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Reckless Racing 3

Reckless Racing 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Pixelbite located at Oceangatan 3 25225 Helsingborg Sweden. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
By far the best racing game on Android. Runs buttery smooth and amazing physics. Responsive controls. Running this from a XRN8Pro.
The game is great. Love it. But the last update was on November 2016 and it may crash. Happy to support the developer but it seems there is no developer supporting this game anymore.
Absolutely one of the best games that I've played on an Android platform. But also one of the best and most entertaining games that I've played full stop! The graphics are brilliant, the difficulty level is perfectly balanced and its a great game to sit and play for an extended time or just standing on public transport. The controls are great too (I wouldn't mind a one handed joystick mode that also controls the accelerator and brake/revsrse, maybe a handbrake sometime in the future.) 10/10
I enjoyed the drift physics of the game. I hope there's an improvement with the hit area (larger) of the standard control buttons. I'm using s10+ to play the game.
Controls really aren't great. I'll bet this is fun w an actual controller. Dev's- make the buttons BIGGER (or resizable). The small on screen buttons make the game unplayable for me. Other than that- cool graphics and sound. Cool mix of races and cars. Just could be better!.... With better onscreen controls, this is a 4 star game easy.--update- after playing for about a week and becoming familiar w buttons, it's much more playable. Still ns it rates 4 stars for a paid app.
Wish it had multiplayer, but thoroughly impressive graphics and physics. Gets really fun with fastest cars. Time trials are my favorite. I would pay good money for this to go multiplayer like SkidStorm, could easily have a cult following like that game did with multiplayer and clans.
Close but no cigar... Game's graphics is truly smooth but the game can't be played in full screen mode using Mi 9t Pro. Hope to hear from you guys about this.
Graphics & Gameplay is no doubt on point. Please make the controls much more simpler. Like pressing both left and right turn controls activate breaks. Or something like that.
Horrible controls. Impossible to drive without doing doughnuts non stop. Refunded within 30 seconds. None of the control options worked for me.
Love the game simple gameplay just wish their was a collective way to download the game on other phones and tablets when you purchase i hope there is a fix to the technological problem
The game is timeless, but please update it to be compatible with modern smart phones it sucks that almost 40% of the screen is unused, especially since this game is kinda highly priced
Reminds me of micro machines. But ramped up. It's satisfying. And the racing puts a smile on your face, and it's rewarding when you thread the needle. Fun game as gives the sense of being on the edge, the very limit. Underbreaking, cut-backs, under-cuts, corrections. The AI is all over you lol. but not OTT. Clean enough. Well done 👍
I'm not as familiar with its predecessors as I'd like to be, but if the oversteer is a feature of the series, that alone makes a distinct difference that skirts the edge of challenge and frustration depending on your experience with top-down racers. The sound and graphics are a little middle of the road, but the frame rate is very steady and the controls are smooth enough. Definitely a commendable addition to anyone's arcade experience...but the learning curve can surprise the inexperienced.
This game got a little unnecessary fire for its difficulty but I believe that was very unwarranted and after some tweaks the game becomes perfectly playable for all levels of expertise. I am a fan of this series and style of racing so I give it 5 stars all day. Controller support makes it a 6 star for me.
I love this game so far. The only gripe I have is that I want guns. Not on track lame guns like mario kart but guns you buy and build up like rock and roll racing.
I love this game, I really do. My complaint and -2 stars comes from an OCD complaint. The game does not auto rotate with the screen. My pop socket is positioned in such a way my volume rockers sit on top.
Way too fiddly, loses its fun factor very very quickly. Graphics are good though. And stop asking every two minutes for a review.
Favorite phone race game, and definitely scratches the itch. Not a sim, nor should any phone game be. Recommend tank controls with auto-accelerate and chase cam. Practicing with (the flawlessly implemented) ghost racing before matches is crucial, and you can become consistently faster than the ai even on the hardest setting (they dont take the best line). The only downside is you have to unlock the ghost races and it's difficult the find the right track to practice at first.
A must-have. The only problem is that this game is full of "annoying little tricks" the devs have inserted into this game. Walls attract your car. Even steering the car makes it perform a 180 sometimes, no matter how sensitive you set the controls. All of that to give you the fake impression this game will take longer to beat when it isn't that big or fully featured to begin with. You'll see yourself restarting the races, especially on harder difficulties, because of that. All in all, I'll keep this game because Pixelbite have made it work with my Bluetooth controller and the graphics are gorgeous.
