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Redline Rush: Police Chase Racing

Redline Rush: Police Chase Racing for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by DogByte Games located at Dogbyte Games Kft. Debrecen Hajรณ utca 14 3/10. 4026 Hungary. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I played this since 2014 it was a dream very fun so I decided today to get it back l and total endless fun possibilities awesome just as fun as I expected fantastic game
Very realistic! Keep up Dogbyte Games. One of my favourites. I've been playing this from my childhood. Police chase racing at its best! True man.
Its clearly a small project from fans of the Burnout games. Can tell from the audio used in mid race notifications and such. If you add actual racing and not one way racing, more controls like brakes and handbrakes and such and improve the damage model, this will be closest to Burnout on mobile. Its has potential, shame it was abandoned three years ago
Great game! Nice marketing schemes by showing us replica of a car with stickers as exclusive vehicle when we dont have the in-game currency to buy it!
o this game is thrilling and pumps adrenaline into blood because there are extreme hot chases and car crashes i scored 11,500 points and i loved it its awesome
Best game in a long time. Really fun, only thing to make this thw best game ever would be to make it with a racing mode, and make the cops more aggressive.
It is fun and I like taking down cars and getting new high scores. It is a really fun game you should try it have fun if you do get it
I give it a bad rating for this game why? because I have brought the 2 upgrades with my money I got with a google gift after I got it i uninstalled cuz I needed space I lost the 2 upgrades. What a complete waste of 2.99 don't install and buy them because when you uninstalled you will 100% completely regret it
Almost no ads, hours of gameplay and excellent controls, graphics are very good, I'm very pleased ๐Ÿ˜€
Love the app even though that the notifications sounds like burnout 3 takedown's notifications. Man I miss the burnout games. Even burnout 3 takedown and burnout revenge.
I like this game because its cool and this game need to add some cars like koenigseg bugatti and other hyper cars
This game was the BEST before all the add come up when you crash and restart ads will pop up and its really annoying
Very good game but things are very costly(in-game currency). You need to farm a ton of cash because everything is so costly and you earn so slowly.
the only good thing you have going for this game is the graphics that's about it. this game contains no tilt control I do not like arrows as far as steering is concerned on my vehicles I totally wasted memory do not install I will uninstall after this review.
The button that says "watch ad" when you crash your car, it doesn't work. SO DON'T PRESS IIIIIIIT! I say it one million times .... technical difficultys๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ
This is a nice game, and its very intresting. Its graphics and gameplay is realy awsome. Everybody should try to play this game.
Dogbyte games. I dont know how to get a supercars. Please in next update no more hiding or privite supercar. If you not hiding it, you are so bad guy. But if you not, I like more like it. Cool than Blocky Highway!๐Ÿ˜€
love this game dogbyte games also the off the road the latest game from your company no need any update but there is a thing if we hit too many block road fences we will flip and explode.love this game ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
I love the game but a few things need fixed. The watch video option to revive your car does not work, as is the case with the achievements and leaderboard options. Please fix!
I like the way the games were a non stop going to be able to pass the traffic and survive the challenge of winning the roads. ....and be the winner of the highest level of scores. ....... i thank you........
The reason that i gave this 3 stars is because i was away from every single obstacle in the game and somehow i crashed,besides that its a really fun entartaing game its also realistic i suggest you download this
This is the best mobile arcade racer I have ever played. The graphics are great, gameplay is fun, smooth, challenging, and chaotic. I just wish there was more content but I fear that this game is abandoned by its devs. Devs, please, if you see this, please update this gem.
This game is pretty fun but like its hasnt been updated in years Come on it was really fun can yall please update it soon
Awesome gngame i though through my head then I was like oh yea that game i used to have uh red line rush very awesome games free was cool and I had this gngame for like 6 years.
After 30 min i was so aggrevated! Controls 6 very hard to pickup coins. Handles very rough but the cars and the graphics look very good 8, car wrecks 7, i think once the cops go to take you down that is it there was no escape i found it was still a pain in the ass. You can crash all of the cars and the wrecks are intence and are on fire and smokeing 9 i realy think this game would be better for kids so i hope this review is what you needed SFC LANDRY OUT!
fun but its way to hard to earn enough gold to even buy a cheap perk! and if you cant pay money for things, forget ever earning or winning enough gold to buy a car. fun no bugs fast race game, but devs havent updated in over a year so i guess they no longer care. i think i will uninstall and find a newer race game. but i still give this 5 stars . its just to hard for me to move up for free.
This game stinks. The moment i tried to play it, the freaking game did not even play because i got on police mode and the damn car did not move and people just passed me including the police so it stinks but there is only one lucky star for graphics.
I like this game but one thag i dont like abot this game you have to by the cars with money and not cons you can only by to cars with cons .
Abandoned game.. such a shame. A simple update could bring new life to this game.. 10 million downloads.... proves its enjoyable... come on... give this to an intern dev and add some life to it.
I like this game but threres 2 things i dont like 1)bad graphics 2.) more car needed. Please prove it into the game and ill give it 5 stars
Soooo cool!!!!! I love the music and the selection of cars i want the Lamborghini that we got in the intro
i just did 2 barrel rolls dead it was WONDERFUL ! Edit:and also can you make it so you don't loss your progress please it would be better say yes if you agree ๐Ÿ‘Edit2: this is really annoying because when ever i turn it it automaticly turn its so annoying Edit3:this has came to the part when i want to uninstall this game this is the worst thing ever WHY CAN YOU NOT MAKE THIS ANNOYING GAME WITH BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES IT KEEPS ON DOING THE SOUND EVERY 1.0 MILLISECONDS IT IS SO F#*$!#? ANNOYING fu๐Ÿ‘Ž
The best offline i have ever played, its very realistic and has good graphics But can you add more roads,traffic and corners maybe to make the game the offline ever please and turnings
Love the app even though that the notifications sounds like burnout 3 takedown's notifications. Man I miss the burnout games. Even burnout 3 takedown and burnout revenge. Also can you please update redline rush: police chase racing so it can have a new feature like saving the progress that you can keep. Also can you please add a car customization option to redline rush please.
This app is so cool this reminds me of wangan midnight but not the racing type Of an game and could you add a drifting Version of the game
It's the bessttt. And i would like to say DogByte games is my favorite game making company. The games all feature cars and one of the classics is made by this DogByte Games. This classic is Blocky Roads. When I was about 7 I played blocky roads because I was playing minecraft at the time and I'd like to say Blocky roads got me playin. Sadly I never completed it BUT I reinstalled it today(Friday,April 3)and I am not going to unit all it until I complete it 100%.
This is good racing game and graphic is good. I had fun of playing this game. Thanks for creating this game.
Hey there developer... I'm sorry for saying your game is bad back at 2014 I'm sorry but I'm now doing good with this game I will give it 5 Stars for now.....I have 4 cars 2 tier 1 cars and tier 2 car only 2 tier 2 cars....I'm sorry for saying your game sucks back then at 2014 but.... I'm sorry you deserve 5 Stars for this old game....
I just love this game and I have been playing it from 4 years. Fantastic job Developers!! Keep it up.
It is great , but plz also add a mod that we can play as cops and add cop vs racers multiplayer , plz add the ford crown vic police car that us players can use