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Rento - Dice Board Game Online for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by LAN GAMES LTD located at Sofia 1000, Bulgaria. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is .

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love to play it but can be quite buggy. Playing OL can be strange since, for example, my stats say I've NEVER won (I've won quite a bit.) and I've ONLY finished one game (I've finished most.). Even after winning quite a few games, I still have zero coin(s).
This game is a fraud....the game gives me a special card but won't let me use it in desperate times and I lost the game...it's very time consuming .Each game takes more than an hour and favours one player the most...Don't play it if your time is precious and especially DONT if u r in a good mood bcz it's gonna ruin it
1st of all the game graphics is good once somepne construct houses the dice will lend you in that trap no matter what. From having a hefty money you go bankrupt within 10 rounds lending in he upgraded trap. Boo the develop
Its really good for a free monopoly clone. but why is this version less updated than the ios version? the ios version looks much nicer and has better effects and graphics. I would give five starts if the android version could be the same as the ios one. other than that its really fun.
I usually play this game everyday, but for about a week now if I try to play online the whole app freezes. I've tried turning my phone off, making sure the app and my phone are up to date, & nothing works. My review used to be a 5 star rating but because of this I changed it to a 3. Please fix this!
a few bugs. if you go bankrupt but just let the time run out you can still play. Now cant do facebook login so all my stuff is unavailable! Well got in but all credits gone.
For online play when your winning kicks you out. If you leave game at start another, it kicks you out that and pulls you back in. When playing a computer it refuses to trade unless it is something like $1000 for a plot of land
The most unfair game ever experienced. Dice are terribly predictable. Always favourable to bots of course
The game is fun and addictive! I didn't like the strategy cards at first, but after a time or two with them I got better at using them.
Lately the game keeps crashing. It's a pretty good game of monopoly. Very neatly done. Fun to play with friends.
Keeps freezing up when I want to login to play online. My internet is fine, my phone otherwise is too. Never had other apps freeze on my phone, just this one.
In auction mode. When the timer runs out. The next property goes to the player without auction. Even when auction mode is on. Wanted to buy thia game but this is a major glitch. Please fix this. Also people leave and make the auction game unplayabale for the rest of us. Please put a ban on players leaving for like 20min.
Rento is brilliant and a good free substitute to Monopoly. Pros: - The graphics are good - not horrible to look at, and run smoothly. - Game settings are changeable such as whether you can auction off cards, collect rent whilst in jail, etc - You can play solo, online with friends, or share your phone with friends Cons: - Not enough time to read the chance/luck cards so you don't quite know what the Bed does to rent. But this is a small price to pay for a fun and good game.
This game is awsome. It dosn't bring adds in the middle of the game. Everyone should try this game that is why I gave it five stars. This game is really nice. The people who made it are COOL.
Sadly I agree with many other reviews, with the bots the games seem skewed towards one player, be it me the human, or a bot. Whoever gets China and Qatar, game over, they win. Will probably look for a different app with a similar play style
This game could be great except where you randomly loose your victory due to the spin of a wheel. Or when the players rage quit and dump all of their properties to one person for $1. So much potential...
Won't load up since recent update 😤 I'd given it a 1⭐ Then LAN GAMES replied, so I uninstall and reinstalled as advised, and Voila! It worked again. Great game, addictive & fun! I have given 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ since then 👑👌
The game is fun but the app is stupid.. my phone is in a good condition, the net is in an excellent mode then the app suddenly freezes the game i played for like 7 hrs was wasted.. FIX THIS APP!!🤬🤬
This is the best Monopoly game in playstore I recommend it to anyone..... It has unique ideas added unto it not to mention its fun and unbiased..... kudos to the developer(s)
this game was amazing for about 2 months, then out of nowhere it started to shut down on me mid game. please fix this issue! ***the screen just turns to a blank black screen sending me to my phones home screen. it crashers while in solo mode. I updated and it still crashed.
Good game. But, after the last update. The game would crash at random times. Happened everytime. Uninstalled the game and of course. Re installed it. It appears to work now. I've only played one game. Would rate 5 stars if it weren't for that. Had no issues with the game until latest update.
There are bugs. Last update is awful as it gets me out of the app once I start a game !! Please fix it asap.. I use oneplus and the game doesn't work properly..
If you love monopoly this is almost has good, nothing beats the real thing but you will have fun.. I have fun playing with my partner 5*
I love it but would be nice if there was an update to keep track of win to loss ratio for both you the player and other players to see when they click on your profile icon. Also many players cheat on showrooms of 4 or more and team up. For instance when i really want a property and offer a certain player 1500 for it i get rejected, but then his buddy offers him 100 for it and a few more properties as well and, yup... you guessed it... he accepts such an offer.
