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Red Wizard

Red Wizard for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Sweet Software located at 17 Hauraki Street Karori Wellington New Zealand 6012. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Difficult too; There's a learning curve. A shop? Random Wizard to help (decurse/identify) like in Diablo2 would be nice
The good quality art and music are the highlight of this classic-style roguelike. The game is pretty clearly unfinished, though; there's no title screen, no high scores, no proper in-game automap function, no proper in-game shops, no boss enemies (the titular Red Wizard never shows up)... etc. The gameplay balance is also a bit off - the set of items is small and many are not much use, rings drop like flies, and if you survive the deadly early floors then the game later just becomes repetitive, with not many different strategies to explore. Other criticisms: 1. The lighting effect is nice and atmospheric but it makes the dungeon tiles way too dark. 2. Rations are overpowered and drop too often from the midgame onwards, such that you don't even need healing potions. 3. The ring of speed seems to be overpowered. 4. The inventory is too small.
Love it, love how you can keep the coins after the game you played, still needs some updates of work if you want to go Viral.
Why is there no sound? This is the start of something good but it's completely unfinished. Would pay for a completed version.
It's not the best game,but hey at least they don't charge you 10 bucks for a roguelike game.its not a bad game it's one of the better ones
I beat this game in less then a hour while I was watching a movie. It's fun the first run then you figure out with all the ads in the game it isn't worth playing again or even playing again the first time you see the ads. I don't like how they say this is like Nethack, its not but its a free ad game so what is there to really complain about, its a 2/5 for no end game content. Will add more information later.
Great game, reminds me of Moria from the 80s but less having to remember 50 or so case sensitive commands. Thanks!
If this is the same game I tried about 5-8 years ago, then I guess it got a little harder. Back then, you'd pick up weapons and some of them would have names like 'mace of Thyria' or 'sword of Thyria' (those aren't the actual names, it's been so long I don't remember the actual names) which would be enchanted weapons. It would be great if there was an option to play the game the way it was played years and years ago. Still didn't beat this one yet. Good game for passing time. Still miss the old one though.
Would love a guide to all the monsters in the levels and what their stats are (like health/xp levels and attack range). Still haven't beat the game, loving it and hating it at the same time!
Great stuff, I especially love the large graphics and ease of play. There is always room for expansion with these kind of games, and I cant wait to see how the developer will improve upon their creation. Also, love the straight-forward donation system. I had no problem buying the author coffee :)
I think when you put on the armor the character should look like he's wearing the armor. Great game though!
My original review was rated 1 because I was experiancing game breaking bugs,but the developer responded to my feedback and the issue was fixed. For that alone this game deserves a 5 star rating. Now,the game itself as it is right now would probably get 4.5 stars. I just think that certain enemy types should appear earlier,say a small chance to spawn a goblin to break up the monotony of the first few floors,and that the game should be a bit harder. Otherwise,it is quite damn good. Keep up the great work!
This game is great because as soon as you load it you're playing the game. It's a lot like Contra in that the only story line is kill everything and don't die. You should play it.
The game is relatively easy to beat as the gameplay is pretty straightforward. I like the approach of using different manuals to increase the abilities. I wonder why the quarterstaff is a melee weapon instead of a magic weapon and there is no thumbnail map on the screen. Anyway, it is fun.
It's kinda hard at first, you know because you're still weak and getting beat up by a bunch of creeps. But hey, when you're getting hang of it, im sure it's going to be a piece of cake. This game is sure full with a lot of fun!
A mage character with a wand or fireballs would put me in heaven. The second the game starts, you are bombarded with monsters and unkillable thieves. Ridiculous!
Whilst this game has some nice ideas, the niggles outway the good and I wont play it again. For a start, it is WAY too easy; I completed it on my very first try, in one sitting. Didnt. Die. Once. I was literally too powerful for every enemy I met. Made it very boring. Another problem is the lack of variety of items; I was running into useless items at 130 feet that I had identified at 20 and rejected as having no use; for example, a ring of detect traps. Didnt see a single trap in the whole game! Useless
Downloaded only to call out the team of scammers who ripped off Quest of Dungeons, this is a clone a poor copy at best. I highly recommend Quest of Dungeons do not support these thieves.
Balance was improved?! 4x in a row I get thieves, mimics, and scrolls of curse on the first floor, no uncurse scrolls. You're mean. Please crank up the scroll of identify spawn rate and/or reduce the absurd spawn rate of cursed rings of teleport and other serious handicaps you can't deal with on first floor, especially when there's an enemy you also can't kill that ganks your only alternative fix. Also, range weapons don't work for the hero anymore, he just runs around when enemy is tapped.
Not sure why it is called red wizard but hey it's still a lot of fun. Easy to learn easy to start picks up right were you left off. No wait time when launching the game. NO IAP either just ads.
Any ranged attacks seem to be moot currently since there is no way to see enemies far enough away, perhaps a sight enhancement when a bow or wand are equipped? (i.e. being able to see into an adjacent room like the monsters do?) A shop would be nice, with random scrolls/potions. A way to disenchant a weapon would be good. (maybe when it becomes cursed?) Enchantable armor? A boss? Just a few ideas.
The monsters on the first floor are imbalanced for your start armor (nothing), scorpions spawn way too frequently and nearly always murder you. This makes the game a lot less fun less fun andmore of an annoyence to have to restart every few minutes.
Love this! Killer roguelike game. Variable scrolls, potions, gear, etc. Keep each party through interesting. Found binding of Isaac, and this game scratches the same itch, but on the go! Buy the dude a coffee! Keep on developing!! The rogues are bloody bastards, they steal all of my coins and are practically impossible to hit and to avoid one they've spotted you. Kinda broke the game for me...
I was searching for a nice Nethack clone that wouldn't be too hard and frustrating and this game is pretty much what I needed. The controls are good and the art is very nice. My only criticism is that it went a bit too far in making the game easy and that I couldn't find a way to throw the damn arrows. But in the bottom line, cool game.