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Reckless Getaway 2

Reckless Getaway 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Pixelbite located at Oceangatan 3 25225 Helsingborg Sweden. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is fantastic, I will play every day, In one day I will play atles 2 and half hours but, if we buy a car and it is coming like a car which I have already but, It is every nice and fantastic I like it so I will give 5 stars
If u r are a fan of some racer- cop games like nfs most wanted(PC) then u will definately love this game.. Its very minimilistic bt the interface is so interesting and also have many different maps...
It's not so bad that I'd give it 1 or 2 stars but this is not getaway, this is an arcade game, its become a copy of smashy Road, there's no story line, no levels, just an arcade game, also the poly style graphics do not match with the old style gameplay I remember, if your looking for a nostalgic getaway racer then this isn't the game for you.
This a good game. But my problem is the train why the train's can't move on trats why. Pls fix that. And other thing is the police the police's gust be bihind us and go in water. Pls fix this small things. Have a nice day.
That is a good idea. But it was better to simplify the game's graphics so that you can improve the game's control and gameplay πŸ˜’ Simple graphics are very popular ! Also, the game is hard and full of obstacles and makes us lose quickly ! πŸ˜“
Best offline game to play. No updating your cars and no need of buying cars but just have to click on WIN CAR after having 100 Gold coins.
I think this game is great (especially when ur bored) the only thing is... i think they need more power ups like one that gives you a speed boost or heals you because they get a bit old and need an update.
It's just okay. Not too bad. It's fun for sure. Those who have liked it might also like Smash Bandits too that's much more real and graphics are better than this but is more fast paced too. All in all first timers are gonna like this game.
Not bad, but it's frustrating that there's no way to repair your vehicle. It looks like that's what the car washes are supposed to do, but they don't. Also the difficulty ramps up exponentially to the point where you can't really go anywhere so the rounds are really short.
Seems a bit stupendous as in good. The cars really 😱 scream around the track like the polygons was stopping something in the way. Fun on the ears too.
Decent for a mobile game, I guess, but the strength of military jeeps ruins the game. Once they come out, you'll be dead in thirty seconds for sure. Also shows that the devs don't really know what they're doing, guess that's what I expect from highschool devs. Hope you fix this ruined game sometime, it's an easy fix kiddos
You suffer from Lootboxitis, my child. Other than that though, you have a good game here. I got a tank, which might be a bit too overpowered (you can one-shot any vehichle by lightly tapping it unless its a boss).
Awesome 60FPS Action. Love The visuals especially the depth of field effect. Running smoothly on kirin 970 Edit : Switched to newer Snapdragon 720g and the framerate is like below 30fps and it's stuttering
I think this is the best game for enjoy. And controls are good, effects are awesome. Please install this game and enjoy the game and write a review on this game....
There is about 80 cars to collect and the chase is different every time I got it from the game pass on Google play there are challenges for every car to i recommend this game
Got ads with Play Pass and why in the world do I have to unlock each vehicle individually everytime I open it and then it just forgets I unlocked it but remembers the challenges I have for each vehicle. Get it together guys your not new at this. Fun gameplay that needs it's play Pass formula worked out more
It won't let me play! It always black outs when I'm about to play! pls tell me what the problem is. Even though I have this problem I really like the game when I can play it. it is really fun but you really never get away. I'm getting really frustrated pls fix both problems
Very fun. 84 different cars to collect, ranging from combine harvesters to sedans, this game has literally everything. Very easy to control, the maps are really well put together and the cars chasing you are really interesting, like cop cars and SWAT vehicles, tanks and hummers. You can collect power-ups, one is an explosion that knocks back every car around you, one is a mode where you are invincible and break everything you hit, and the last is jump boost. There are challenges, too.
I played this game before and it was amazing!! But the reason I gave it a 1 star but not a 5 is because I start the game and the screen turns black and kicks me out I don't know how to fix it.
Hi I think this game is great the graphics are good car selection is good but I think you should do update where the hovercraft can go on water I just think it make the game more interesting
This game was fun, until I can't even open the app due to it always crashing. You gotta fix this issue since it's been a problem of mine for awhile. Appreciate it.
