing like the back doesn't go back on, and I've closed out of the app many times to get it back to normal and it doesn't work. Also for the achievements or goals it will say that I can claim it so I press claim and it just doesn't work. Very mad. Don't recommendπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Oh my God. First of all there are so many ads and normally I can tolerate them but I just can't in this app. Second it's not even that fun, half of the stuff you do is nothing like real life, i mean I get it's not supposed to be exactly like real life but I mean come on, it's just boring. It would be tolerable without ads, it still wouldn't be good but it would suck less
It's really fun if you like repairing things. However, it has the now standard "watch ads for progression" system. Even after buying the No Ads option, it still requires you to watch ads.
After 2 min of playing: ads everywhere, can't even play with these ad popups. Looks interesting as a game, but if an ad blocks the area where you need to play, it becomes useless as a game.
Lots of ads. I pay for removing ads and this removes only ad strip at the bottom of the screen. These ads never bothered me. "game" still has tons of ads. Yes, you can skip them but you lose lots of game cash. Do not buy anything with real money. You will not receive what you think.
Honestly it's a good game but it's slow it makes you wait ten seconds before you can continue.Ads to finish the level ads for money ads for extra money ads for.np reason ads because you blinked.
I wish there were more devices! Also there is an odd bug where sometimes the blue cord (When the wires need to be moved) doesn't show up, the app has be restarted in order for this to go away. Also this game plays amazingly well in Airplane Mode, very impressed, fix the random bug, and include more objects and you will get a solid 5 star rating Edit: Have your five stars, thank you for the experience!
No skill or thought required. They point at everything you need to do. This is also an ad machine disguised as a game. They even go so far as to try and trick you into clicking on ads through every level during play.
The $3 no ad purchase is only for the ads between levels. It does not take away Ads for money multiplier, tip bonus, room upgrades, gifts, and bonus repairs.
I like the game but on the last day before the third day, I can't get the parts to move, I've installed and uninstalled it a bunch of times and it keeps happening and has a bunch of ads
What a money hungry game, there's an ad in front of the peice i need :/ aswell as ad after ad after ad. But its a good game just needs improvements
The game was OK at first then all it is just unscrew this romove this romove that, install new part. The should just play it for it tells you every thing that needs doing and tells you how to doit, instead of use your own introversion to fix it.
Waste of time. It gets rating right after u enter game, dont even need to visit store. Thats why it still has 4+ stars. Often lagging even in my poco m2. Same gameplay again and again and again.
I hate how it gives you so many ads and gives you a review on the first level. I also hate the fact that it walks you through the levels even though a 3 year old can do them.