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renal summer for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by ところにょり located at 大阪府守口市金田町6-1-13. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Cute but incredibly boring. This is basically a tap game where you cannot buy any bonuses except for one that slightly increases tap strength. The man interacting with the dog is cute, but you'll spend most of your time with them frantically tapping to fix the dog's kidney since it gets VERY sick VERY quickly when you are away. Really, the only way to fix it is by watching a few ads and dramatically increasing your strength, which gets old FAST.
A beautiful artstyle and a touching story - an these two balance out a repetitive and boring gameplay? Nope. Only recommended for those who can sit through 7 days of aimless tapping for minutes every 5-6 hours.
interesting idea, charming graphics. gameplay itself is a little lacking. getting the dog's health bar back up takes way too long. the health also decreases faster than I really have time to deal with. I still enjoy the game, and will keep playing, but it can get a little annoying.
Very nice game but Im scared to uninstall it. I have a feeling this game hasn't yet. Should I wait a little longer? The dog is already hibernating and I dont know what to do...
The game is pretty challenging and suited for compassionate people. Being a kidney is not something you can take a break from as it is functioning 24/7. You dont have to wake in the midnight just to save the dog. The music really sets the mood for the game and I would really like to know the name of the song.
Honestly, the feeling with the game is so bittersweet, the sweet pixel atmosphere is so lovely and makes me crave getting my hands back on this game to keep this poor dog alive. What made me uninstall the game is feeling upset I couldn't save the dog. I felt like I failed it because I didn't give it more time. Overall, amazing, beautiful game. If you like lofi pixel games, and you have a lot of time, this game is perfect for you.
Amazing game. One of the very few good mobile games that use the medium to its full potential imo. Had me hooked all the way. I used an auto clicker which made sleeping at night less anxiety enducing, but ooh boy was i still worried. This game will test your patience and attention. 10/10
While the concept is unique and intriguing, the UX and gameplay fall through. If breaking the blocks was some kind of simple puzzle like Tetris, Candy Crush, or Car Park it would have been way better. Tapping the blocks is boring (and takes longer every day) and the haptic feedback for every tap is annoying and battery draining. The art style didn't have enough detail so I couldn't tell what was happening in most scenes. The music and idea are beautiful but the gameplay needs some work.
Love the game. Beautiful lowres pixel art. I love the colour palette too. Lovely unique game with an equally unique and somber premise. The game already sets the precedent that it is a sad story, and the gameplay was designed around this theme. Anyone being put off by the gameplay changes doesnt seem to be getting the point of the story. This game is 5/5.
the story, the art, the music all tugs at my heart in such a good way. it gave me something to hold on to when feeling anxious or upset. made me feel as though i had a sense of purpose the whole time while playing, and the ambience is just amazing. 10/10 from me! i completed the 7th day today and am still impressed at the joy this app is bringing me!
I loved thiß game so much, it really calming. It is a little hard at times since it's in real time but if you have the free time I definitely recommend it :]
It is very relaxing and thats it. once the stages get more advanced, it gets extremely boring, and theres no tutorial so i didnt know what to do with the cubes, the music gets so annoying when it always repeats itself. I hate it very much and i wish i could just forget about it
Ive just finished the game and Im in tears. Ive enjoyed keeping the dog alive for the past week plus, the last day was the hardest and I had to purposely wake up at night to check on him. But I think it shows how much the struggle was for the dog to keep alive. Love the end, only wished that we could have some afterstory to see if the dog could get the treatment it needs in the future.
This game brought me to tears twice, and still chokes me up a bit now. It falls a bit short on certain elements, gameplay taking a bit away from the story and being a bit hard on fingers, but the stories and characters are beautifully done. It really feels this man and his dog are living in summer, there's many astounding details. The also game manages to thin the needle between making you feel guilty while not being exploitive. So long as one pays attention and invests in the story, it's great!
I really really wanted to like this, but I personally had a hard time figuring out HOW to even play the game and once i got the hang of it it was kinda boring
I finished this game some time ago and poured my all into keeping the dog alive as much as possible. The fact that this game is in real-time helps people feel emotionally attached to the old man and the dog—so much so that, personally, I can't bring myself to uninstall the app because it feels like I'd be ending the dog's life somehow, or outright destroying the little world they live in. I'm also so, so pleasantly surprised by the ending. Thank you for making this!
Unique, special, great concept :3. No bugs yet. Here's a few features: 1.Add random borking 2.Add special scenes eg Doggo Contests, Old man Bingo (once a week?) 3.Add interaction between dogs and npcs Idk if it already has these, I've just been playing for a few days. Still, great game, looking forward to new stuff!
The gameplay can get a little tedious, but it's up to you to decide if the story makes up for that. For me, it kind of did, hence 4⭐. I kinda figured out what was happening on day 6 when the dude didn't go to sleep. I'd say give it a shot if you're patient, the art is worth it. If not look up the ending(s).
This game... looked so weird to me when I saw the name and description. I downloaded it, and... it's just so charming. I don't know how to describe it well, but this game makes me feel existential but in a comfortable way. Yeah, the dog will die, but I'm here for it, and the old man is here for it, and we're going to make that dog very happy in his final days. The pixel graphics are very cute.. I love it! (I also feel bad whenever I decline an ad... You guys deserve monetization from this)
This game has charm and nice sprites, but its also kinda dull and very repetitive. The game has no point to it, no end goal, no kind of achievement or anything. The dog will die in the end, and while other games have had plots where you know you'll die, they have great gameplay, while this game has super inefficient tapping that takes FOREVER to make any progress. You'll be watching ads any chance you get to break the shapes more efficiently, and you still don't make much progress after that.
