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Remember: A Horror Adventure Puzzle Game LITE

Remember: A Horror Adventure Puzzle Game LITE for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by inDgenious located at 39 Shannondoe Crescent Kanata, Ontario K2M 2H1. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence, Shock and/or Horror Content) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Excellent, thanks for the spanish translation. This game has a good story, it's dynamic and has great graphics, I recommend play it.
TWO WHOLE DAYS OBSESSIVELY PLAYING THIS GAME!! The storyline, the mystery revolving around it all... it wasn't easy but challenging enough that you wouldn't get lost completely. And giving the option of continuing without having to pay, my day made! Best game I've played in a long time!!
So buggy! Finally at the last elevator after the rings. Hit the b1 button and it opens the hint menu for something I already did! Then instructs me to close out of the elevator...... also the building blocks the one where you tilt your screen for the rocket. I had to skip cause controlling the stupid blocks is so obnoxious it just swung around knocking everything over........
Impressive game! I've played lots of point-and-click games and I realy loved this one. It takes some time to get used to the navigation but after that the gameplay becomes a real pleasure. Puzzles are well balanced and the story is quite deep and immersive.
Had a blast with this game. The story was interesting, the puzzles were difficult (and sometimes the clues were *very* obscure). The atmosphere and everything were great. Look forward to seeing more from the dev. πŸ™‚
The wooden blocks puzzle being done completely thru the arse (you need to assemble a figure from wooden blicks, but you can only drag them around, not turn, and they flip and fall as they please) AND it not triggering on completion (needs a nanometer precision?) earns this game a solid 0/5 if that was possible. Since it is not, one star.
Loved it! Really appreciate that we can play through the whole game by watching ads instead of completely locking half behind a paywall. Puzzles were a good level of tricky, not too easy, must admit I got stuck a couple of times though!
Such an awesome game! Challenging with a great storyline. I hope a part 2 is coming because I didn't want it to end!
This is a horror game worth playing. Great story, nice puzzles, neat graphics and good amount of gore. And funny too, Canadian Megafriends πŸ˜‚ nice one. Cheers.
A good start. Clearer indication of what can and can't be interacted with and cleaner more precise control of objects you can manipulate would help
I loved this, it's intriguing and exciting, and just difficult enough. I just can't deal with the ending... Edit: I updated for the new ending...I LOVE IT!!! Now I'm waiting on the edge of my seat for a sequel!
A quite good little game, unfortunately the puzzles are consistently unintuitive and feel disjointed.
boiii this game is GREAT, really cool puzzles, some of them a bit complicated (at least for me) so you may have to use some clues. The story was really interesting, great spooky music and boy, those jumpscares did get me. Amazing game 10/10
Slow start but soon got hooked and enjoyed storyline and puzzles. Would have appreciated being able to move around more easily.
Not too gory, perfect dose of horror! -- reply: my completed game is gone, i hafta replay for new ending?... hrrm.
Super fun and challenging! Totally worth the ads to finish the story! Thabks for making an amazing game!πŸ’œ
Excellent escape game with a great story line. Playing through for free means you'll be watching a lot of ads, but the dev informs you of this in the game up front. Because of that I knew what to expect and was perfectly fine with it. Seeing this game through to the end was well worth the time invested in viewing the required ads. Beautifully done, and absolutely deserving of a five star rating.
AMAZING! The story, the puzzles, the whole thing had me hooked! You can even continue to play without purchasing the full version by choosing to watch more ad's, so that was cool. All in all, I freaking loved it!!! Definitely recommend it!
Really fun great challenging game the story is very good builds up nicely and the puzzles are moderate to bit hard
I loving the game. It have different textures than any other escape puzzle games. It have lots of different puzzles and the story is great. Also it doesn't require you to buy the last part of the story. Great game.
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I spent about only three days to finish this game because I was OBSESSED!! The graphic, puzzles and gameplay are perfect. But the backstory is even more mesmerising! (However, there are some puzzles that don't make sense at all and can't be solved without hints.) 5/5!!
Excellent game by a team that worked hard. Definitely worth the $2.99 to get rid of the ads The ads4free vrs is excessive but you have to realize how much time and effort these small teams put into these games, the $2.99 is nothing compared to the amount of gameplay time you get and the challenging puzzles which a lot of games like this are lacking. I absolutely love the hint system because they did it in steps And there was reasoning and I like to look at as few hints as possible.
