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Remixed Dungeon: Pixel Art Roguelike

Remixed Dungeon: Pixel Art Roguelike for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by NYRDS located at Russian Federation Moskow region Podolsk city Yubileynya street 26, 179. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not necessarily bad, i can definitely see potential. There's a few kinks to work out tho: The overworld doors sometimes dont work and you're left standing there wondering what happened, classes are interesting but i think they could use some rebalancing (little more accuracy, more health, etc.), and the variety of weapons (at least early on) is a little underwhelming. Lots of interesting ideas. They just need to be more focused and honed.
Very fun! Has added more to the PD experience. Only problem is food: even on easy mode it's there's not enough food around, and just too expensive to buy it. /Edit Thanks for replying! True, but I think very lazy casual gamers like me might enjoy a "very easy" mode better.
Great game! It is like Pixel Dungeon but with an expanded RPG aspect to it. It is also nice having player made mods
Am I missing something? I've played down to level 16 of dungeon, and only ever met like 2 NPCs that gave me missions. There is no story. I don't know what I'm working towards. In town there is an inn, but no way i can see to make use of it.
I spent three months beating this woth every character once before finally uninstalling it. Clearly that was a mistake since the gane has been updated! I thought the game had died but i was wrong. I'm so happy!! Edit: I know its asking a lot but could we maybe have a healer class (who would become a templar or cleric) or maybe a druid (who would become a beastmaster or shapeshifter)
It's a kind of enjoyable I can say that it's the best, But can you please make all the characters unlocked Thanks😊
Wands have stopped recovering charge since the last update! I hope it can be fixed soon! All in all a simple to play yet complex and highly addictive game. It's never the same twice so you can play again and again for years. Updated to 29.5.rc.2 and the issue persists.
Decent til the last stage (type of levels, 4 or 5). Extremely difficult, period. Final bosses, (sighs), in the original there is 1. This one has an assortment of at least 5, THREE at a time, THREE!!! Otherwise it's a good game, and I'd recommend it to everyone who doesn't mind not beating it. I was on rouge class, level 37.
This game is super fun, I beat it as a rogue, I rarely used te rogue class however, so interesting... NEATO!
I LOVE this game so much. Thank you for thr game, it is way better then all the others in my opinion. The only thing keeping me away from a 5 star review is the fact that you can't leave the vilage. I would appreciate it if you make an update to where us explorers can leave the town and explore some place like maybe a few new towns or woods. Maybe even get some quests from other vilagers. Other then that, this is my favorite game so far... Keep it up! 😁
Please remove the added medical mask from the characters faces! It's like putting Aids or school shootings in a game. What does this ad to the game??? I can totally respect every one's right to wear a mask but mask-wearing has not been scientifically proven to improve health or safety. Like all choices made for one's own body it should always be done at the discretion of the individual, not peer pressure or sponsored opinions.
The game is good, most of it is great actually, but the problem is that it's stupidly buggy,for example, every now and then, you somehow come out of a wall when you try to move, another one is that you get surrounded by spiders then it won't let you attack,if you can fix all or the most major parts, it would probably be great
Would be the best version but full of bugs! My first download I got the 'smh' or something bone pile available at the shop, I bought it for 0 gold, then whenever I chose a character I would have no gear (every character naked) apart from the equipped pile of bones. Had to reinstall and lose my saves. Second, sometimes when I attack they move back and I move into their place using up my turn oO Gnoll is impossible vs hunger D; Elf is pretty lame, if you could get paths for new characters please!
In my opinion, pretty good game over. However, there are a few recommendations I have (take em or leave em) that I think would make the game more polished and better overall. 1. Grammar. In the game, all text generally has grammar mistakes (no real effect on gameplay, just makes it feel less professional), 2. Hunger rate. All character classes tend to starve very fast, less then a IRL minute. 3. More items. It would be great if you could add some more weapons and spells, however I realize this is difficult. Edit: also, if you could, adding a sneak attack that activates when enemies are not aware of you and you preform an attack on them, dealing extra damage.
