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Reaper High: A Reaper's Tale

Reaper High: A Reaper's Tale for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by DAERISOFT located at #1013,10F,Byucksan Digital Valley 5-cha Gasan-dong,Geumcheon-gu,Seoul 08513 . The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I started this game yesterday. Now its asking me to enter a nickname again despite the fact I already have. I connected my Facebook and Google account, why was my progress reset?
The overall game is good, tho some untranslated parts and cutoff sentences, i do know ur tryingbur best. I found a bug btw. For four days straight after getting my 7th day login bonus, I keep getting legendary students. I do like to take advantage of this bug but please do fix it
would be better if ads didnt appear randomly during battle usually when your defense is barely breached and by the time you close out of them the defeat screen is shown its understandable to have some ads but make them before or after battle its really suspicious especially when its only like 1 or 2 smaller creatures that get past it seems like its just a ploy to get u to spend on diamonds
I really like the game. But how do I delete my progress? I accidentally put the wrong nickname. Edit: I decided to continue my progress anyway. But it would be nice if players can have the option to change nicknames.
Excellent base game, but no new content in months. It's actually really disappointing because the game really does have potential, but there's zero reason for me to keep playing when there's zero new anything ever.
Underrated. Good game, has a few annoying bugs. Very inclined to pay to win players. Needs more pvp. Loot and grind system too slow. Needs another battle mode
great game but the words are misleading. the enhance menu makes it seem like you get the students but it seems like it unlocks them to be gotten. it should say that, especially with the legends that show up. I dont want to waste my gems on a gamble
Game is kinda fun, but some basic functions are locked behind micro transactions. Gems seems to be given off promo codes quite often, though
Game always crashes right as I'm trying to start the game. It seems like a great opportunity for a rpg game, but I never got it to load. I love the art and otherwise, it seems like a good game.
It's absolutely adorable & the gameplay is pretty unique in my opinion. Cashing is not necessary like they are quite generous with gems & they do give pretty decent characters every 7 days you login. But uh there are some parts of the game still in Korean and I don't understand. Devs pls fix this :)
very buggy making me quit . I won many times and didn't get my reward for the 24hr challenge . makes it pointless to keep playing and grinding....was fun while it lasted though
Been playing this for a while and so far this was a good game. How about more slot? I couldn't keep all the legends and uniques and could you changes some of the daily ad rewards so it could be more variety and not boring? Thx, and hope the game could update more often, keep up the good work.
paying to get auto mode? no thx. auto should be free so everyone can benefit of it. Game it's quite hard to understand and to battle.
I really love it! I kinda like the story behind it and the whole, "Become a Reaper" kinda deal. I absolutely love the graphics, and the strategic gameplay behind it. The only thing that could make it better, was that some of the messeges had a few words cut off, as if it didnt get to finish its scentence. It mainly happened from coming back from a battle.
Its a high speed level grind and can be frustrating for very slow reward progression. Still it is fun and the art is warm hearted
Better than its simmilars, since there is no limited energy concept and less pay to win as long as you are not in a hurry to become godlike.
Can't stop playing! Lots of free to play incentives with periodic coupon codes off Facebook. Wish you could test out the characters before purchasing, but acquiring characters aren't too difficult. Keep up the good work and can't wait to see more updates!
App depends heavily on having a good stable network connection. I walked out of my wifi range and the app rolled back my unique character obtained from combination even though I had mobile data turned on for my device..... The auto functionality is a paid feature which simply casts any possible spell that fits within your current mana pool. There aren't even any enemies on screen when this happens. Devs please fix this functionality. Why pay for something that doesn't work well...
the game is good and cute overall... I'm just having a hard time understanding the requirements in getting legendary studemts .. its telling me that i dont have the student ID of the legendary I'm trying to combine using the required 2 unique students i have during defensive battles. Do i still need to find and register the student first before trying to get them by combining during defensive battles? if thats the case then this game just went from being good to just being way too unforgiving...
added later "eventually I get sick of the gameplay because I cannot get no where so sorry this is not my game" not bad but well, how can I put out the guard wall and characters but cannot take it back, destroy, or replace with something else?
absolutly genuily! the mechanics behind thia game rocks. The only thing that remain is how to unlock the two best legends: Arc Dimension and Sethguez
It's actually a really good game with very little ptw. It gets especially fun a few hours in when you get how the game works :3
it looks like a pay to win at first, but the longer you play the more you realize its actually not. i like this type of game also i like the art style. 9/10 10/10 if devs can add a dps stats while in a battle
Worst game i ever seen, ads show up everytime i'm finish the battle. When i try play again (open these game) i'm stuck loading attending for 10 minute.