Very good game i give it 5 stars beacuse the controls are amazing the graphics are amazing very smooth and there isnt any ads if you want to play an ad you ll get 20+ gold which is amazing. It will be amazing if they put free ride a gamemode which you can drive freely i would really love that. I hope it isnt just me wanting a free ride gamemode. And it will be more fun if there was repair tools scattered around the map and a health bar for the car
This game is the best for people who has nothing to do. It is challenging and good for strategy. This is the best game the only down side is the controls, it is so sensitive. Also it would be very nice to add a bike in the game
Devs force you to pay 100 coins for random "new" vehicles, but charge you for the same cars over and over again instead of giving new cars each time or allowing you to choose them yourself. It takes way too long to gather coins in-game to have them stolen by the hundreds, so there's no way you should even think about pay money for coins either. Too bad, because the game itself is fun enough - but to make theft of your in-game currency part of the design... 1 star for that
it is a good game please add somemore vehicles and please make it that a car should get for only one time one car is getting to me for about 6 to 7 times please fix it
Hey i found this glitch, its where a car goes flying in the air after they run into the water, the only car i know the glitch works on is the RV i dont know any other cars that fly in the air. Please fix it, it makes the game look illogical.
Would give it 5 stars if you guys removed the cars we already won so we don't lose the money if they pop up again. It happened to me 5 or 6 times now.
The game is good, I liked it but, the problem is the cars, we need to spend real money to buy them, instead of that, if we can purchase them with the game money it would be great and the controls, except for that everything is fine
I absolutely love this game!!! Its awesome and keep up the good work! One think though is that you should add a world where it hase all the cars and its like a big world and not just one map.
Amazing game , I love this game very very much . I have an idea for u that u can do an update and increase the maps and cars then it will become more amazing.
More frustrating than fun. Has excellent graphics and physics like other Reckless games. But there is so much going on all at once it's hard to figure out what to do. A short tutorial would be helpful. Also, not enough items. By the time I find them I'm almost dead. Plus there is no getaway. Even if you complete a challenge you keep going until you die, would be nice to actually getaway.
Here's what I think you should add: Make the trains move, Make it to where you can explore the world by walking, Add more cars, Add a story mode, The FBI, More maps, Playable Planes and boats, Upgradable vehicles, Players can Create their own maps and vehicles, different camera modes, instant replays, demo derby mode, different game modes, space mode, able to hijack a police car, weather, zombie mode, able to attack police cars with guns on the cars, END OF THE WORLD mode, racing, and animals.
It's a good game but there's a glitch on the map Drylands where if you hit the solar panels at a point it will launch you under the map and auto kill you. Please fix.
I love it it's just that I wish the police chases were more realistic. By not having SWAT trucks chase you and military. Like SWAT should come in were the military should it should be all police. Also the SWAT should drive unmarked SUV'S or Unmarked Pickups. Also we should change police car skins. And add a police mode so we can call the backup. And a new map suggestion Big City aka NYC. Also one last thing what is the white police cars department? State police, sheriff, FBI? I'm a real person.
This game is cool but I want like if the cop cars hit your car your car fall, a parts like door a whell and and orders and plz ad in secret cars that can be get bi doing tings like SpongeBob car if you bie on the water
Please add more cars and vehicles and then you'll get yourself 5 stars but please add more vehicles and challenges By the way this game is fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And lastly make it so you can record yourself on the game.
It is a good game but the challenge crowns are not to be found, and very difficult to get and i cannot find any, please remove this challenge.
Fun for a good 5 mins and then.... Meh.. Maybe this is a game for the toilet or very, very short amounts of time. But I lost interest in this very quickly as its just same thing, rinse and repeat.
Wow im impresses its super awesome theres a lot of cars and different maps for each on of them and the quality and graphips are awesome the first day i installed the game i played all day non stoping,so i hope you like it have fun.
Its a fun game and has lots of vehicles and maps to unlock. It could be a little bit calmer on the player because the police go mad at you but it is good otherwise .
This is an incredibly well made game with a lot of attention to detail, its very good with a gamepad,a seamless experience all-round.
This game is really great. There are sooo many cars to chose from, and a whole lot of maps. Not a ton of adds. My only complaint is that I wish vehicles were cheeper (to buy with real money) and I wish you could choose your map (every car is asigned with a map) This is very fun and I think you should get it!
This game is really great. There are sooo many cars to chose from, and a whole lot of maps. Not a ton of adds. My only complaint is that I wish vehicles were cheaper (to buy with real money) and I wish you could choose your map (every car is asigned with a map) This is very fun and I think you should get it!
It's a great time killer. Controls are relatively easy, game play is smooth. I'll be keeping this one for a while
The only thing is it just throws you into the game the controls take a minute but all in all really fun good game
I really like this game. Its true that you can't survive for long but it makes it more fun as it gives you more of a challenge. What I think should be improved is that the car slot thing shouldn't be so hard. It takes quite a lot of adverts to get enough coins but all I end up getting is a car that I'd previously unlocked. Its annoying. Also try to put in some boats or something. The boats in the harbour in one of the maps are really well made so why can't we drive them? Otherwise, great job!
One of the most entertaining offline game. Idk how but this game never gets repetitive. I wished I could give 10 stars. Underrated game:)
I love playing this game. I wish the steering on some of the cars was better. But otherwise awesome game with awesome music.