I love this game alot, I've spent alot of time playing it trying out different character builds,leveling may not be as elaborate as skyrim but it's fun nonetheless
The game is good. Like the simplicity but enough in the game to keep it interesting. Also the town theme reminds me of the battletech cartoon intro. Lol.
Updated review. 5 stars, I have been enjoying this game and looking forward to seeing this game grow as the developers work on content and improvements. Thank you developers for making this a fun experience 🀟🏿
Great RPG, just that lack of food πŸ₯‘ and $ to buy food, kills me before anything else, otherwise great..I still play and die, ha!😁
Fun and easy to learn. My favorite new time killer. Enjoying the challenges each floor or run gives. I play as the gnoll and it's the reason I love playing. Needs away to enchant weapons easyer for other characters.
Its a really good game.. However im experiencing some crashes.. Sometimes my screen just goes black or my screen refreshes and i lose some items and the stuff in my quick slots change or disappear. Pls fix it if its a bug, otherwise i wouldve rated it 5 stars.
One major problem is that if you stay on a floor long enough with defeating enough enimies the enimies on the floor seem to never spawn again I find this very frusterating because its gotten to the point to where i cant defeat the boss or survive long enough to get to it even with the save function
Have been playing alot of different mods for pixel dungeon and so far this is really great. I have pretty much one problem with the game and it's a cosmetic thing: the walls.... It's almost definately something to do with other mods but damm the walls in this version look wierd to me, tho i can get used to it pretty quick. Very good game, keep it up lad
Game is very good, This is definetely the best Pixel Dungeon I ever played because it has a village from the start and in addition it has great items and abilities. But there is one big problem on the Mage character, first when upgraded to Warlock, its passive doesn't work. Does not heal or reduce hunger. Second when facing Yog-Dzewa, final boss. His organs are unaffected by fire. I think the flaming fist should only have that ability. But overall it is great.
Amazing game! The original was always missing something and this game has it!. Love how you guys respond back to almost all replies. Some suggestions for this game that I have might be to refresh the town shop after every boss fight? And I kinda like the challenge for the gnoll but it's close to impossible when you get down passed floor 25 since he can't read scrolls.... hopefully you guys can work something out in the tome of knowledge? Like maybe give him the ability to become temporary invincible for 5 turns for a bunch of Mana? Or temporary boost his strength? Just some ideas. Anyways keep up the good work! Look forward to seeing what you guys come up with next!
Cool remix of the game! My favourite so far. I am a Warrior and my wands stopped charging itself after I've reached certain level. Can you help me fix it?
I really like this game and it's very challenging even the easy mode not like some games that you can play them if you are blind and I have a suggestion that give more than one food resource in each floor or make an option that we can make foods or more resources in the dungeon it'd be more interesting pls consider. thank you ^-^
This is a great game, I would highly recommend it for people who like medieval and pixelated games (like me). I treated it 4 stars because I would like an update to where you can go and explore other villages and have actual quests and meet new people. Maybe even some new weapons and armor. Other then that the game is amazing. Keep up the good work!
I do like roguelike games, but one on phone is a dream come true! I played previous versions, or what some call (the original), but the more features, the more fun! Problem is, sometimes are quite tough with the move and looting algorithms...if there is a way to boot up the looting algorithms just a little, that would be great!
Great version of the game. Lots of fun. The payment to support the game is reasonable. You do run out of food fast. If you can't find the food portion on each level, food can quickly become a problem. Maybe put 2 portions on the first few levels or randomly put an extra food on a level 30% or 40% of the time and/or decrease the chance the deeper you go. Great game!
This game may be more open span and complex than the other remixes I've seen, which is alright and fine in my opinion, but the actual gameplay is frustrating. It's a difficult grind for coins and trying not to starve in the first few minutes of the game. There's multiple aspects of it that's interesting but it just doesnt seem progressive, especially for a game that restarts itself when you die? A dungeon crawler should be satisfying to play, but this is my personal opinion.
