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Rebaixados Elite Brasil

Rebaixados Elite Brasil for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Sebby Games located at Rua Coelho Neto 79 Tasso Fragoso MA 65820-000 . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Oh guess what guess what I love this game no caps guess what this game is so funny you can put pictures on a door you can put in the rims bigger than the whole speaker wall the Volkswagen already brother is the best cars of Grey can you put the put under light whatever front light different colors the car colors speakers difference because I love this because I can take the biggest like you can put music music. Download the other car speaker car game they let me flip speaker than it is 1 to down
I love the game very much but the only thing that's missing is a button for the sunroof. Can you please put a button to open and close the sunroof? That will be wonderful
I got angry because I downloaded the game and I open it and everything, I choose my car and they said press the video button to get your car. I press the button and it remain there. I kept pressing the buttons multiple times and I didn't get to play the game because it remain there. I tried multiple times but it stayed there and the video didn't come up. This got me really upset because I wanted to play the game and I didn't get to play it. Did this happened to anybody else or is it just me?????
This game is awesome and all but the thing is the reason I gave it a 4 star is because everything is ok but there they must be other people so that we can meet other people not just like to pretend like hey I'm here don't don't do this I'm here so I gave it a 4-star if they were gonna beat if they we're gonna be people in it are the people in it I wouldn't give it a full star by stars so I do love this game but the thing is there is no people in it okay bye
Lovely game just need sum trucks n if possible to use more dn one vehicle at the same time meaning park two or more vehicles by ur house n don't have to select menu to change your vehicles
Amazing game but I have a couple suggestions. Can you make a jdm edition of the game, and maybe add some more maps, and can u also make it that a vechile can shoot sparks when it is dragging the ground.
Love the graphics but you should put the corvette c8 and widebody hellcat charger in the game it will be really cool
I love this game...... But the only thing is there's no traffic man that's the hold up otherwise the are perfect
why can't the game play any songs of mine.. if i play a song then the whole game goes back to menu πŸ™„.. whyy i love the game but it needs to be a bit more lively with more people and different cars and decorating the speakers on ur own with stickers and naming your own cars... I am looking forward to another update which will blow my mind
Your game is giving me a problem everytime I enter the game it goes blank and Automaticly enters out of the game
This game is awesome!I figured out how to open doors!it's so fun and addictive, I love it the cars are amazingly beautiful, and the game is amazing! hope you make it like GTA 5 add NPC's, guns
I love this game specially its cars like Toyota fortuner, its graphics and the village of this game.I really love this good gameπŸš—πŸš—πŸš”πŸš”
Add novo polo gts an change inside colour an put mud flaps also put sun roofs an have nodes comfort tilt an closed an opened an have 6x9s an put lips on the bumpers put the number plates where players like also make it where you can put own words on num on license plate in yr own colour also add option to put lights inside yr car go inside yr house an all houses add car wash an put lights on yr roof fix it please put rgb headlights thank you kindly sebby gamesπŸ‘πŸ•Ί
Sebby I want to say that made a good game but it needs two more things first it's to put all the cars in the world second it's about BMW's that's the only thing that needs in the game thank you
My experience with this game is Amazing , but can u guys make the sunroof in the cars open and close by using a button? I will love that and I will appreciate that so much.
The graphics are fine but I am not happy they are other people and cars bots please add people and car bots
This game is awesome!I figured out how to open doors!it's so fun and addictive, I love it the cars are amazingly beautiful, and the game is amazing! hope you make it like GTA 5 add NPC's, guns,make a bigger map add more cars and I'll just have to go p****
It's a fun game to play But it would be more fun if you could do more things like maybe transport children to school and they pay u so u can have money to buy food and houses and if you could extend the map It would be even better if we had a Toyota quantum and a VW microbus
This game is cool! There are many cars and you can modify them for free.I have a request,can you add traffic cars ans 2016 Montero Sport for the next update? Would be nice since you already had Fortuner in the game πŸ‘
New favorite game. There is alot of things to custom in game good gameplay good graphics. Love the music in cars being able to lower and put rims on them. Makes me feel like im.back at home at the car competitions Thank you looking forward to seeing new stuff!!