I love the fact of the old style driving. Twitchy, not perfect. Just How I remember GT#1. In the beginning.
Super fun to play kind of addicting :) it's like phone grand theft auto. I'd suggest maybe adding few more missions for each car other then that great game.
you all should make it to where you can get into other cars to lose the police and until you do something else then they'll come after you in that car you can drive any car a truck a normal vehicle and the train on one map this would be really cool if you guys could add this I think we did a lot more people :D ;)
This game is perfect. Love the handling and gameplay and mini challenges. Ads are to a complete minimum. I'm honestly baffled about the few complaints I've read as this is the optimal mobile gaming experience for me.
The game is really fun and I love it but there's this really odd bug in the game where the screen gets dark and the wheels on cars disappear, there's no smoke or fire and the framerate gets super choppy which makes it unplayable. Then there's the new car machine and boy did you get this wrong. In Crossy Road or games like that they take out the characters you already own so you don't lose money but everytime and I mean EVERYTIME you try to pick a new car it picks a car you already own! FIX THAT!
This game is insanely awesome. Only thing I don't like is the amount of damage the vehicle takes. Doesn't give me enough time to cause total chaos.
I love this game.... However there are a few graphical bugs on certain devices. Other than that ITS REALLY GOOD!
This game is the best game of my life . I would rarley recommend this game. Please it would be more fun if you could add a multiplayer friends option in it so we could drive with friends.best luck
Gotta be honest great game I've know many games like this for example smashy road. This just beats it all however I've only played a bit and theres no ads no purchases anywhere this definitely is not a pay to win game GREAT GRAPHICS of course for mobile what do you expect. This is addicting simple but really fun.
This game is great. It's so great that if there was a console version I'd actually be into it. The game takes the best parts of some of the best driving games out there and rolls them up into a small and polished yet addicting mobile game. My only problem with it is that braking is clunky and unresponsive and might as well not even be there, or if there was a button in the middle of the screen that'd be better. The game also could use some more maps, but other than that I loved it
Only downloaded because of pass trial, my experience was i got most vehicles instantly, put game on random and play. I enjoy my time other than tax.. is just as bad as ads. Still worth my time, i keep playing between other games. Buffs are fun and seems a rather large area to play in. Controls are among the most easiest to understand
Best Game I have. Maybey add a highway mode or a open world mode or a zombie mode or something like that just add more maybey make a reckless getaway 3. PlEASE ADD MORE. This is the best game on this app store beside minecraft.
This game worked well last time but because of my storage i deleted it and when i downloaded it again today it just loaded and turned into a black screen and closes im back in home screen even tho the last time i downloaded it was like at 2.1 or something gb and now at 2.3 gb its not working maybe crashing or but it closes by itself
Good game overall, police chases are exciting and is a great time waster. But, there is some things I would add/change. A star counter would be nice, and more police vehicles would also be good. But the worst thing is the 'tax office' popup if you have a high amount of coins, which first isn't logical as your literally killing hundreds of police officers and you have to deal with the tax office, and second you can get all vehicles in the game and it will still take you to the spinner.
I really love this game if you can survive for long. The police chases are exciting and you have a great time. You have many vehicles to pick. I love using the bulldozer.
I had this once on another phone and it worked fine, but for some reason, on my new phone, all it will show is a gray screen, then kick me out. Please fix this, as I genuinely enjoy this game.
Kudos to the team behind... Loved the gaming situations that is changing in respective with region to region, especially the music. Beautiful result of great effort... 🀝
I love the game every thing is the best. Its my favorite high speed chase game like there's a time to strategies and a time to just go.Thats what I love about the game.Also can you add an online mode.
I like this game because 1# if is free 2# it is a mobile game 3# there many cars and maps 4# there are not to many ads though one thing it can be a little Lagy some times.
The game is nice, good controls and very few ads (you can always watch ads to get more money for example). The MOST ANNOYING thing though is that you don't see the progress of the challenge. For example the challenge "survive for a certain amount of time/destruction": how much? 1m, 2m, 5m, 8m, 4h, 2d?? 100 damage points? 200dp, 300dp? Put a progress bar in game or specify better how much time/destruction.
The "Do you have tendency to blow up stuff?" Part was so good of the trailer but the thing is that the trailer forgot to show up the power ups incase Knuckles, Jumpad, and the third one and I don't know the third one but I like this game. But reckless get away 1 was more difficult and more different than reckless getaway 2. This play store game will live forever.
Would be fun if you could last longer. I think the obvious solution to that is to have energy pick-ups to restore vehicle health. That would increase the fun 10 FOLD!! Hint: just buy the Money Truck. If you like this game, the ad button will give you 120 coins between every game..in 2 days I have half the cars already.