I have a mixed review on this game. On one hand, this game truly is a remixed addition, it adds so much too the game and changes the formula greatly. But the overall gameplay is very unpolished. I love how the alt dungeons played and the rewards for beating them. But the beginning section too set up too that is extremely maze like and repetitive in fighting. You almost always find the mobs in the big rooms. And when you dont you try and find a door too kite them too. 3/5 I would like more polish
I've played just about all the different pixel dungeon games out there and this is by far the best. It has a save/autosave feature so you dont lose hours of gameplay due to stepping on a fire trap. Even with the save feature it still requires a lot of skill to get far in the game. The bosses are very challenging, but beatable. I just cleared the 3rd boss after my 6th try, when he died I felt like I'd really accomplished something in the game. You can even watch optional ads to get 150 free gold.
Best pixel dungeon mod, hands down. Extremely well balanced. Improved the base game in pretty much every way. With a devs that are attentive and responsive, when I had issues with minor bugs they were seemingly fixed pretty quickly.
Game would be good if you remove the hunger part of it. It is completely useless and only makes you frustrated about it. Delete it. It s trash feature.
I liked that game is much friendlier to players than other PDs. Few suggestions : 1. Necromancer minions need to enter boss dungeon and not get locked outside. 2. There needs to be a permanent fire in overworld town where mystery meat can be cooked. 3. I don't understand what the various enchantments on Armor do ? What is Armor of metabolism, bounce, potential, etc 4. Wraiths need to more hittable with normal weapons 5. Need more wands dropped to improve gameplay variety
I really love this one. There's lots of new content and stuff. The only thing that I dislike is that I don't understand the "move timeout". Does the "infinity" setting remove the turn-based combat? Does it let me just spam-click the screen? What does "realtime" do and how does it affect the setting I choose for the move timeout? It just bothers me because it sometimes just really ruins my gameplay. Other than that, it's great.
Too complicated, the town makes things kind of strange and it can be difficult navigating for a new player. The classes are also very strange. I've played many pixel dungeon mods and this one is near the bottom of my list. A pixel dungeon mod shouldn't be this complex. Plus the ads and in app purchases are a bit scummy since you guys didn't make the base game, rather sprite changes, a few extra levels, tweaked AI's and some new items.
It was a good game! I like how grindy it is! But there is bug, when I went down for the boss room, I have 2 minions in me, the other went inside the boss room and the other is near the ladder but when I'm in the door I tried making the other went to the boss room but then the door to the boss suddenly locked. I can't fight the boss now and the only entity in the boss room is the boss and my minion! I'm stuck outside! Please fix it, make it if the player is inside the room the boss fight starts.
I think the game is great, But I can't play it using my keyboard. I have to always click and use the mouse for navigating. I use Bluestacks, I hope to play this game more but with easier navigation controls for pc players. Like Shattered Dingeon/Andors Trails.
The game is good, but I can't understand why you're denying basic scientific research as a joke in a game... we play this kind of stuff to get away from the world outside. You can post on twitter to your hearts content, tell the void what you think, but please let us play our little games to distract from the distopic world we live in without the banal conspiracy theories.
Its cute, but im starving to death. I was lucky to get out of the autosave dungeon loop. I watched a bunch of ads to buy more overpriced rations, and the guy doesnt even sell food anymore?? Im sad to uninstall this. Its clear that a lot of effort wrnt into it, but if the game's not balanced, it's all a waste.
Fun, challenging, and replayable. This is a great Pixal dungeon for all. It might lack a few of the, extra contect some have but this one has a great abundance of opportunity. There are some small bugs but see them as a extra wall. The game does get updated so its thriving. There are 6 classes to choose from, i finally got my first win with the wizard of all things. So yea, great game and best pixel dungeon i played so far!
Great game overall with the many classes, items and abilities but im my opinion shattered pixel dungeon destroys this one simply due to no updates. It feels like whoever made remixed pumped a large amount of content into it then left. Shattered every so often gets a tweak to the game that keeps it fun. This game differentiates from the others by having an overworld hub, more classes and class specific abilities, but its dissapointing that not all classes get this. Maybe if this one got updates.
Best version of watabou's pixel dungeon. Finished it several times. Only Noobs would find this harder than normal pixel dungeon. But for me, it is easier than normal pixel dungeon.