Beautiful graphics and sound, engaging plot. I just played through again for the new ending, and I find it worse. The original ending left it more open and somewhat hopeful, this was....I'm not sure how to describe it without spoilers. Kind of bummed, I hoped for...more.
Stone of the puzzles made no sense to me, even with the clues. I like the clues were step by step though! Like hints and THEN the answer, really good! Jump scars got me a few times. Nice and long with an interesting ending! Great story too. Good job
Entirely to many ads. I get you need ads but 2 ads before you have even finished a tutorial 😣 The game seemed interesting but i just made it into the elevator and already 2 ads! No thank you
Good game. Had a bit of jumpscares as well. I was so engrossed in the game that I finished it in one sitting
I paid for the extended version, i rly enjoyed this game! Edit: Just played the update! Totally worth it! Love the new ending! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•
Great game but im stuck on the spar him or kill him part it won't let me do anything Update: I some how made it work and moved forward can't wait for more content
Very scary though fantastic puzzle solving game just wish it would've continue when you find the demolished buildings after the woods
Much work was invested in the graphic design and the story. The clues though, I found them too disconnected. Even if the dreamlike state justifies how random things can be connected, for the game it was simply disengaging. Example: the position of 2 bottles from a pile on a table is the clue to rotate two wall lamps. Many clues were like that so I kind of quit but sticked in cheating only to follow the story. With better clues your next game could be perfect.
Super fun, challenging & keeps you hooked the entire time. can buy so no ads or you can play entire game using ads. I loved the puzzles and the story. Hoping for a part two or something else from game makers.
Great game and storyline, the only complain I have is the puzzle on two safes, as it isn't quite logical at all, after all there are both hard and easy puzzles, it's quite entertaining
literally one of the most engaging horror game i've played! i really would want to know what will ever happen to Olivia 😡
This is the best and most mind challenging game I have ever played I hate to see it end yes it drove me crazy but I LOVED IT EVEN MORE this game is awesome and I welcome you to challenge me again in another game sequence please let me know about more of your mind f.... Games I cant get enough ten stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟😍❀❀loved itπŸ˜₯ its over
Really enjoyed this game. A few jump scares but nothing too bad. I like the length. Very addictive,I couldn't put it down! I'm hoping that a part 2 comes out maybe with Olivia in the outside world now. Anyway great job devs!!
Very good game, pity it had to end. Only negative was the ending... im dying to know what happened. Sequel??
It was great the clues were hard to find but easy to get a hang of but if you could not have us pay for it because I'm 12 and I don't have money yet so if you wouldn't make us wait to continue the game and not have to pay for it that would be amazing
Best puzzle game I played so far and I played quite a lot! Definitely recommend it and it's totally worth it to buy the whole game. Ofc there is room for improvement but on the overall it was well made. Great job on this one and looking forward to play more games from you guys.
Loved the story! The graphics were incredible and it's a well made game. I think some of the elevator codes were extremely tricky and I used hints a lot. I think those could have been a bit easier....definely not a game for novice adventurers....I say that and I am not one. I chose the lite version and the amount of ads would drive a person crazy but I understand the need. All and all great overall game.
I loved the game, hoping you've got more instore in the future based on that ending. 4 stars for some janky controls (movement was hard in larger areas, especially rooms with objects in the middle) and the fact that the last step of the piano puzzle made me grab a pen and paper. Takes away from the game experience a bit, but overall I thought it was fun and a great story!
Really fun. Some of the game mechanics are a bit difficult or glitchy but good story keeps you wanting more.
One of the view mobile horror games I enjoyed, sadly I don't have the money to buy the full version and having an ad that often was actually frustrating (especially since it was the most annoying ads). Otherwise I loved the game
This is still my most favorite game ive ever played an i keep looking for something like it an never can find i hate that i finished the game i didnt want it to end ... U did an amazing job whoevers responsible for it ...
Well shame. Tge game looked good but I was interupted three times to watch ads in the first few minutes during the tutorial. It's a bit much guys! I know you got to make money but it's 30 secs of game play followed by 30 secs of ads. It's uninstal for me.
Amazing game & the end it really threw me a curve ball, wasn't expecting that ! The puzzles as well had me stumped a few times so really enjoyed the challenge ! Loved it through & through