One of the best games on mobileπŸ‘Œ i love how different cars have different maps and how cool the drifts are but... there is one thing i desperately need to take away: Fish Food... I hate having a bunch of points and them drowning in a getaway game! also i enjoy not watchimg any interrupting ads in mid getaway.. apart from that... πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
Before this game kept crashing, it was super fun to play. Now it won't open, and I've tried uninstalling and downloading, but it never works. I like the gameplay, graphics, and controls, so please fix this and it will get five stars!
This game doesn't deserve any star ⭐ it's a complete waste of data no offense to the producer but it's a really bad game y can't u just select the car u want to buy y must it be random pick that's just sad and then u will end up getting a useless car like y pls make some changes to d game pls it's really sad so till they do pls don't download it's a waste of data
ADDICTING AF, BUT.....ive spent 1000's of coins only to get the same car again ,i have around 50 cars but i cant buy new cars ,i spend 100 coins just to get the same car i already had , the try again button doesn't work, maybe add the batmobile or smtg? New cars would be fun ,there r a lot fun cars to collect for sure,download and try it out .
I love this game much room for improvement though, remove the already owned cars from the garage because it is very frustrating when you get the same car after paying 600 coins and to whomever designed the flaming biker there is a special place in hell for you :D
Awesome game. Make the steering rate a little smoother/more elastic and tie it to a multiple of the speed. Reckless Racing 3 is awesome too but it needs a city mode like this!
Mind blowing graphics and controls. Mostly recommended for those who love chases. Try once you will not regret. Regards, keep improving
This is a very good platform of racing games for racing gamers.I give this game 5 star because I love to play racing game and this game is also relaxing game is for racing gamers.
It's an ok game, pretty fun, but after a point it's just dumb. You spend your hard earned 100 coins, to just get a car that you've already got πŸ˜’. Also the stunt bike that you get as a mystery vehicle is, well, too weak, so if you smash it just once it blows up. Otherwise it worked well on my device. Consider installing it if you are ok to get the same car again and again. I'll probably uninstall it if I face this same problem again.
Game is a 10 graphics are amazing. Controlling vehicle is a little quirky at first but you get used to it.
Played this game when it came out and absolutely loved it. Here I am 2 years later and downloaded it again, but all my previous info is still stored, all cars etc. Is there a way to start over, from the bottom? Otherwise, wonderful.
but u should let a "FBI" on the last part and a "New Car" and a New Map add another power up called the "Repair Kit" for repair also its clear for me and add a "Sheriff" at the last part too and a "Moving Tank" but i like it.
Why does you have an option for getting a car that is already in your garage? First of all you make it very hard to get coins. And after a hard collection of 100 coins, it is being wasted on getting the same car which is already in our garage. Please, remove this option. Remove the cars from the shop which are already bought.
Pretty fun for 10 minutes, then you realize how greedy the devs are. They charge 100 coins for new vehicles and then once you have lets say, 10 vehicles and theres 40 vehicles you can unlock total, you spend 100 coins winning the same vehicle you already unlocked, basically losing your 100 instead of getting a new car. The challenges get more ridiculous over time as well, which can be near impossible when you're being rammed from every side by police cars if you play a game for over 2 minutes.
This is amazing extraordinary superb game.. city design with traffic are awesom design.. i need some more features like car updated... Bike also provide.. drift features also insert.. little handling prblm are there... Plzz provode some power boost.. like shooting attack.. messile attack.. jump power. And nitro speed insert plz.... Some difficult in find blue bag and purple power.. increase power varity.. amd durabli5 icrease plzzz
Amazing game! The graphics are great and the controls are easy to master. Anyone who likes smashy road and SUP will like this very much. Mabye mabye make the bank car free because not a lot of people will pay money for it but everything else is wonderful. 5 stars.πŸ˜„
Its a simple concept, but there is so much code in this game. So complex that every single car is balanced in its own way. I been playing for a while and I am still learning all the mechanics in this game.
The problem here are the challenges and cars. I find the survival the one that makes me rage. The survival challenge is impossible because the progress bar takes forever to fill. My final complaint is vehicle selection. It's rigged so you do more rounds to get 100 coins or more to recieve a try again sign to my face. New complaint: RIGHT BEFORE I CAN COMPLETE THE SURVIVAL CHALLENGE TEN COPS CROWD ME AND SHOVE ME OFF A THE FLIPPIN CLIFF! Hopefully Bob the builder can REALLY fix it.
Wow Actually this game is fun I love this game and actually the first game of Pixelbite the Ruging Thunder racing? Wow it's Very good Game Ever almost 6 years I Playing this Pixel bite games