Since I played this for two years, it was an very astonishing work for updating this, new enemies, new bosses, new classes, and everything is new, I think this game was much more fun, challenging, better than the original one. I liked to give it five stars by plus and I hope you glad I played this for a while ago.
Thank for make my quarantine more enjoyable :) Edit:1.can you increase saturation? Its will help me soo much 2.can you add more potion recipe and other brewing recipe,i think this can help me more?its okay if you not include this but if you include i highly thanks alot 3.can you add multiplayer?, and if you add multiplayer please make loot on floor had one item for each player to avoid progess problems pls(same as potion) thank you ^_^
Very nice RPG game. but i have one reason i would like u to fix. If i type (pixel dungeon) way it all ways show the most original one not remastered version.
My favorite version of thus game but I discovered that the black scull doesn't work on mimics, is that intentional because a mimic minion would be cool
you can't up grading hardly at all and can't make money to get upgrades do to having to eat so much and everything is way to random can't plan for anything the developer lies you can't
I'm now a Royal Donator (and proud of it) ! Could you please consider adding 'Royal' interface color materials to the GUI, status bar and banner (like for the other donation levels), please ? Thank you in advance and keep up the good work, NYRDS !
Nice one making this game i really like it πŸ‘, but there is some problems.like if you can add some splash arts in all of the characters and making a good system improvements,added a powersaver on the settings and etc.sorry to say it to you.but i want the game more fun and addictive and to make other gamers to be happy of your game.so keep up the good work 😁
One of the better versions of this game for sure and i'm real happy that unlike many pixel dungeons this one is still being updated
Edit. I really like that you added the weapons to be seen when equipped on you character as well as the animations. What I would like to see is maybe more depth to the game, maybe some more unique items you that you could get for completing new quests. Also I think it's great to have the small town above the dungeon. What kinda disappoints me is that there is nothing really going on in town as you progress, you could have new people come to town and ask for your help as you progress.
This is a REALLY FUN game, but it starts getting stupid once you get to the higher levels. Even if your character level is 7 levels higher than the depth your on, it starts buggy and finding crazy amounts of damage to randomly deal you. I was on depth 19, being a 24 level Berserker with a 15: +4 Gothic Armor. I enchanted it with Glyh of Multiplicity. Next thing I know, I have full health and an enemy attacks me, the screen bugs, then says "Died by Glyh of Multiplicity" WHAT???? Deleted the game
I've noticed what I think is a glitch when it comes to the quickslots. I'll change things around on it, then save, but when the game loads back up, it's on the old configuration instead of the new one. I don't know how to fix this, short of reseting the character and not using the quickslot until I have the final set of stuff I need, which is gonna be pretty hard to determine. Can you look into this, please? I don't know if anyone else experiences this or not...
little better than the other pixel dungeons but thats about it, im glad i dont have to restart every time i die but it doesnt help when the enemy runs away until i cant reach it then instakills me since its range is twice my length, throwing didnt help and neither did using ranged weapons, i just ended up losing my bow so throwing arrows was all i had, limited advertisements was ok until i needed food since few enemies dropped food 2ndedit: thanksbutididn'thaveanythingotherthanhealing/inscribe
Its soooooooooo great and epic!!!!!!!a very good pixel rogue like rpg that got me hooked into it i hope the dev will keep improving the gane and maybe one day add more cities and villages😁
Very well done, and is very challenging. I wish there was more to the aboveworld. Maybe housing where you can grow food and the ability to go to other towns. Food is the only part of the game that I have a bit of a problem with. I like the food system, but it is a bit too hard to get sometimes, depending on your luck. Please add more ways to get food, the only thing keeping me from 5 stars! Otherwise, excellent game, and better than the OG Pixel dungeon.
