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RedSun RTS: Strategy PvP

RedSun RTS: Strategy PvP for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Digital Garbage located at Russia, 398046, Lipetsk, Stahanova 4. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
First of all this game is so amazing but I seem to be having some problems such as the buttons are way too small and for some reason when I use the Mobile Radar my map just seems to go haywire but aside from that this game is awesome
Game is very good i love to play this game. one issue i have faced some time that multiplayers option not work. overall game is very good. thanks
Game is true to the 90's classic 2D strategy genre and is really easy to control. Some items are missing a description of what they do but thats a little thing. Also i noticed that the AI seems to be able to sometimes move through objects that are otherwise impassable to the player (canyons, trees etc) but again thats a small thing. Overall Red Sun RTS is definitly a 5 star game and will delight fans of the old school 2D strategy genre. Great job!
Just only 2s for now... Cant play with USSR in skirmish.. but if you put something new in the next update it would be 5s... Like * Improve the graphics * Put some naval bases and naval ships *put airbases and add new aurcraft, such as aurora, chinook, or Apache *More battle maps Looking forward for the next update
I love this game but i wish there was a naval building were we can get battleshis and other stuff like that but i injoy this game
Pathfinding is worst than a five year old's, if the enemy attacks your troops just sit there and watch, completely pay2win despite the claims and the controls are terrible.Also, the tutorial explains like 4 out of the 25+ units that most of which are useless. For instance there is the artillery tank that has the exact same range as all the other tanks. Honestly if anyone reading this is interested in this shorts of games I recommend rusted warfare.
Controls are bad. No unit formation. No unit information. No overview on anything to inform players to know general info on troops and buildings and other commands. Appreciate gameplay but lacks information and good control. Buildings could be impossible to erect. Moving for relocation on where to place the building is poorly separated from navigation of map.
Controls are horrible. Place buildings on position where you want very difficult. They must be drag from middle of screen and then are placed without confirmation. Worst way how build something. Delete.
The game freezes while it's playing also the game goes ahead and has too many glitches on it when you try to build your meds the machine bills it quicker than you can building your fourth or your buildings it's going to slow then with the computer does it becomes an unfair fight it looks like somebody hacked into the game and is trying to hack into your phone onto your tablet or to your computer
why does actual money 10 000 turn to 100 after i press some purchase button..its not complete purchase after all..please fix it can do nothing fot it to begin the game at the first try..i miss c&c very much
It's not very good control wise. It's hard to select your units and to place buildings. Hell I can't even tell if my building is built most of the time. Then there's the fact that I can't attack move my units, and it's damn hard to control them. I would say this is great for computer, just not for mobile unless you change these things. And get better voice actors. The harvesters voice lines sounds like they're supposed to be for another unit like a spec ops one. Hell I'll gladly do voice lines.
So far this game comes the closest to old style C&C i seen so far, 3 stars cuz it needs a lot of work. Units move in different directions when u send them all to the same spot. Or they drop from cliffs or climb up cliffs and cant get back to where they originally belong, making keeping ur troops together a hell, so much u lose sight over what ur actually trying to do n end up arriving with just a fraction of ur troops reaching their destination simply cuz u need to keep moving n paying attention
Cool game but still needs some work like the units glitch on each other a little then when the radar goes down and gets back up it doesn't reveal the map anymore just squares a few bugs here and there but overall great game.
the game have a potential and developer had a future ahead in gaming maker arena, thank you for your game which is free you did a good job, only my concerned is the tank is a little bit unresponse in command and freezing doesnt attack the enemy even in close range, I wish you can fix this in the future.
Love this game I remember the PlayStation versions the missions are brilliant and every bit as good if not better very entertaining. Downside is there seems to be room for a lot more content and maps and missions that haven't been filled out yet, if you can call that a downside.... this is one game I would have no problem spending some money on.
I would love to see if there was a wlan multiplayer mode with up to 10 people. But in this game why there's a multiplayer and a online in confused so please make a wlan multiplayer mode up to maybe 10 people.