For starters, this app is an unofficial version of a popular board game. Let's start with the board. It's very cheap-feeling and has a lot of stock image-looking icons. The UI is also cluttered and hard to navigate. As for multiplayer, it has connection issues and the bots in single player aren't treated equally. Honestly, if you want a really cut-rate Monopoly-type game, go for it. You do you. But I greatly recommend going with the paid version from Marmalade, which is superior in every way.
Pathetic Gameplay. At medium level difficulty the Robot players will trade between themselves and wont let you trade with them. Totally useless game.
Fantastic. An actual game just like Monopoly. Very relaxing and actually fun! Sure it's FREE. But honestly don't listen to complainers this is allot like the actual game other than few differences. OH and great thing not computer oriented!!! So it's actually fair playing!!!
Game is okay but there are too many afking and leaving players, developers should do something about it to make the game more consistent in fun!
I grew up playing "Monopoly, Risk and Life" board. this game is a step away from Monopoly. It does have glitches in the play of the game. Playing single player mode setting Robots up as hard seems to give robots more abilities in the play. such as using strategy cards if I move a robot to a place where a fee is involved the robots are favored in receiving or paying of a fee they receive money or don't need to pay a fee. l must pay a fee or not receive money for the same action I do enjoy playin
Game was a 3 or 4 due to bugs. But now for no reason whenever I type my password in (making us do it every time is dumb anyway) the game crashes lol....horrible excuse for a game especially to ask for microtransactions
This game use to be ok now it only works occasionally and although I have unistalled the game and installed it again I still can't play on the deep board what do I have to do every time there's a deep board I can't participate this game use to be fun but think slowly declining due to bugs a sometimes excessive ads
awful game. i like a good game of monopoly but this games idea of "hard" is the robot conveniently lands on all 3 properties to make a set and smashes hotels onto it in no time, and as the player you get constantly bombarded with bad luck..? that's your idea of hard?.. its just frustrating more than hard. the bot constantly magically managed to avoid the row of properties i had numerous times it went round the board. on medium the bot just gave up the moment i got it into the minuses.
I see that people don't know what is random dices.... I want to give 1* every time I experienced not fairy game! Robot don't sell me for 400, but sell to another robot for 88, or 33! We it is possible selling for lower price? Why not auction? I don't talk about it I have 4 cities, almost nobody stand in it, but if Robot has one city, everybody every circle stand on it.
it's kinda fun but it's really glitchy and has issues sometimes. and the robots really suck and barely trade anything with you. The odds of a robot landing on your spaces is very slim and unlikely, and your odds of landing on robot spaces are increased. needs much improvement!!!! and it costs way too many coins just to switch to a different style board. it's not worth the amount of time it takes to accumulate 30 coins just to buy a new style board. and there is not much variety of player pieces,
Great game, better than the original, IMHO. Five stars if the sound control mutes the game permanently instead of requiring attention before every game.
Bastardized version of Monopoly. The addition of 2 useless spinners that 97% penalize the player and the Vatican property totally ruin the game. Dont waste your time on this trash. It cheats constantly,like not charging the bot for fines,doesnt charge bot to get out of jail,etc.Thats why I'm uninstalling it. An interesting footnote-NEVER pay co er for properties. Always auction-get them for $1 alot,almost always way below shown price. The player rarely gets first move.
Its a nice game but there is a problem with huge lags and they just stop you where you are for rounds. Also the numbers sometimes are not correct. Click 2 5 and you move 6 places instead. Probably the lag. There are also some exploits. Then there is the fact that I get no coins when I win anymore
I am so addicted to this game. There are a few glitches now and then which can be annoying, such as the dice freezing briefly, etc. But, overall, I love the game.
Used to be great, past two days it freezes and shuts down. Was playing it for about a year and loved it. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, nothing helps
I was really about to break my phone, the dice roll is not random, I bet it's not, if the game wants someone to win, he will, despite anything you do, even if its a robot!!!! Update: the same problem is getting worse, I wish there are 0 stars, so I can give it
Improve the chat feature. The chats must appear at the side of game however the chat window covers the entire screen. Improve the graphics and make game more smooth. I like the game, it has potential!
Really fun online monopoly game with some unique mechanics added in! It works pretty well for the most part, somtimes it crashes in the main menu and such, but I've never had it crash in game which is good. The only problems I have is that it sometimes crashes in the menus, and that coins seem to be impossible to get? I feel like I'm getting some from completing achievements but I'm not sure. I wish you could just watch ads for coins or something, but otherwise good game
It would be 5 stars but my game was blacked out right before the update. Now that it's updated I can't log in with Facebook, it only shows I have one friend, and it deleted all my progress! I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times to no avail. Ugh!