The only pixel dungeon mod actually worth playing. Pretty much every other mod I have played for the pixel dungeon game has been either unfinished or abandoned. Glad to see someone actually put time and effort into what I thought was just another abandoned open source game. Giving 4 stars because there are still bugs and just a few areas are slightly lacking but for the most part the developer really made this their own. Well done and I hope you decide to work on something after this
Amazing game play! Very hard just like a rouge like should be. The optional dungeons and town mechanics are very nice. The necromancer changes are great and makes him way more playable. Gnoll could probably use a mastery, I think the deeper levels get too hard without being able to use upgrade or remove curse scrolls. Maybe some sort of mastery that can address one or both of those problems would make it more viable (or maybe I'm just bad lol)
Great game after coming back, but the rooting enchantment could use some balancing, i was killed by a gnoll shaman after being rooted in place from the shamans lightning strike
This game force close way to much, sry can't keep it. (Edited) As I'm playing through the dungeons and going down the stairs, the game will either freeze or crash. (Thanks for responding) Whenever I go down the stairs to the next lvl or opening my inventory, it don't crash or freeze every time but sometimes during those parts it does
It keeps blacking out like it's resetting, and then comes back on. It happens every few seconds. It's weird because it didn't do that at first. I like this game, but that's pretty irritating and has gotten me killed quite a bit. Edit: two days later. I thought maybe uninstalling it and then reinstalling the game would work. It did not.
This has potential. There are too many nuisances to sink my attention into it. I'll keep trying, but it's annoying and there just isn't much to it. Navigation could be smoothed over. Hunger should get revamped. Everything costs too much gold, likely to get you to watch the ads. I used a scroll that said enemies fleed, yet they remained attacking me. This being an open source game, it shouldn't even have ads to begin with. That said, the ads aren't bad, they're short. Necro is useless.
Good, but always starving unless you farm gold which I guess is okay. I died on boss floor 20 after I killed it and resurrected with the item but the boss respawns again idk if bug but fun game. Definitely worth a try.
I enjoy this version of pixel dungeon the most! I love having a town to go to. More quests in the town would be fun
I like it but there are alot of times when u need something but you need something else and something else and all that and then you starve or doe bc u do something wrong I would liek if u added cheats like you can heal urself or spawn in items but if u use cheater u cant get badges or unlock characters it would make the game much easier and alot less time consuming when u grind them u die and lose everything thank you
My fav PD game! Love the character abilities, items and everything, the game is still quite difficult in easy mode though.
Two stars down for the medical mask. I'm fed of the covidiots in the real life. And much more unskippable half-minute ads now (
Walls are annoying ,it's confusing when zoom out . make them neat like in ShatteredPD and it would be perfect
This is the best version of Pixel Dungeon I've played so far. I love the different classes, more weapons, more scrolls-especially the scroll of curse that really got me-and more levels with different enemies. My only issues are how fast your hunger depletes-which would be fine if you were the Warlock-and how hard the Gnoll class is. If you read this I hope you consider this and I'm sure you have a long list of updates. Of course I don't mind waiting. Thank you for this amazing game.
This is a lot of fun! I love that it has a save option (you have to watch a 5 sec ad, but it's bearable) I just wish that there was more you can do above ground. There is one aspect that annoys me, my character's hunger goes down so fast that I can't do anything in the dungeon. The food sold at the shop is expensive and gives very little satiety. Its crippling and drives me insane when I have to sprint back up the dungeon losing health every couple turns. Other than that, this is a great game.
i love how this one plays. i donated to help you guys out i liked it so much! my only issue is, and this started after i donated, when i move anywhere the word loading flashes on the screen at least 10 times and it really gets in the way, expecially when it autosaves everytime it does this so my warrior had to be reset back to his older save once he died because it loads him 1 hit from death. and it hasnt stopped, its continuing to do this. is there something i can do to fix this?
The game is fun and entertaining though- but I only have one problem...My saved Data won't load- anymore- .. It crashes instanly again and again... I don't want to lose my progress. Please fix this immediately. Thank you and have a nice day. 川´ο½₯Ο‰ο½₯`川
Really fun pixel dungeon! The spider levels were pretty difficult but beating them was really rewarding, and I love the auto save system. I have run into an issue though. I beat the spider queen and unlocked the portal, but when I go through the portal it takes me to the first floor of the spider caves. I've combed the whole level and I cant find another way down. Theres a high chance that i just missed it but I'm not sure what to do next.
