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Redbros for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by PlayHard.Lab located at 5, Nambusunhwan-ro 289-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Liked the game when I had it on my old phone but now when I try open the app it shows a black screen for a few seconds then returns to the homepage (this is on Huawei p20 lite)
Very enjoyable game and easy to get into. A couple of issues, though. The camera moves around too much sometimes which can easily get you killed. And sometimes your heroes don't all follow your command and a straggler or 2 will just stand there die. Or they'll end up pushing each other into trouble. So I can't give it 5 stars. Precision is too important to the whole game. That said, it's the only problem I've had. 4.5 stars
Absolutely cant get enough Red Bros! Addictive one tap gameplay , troop formations and challenging gameplay in the later levels.
Wasn't sure at first but the more I play it, the more I love it. Definitely not a pay to win game. I'm at level 13 without paying anything other than the reasonable 'infinite plays' charge, and I've realised what a finely balanced upgrade system this game has. A lot of fun, a lot of replay value. Highly recommended.
Your tutorial F***ING SUCKS! It's not a difficult concept to tap on s*** we don't need SIX stupid levels to tell us how to tap!
Redbros is a simple action game. You'll be saving prisoners and escaping dungeons filled with monsters and traps through the use of one or two fingers. It's split into chapters consisting of six stages, having a conventional theme with respective enemies, environment, and music. It's quite challenging as enemies get tougher and dungeons get longer. However, there's no plot to connect the chapters, so it feels like there's no progress to an end goal. It's fun, but it lacks motivation for me. 4/5.
the game is fun... very accurate and straight to the point... AND I LOVE GAMES WHERE I HAVE TO SAVE PRINCESSES AS THE BRAVE ASS KNIGHT!🤗😏😜
I'm having so much fun with this game, the S-Pen with my note 8 makes controlling my army so much easier. The levels are quick and the progression is straight forward. Great game.
Ok this game it's not bad but the first part of it is annoying the game stop in the middle of you doing something to hold your hand through a problem that the avrage human should be able to find out with common sense, And this would be ok if and only if you had the option to turn the tutorial off or make the 10 to 20 seconds of script that explain something you dont need to explain shorter.
Only just started but what an amazing concept. Especially for a mobile game I can see myself get lost in this. Bravo to the devs. Only question I have is what the point of the item draw is? Or is it just cosmetic stuff?!
Why in the world would you not just simply start the game? Why would you add a f•••••g "press to continue" screen?!?! This was already outdated in 1990... The controls of this game are unbelievably bad, levels where one needs to draw some complex line are just impossible (e.g. chapter 20 stage 4-1)... There are way too many unnecessary taps in this game. Why would you make the hourly free prison so cumbersome (currently 5 taps + animation time need to be endured to claim it...)? Two taps top should be enough. Furthermore the popup can only be closed by tapping the "x" instead of anywhere on the screen, that's basic GUI design... Why would you force the player to watch the sequence that shows where the exit is every f•••••g time the final room is entered? I bought the infinitive life pack for f•••••g 7$ and you still dare showing me ads?!?! Greedy f•••••g b••••••s... Fix the above mentioned bugs/obvious layout mistakes and add more chapters! Please
Great awesome amazing game... this is the 4th time i finished this game yet i downloaded it again and still playing. Playhard made this game so hard to play but so fun and enjoying. Need 10 stars for this to rate...
I love this game. I think that it is is very interesting and a great way to spend spare time. The only bad thing is that I'm not sure what the credits are for? I would definitely recommend.
Will it be possible to have the level 20 of troops ? Currently it misses 2 stages to reach the 6 stars missing... Should not you add a stage each month ? Otherwise a good game even if bonus stages (2-1 etc.) are not very fun and misuse the gameplay principle in my opinion
Want to have fun, well forget it. To go on you'll have to undergo ads, and a lot of them. The game is created only to get your money. Where have the games "pay once and play forever" ended?
Great game. Can easily progress through the game without microtransactions. Satisfying little mazes and puzzles to work through. Only issue I've come across so far is the hud gets cut off by the screen. Didn't used to do that. Would love a patch for it.
Perfect one handed action strategy hybrid. Cute aesthetic. polished graphics. awesome controls. and great puzzley dungeon design! Unique, fun, commanding!
Irritating hand holding. The game may as well play itself when every screen has an annoying white glove popping up to force me to do what the game wants. Became so irritated I quit playing. 2 stars to be fair. Has an interesting game mechanic but this "jerk the leash" approach ruined my experience.
great experience as a game easy usage with good gameplay and design the game is adventurous and has similar style to Zelda quest and challenges addictive koo game
Sudden ramp up in difficulty makes this game unplayable after an hour or so. Heros become incredibly underpowered with no way to fix unless player spends major amounts of real money.
Need to be able to skip the tutorial. The game seems fun buts it's extremely frustrating to keep being bothered by the tutorial. Would like to actually play the game instead of constantly being guided through every action. Also need to remove the "Just one click to go", very annoying popup. I like to press often and would like to be able to do so without an annoying popup every time.
The games ok but the tutorial is way too long...its better if it just got strait to the point instead of making everything so long and boring to start from. But overall gr8 game, would definitely recommend
This is a GREAT game! Super simple controls and very smooth gameplay. Dunno who wouldn't like this game. Keep up the good work developers!
This is a nice game with good gameplay, graphics, puzzles. I have a question: how many levels in dungeon mode can I jump at once?Sometimes it is 30, sometimes 10, sometimes not at all! So, how to determine that? Anyways this is a nice game if someone does not bother about the most annoying forced ads.
It's good mine, quite fun! It has some resolvable problems: It's not clear what the items do. I can't find anywhere what skill/improvements an equipped item give It should be possible to have more than one item. The tutorial is way to long, the game is pretty easy so it's not necessary
fun to play with some thinking and tactics. levelling is slow and boring repeating the same level numerous time. keep experiencing heros got stuck in the tunnel and door thus unable to proceed next level.
this game is awesome.. however I found a bug. I've reached chapter 7-2 final room, but the room is empty, no enemy appears, except one wooden crate that triggers nothing. The final door is closed, so I guess there supposed to be some kind of enemy or boss, but nothing else there. Please fix.
Tis a great game, I used to play it quite a lot a few months ago and recently got a new phone and whenever I try to open to play it goes black and closes instantly.
An ok game for 4 year olds. To an adult this is embarrassing to be considered one of the "best" games on mobile devices. A game that took years to show up and yet borrows almost entirely from a popular game series born in the 1970s.
Fantastic game! This is the first time I've felt compelled to review a game on the play store, bravo! Only complaint I have is the hand holding nature of the tutorial. Once you show us how to do something, it really gets frustrating to have to wait until told to do it to progress. "Click here to move" *wait* "click here to move" Biggest one that comes to mind is when the stars are introduced, after clearing two rooms of them, is it really necessary to tell me how to do it again? If I could give half stars I would have! 4.5!
This game is simple to learn but I can tell it is going to get really difficult I absolutely love this new take on the classic "Zelda dungeon" style game. LOVE IT!
This game has been pretty fun there is just one small problem that i have recieved. It seems that ive caught a bug where i cannot see any of my men's faces, or the enemy faces. they all have black shadowy faces indistinguishable from each other besides the weapons they hold. Any suggestions?