Hello These game is super excited But car is ok but you have to add endover and new Fortuner but game is super excited please add and one more think you have ta add roll royes
It's not a bad game it just needs a bit of work 1. Car hauler trailer is bugged when trying to haul a vehicle. 2. Flipped over outer wall so could not get back in the map. 3. Visual clipping of the speakers in the trucks with the bed cover. And there is probably a couple other bugs in the game I just haven't found them yet
more maps pls and also add more vehicles, add first person on the person, more modification, enter the buildings, traffics, more max car
This game is the best but you must add car so it must be cooler 😎 please add it then I will give you 5 star just add more car and people and it will be batter
I like this game because you get free cars but you need to add people and some cars and homes so you can go in them
This game is one of the best games i played ...πŸ™Œ... guys I really enjoy this game but can yourl please update it and make it like the classic version
It's a 4 star it would be a five if it was multiplayer you you can pick your own clothes and you can pull out all your cars and a longer trailer for all your cars. Can you add all of those plzz!!!!!
This game looks nice but what attracted me to it is that its written that it has online radio but when I downloaded it I discovered that it does not even have online play
It is a very good game but I am giving it 3 stars because I want to join beta program but it is full plz increase limit of beta program
Awesome please add a female playable character! And please add a Christian radio station can be english or Spanish. God bless!
This game is so amazingπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ realistic graphics please try to also make the house realistic and add traffic and also be able to enter in the house and increase the number of cars that you can drive make it to be at least 6 minimum cars to drive and also add multiplayer please please please please please this game is sooo amazing
Car simulator and extreme car driving simulator are more fun. Jumps. Races. Stunts. All sorts of things to collect in your environtment. Now this game rebaixados. Uses allot of data. It just eats it up. Ita hard to manage your battery it drains so quick. Never had this problem with other games. Best part. Make a ricer. Lift or lower your truck suv or sports car. Make a trailor with as many customization options that the cars have. But there is nothing to collect in the city.
Aint a bad game it needs a little realistik graphics need some worck but would say you would want to install this game like i said it needs more work on the graphic but yeah it's a good game it's a probably the best game I ever played but car parking multiplayer is a kind of a better game I recommend you guys should really really really download this game but it's probably the funniest game I wish they had a Lambo won't I haven't played it yes but I would like a Lambo Lamborghini Huracan perform
Very nice game out standing bt 1problem sound is note clear total car is very nice driver dance styel very good I love this game
Can you add Some other people driving the cars and police and a house in which we can enter and snow season rainy season day and night cycle and a new city it will become a good game and improve graphics
I love the game but needs more work ,like adding trucks or more VW cars,and Toyota yaris, buildings should open and add more ppl and clothes
Good game but increase the traffic and map and let people walk on the road and allow them to enter house
Great but put some people and cars paty things like that. Try to make graphics like real life.such a nice game love it😊😊😊😊😊
game is good and all but it woulf be nice if they put a two car or a three car trailer and let you have at least 4 cars out at once and maby pit multipalyer and everything else in the game,oh and also can we have the moto cross vehicles in the same game too that woulf be awsome (just my opinion)
I like the game alot but like u should add multiplayer and add other cars like dodger charger and dodge hellcat and a cheverlot tahoe trucks and stuff
It's a great game but I think sometimes it might be boring because the are no people and the player is alone and the other thing is that the player cannot enter inside the house
It's a very nice dynamic game I love it Would like some missions and car shows and all the TOYOTA,VOLKSWAGGEN CARS AND TRUCKS TAXI'S IN THE GAME!! Would love some activities like cooking food and house entering..,shops to open and daytime cyceling like the sun going under Wanna drive my selected cars at once for example: *SELECT WHICH CARS AND HOW MANY CARS SHOULD BE AVAILABLE WHEN PLAYING. *ADD SOME MOSSIONS AND CHALLENGES WHICH THE PLAYER CAN play *MAKE THE BRAKES also slider with manual trans
The game is the best!❀can you please at least update and put some functional avatars and cars and at least new houses so we can vibe into❀
It is really good I like it u can make the map bigger and add more cars and truck and some offroad cars and more outfits for the character
I love this game. I hope to see exhaust tips in the future and if there are speakers in the door why is the music muffled in first person view, but other than that this game is really fun. I have a blast upgrading the vehicle's and trailers. Great job dev's!