Not bad but needs improvements! Game freezes several times, force closes and usually by the 3rd or 4th try the game finally starts. Figured out how to win against HARD robots, they will never offer you more than the asking price but you will need to offer triple or quadruple times more to get the property. I've done several of the achievements but they aren't counting. I've done solo games, maximum number of players on hard, played online games. Doesn't count. Please fix!!
The game is fun, but I always find myself at a disadvantage in solo mode. That wheel of "fortune" often penalizes me while aiding the robots. 9 out of 10 times, I will either get financially deducted or lose houses or hotel, while the robots will ALWAYS gain financially. The only plus is I've received land, but the other two robots likely to be occupying one or two of the set. Another improvement that needs to be made, is redesigning the trades, so it is clear to know exactly what the offer it!!
Very good but a can't seem to get coins every time I get coins and I buy something all my coins disappear
Not a bad game. Did decent online and playing against A.I. was fun. But now it opens but refuses to work. The game keeps closing itself, even after restarting app. Tried and failed to fix it by re-installing it. Fix it or take it offline until you do. More stars when it's functional.
I HATE the dice on this game. Some propertys will NOT be landed on by anyone at all. And if you are playing against computer.... you will land on there property EVERY SINGLE TIME. EVEN IF THEY ONE HAVE 1!!!! YOU. WILL. LAND. ON. IT
Well 2nd time crashed before playing the app first time got beaten. Great to newcomers. So now how you draw in people. Sad Sad way to promote gamesmanship.
When you are first playing and do not know the dice it can be tricky. You don't get much time to try to learn them either. But it is super fun.
A generic version of Monopoly but its just as fun as the original. The game is kinda low-budget looking compared to high-quality Monopoly. But the game effects and gameplay is entertaining. I would recommend, even with the small flaws.
If anyone aware of this game , if I try to play online by creating room . Game can only play for 30 mins not more than that. So please tell me how to increase play time for this game .. is there any option to increase time ?
Its fun to play, but its clearly rigged, I have this on my phone and pc and when playing you can clearly see it favours 1 player, that player will miss everything that would loose them money for ages then all of a sudden there luck turns bad (if you survive long enough) then stays bad for ages. If it was 100% random rather then rigger it would be way more enjoyable.
Its good game but I always get disconnected to the game and had always had to uninstall and reinstall again.
FIX THE ISSUES!!!! I open up the app, and that's as far as I get, it just closes, I even tried leaving a reason why I am not enjoying the game and it just crashed, stupid
For passed and play mode, its realistic af. I loved this, me and my friends! Play with ur friends, on site, on 1 phone.
The game copies the famous Monopoly in a simplistic manner and adds quite some fun features that makes the game more trade dependant, which is nice. However, in all games I played, there are sore losers that leave when they lose just a bit of money at the beginning, and if they don't succeed in their trades, they just give all their properties for free and leave. The game does not have any system to report this behaviour, so players just keep doing it, making it very unpleasant to play.
There is a bug, sometimes the player is sent to jail even if the dice points out to another location. Also, if any player doesn't bid while auction is going, the timer doesn't run out. Placing bid should have a time limit.
It crashes every time I start. The game starts after 8 to 10 attempts. After I roll the dice once only then it's stable. Otherwise a good game.
Unfair game! It felt like at the beginning, the winner is already decided. Dice number is not random. Tried playing offline & each time, the first player gets 9 on the dice then 11 on the next player. When its my turn, I will land on Spin, ends up in me buying lesser lands than the other 2 robots. Even the cards are not random. It kept giving me Fees I need to pay while the robots get returns & loan receipts. I do not have a lot of data for online so its sad that the offline game is like that.
Good game BUT crashes so often. You can never finish a solo game. never.... it crashes suddenly, at some time, when AI does bidding.
The game is actually very good, few glitches that need to be fixed and sometimes feels biased. But its missing a way to report issues and trouble players! Started 1 game and the other player started asking about sex! And my age! ×.×
Thank you to the Devs for giving us this rendition of the famous game, without being riddled with ads. My only wish is the Devs make the dice rolling and chance cards completely random. right now most of the time it feels rigged and scripted and in favour of a certain player. this includes property landing chances and wheel of fortune and chance cards .. please focus on improving this aspect and this game will be the best Android board game app.