Welp, this game ended for me on race #6. It went from enjoyable and winnable to utterly frustrating and a total drag. Somehow, I went from being able to win, to being lapped by other cars. Upgrade the vehicle you say? Nope, didn't make a bit of difference. Unfortunately, I'm done. Goodbye $2...
The game is very very exciting and the graphics deserves more than 5stars rating.I think the next game I mean the reckless racing 4 should be 3D but not birds eyes am talking about the camera,so they should do something about it
Super fun fun super challenging great graphics and gamepad compatible all things that I look for in great racing game
Relatively new to the "top down" racer category, but so far this is hands down the best TD racing game I have played. This is the first top down racer I tried. It's so good it made me an immediate "TopDown" racer fan. I compare every other TD racer to Reckless racing. Although there are other great TDR's, Reckless Racing 3 is still number #1 in my book.
Love the cars, ths handling and drifting, the maps and modes. However I do hate competing with the AI, trying to pass a car can be very RNG, especially in the beginning with all the cars in a big RNGesus physics ball. Some cars are bigger, heavier and better for the opening, others are faster and handle better, but its a part of the game I could really do without. Just let me race the clock, drifting is amazing, bumping into cars is not.
Good game, I have Sony Experia 5ii, so it's really hard to control the car as there are black borders either end. Slowly getting better.
Worth every penny, bloody fantastic game, grafics are on point and gameplay I would die for, Controls are perfect.
Good little racer with ok graphics and gameplay. +1☆ for great gamepad compatibility. Works great with 8bitdo zero 2 gamepad
Awsome game since reckless one but need to be multi-player now! The Gymkhana would be awsome head to head with my buddy.
Perfect game. Runs butterly smooth has bestiful graphics and perfect controls customizeable to any degree you can imagine. Cars are not too expensive and it feels good to drive around the map. No complains for 1$ the devs deserve it.
Controls are sucks. But also I don't know why they are not updating? I think Developers are hungry for money, because they sale their old games without any new updates or contents. Shame on you developers.
Love this game, like a modern RC Pro-Am. Even thy it's a free to play, it's not a grind to get new cars.
Absolute fun, outstanding graphics, I don't know why everyone is complaining about the controls, they are fluid and feels awesome, maybe u just need to lift your thumb off the gas every once in a while to better control your car. Or maybe even use the brakes.
The game os pretty cool, but... The graphics are pretty cool, de control buttons are a little to small, and there are a few Achievements that doesn't unlock. I already finish all races more than twice in Hard Dificult and the Gymnkhana trophy, Drift trophy, and of course all races just don't unlock. Overall os cool entertainment.
Love it. Actually runs very well on my old slow tablet. Bt controller support and chase camera make it even more fun. A good addition to the series.
I really really really enjoy this game,So much addictive, it was worth the price...A wow...is not even a 3d but tops all the racing games I've played.
It's a fun game I played the original and loved it. I feel like they lost some of the finesse they had from the original game. Now you're racing semi trucks and they got rid of some favorite cars. Not to mention when you get passed the "c" class theres a bug difficulty spike to the point where it's no fun. Jt went from racing 3 year olds to racing perfect computers. I'm pretty dissapointed in this.
Great game, really fun and I am happy it supports controller. Only 2 bucks and none of the annoying ads and begging for money from the free apps. Was a good hour or two before I even saw a review request. Definitely a step above the usual phone schlock and definitely worth your time as a fun simple arcade racer.
Thi is a really fun game that is quite addictive, and is free without ads (which is rare nowadays). However, as I've progressed further, there are really frustrating bugs that make the game difficult to enjoy. Bugs like steering buttons steering the car the wrong way (the left button suddenly starts steering the car right at rare times), small bits on multiple tracks that completely stop the car, or dodgy collision physics. These bugs make it hard to come back to play again.
Great game in everything. I give it a 4 star. If it had upgrades to motor, suspension, body, tires, etc i would give it a 5 easily!
Controls are far worse than the previous version. Gave it about 7 raves and uninstalled. Too bad. Was a good series.
Cool game, but controller response code needs fixing. My fingers are on the screen arrows and they don't respond sometimes causing me to crash and not win the race. Need to check the isPressed code or something
Game is cool, Cars are cool, Tracks are cool. The driving controls aren't great. The driving camera isn't great and the other camera option isn't right either. The game is pretty close to being 5 stars. Just let down mostly by a bad viewing angle. Can't see the track ahead enough. And online option would make it even better. The graphics are nice. Almost a really good game.
It is pretty hard when time to time, but you will get better and better as time goes on, and the graphics are pretty good so it is a great game. Altho the drifting for most or all of the cars is pretty slippery and does not feel right at first.