I love this game. but i think it need some more car like pakistani car honda civic,kia sportage,etc so please add these more cars to make it more interesting.plz
Good game, enjoyable but please add traffic and enlarge the map to make it more interesting, please add south African Taxi cabs like Toyota Quantum and Siyaya and even Corola Quest and more taxi cabs in South Africa
It's okay but boring.. what do you even do in it ? There are many games out there like this but what is so special in this one ? You need more innovation and make things more lively and insert competition between different people who has the best looking cars and a "show off" with amazing looking cars parked together and showing off their ride while dancing
I Love this game...BUT......pLease add some more ...SpoRts .....Cars....and some.....traffic and......CiviLianS.......Thank You...Love u SeBBy
This game is awesome, we need more traffic. And more people. I love the things you can do on the game please improve it. I'll be waiting for you and please make the map big the big.. Add a gear please. And a pedal for braking. Even add Africa on it! Thank you
Add a dodge hellcat srt and add burnouts and drifts and add more loud sounds to the speakers plzz And add black things so we can cover up our headlights with And i wanna hear alot of noises coming from the speakers in the back i wanna jear this boom boom boom and make it where that we can open our sunroof
This is a awesome game but you should really add a house that you can own and the other places that you can go in and buy stuff please can you add that for the next update and please can you add a Volkswagen mk1 golf please
Gives the best woofers sound in your car try it now good customization feels like you are driving a real car. πŸ€—πŸŽ±πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
It's a very cool game but what I don't like is that we can't burnout and when we close the trunk u can't hear it from the door speakers and put multiplayer in the game
It a great game but they need to put more cars like bmw and so on, and the game it must have traffic seeing people on the street and be able to get inside your house and other mensions
This game is amazing. It has realstic graphics. Realstic car interior. Realstic cars, and this new update was amazing. New car shop. New cars. I love this game very much. But you should make the houses realstic, you should add more customization like. You can change bumpers. You can change side skirts. You can change spoilers. Plz do this update. Thanks developer. I loved this game.
Its a good game but they should add more cars and trailers and when i play a song then the game restarts that is why im giving it 4 stars
Hi developer i hope u having a nice day but I was trying to inform u about the sound part of the game u made on play store instead of I have to open the trunk to hear the music more better why don't u just do.it like a normal vechile would do it when u wine done any of the windows u hear the same sound just like u open the trunk and when u wine back up any of the window then u get back the first sound u were hearing before u open anything I think that would be a great addition to the game.