This game is 100% pay to win. You can't even advance in the story because of how RNG dependent this game is. Ive been stuck trying to get past Day 35 for 3 days. Unless you buy to unlock Student IDs and then buy the slots to perma keep them, you aint getting anywhere. The loot system is way too difficult to get anything and the level up system is too costly. This game sucks and was never meant to be free to play.
Im still downloading, but ill rate it cause i know its good! and you developers make sure its working smoothly with bug fixes and word corrections. look im nice and crashes or other stuff doesnt bother me, because the devs make sure there arent, i know it would be good, looking forward to it devs! have a nice day!
I absolutely LOVE this game and I play it the most on my free time. I haven't encountered any problems so far but ever since the update, the game won't let me play. Everytime I try to start the game, it kicks me out immediately or rather it doesn't even start at all.. pls devs fix this problem.
Horrible interface.nothing stays on screen long enough to learn the tutorial. The instructions r not clear its way too short.
It's my first time playing this kind of game in any platforms and I must say that it is a great game! The cute anime-like visuals and chibi heroes goes well with each other. The gameplay is great, it really employs critical thinking when it comes to making a strategy. The only downfall of the gameplay for me is the levelling system in the dungeon where I only encountered it by acquiring the same student or by having a random student level up I suggest giving more experience per wave It's great!
Good game, but getting gems for f2p is very very slow. You get 1-3 gems per quest but things in the shop usually costs a couple hundred gems. Luckily the game is very generous with free stuff. However, it is incredibly annoying when trying to get different Unique units from combine and you get a duplicate but it only temporarily levels up it up. Why would you allow dupes on a combine when the point of combine is to get a different unit? Atleast make it a permanent level up if you can get dupes.
game is pretty decent. but options are confusing and some cannot be found. have still not been able to find the button to edit advance party and am now running solo on noah alone. please help
The game has a lot of potential but it lack new contents as it gets really repetitive. This game is really fun to play. Please fix some minor bugs such as the sentences from some interface are incomplete. Looking forward to some game improvements. More fun and solid updates please
Used to love this game until the update on 29 July. Now there is always a 2-3 seconds lag whenever I put Fancy, Rebi or Tina on the field (haven't tried others yet), and you nerfed Sethguez's ability, reducing his usability drastically. Shame!
Game itself is pretty awesome, however getting upgrade of units take time. ALOT OF IT. and resources are too little to gain enough to do something. IAP are ridiculous expensive, not sure what to expect from the future but a merge card TD sorta game i do not believe the future contents of the game will change the game at all to be worth spending that kind of money. totally aint worth. it maybe be just a fast cash grab dev. cute and fun to play, not worth to spend.
As soon as I downloaded it and tried playing it it just got stuck in the main screen. I won't change my review until you fix this issue. I quite disappointed as I was looking forward to playing this game.
the game is great... the dev is really generous. It's not a pay to win games. You could actually get all of the items by grinding and this game does not depend on gacha sistem like other games which is great
It keeps saying that it is not the valid version and that i should update, however, when I do click on "Update" and get sent to the Playstore there is no option to update thoughts?
it's not bad. unique gameplay. artstyle is good. And it's easy to understand. I just feel like that there could be more to add to this game and I'm looking forward to it
good concept but game gets repetitive quickly. Think this needed to have an auto-battle option and not a commitment to sit thru 15 mins of watching battles
after the recent update I'm not able to play this by using emulator(bluestack), this is causing alot for me hopefully get fix soon
F2P friendly to me, but can u please add the x2 speed to be purchaseable via diamond? Other than that everything is good :) keep updating and keep up the good work!
I like this game but after the first time I played it the second time I tried to open it like few hours later the game just stuck at attending screen
The game creator is an A**hole. I only play games for hunting achievements and his achievements do not unlock as you achieve them. I put a little over $50 into the game before realizing they weren't unlocking. Now he will not refund me because he said achievements are not important. BUT his game advertises that it has them. What a waste.
i like the game. it just the game suddenly become lag after few weeks of playing. maybe you updated something, but it affect the mood to play when i encounter these lags in the game. (When i put hero on the ground, it lag so hard. The game lag from the beginning, the name of the map stay longer. The hero's attack's sound gone and the music didnt change even in the different map.[The game used the login music and seems bug to change the music in different map].)
still broken. still no audio during defensive, except for the bgm. deploying students got slower and laggier, most of the time the game froze for a good second or 2 when doing so.
Dear Dev, i really like this strategy rpg game like this one, but this game has several bug, that when we put certain heroes on the battlefield the game become freezing for a while, and also loading when we start a defense battle is really take a long time, maybe this is not a serious problem, but i hope you could fix this bug