A simple game with a demanding level of play, Renal Summer was something I didn't expect to finish. I would say it's more engaging than entertaining due to the grip the story holds over the actual gameplay. There was a few times when I would panic when loading the game when I woke up in case the dog, that I nicknamed Champ, hadn't survived. Luckily, I finished the story without any mishaps! The storyline was also very wholesome and seeing their different daily activities was real heartwarming 💙
Amazing Game, honestly. It will take some dedication and honestly once you figure out how the game works with it's mechanics, you can master it. You are pretty much thrust into this world where – don't read too much into it –you are a dog's kidney. How high blood pressure or low blood pressure works is beyond me still but nevertheless it serves it's purpose and creates some interesting gameplay. I recommend playing this at different times of the day, but you'll need to be consistent to finish it
This game is kinda hard and...sad. I mean it's not that hard but if you are a busy person, and barely have time to play with your phone, you might not be able to save the dog. This is just like in real life, so you'll need to put time and effort in order to save the dog
The gameplay is simple enough, but it does require you to come back to the app in a very tight time window for the last 2 days, otherwise the dog dies and you have to redo that day. For me, this almost meant waking up in the middle of the night just to tap some cubes. I got lucky and ended up getting the ending after 4 deaths. The pixel art is far too noisy to decipher what is going on in some of the events. The reliance of using the ad powerup is way too high as cubes get ridiculously strong.
This game is very simple yet hopeful. The old man does VARIOUS activities and the music and style is very calming and soothing. It's a fun game to play for a week or two. Though I was getting a little frustrated cuz the dog was dying everyday because it's health was small. Anyway, Iove the game, I just wish there was more too it.
The game itself has a nice concept but the gameplay is quite boring. Especially after the 7 days, the charm of the game is practically gone. I couldn't connect much with the dog or the owner which made the ending less special than it should've been, probably because you can't interact with them at all (I get that I'm playing as a kidney which has no control but it just comes off as boring). I applaud the effort of trying something different but i just see it as a less exciting clicker game.
The artstyle is amazing and so is the music, it's different from any other game out there, it's unique. Also, it just has a kind of atmosphere to it that will genuinely make you want to cry. :(
I'm a massive fan of this game. I tend to really love games that go against the grain of what everyone else is producing, and I found it nuanced and emotional without being exploitive. It's insane how color choice, music, and atmosphere have the ability to imbue such emotion into such a simple game. I feel like I'm playing a small piece of art. Recommend this to anyone.
I can't believe there's people rating this game poorly. Those people are impatient and didn't know what they were signing up for, that's not the game's fault. This is why I always read the reviews. This game works in your time and they should NEVER CHANGE THAT. You change that you change the feeling and emotion attachment. My only complaint is that there's no real instructions. What you're supposed to do is break the blocks, like any other block breaking game, to earn money and get your bar up.
If you are not observant, it is very likely you will miss the point. You will be frustrated by things you do not understand, because you have not seen them. It is not required to like dogs or lofi or pastel graphics to like this game. However, you must be observant. Look at things. Notice when they change. This is my advice.
Not for everyone, the gameplay is singular and unchanging, but if you played and enjoyed farewell planet, you will appreciate this game and what it attempts over the course of seven real life days, either on purpose or by accident. It also may be cathartic if you've had a loss of a pet that was drawn out. You have a lot of time to meditate on the situation as you watch the old man and dog go about their routine. Great soundtrack too, as usual.
Just got the game, but I can already make my review. This game... There is no way to describe this game the right way. This game gives me a calm I havent felt before. A feeling of peace and everything in life just being perfect even though it isn't, even though I know it isn't. Nothing about life is perfect. But the fact that this game gives me that feeling says enough about the game. The game makes me feel love, actual, genuine love for the dog and old man. That is a great feeling.
I absolutely love the story between the owner and the dog! Watching time pass and seeing them do daily chores around the farm makes it all the more touching with its melancholic yet hopeful ending. Together with its pixel artstyle and the nice choice of seeing the game either in vertical or horizontal mode. However i do wish it allows more time for us to step back from the game, since the timeframe to return in order to save the dog seemed really strict.
This game has beautiful graphics and sound design but I was unable to complete it due to the amount of time you need to dedicate to it. Even with my blood pressure being highly upgraded (above the 2m mark) & checking in and clearing the toxins and re-filling the dog's health bar multiple times a day, the dog kept dying on me before the seven days was up. This game wasn't right for me, but I will definitely check back to see what this publisher does in the future.
had the potential but it was too hard to keep coming back to the game to make sure the dog hadn't died. i sleep 12 hours so it's impossible to not kill the dog for me.
Please play it, it's truly worth it to take a break, listen to the sounds in the game and break blocks.
What an amazing game, really. Such a simple way to get attatched to a pixel dog and an old man. I thought it was very strange at first but it grew on me. Definitley play this game if youre patient
Am I supposed to come back and check in every few hours? Because if so, the real-time aspect is a little too demanding. I get the premise, that "you are the dog's failing kidneys", but it's so depressing to revisit this app and find that the worst has come to pass. Also the lack of settings (can't disable the haptic feedback on EVERY tap) is off-putting. It is a charming game; I love how at night the dog closes his eyes and starts to dream, among other things. But it feels incomplete, and very linear.
OMG! this game is awesome. It made me cry... perfect, I would recommend this to people who need some kind of routine or some kind of responsibility. It gave me a reason to wake up, and stay focused on something. Phenomenal game.
This is an extremely beautifully made game! Everything from the sound design and art style to watching the events throughout the day is a really fulfilling experience and I genuinely love the premise of the game! I hope the dev team best for future games