Bad controls no information of buildings infatries vehicles etc. So too sum it up its full of bugs glitches
bad. poor information is given in completing the missions. and this looks like a advanced version of command and conquer. the java game.
I just gave four stars for making this game as what I reminded about Generals and Yuris Revenge and etc. strategy game like this. I really enjoyed it. I like the gameplays and graphic is amazing. I would suggests that you may add some maps and surprise updates. However I cant play as redhammer team. I would be glad to play those different teams aside from Japan and alliance. Please do some improvements on this game app. Thanks for the maker and developer of this game. See you for more updates.
Awesome job guys! great game! All the best with more to come. I'll look out for any addon campaigns for this game.
Well I played this game much. I wish like there is something that most player can make skirmish maps as editing skills or make fan campaings to build stuff as well. So that player can play test first then publish it to developer. Other wish is that I do like to have Navy if its naval battle for the skirmish and stuff. I dont know if its good idea or not but it takes time though. I love this game and enjoy much more.
I would of given this game a 5 rating but it has glitches that need to be worked on, Some of the things are mostly to do with when you make a selection on the options the game freezes and when starting a game, It start to freezes when selecting the infrastructures to build a base, Could i ask if the developer make adjustments and update the games so the issues with the game can be fixed cheers
maximize the size of the map and add more graphics. also i hope you upragde the controls like the controls of command and conquer.
An explanation on what units and research does would really help. Also I feel there are few troops to build. Otherwise the game is amazing.
Finally! I was wondering why the old school, C&C style RTS type of game was absent for Android. I searched and found a couple, but "RedSun RTS" is by far the best one I've found so far. I've been playing the campaigns for all 3 factions offline, completed the 1st, working on the 2nd and stuck on the 3rd. Perhaps the answer to getting passed it lies in the list of technologies and units I am unfamiliar with. I'm anxious to play multiplayer but I want to be ready. Need unit/tech descriptions. Plz
Remember earlier Command and Conquer series? Before Generals, before EA takeover. They're trying to make similar game. Unfortunately, they don't have as many resources as Westwood, so don't expect this game to be as good as Tiberian Sun. Or Red Alert 2. In-battle control is not optimized for touch-screen, icons are too small, lots of bugs, poor AI pathfinding and so on. It seems to have potential, like an uncut and unpolished diamond; but at its current state, I'll pass. Sorry πŸ€— πŸ€—.
it was OK at first and I have been using this for months. but it is now lagging and stuck at first building. please fix this
The worst game ever,small buttons,ugly graphics,and also the app crashes alot.i would have given an quarter star if it was possible.
This is a worse game I've ever play, Campaigns are terrible! The graphics is ugly! the a units with no information detail, the voice sounds infantry is so annoying. It's been a year that this game still sucks
Save the headache! This game is grabage. If you want to, over time, spend hours tapping on your screen with no response or have units act like they are giving you the middle finger most the game, then this game is for you. Your troops will roam like they are for exploring only, as soon as they are seen they don't fire back.
Garbage, explaining things THAT DONT MATTER, YET! Not Explaining the Basics, its not working for me, i dont like games that set you up for failure, i made it to the power plant. The game expects me to know it, as if There Was Another Game that explains this game, not fun
I mean like so far I've been playing the skirmish and missions and it's pretty good except for the ads the ads can't get annoying. But this game deserves a better rating because this game is pretty good. That's my opinion if u disagree then disagree. The reason I'm not giving five stars is cuz the ads can get annoying but I understand the developer needs to make money. To all those people that are giving it one star try the freaking skirmish in missions!!!
I like the game but you can add a skirmish with choices to how many oppennent you like and choice for player generals command and conquer if you do this this is the best of all time games like GCC
this game is the best it should be a rate of 5 out of 5 also you people who made this game should add special vehicles like the marv from command and conquer.
Harrison conditions tab won't close or snow options too big I cannot see anything of accept or continue please fix I would love to play the game again
Great game! Especially for those amongst the nostalgic C&C gamers. This game still has quite a long way to go in my opinion but for as it is, it's still a great game. Worth checking out.