Very bad game with very stupid luck to the computer don't play it unless you Wana get mad for nothing also too much ads
Good game but you can't connect to Facebook to invite friends and a lot of the time the game won't start. 2 players are waiting, the time goes down but the dice doesn't show so you can play.
Bug 1# The robot keeps having endless avoid bankruptcies cards making it impossible to beat the AI I had 13 hotels and everytime the Ai landed on them it just played the card I had 38000 in cash AI had 1 dollar No hope of winning. Bug 2# Why do I have to continuously sign in. Bug 3# lack of inactivity comes up constantly whenever been obviously playing. Response please? oh and if you go below zero each time it is your go just let timer run out, the game will role for you keeping you in game
It is quite entertaining. Performance is a little flatter but it is amusing nonetheless. Online games seem to work ok but there are a few things to be improved like bots, people leaving mid game, faster trading.
This game is most rigged game ive ever played, everytime I spin the spinner wheel I get something bad, like ive gotten equals 1000 to the start of the game and I lose 4000 dollars, and most of the time I cant land on properties, because the game is rigged to give me bad luck. The game is also rigged to put my friends turn right after the robots turn just so that my friend can bribe the bot and get every property the bot lands on.
RNG is non existent. Late game doubles tend to plague the game which can ruin you. We need true RNG the dice are rigged so that you almost ALWAYS roll to land on charity spots it can be frustrating when you need to buy assets and you can quickly find yourself way behind other players. Also theres no report player option i often find babies who get butthurt about losing and sell there assets for pennies essentiallly rigging the game for or against you depending on who they sell to
This game used to be best before update. My phone screen blinks and I'm out of the game. Don't deserve even a single star.
Ita a nice app Fun to.play games with friends But sometimes the app kicks me out of the game Thats a drag
when i login with Facebook it asks nick name i entered but that was not accepted. so i play in guest mode and everytime i start a new game in guest mode. my achievements and coins are gone resolve this problem. Remove asking nickname.
Little bit outdated UI but it is extremely fun to play. But it's also difficult to find friend's games
Need WAY more time to read instructions and trades. The robot gets a ton more double rolls than the player. Very rigged and very frustrating.
This game's Bul*#$_t even when I don't want to trade properties it steals them if I don't hit the button fast enough and ruins the whole game plus I set up a strategy invest in hotels it puts me in jail twice in a row as they land on my.motel and I loose 2 go monies also with rent about $2000 the computer rolls doubles the whole time and does most of the playing. Probably designed to make people pay for the real game.
I literally cried after playing 3 times on easy mode. Is it me? Am I just bad? Maybe. But also I was only getting sent to robot's hotels and getting "pay each player $40" while the robots kept landing on Go and getting "friend pays your loan back. Get $75" and it was annoying af
Crashes like every minute. I have to reopen the app and re join the game. Did that about 50-60 times for 1 game. I am not exaggerating!
old version was nice. updated to new version n hour age and everything is going in slow motion. game has become very slow . old version was good -2 stars for new version 3 stars for old version
I love it, I think it's one of the best Monopoly games around. Although I haven't tried the multiplayer modes yet, when I do, I'll increase it to five stars.
Definitely a bit better than monopoly. A little different but has some very good features. Worth checking out.
Fun and addicting. The coin system could be a little better. It says you get coins for unlocked achievements but I can't find where to collect the coins. Other than that, it's pretty fun.
Superb games the only option missing is the history box off who played which step and what happened..this helps to recall in case we resume the game after call
When you're in a multiplayer game, when someone leaves they're replaced by robots who refuse to trade no matter what. I offered a robot 950 dollars for a 120 dollar properly and they said no. Ruins the game, completely pointless to play online
The last update messed up the robots. Before you could at least trade for a fair price. Now its almost impossible to get the robots to trade once a player leaves the game. People quit games all the time and get replaced by robots, but now it takes damn near a couple grand just to get them to trade one lower priced property without a monopoly on the color. Its REALLY frustrating, and makes it very hard for anyone to win. Now it just has a black screen. Can't play at all now. :/
ok i did really like this game but now im sick of it several times the system is faulting like on players rolling a double but not getting another roll, another glitch is my immunity cards not workingwhen i had to pay rent and lastly own all 4 stations travel option constantly stops working once other players own hotels so yoi cant bypass even though youve landed on your station. These glitches all syill present after uninstall restall
I enjoy playing but there are too many flaws. The game is too predictable and isn't strategic. It would be more fun if it was. I wish something could be done about the people with multiple accounts and the rage quitters who transfer all their properties to one player instead of bowing out like a decent loser.