Great little game, reminds me of games from years ago, simple fun.. and controller support is so handy..
This game is phenomenal!! The vehicles are realistic, but simple enough to learn easily. Controls are very good, and graphics are great too. Also, not pay to win! 10/10, would pretend to be Ken Block.
The vehicles aren't performance upgradable, possibly its just not necessary because Reckless Racing is a fantastic, challenging, cheap game..and loads of fun
It's worth what is costs... Would be more nice if we could play races online as multiplayers... I'll wait for newer parts
I've put hours into this game which is surprising to me because I've never been a big fan of top-down racers. What I like about RR3 is there was actually a learning curve for me with the controls. Somehow it feels like I'm always getting a little better, always correcting mistakes, which keeps me from becoming bored. It's challenging in just the right way. I've completed everything in the game and I still like coming back to do hotlap and arcade. It's definitely worth the money.
this game is very unique and very well done, only problem is that it keeps asking me to rate it when I have already done so! even if you press no, it will keep asking. also 100% difficulty is impossible because all other cars are faster than yours.
Top notch. This game is fantastic fun. Exactly what you might want and expect from the advert. It's a playful silly little game, but has nice challenging opponents, stunning graphics, and easy game for that. The controls were very awkward, but, they are adjustable. I'm having a blast on the game. It runs very smoothly.
The game is the best game l have ever played. At the beginning l was not good at it but it just needs some practice.
Cool game guys , what about allowing the birdseye view to be adjustable . Closer view is what I'm asking for 😊.
Free world exploring mode is missing! There are a few bugs too. And the game is annoying sometimes: I want a real challenge so I set the 100% difficulty but I am still faster than the opponents with the same cars. Also, why do I always start from the back of the grid in championship mode? Overall, i like this game and I hope the future updates would make it even better.
Simple but addictive, still great in 2020 especially for the £1.99 price tag. Hope they make a Reckless Racing 4 in the near future.
Doesn't work... the game does not react to any touchscreen input at all. I cannot even navigate the menu and I cannot start a game
Awsome game, great handleing, clean graphics. Its game actully worth spending the 2$ on if you like older style racing games, only think is i thought it said you would be able to upgrade your cars, not just change color and rims, do have lot more colors to pick from then most tho forsure, it does have good pick of vehicles tho
Great little top down racer. Probably the best I've played. Perfect graphics and when played with xbox one controller perfect controls. Vibrant colours and very smooth. S20ultra. Progress seams more that fair. Thanks!
Complete money grab. Not only did the developer pull RR1 and 2 to make it completely inaccessible to those who paid for it, but has also simply recycled the concept with new cars and maps and one new and fairly mediocre game mode at the expense of multiplayer. Shame on you, developers, for not standing next to your existing products.
Very good graphics controls are customizable although it does feel like your driving on ice but its a drift game thats the point rite? It runs just fine on my lg premier no lag overall it was a good purchase although my only gripe is lack of cars and little customization im very happy with my purchase and will be waiting on the next installment
Great game! I wish it had more camera options. Also, it's properly difficult in the more advanced races! Pretty addictive
Legendary Trilogy in one game. It's good old Reckless Racing & Reckless Racing 2 fused in one game, revamped gameplay, visual & more advanced graphic options, includes 60fps mode. There are Drift Race & Gymkhana which put the test of your driving skill & add more fun fuels to this game. Awesome as usual. Keen to look forward for the next update after 4 years since last update.
Console game on Android. It is my absolute favorite game. I don't like gaming on Android but this game gets me hooked.
This game has awesome graphics which I love it seems to make you feel as if your actually in the game nice job guys!!!!!!
Just what you expect from a reckless racing game. I love the drift and gymkhana modes. Graphics are sharp and smooth. The only issue I have is with playing with the touch screen controls. Sometimes the buttons get sticky or stop responding but I feel like it's because my phone gets so hot while playing. Overall another great addition to the series and I look forward to their next iteration of the reckless racing franchise.
Great Physics and beautiful graphics. The music is well composited. Looking forward to any other racing games. Thank You Soool Much!!
My experience is ongoing and hasn't stopped, this app is by far the only app I have installed in my phone, cant stop playing it...
Too difficult since beginning. You'll be challenged but you won't have much fun at all. Wish I could have my money back
I never stop playing RR3. It's an awesome must play racing game Great graphics, great drift physics, lots of well designed and challenging tracks, cool soundtrack and a top down overhead view that looks so incredible. I downloaded this game to a GPD XD+ so I could play it using real controls. If you're downloading to your smartphone, make sure you have a bluetooth retractable or standard controller.