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Remote control for TV

Remote control for TV for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by abduquena. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Completely horrible!!!!! Everytime I pushed a button an ad would pop up. The remote didn't even work.
Useless. If you try to click on remote an ad will pop up everytime. You cant do anything with it unless you watch ads for fun.
You can't do anything because of the adds. Push a button and an add pops up. Remove the add, push a button and another add pops up. This is COMPLETELY USELESS
this was horrible I could not do anything without getting bombarded with ads also it didn't do what it was supposed do do.... work. lastly it didn't even hook up to the right tv so I promise turned on either a fake tv or some random person's tv either way it didn't work for mine so that app sucks
never got to use the remote bc every time i press a button on the app, an ad pops up. useless. impossible to use the remote bc each button prompts an ad.
AVOID! I wouldn't touch this app every time I touch the screen pop up, remote feature doesn't work at all and even if it did I'd still be faster just going to the TV and changing channels manually. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!
This app doesn't work I've tried two others and they were 100% better dont download this unless your ready to be disappointed. It plays you an ad if you try and pause your tv
Absolutely shite. Couldn't get past the adds coming in one after the other.. DO NOT DOWNLOAD..... checking my phone for viruses as you couldn't possibly trust these scumbags that created an app that isn't even close to what they say it is.... deserves no stars....
This app is useless. Would not recommend. Everytime you try to use your remote an add pops up. This app is unusable and a peice of garbage in my opinion.
Immediately uninstalled couldn't press a button without ads popping up and the button wouldn't even work. Also kept prompt rating before could even use it. Only experience was ad after ad after ad.
it's so stupid it doesn't even work every time I tried to click any button it kept popping up stupid ads don't download this app I repeat don't download this app it's a waste of time and storage
This is not a remote app. It's garbage overflowing with shameless ads.🗑️ Weak developers with no artistic ability. embarrassing interface.....desperados for ad revenue.
Don't bother! I'm f**king p*ssed off! Every single button brings up an ad for Simple Home app... except one for a slot game. ARE YOU SERIOUS? THIS ONE IS A DELIBERATE JOKE!
Good. Lord. I couldnt actually tell you whether or not it works because an ad popped up literally every time I hit a button. After 3 minutes, and getting no farther than scanning for my TV because I was too busy closing ads for other apps, I uninstalled it. Friggin' ridiculous.
Fake. I don't mind the blatant pop-up ads and rating prompts if the app does what it is supposed to do. This app redirects you from the Ac Remote app saying that this app contains drivers for your current ac models. But this being a TV remote app does not have any drivers for ac remote.Should be reported for false claims and spams.
Horrible! Youre instantly hit with hundreds of ads every 5 seconds. And the buttons dont even work! All they do is pop up an ad. Literally.
This is not a remote, it does not do anything but put up an ad whenever you press any button. ironically false advertising
This app is a waste of my and maybe yours too i go thru the process everything is fine untill i geg to the remote part i press a button and only ADS this is a scam this does not work its just full with ads.DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!!! !
you suck!! actually thought i found an app for my tv since my son lost my remote but everytime i try to turn it up or down or tap a screen... it redirects me to an ad. yall some sorry ppl to create a fake app just for ads so yall can make money off them... deleted!!!
This App doesn't even deserve half a star. It is a spam. It was created to driving traffic to the Ads... What a waste of time, space and Data..
Completely unusable due to ads. It's not even the fact that the ads are CONSTANTLY popping up. It's that they literally render the app unusable because every time you hit a button, instead of working, it throws up an ad. You literally can't do anything. I reported the app. This is a complete scam.
doesn't work and every single click leads to an ad, that's way too much, I don't have the patience to deal with this
HORRIBLE. First of all it doesn't even work. second, all they want is money. Whenever you click on the remote it doesn't work and it goes into an add EVERY SINGLE TIME ON REMOTES 1,2, AND 3 So so so SO SOOOO BAD DO NOT INSTALL
There is an ad EVERY TIME you press a button, then you have to wait 15 seconds just to figure out it was the wrong button!!
Worst I ever, do not install!! The only thing you get is millions of ads, never ever got a chance to see about the app because of so many ads!!! This app is completely a joke, my little brother could have done better
Everytime you push a button thete are commercials or adds! Yeah no! I uninstalled after less than a min, after half a dozen adds.
Doesn't work, every remote button press opens an ad but doesn't actually do anything to the tv. Fake app.
Doesn't work! It reads the tv you have and gives a choice of 3 remotes that when you press a button you get an ad. Every.single.time. don't waste your time.
complete garbage! does NOT work! everytime i hit a button it brings up an ad but does absolutely nothing else!
Horrible, it doesn't work, plus you can't do anything without an ad every second, i wish I was exaggerating
After every SINGLE button you press, an add takes over the entire screen. HORRIBLE! If you need to turn up or down the volume, you're f'ed. Imagine 15 adds to turn it from 45 to 30. F this stupid app!!!!
Awful app. Stupid three second long transitions between every screen. Clicking on a button on the actual remote doesn't do anything, it just plays an ad. *swoosh* 3 second transition onto a white screen. Ad loads. Plays, then the X comes up. *swoosh* another 3 second wait. Click on button again. Maybe it's just a fluke that it happened that time. But no, instead you get *swoosh* and an ad. Every single botton press fed me an ad, and I tried it 5 times before I deleted it. Don't bother.
Worst app ever, ads coming at you like crazy and remote doesn't work, let alone have a volume control. Great job, guys.
Every time I pushed a button an ad would pop up. I deleted the app within one minute of opening the app.
I had to uninstall as soon as I intalled it, ads keep popping up every button I pressed. I don't even know if it works or not, so annoyed.
Riddled with ads and in between getting blasted by ads, asks for rating before you even set it up. Couldn't even set up because bombarded by ads. Immediately uninstalled.
Bad! You can't click a single button without an ad popping up! Not a remote just ads! Don't get this app unless you want ads!
There is no reason for there to be that many ads on a remote control app. Ridiculous. Completely takes away from the functionality.
I wpuld give this app a 0 star bit I can't, each time I touch the screen it show adds and more adds. It does not work
do not install this app, it is a waste of space and it is a scam. every time i tried to press a button in the remote it would just show me an add and it did nothing as far as the tv remote. IT IS USELESS DO NOT BUY!, I REPEAT!, DO NOT BUY!!!