It a good game but u need to add traffic people and traffic cars as well as store so we can buy groceries and salons so people can go cut their hairs and restaurants and casinos so we can bet and offroads and bmw cars so we can steal it when we want to and garages at home so we can leave our cars and add houses and tv's and bed so a person can go and sleep
The game is amazing, the graphics looks realistic but it will be more amazing if the mall, bakery, night clubs and lots are functioning and people should be able to drive cars as well so that the roads will be busy, pedestrians should also walk on the streets Also, it should be able to work and get paid to buy houses, cars and lots, the houses too are supposed to have furnitures
This game is awesome but you should add more cars and vans and you should say if you pimp your car yu can go to completions
The game is one problem but I love the game the reason why I'm giving it three stars is because I've tried and tried to get cars but whenever I go to watch an ad it keeps on going to the shop it is very stressful in the future I will hope you can fix that for me
It's a very cool game but just needs a bigger map that place is very very very small to drive around all day and maybe if he had the ability to go inside houses and touch or be able to drink something or eat somthing come on guys
Modifying cars is so exciting in especially when you love cars and the person chose the vehicles is smart so thank you for your work guys
It's a good game but you there's no traffic in the game and it's a bit boring but it's the best game with good graphics
This Game is very very nice But i want to play with my friends please install Multiplayer mode by open word and more people and traffic
Best tuning game I've played so far only the game runs very slow ang lags with high graphics and resolution........ Love the game in next update stop lags
Game just never played ii uninstalled and reinstalled ... but it never worked...... ii am doing this for the 4th time fix this ASAP it's a great game but fix this
Its a good game but for me i fine you all should of let all your costermize cars be outside so instead of comeing out of the game to go for your car it should be right outside
The reason why i rated the game three stars is because; I was hoping to kinda be able to do burnouts, drift donuts and any other fun stuff but i still like the graphics and the options of customizing your own car .
This game is the best i thin you should get it but you need to add more cars like fast and furious cars
The game is good in graphics the functioning of sunroofs and speaker but we need a bigger map and a 325i and 325is BMW gushehshe on the new update
Great game but could add more stuff or customization options like body kits ,spoilers ,change lights ,put different sunroffs on each vechile ,tyres wid lettering make the game run a little better and more realistic and please make this a mulitplayer instead of downloading the other one to play with friends it will be really great
I like this game and want to see alot more stuff in future update plz add new maps and able to go in houses and live in them and plz add new trucks car and trailers plz love the game i give it a five Stars
It's a good game great game actually but it would be way better if we could play online with our friends
This game is awesome graphics is good doesnt stick customization is great as well but would u please add a Dodge Charger a Mustang and Skyline please love the new update to
I love the games but put where you can own a house for free and able to go inside the house and interact with the stove and bed and other things
Stupid update game only kicks me out now soon as it loads n i select a vehicle it loads till 3% n kicks me out back to phone menu
Could do with being in english I know its partly todo with customizing yet ride and maybe a dance n drinks popping pills etc.
This is a good game, there's a lot of things to do, but it would be better if this game is online, so make it online on the next update please;)
I reallty loved this game until I tried to get on amd it would just kick me and i was sitting right but my wifi box
I love this game and many others as well. I see that people what it to become more intresting and they really do have cool ideas like traffic and pedestrians, ability to play with two cars at once like one is in the garage while u driving with the other. The sunroof option where u can open and close it individually like the windows. I like the fact the every garage is available but can the stores and houses also accessible.
The game is good The problem is there are no other cars in the driving zone/road and you need to release cars with Internet connection but it's a good game download don't be afraid
I wish the interior inside was realistic and the gauges could move please make an update add vw golf 7R I will love the game
It's great but a little update would do like people in the game , missions and customize your car exactly how u want it
I admire the game even the new features that are added, me and my friends always play the new version, but we get bored because we can't do meet ups and join the same rooms or with other people across the globe if you can't do that then atleast multi co-ops like using Hotspot to join the same server will do just fine
Add novo polo gts an change inside colour an put mud flaps also put sun roofs an have nodes comfort tilt an closed an opened an have 6x9s an put lips on the bumpers put the number plates where players like also make it where you can put own words on num on license plate in yr own colour also add option to put lights inside yr car go inside yr house an all houses add car wash an put lights on yr roof fix it please put rgb headlights thank you kindly sebby gamesπŸ‘πŸ•Ίplease it will be nice
This game has it all. You can customize almost everything. Two things I would like to see. 1 Engine swaps (to make sleeper cars) and 2 I wish you could enter all the buildings on the map. This would be fantastic.
It's a good game, just need more traffic. I know it's a lot to ask, but could you please add people and computer cars for know, and then in the next update improve the map maybe different types of areas just for more enjoyment and since it's full simulation. But keep it offline attracts more gamers that way.