Cards and wheel flash quickly and you can't always read them or see what the wheel landed on, tried bluetooth with 3 devices and was constantly disconnected. Otherwise is fun...
program has errors. it cant add or subtract and it cheats. You still havent fixed the problem, when are you going to do that. But you always ask for rating which we give and you do nothing about it. So let's fix the problem with your program, that's if you actually read these comments. Are you going to fix these problems. i guess not and I will uninstall program. Why is it ehen playkng solo 9 time out of 10 the hjman goes last. Why is it when playing solo first role 7 secing role 5 third role 4.
The game is fine! What I hate about it is when people from the same country (especially Turkish) r not playing as individuals, but help each other!! It can't be fair, it's an individual game, not a team game!!! And not a political game! It happens almost every single game!
The app keeps crashing over and over again. Didn't have any app as bad as this one. The game is really nice but in general not worth the effort, cus you can't enjoy it.
This game is fun it's free and it's a lot like Monopoly you don't have to pay for it like you do Monopoly if you're looking for a free game that's like Monopoly try this one I think you'll really enjoy it the graphics are awesome and the gameplay is fun so I give it a 5-star rating
This would be a great game but in-game ad banners appear and remain on top of buttons making the game unplayable. Don't waste your time!
Game doesn't work after the first couple of tries. Tried to log in and it freezes. Tried to uninstall and install again, same issues. There's not even an option to report issues with the game. Glitch after glitch after glitch. You wanted a review? You got one.
Guest21618767 is a cheat, i have reported it in game as a bug and on here now but nothing got done about it and i wont hold my breath for anything to get done about it either. It is obvious that this game is not to be trusted.. Many thanks for wasting my time tho its much appreciated..
Really good free alternative to monopoly i love playing with people from all over the world. Coins however are impossible to get i keep getting achievements but never get any coins not sure how to get them, also has a glitch where in my profile it says i Lost and didn't complete the match which is quite annoying. But all in all good game
Its a cool concept but the chance and luck cards flash too quickly before you can read them and you're left wondering what's going on. Its the same with the property cards, they go up for auction before you even have a chance to buy. And the how-to doesnt really explain everything. Plus its a bit glitchy. It'd be a pretty cool monopoly game otherwise with the options to play online against real people or with robots (the robots don't know how to haggle) or on a single device by passing it around
Good emulation of Monopoly! Very few ads. I enjoy playing this one, which is one of the few games I always go back to when I get bored of trying a new one lol!
Worked great for about a week and a half. Then it started to glitch. Uninstalled and reinstalled several times but can't get past the first roll of the game before glitching. Solid 4 star game before bugs...
It was my favorite game but it's just crashing now, freezing, totally unusable app. I reinstalled, cleared cache, nothing helps. All other games and apps work fine so this is nothing on my end. Please fix this.
There's one thing you should REALLY do. GIVE US JUST A LITTLE MORE TIME TO READ THE CARDS AND MAKE DECISIONS!! I mortgaged a property to buy another and got pushed into auction. Monopoly might be garbage but I'd rather have chance to look things over. HMU when you fix this and I'll invite and invest
Hard difficulty is rigged to screw you; you get bad rolls and land on a VATICAN hotel when you least want it, community chest gets you in jail... 𝗔𝗟𝗪𝗔𝗬𝗦, bots are always lucky and roll right past your line of hotels, playing with special dice always makes you roll the "skip" dice 3 times in a row while you stay on start and watch the bots get properties. Hard Difficulty is impossible to play for me because of this, so I'm stuck playing online or on Medium Difficulty. Overall, good game...
Lmao when I tried to give feedback it crashed 😂 Anyways, your game is completely unplayable because its crashed 13 times in a row when I pressed "solo".
This game is my favorite board game, especially like the offline play. Missing two stars because I don't have the option migrateing it to my SD card and it's 120 MB. Please fix this.
Addicting game. Only problem I have is the cards go by too quickly for the player to read them, and also, there should be more money in the free parking spot
Had a problem after updating but developer responded and reinstalling solved the issue. Back to having fun playing the game! Thanks!
We need limit turn to avoid bad game for some player, really wasting time with this limitles turn. Gameplay yang tidak natural. More natural gameplay please.
At first it was great but after just a couple games is started to constantly freeze. I'm unable to login. I have to reboot my phone if I wast the music to stop.
I feel the game is absolutely rigged especially the offline mode because I play offline all the time. It's been 3 days since I download the game and only once I won a match the rest all times even if I buy the best properties nd build houses on them the robots never land on those properties. Instead I land on their properties lose money nd go from a rich guy to bankruptcy. Can't take it anymore. The dice roll sucks always gives you bad rolls.