Wow this is really the worst game i ever played, i couldn't pass first mission, no instructions, ugly graphics, useless buttons all over the screen, the game is unplayable...
hi uhh i love your game it is addictive i will play this till um yknow i become old can you pls add this few things 1.pls add more buildings 2.we can make soldiers get into the building (to enter just tap the soldiers to the building to exit double tap the building) 3.terrosrists 4.i love the game 5.pls add a custom map where we can choose what we want to be and our enemy will be 5.chinook can carry vehicles 6.soldiers can enter the empty vehicles and empty buildings dats all bye btwlike thegame
control s n building system is suck.and why do you make premium version why and bugs and gliches are too many and button s some texture of map is suck s bad game .if ypu fix all them this will goodgame
It has many errors it can not be able to use worset experience in my life I hate this game don't download it.
This game is Awesome! its has campaign like art of war 3! and a defense battle but I will only give 3 stars because i want an update just one! ok the update that I want is: you can now zoom while in a battle or in sandbox I hope its pretty easy to do I think.........ok Creator if you do it right now this update will give you 2 more stars equals 5 stars! Ok now, its been a long time and I confirmed that the creator of the game is not capable anymore of the updates, wow, a total sadness
it was a realy very nice game, but ther is something that i need you to improve, the other level is going to hard, but my soldier is very easy to kill, even if they are in one star of promotion, just like a generals, or a highest opisyals, and the snipers, or soldiers, thet are not promoted to... &that is what i guess, gave it 5star too, thanks a lot for this game..✌✌✌
When starting the game it gets stuck at the begining where it just says "loading atlas 85%" and it just stays there. And even thou it's a RA ripoff I was willing to give it a chance since not many games like it are available on system platform like this. Hopefully if this gets fixed there will be a way to play both campaign and skirmish in offline mode.
This game is a joke. In the first campaign mission you build some units, start exploring, but 100m from your base there is an enemy turret that even when i threw 4 tanks and 3 infantry units at it could not be destroyed... Really?!?! I mean come on, balancing anyone? Avoid this.
It is AWESOME but can you make the A.I.s easier to deal with!Cause im having problems how to attack the enemies because they're to tough to deal with.Can you make this game a little bit easier? I will tell my friends about this if you make the game easier to play. Okay? Pls..... And also in the next update...... Can you make a tutorial......Pls... This game is HARD.......But I love it All in All GG
Always wanted 'Command and Conquer Red Alert' on a phone. This is pretty close and I like this kind of combat
Good start but then the difficulty jumps up to impossible levels making the game unplayable Really disappointed with this game had a lot of potential
This is a worse game I've ever play, this game is rip-off and it was based from red alert 2 to 3 Campaigns terrible! The graphics is ugly! When you like making a game, you should start with unity engine.
brilliant rts game in my opinion. It took a few minutes to understand the controls, but the controls are fairly decent and the game mechanics themselves are good. One thing I've noticed is that the AI troops can pass through objects that a player can't pass through ( cliffs ). Other than this, the game is great, might need a bit more polishing but it can slide. Overall, the game is great and I certainly recommend.
the controls are horrible and the game has too many glitches. can't play it on my galaxy s9 because the screen is too small to do much.
Game is designed to just let you enjoy enough to start freezing on you once you get past the point of getting good, forcing you to buy "Premium". Don't buy into it, poor excuse for a C&C game, they just want you to spend money
Good RTS with unique features, many units fair enemies and fun included. The only minus I have with this game are the controls. I often find myself deselecting units during battle wich screws me off
The game itself is worth 4 stars, it gets 2 becouse the menu section is so annoying. When trying to build units or buildings it becomes more of a chore, you can tap to produce a unit or building and the damn thing will scroll up or down slightly instead of creating the desired unit or building. This is unbelievably irritating, more than once this huge flaw had caused me to lose the particular mission I was doing. Seriously... fix that...
i always play rts game especially skrimish mode and i always play the role of alliance and i want to try new i want to play the role of ussr here in these game in skrimish mode., but i it only have two choices japan and alliance., im sick of playing alliance iwant ussr., soon i will unistall this game.