Plzz do something about hunger in this game. The price of food is ripping and the character gets hungry in 1 min gameplay, its annoying!
Needs A LOT of work. I hate starving all of the time, there is not clear goal on exactly what to do and when, I scared the shopkeeper away (who doesn't return by the time I die of STARVATION) with a scroll on accident and I'll be darned if I have to load back to the time where I had to get it. I can't go in certain places, can't get any food resources to help me out, and rations are in the dungeon, which I die of starvation before I can even get to one. This is very inconvenient.
Very enjoyable. A bit tougher in some ways than other pixel dungeons, but lots of special quirks that make it my go-to roguelike on Android.
I love this remake and its really fun. The only problem i had was that my character is constantly walking in place... I dont know if thats a glitch or a feature.. Otherwise this game is great. Keep up the good work!
i remember playing this during new years eve and I had a blast time to play again to kill time hmm maybe I should try a different difficulty
Game is good and challenging. You need to take each move seriously as you can step onto any traps laid throughout the dungeon. Need some good decisions for better survivability. Spider level is hard to beat except for the necromancer class in my experience and newly spawned spiders can't give exp. Can't sell special artifacts like rat crown and etc. Still, I can see room for improvement. Can keys be burned? Used a reveal map scroll and looked throughout the floor. Still can't find it.
I used to play this when i was 5.....pass 2 years later my tablet brakes and i forget the game...3 years its 2020 i find this game in my recommended and i can believe i can play my childhood again
Krose: Thank's for rating. ecg: help? the remix, and other. are good game Disc (Ethycattygame) google (ethyn) enjoy gaming!
Like the game for first time playing it, BUT next time I went to open it was a big problem because it wouldn't load and just got a blank black screen even after trying to give it time to load. Some of the ads do not return to the game properly when you hit the back button. At those times it either leaves you looking at the final part of ad or it goes to the install screen for whatever was in ad and only option is to hit home screen button and start game again only to find a blank black screen.
I LOVE the new classes this adds and the town above the dungeons. My only complaint, and a HUGE one at that, is there are pumpkins randomly scattered about the dungeon that sometimes softlock the game so you can't continue... edit to respond to reply: That is really not clear at all, you should make it so you can walk across them or something.
Great game, would 100% recommend it. Only problem is I'm suffering from a glitch each time I try to go to the 5th floor. Edit: so the glitch started after the first time I went to the 5th floor. I wasnt ready yet and went to the spider land to teleport back to town. After that for some reason I spawned in the upperleft corner from the fifth floor, in the wall. I could somehow go back by pressing on my character but that was it.
This is a pretty good game, but all of the characters you can play as are white, and almost all of them are men. Can you add more variety in your character designs? More women, more POC, etc?
No complaints. Please keep those updates coming. Add a cheat tickmark allowing 1000 dollar start vs 100 bucks or a treasure hunt Easter Egg πŸ₯š 1000 bonus
I have many mixed emotions about this game. It reminds me of an old game I used to love, the enchanted cave or something. I love the concept of this game, however it was not created... as well as it could of been. My main cause of distress was the rate of finding food. You rarely find food, though you starve to death incredibly fast. other issues include: entry and exists of houses, information given on the general game, general purpose of actions. more statistics and information on equipment
you can't up grading hardly at all and can't make money to get upgrades do to having to eat so much and everything is way to random can't plan for anything
The game is over all great. The enemies are fun to fight and the system for the fighting is...ok. There are some really irritating things with the user interface, like moving by tapping. Please make an optional control scheme. Like allow the player to use a D-pad. And the leveling system needs some work as well, you level up but dont get points to distribute. Whats even the point of haveing a player class then if you can't make your player have the strenghts and weaknesses you want it to. Thanks
It's a great game with lots to do, but I can't progress further than floor 3 due to lack of food, and I cannot find a place to reliably buy food, making me starve to death before I can go far In floor 3. I have entered every building that would allow me to enter and the only one selling food was main merchant, but the last few times i went in there he had nothing but weapons, and I had been living off of healing potions until I ran out of money, then repeatedly starves to death.