3 stars at the moment. It's a good game but I suspect there is some kind of cheat or its not random and one player is favoured at the start of the game. Literally just finished my tenth game of getting 3-7 properties and -cash whilst one player seems to get 15+ of all the same colour and land on +cash. Am I really this unlucky, I doubt it. So either cheaters or not random dice rolls... Both make the game frustrating 😡
Awesome, just one opinion, they should put an option to start a game (find match) but choosing the minimum players to group up, so I could avoid playing 1x1, which is usually not so cool as playing with more players.
Love this game. There are ads but not annoying.. and the gameplay is truly entertaining! Update: there's a cheater or game system doesn't run well that a player with minus money can still play. Moreover please do not autostart when I set the player to 5. Many times it autostarts only with 2 players
Getting my friends to join a room is very glitchy they get a link on which they click and just the game app opens but they dont join the room. We have to try atleast 10 times before we are all able to connect. The game has MANY BUGS
EDIT: Update works if you don't choose any special options at start of the game. I wanted Special dice and it keeps crashing. Can't even start.
The AI for the dice is so biased. Please make it entirely randomised, instead of supporting specific players in the game.
This game is stupid, for example on the card it says first house $50 second house $150 but it still charges you $150 to build your first house, and once you land on somebody else's property it charges you $600 meanwhile it's only upposed to charge you $300 and once the computer builds a house the game charges him half the amount. There's a lot of stupid errors like this and if the guy that made this app doesn't have the time to fix them why should you waste your time playing this game.
Fun game, except I don't like how trades randomly pop up. I had a good game going, then a computer player send a trade. I went to roll the dice and the trade accept button popped up right where you click to roll the dice. Very annoying because I didn't want him to have 3 of the same color but he ended up putting up houses. I still won the game lol but not how I wanted to win it. Programmers should make a secondary "Are you sure you want to accept trade?" Pop up screen 2 make sure u want trade.
Playing solo makes no sense. I don't know how the dice works but it is definitely not random. The players trade with other at ridiculously low prices compared to how they trade with me. They could go multiple consecutive rounds not landing on any of my hotels, while i keep landing on theirs. It gets frustrating. It's like I'm being targeted. Deleting the game.
Good game, but lag seems to make it bug out. The AI has been improved as to not sell properties so cheaply that it ruins the game anymore.
Computers cheat massively. Saw a computer buy China at auction for over $500 and immediately sell it to the computer that owned Quatar for $60. Tried to trade $300 for a railroad unsuccessfully, after my turn same railroad was traded to the player that owned the other 3 for $250. Uninstalled.
The game is unbalanced. It is not random,, players are played by AI, it is impossible to turn your luck. It is solved by restarting the game, but it is boring.
Good ove4all but let down slightly by the sometimes very abrupt pacing. Notifications and cards arent left on screen quite long enough to read easily.
I like it except that each player is timed and there's no option to change it or eliminate it. I want to play with distant family where everyone can take there time (like a day) to take their turn.
This game used to be fun, and still would be fun if I could interact with the WHOLE top side (i cant sell houses or properties from the yellow to the purple). it also makes me bid automatically when im trying to mortgage. I'm uninstalling your game, because it was fine before you messed with it. The most recent update has made this into trash.
The most frustrating game I've ever played because the dice are not randoms . Bots always win no matter what !!!
The mechanic where you have to auction or buy the property you land on is a bit ridiculous. No option to just not do something on a tile would make more sense. other than that the game is great
this is a pretty accurate version of monopoly game. It does well to pass time and tire out your eyes before bed or sitting on the pot. the AI is reasonably smart but makes stupid trades among themselves. Also it's pretty predictable that the AI will almost never land on your property unless it's in mortgage or something. pretty fun game though.
Great game. Really fun but the new updates have made it impossible to buy properties from AI that took over a person who left.
Usually a fun game, but it keeps crashing since the most recent update. I cannot get through the first round of turns. One of my favorite games is now unplayable. I have rebooted my device, checked for another update, and run task killer. Still crashes. Please fix! Update 6/30: They fixed it! Thank you!
The game is super dope. But anytime i click on "Online" the whole game freezes. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Nothing works! Would give this game 5 stars if it worked.
This game is great although I wish that you could at least make it to where we have enough time to read the cards. Also something needs to be done with these rage quitters because a lot of the players that I have faced has quit all because I got good properties or what not. If you could make those adjustments that would be great I have other critic's but I will just stick with these.