Awesome but button controls are too small and please put touch screen mode what the heck all phone now are touch screen think about the has potential improved it well but i really like so please improve it new comment oct.31 2020 You're update in sep 25 2020 nothing Your touch screen is enabled but you cannot move the screen 😌
Great, just like command and conquer on ps1. Grammar is a bit off but can make sense of it. Could do with a manual to show what all the buildings and units can do. Sometimes hard to press the right button but i cant see how to improve that on such a small screen. So far a good game and fairly easy to learn.
I really liked the idea of the game but is the USSR not available to use yet and also improve the graphic a bit and the maps and also please add some information on what is the purpose of our upgrades ( on the symbol with the 3 dots ) because I find it confusing and also please make the buttons bigger and improve the minimap better. So far I really love this game it gave me a lot of memories on red alert. ( 5 STAR )
i like it but the reason i rated 4 stars is i can only play multiplayer 4 or 5 times ;( i have good and strong internet connection it stays at max but i open multiplayer 4or5 times boom internet connection goes πŸ”ΊπŸ”» and i no why pls fix it and im on andriod PLSS Γ’,_,Γ’
thank you for creating this old classical games it remind's when i was still kinder i always play command and conquer.
This game is Awesome! its has campaign like art of war 3! and a defense battle but I will only give 3 stars because i want an update just one! ok the update that I want is: you can now zoom while in a battle or in sandbox I hope its pretty easy to do I think.........ok Creator if you do it right now this update will give you 2 more stars equals 5 stars! ding! ding! ding! ding! "bell rings"
The game was fine, for the first few levels, then it was impossible. Before it is possible to build defenses the enemy sends an attack that can not be beaten. Even at the lowest difficulty it was impossible. They sent an air ship, that done of my units could even damage. Good plan, bad execution.
Not a bad game. just need a little bit more time. to get a base established. and an army together before the enemy attacks u. other than that pretty good game.
A nice game that reminds of C&C, Red Alert, Yuri's Revenge but I agree with other reviews, the game needs balancing and a more proper UI. Maybe you can nerf the enemy since they're hard to destroy, even in the tutorial mode.
I've never been so enthused with the potential of a fame before but as far as candc replicas it takes me back. Thank yall for your work and future work, I know it's hard to find recognition from people now aways.
What is this a game for ants? The buttons are too small and i keep producing units and buildings on accidentally clicking while scrolling through. There is no information! No tooltips, no unit names, no description of any kind of helpful info at all. Why are the early levels so hard? Cant even clear past stage 3! A.I is nigh unbeatable, how can we expect to win when a single effing BLIMP on roids can destroy 6 SAM installations 6 Rocket towers and a dozen tanks and wipe out my whole base.
brings back memories love it. could definitely use a few extra settings like unit grouping 1.2.3ext. instead of its unit type. stack builds cues and some minor units additions navel unit and structures and a mini campaign building kit and a improved construction menu, do that and its almost perfect. I'd never put this game down if it had all that in one
Absolutely disappointing. So much potential yet so frustrating to get past the tutorial. This game makes me hate command and conquer. Repetitive ...
Interesting concept...terrible odds.the specs in which to play a successful level are too many and varied in such a infinitely tiny spectrum that you cant win...not looking for a game that beats me constantly...no way to win even the lowest levels.even the playing field and it will be a decent game...until then its deleted
Has multiple issues, it's playable but irritating. I have great anticipation for further developement. Issues include (but are not limited to) buttons tend to stop responding to touch after ad's... ads dont always allow me to close them... unit's tend to start building on their own whenever i simply try to just scroll through the list... levels tend to be far too difficult early on (at least for a mobile game)... buuldings tend to deploy too easily when simply trying to move them to a position..
Usually works fine today its crashing alot..cant place 1st generator at all, cant place any structures