The last update changed the way you mute the audio. Before, you muted it once and you were done forever. Cool, because I play before I sleep, don't want to bother the wife. Now, the audio defaults to "on", and there's no way to turn it off until you get into a game. Sucks. Other than that - Great game, better than the original, IMHO. Five stars if the sound control mutes the game permanently instead of requiring attention before every game.
this game is a fun version of Monopoly but has a lot of frustrating glitches. i will randomly be told i was removed from the game for inactivity even though i just rolled, cash trade and the cash doesn't transfer, special dice don't always work correctly, etc. i hope you fix, this could be a great game. hard to enjoy when you get cheated by glitches.
This is a great strategy game. It is supposed to challenge you. If you are one to not take losing as a way of learning how to strategically win, even against a computer, this isn't for you. Hard lvl is such. My gripe is the glitch with "immunity." Your next roll AFTER using it will allow you to save on paying rent a 2nd time but it sucks if the computer has it & lands on your set because it will not pay rent on that next roll. This "glitch" is only helpful when possessed by you, not the bots.
It doesn't explain the game I downloaded it confused (I didn't know what to do😩) and I just started playing and knew more, I even won an round! The next day I wanted to play it with my sister but then it said "Rento stopped" and that even happened to my sister! So annoying, hopes this gets fixed my connection is fine, WiFI also fine hopes this gets fixed immediately because this annoys me a lot and my sister too, hope it gets fixed fast because this game was fine until it kept stopping.
Game is slow and occasionally lags. It also consumes a lot of resource and battery. Not sure if the dices are fair and truly random until I see codes, but playing feels like all the robots and dices and chests are conspiring against player. There is much better monopoly board game out there developed by the Australians. This rigged game with poor design does not deserve the hype it's having now. It just causes more stress and rage instead of entertaining its players.
People hack and timeout the turn in their benefit. They'll land on a property and timeout the game so that it doesn't go to auction. I was bidding in an auction and then the turn just timed out and there was no action. Hackers dude. Oh, and the -20% spinner never hits. I've NEVER seen it hit.
Its pretty good the only problem is that the cards drawn go to fast off of the screen to read what it says, then something changes on the board and I have no idea what it was
The best place to play real monopoly i love it! 3 stars for the players who are suffers from frustration...they are here insulting people!
Almost good but bad network issues,Solo mode is just too easy...tornaments rankings is not clear enough cause i won a tournament and wasn't awared or recognized among the top players.. results of tournaments come too late...made me give you 3/5 stars
horrible. first of all, why this has 3D on it's name? the game is all 103% 2D. Second, the AI "luck" is just too high. I always pay 2 times more rent than others. AI always starts with a lot of doubles and buys all the lands. when I am choosing "hard", I want to play against good opponents, but instead, I will have reduced "luck". don't want to rate 1 star, just because I love the classic monopoly game.
Excellent - Easy to use - Fun: This really is an excellent alternative to Monopoly, it allows you to do more than you would imagine. The only downside to the game is that people join and then leave if they start loosing!!! Full of sore loosers.
I love playing but sometimes it is super glitchy and freezes and sends u back to the lobby in the middle of a turn. like a lot. I force stop the app and restart my phone but doesnt help.
better than regular monopoly. lots of perks but beware off all the negative affect cards as well. though the online sucks because no on ever just stays and finished a game but if you just want to kill so time challenge the computer and have fun though I do wish they were a lot harder. 3-5 stars is my rating.
This game is interesting about trading and selling and etc .It was way more useful for future about business .
I thought it looked kind of silly at first but I actually think I like this game more than monopoly. It feels like the developers worked hard on it.
Fun at first but SUPER GLITCHY. You'll be 30 minutes into a game and BOOM...game freezes and no way back. Also, sometimes game won't start it just freezes on the game option screen and then the app crashes. Weak sauce
Idiots playing, no report or complain buttons, and therefore no choice of ruling out morons from your game. What happened in the past 10 games, some retarded 'people' decided to just pass on all the lands, buildings etc for nothing to other players just because they got frustrated or bored, therefore ruining the entire game. There are no player blocking buttons or report buttons, or blacklist buttons so you won't play against the same retard, and therefore you waste 40 min of your life per game.
The most original experience of any Monopoly style game! A bit too many lost players but not unbearable.
No ads and the game play is fun. Plain graphics, which I like. I enjoy playing the computer. Keep it simple and don't add a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles!
So far so good . I'm still finding my feet eith this game. Two things: the cards flash way to quick for even a fast reader. Please give us the option to see the card a hit longer. 2nd: it says the game is saved automatically - however I cant find anywhere how to access the automatically saved game...
Overall interesting game but becomes little frustrating about vault cards, that a card appears for a very brief period of time. Specially when the text is a little long, you can't read and understand the statement. I suggest improving the time a vault card is displayed for, or, add a close button, so the user can close it once read. Very much looking forward to this. Also please add a save option for the online game, so it can be continued over days. It would also be nice to have an option to remove turn time altogether because in this case you can play while you do other things. thanks in advance.
Cool Beans. Tried other Monopoly apps but, ads are taking over our fun. This app lets you have fun till you save n quit. Good Job!
Very poor implementation of a classic. Very clunky feel. Cards don't stay on screen long enough to read and block the view of the game board.
Crashes constantly. Fix the bugs! Reported, hopefully the game is removed from Market until the developers acknowledge the problems.
Again... another unfair play. Its fine in some areas but heck this is simply my review because not once since ive started have i won yet. Tables always turning. Like how irritating is that?!!!!! Anyway... its a good way to learn but its best to get the real monopoly. UPDATE! had a few fair wins but again this game has turned tables on me. Dd so well next minute other plyrs winning. Its the rolling the dices aye, the computer deliberately makes the players win or lose. Pathetic!
Why there is different game rules between ISO and Android? When Android making Auction ISO can mortgage. But ff ISO begins Auction Android can not mortgage. It is very stupid disbalance between two players.
I love this game so much. If you love playing moboploy then youd also love the game. You cqn play both offline and online
Neat game. I don't remember seeing ads. Some things are not explained. Like on the spinning wheel what are the non dollar characters representing. The board could be larger. As I get older my vision fades away.
I don't know how this game has a 4.0 average rating...it is extreemly biased towards new players so, you can lose seven times in a row if youre an old player...playing against the bot is not that captivating and keeps crashing at beginning of every session...again how it has a 4.0 rating i don't know...have played it for two years now...moving onto business world...highly suggest you do too...ciao
Really good game, some bugs but can easily be sorted out. Really addictive gameplay, I've been playing for months almost every day. It offers just enough control to keep things interesting without becoming frustrating. One issue is I seemed to be dropped from the server during games quite frequently, and my opponents too. This might be an issue with my internet but I doubt it as I usually am getting around 9mbps dl speed. There's also a couple bugs with the AI, but easy fix in an update.
Glitch in the aap. Played 4 hours and system keeps on hoping players with a tact of losing and gaining money but not loosing the game. Glitch with dice. Sometimes not even let build the house, built option doesn't work. And sometimes moves automatically. I loved the game however need a fix.
I love this game but I havent been able to log on for about a week and a half...sucks. I have deleted and redownload, tried other methods (Facebook, google, etc..) nothing works
The game is not very stable it quite often shutdown during the middle of a game by itself and you have to restart the game from the start on relaunch. The game itself is pretty good however the cards time limit need to be increased as you barely have enough time to read them.
I used to love this game so much and used to play every day. Now a days It's getting hang so much. Please fix your app soon.
It's pathetically programmed,when you roll the dices it's not random. I have played with a friend for hours, we had 50-50 of the lands we couldn't finish the game, we were spinning in circle. At first I thought the game is awesome, but as you play longer you realise it's not random and it's made to make you play so long (maybe infinite). The worst monopoly game ever!
A very fun replica of Monopoly with some fun additions. The only problem is that it doesn't explain its mechanics thst well and you need to pay close attention when you get cards from community chest and lucky because there's no way to check them and they turn off on their own.
Best replacement for monopoly and it's free!! And it has bluetooth mode so you can just play with friends near by. It exceeded my expectation. And it casts your game to smart TV too? They seriously thought of everything. Make this the top app on store 👍🏻
I PLAYED THIS GAME AND IT IS AWESOME! It is just like monopoly! The graphics are a bit different though. If you have a low status phone like a LG android I highly suggest that you don't get this game. But I have a Samsung galaxyS9 and it is perfect. Can't imagine how it is for I phones!
used to be a great game. but since last update, constance crashing. or can't loggin to play. you had a great game why did you have to mess with it?
Very nice game. I loved it so much and its awesome to play by Bluetooth with my friends . A great game of both 19 and 20 century...
Love the game but when I play with the bots set on hard difficulty the game crashes always at the second turn of the game Edit: was 4 stars but now it just keeps crashing even after cleaning cache and reinstalling
This is an amazing rendition of Monopoly. The only thing holding me back from giving this five stars is the lack of a team feature. I think if the game had the ability for us to go into teams, then it would allow for some really interesting and strategic games. Great game you guys.
Developer are you aware that you're cheating whenever I choose the pre-filled purchases option and the properties are distributed that AI gets more than the person the last game I quit you gave me four and you gave the two AI six that's why I'm changing my rating from 4 to 2