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Reaper for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by HEXAGE located at Hexage s.r.o. U koleji 1604 252 10 Mnisek pod Brdy Czech Republic. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really fun game. I love how there are no ads, and the upgrade is at a low price. I love the attack system and all the different enemies! One thing I don't really like though is that the coins will be unobtainable if they go out of the corner of the map. That is probably how the creators made it, but it sucks that I can't get the gold sometimes. Other than that, though, amazing game! I definitely suggest trying it out. The upgrade is really worth it.
Dumb ok I can't even defeat a simple enemy because of the spear and shield guy because you can't hit him from the front you can't beat him cause enemy's are always looking at you I hope you can use this to make the next game better or the game bette.
I actually really like this game. I love the lore, I love the style and I love the fighting. However, there are a couple of problems. First, the ratio of left to right on the controls is really uneven, making it very anoying to move left. Second, if you help out the guard who has a date, there is a near impossible fight that is unavoidable. Finally, there is no way to quite a fight, if you lose then your stuck in an endless loop until you win.
This game is great. I played it back in 2014-ish and loved it. Just recently remembered it and redownloaded and it's just as fun this time around. Very aesthetic and stylish. Character design is awesome, and the controls are easy to pick up. The degree of difficulty increases naturally the further into the game you go. Some levels actually get quite challenging and take multiple tries to beat. The game is a great time killer. I recommend buying the full game. Great job by the creators!
Amazing game with a great story woth dark humor played it a lot of times it's sad how there's no sequel of it ...can we get a sequel of the reaper revenge
Used to play but then i realized I needed to buy the full game to continue.. but I'm too broke to buy soooo, nevermind I guess I'll uninstall it, but I'll still leave this review, it was nice while it lasted.
Beware! Platformer with no Platforming warning or proper tag in description at store page. I like to know what I am purchasing outfront or trying on the Google play pass without seeing spoilers, watching footage etc. Looks cute but still fits under Platforming genre also. Has a bit of Asian combat type of combat kinda weird. Lot's of jumps. While you can make your character more efficient, you don't become a reaper per say. Few rpg elements. Holding a sword doesn't count. Also pay wall.
I love the game very much, but there is this one flaw: YOU HAVE TO BUY THE FULL GAME AT LEVEL 10! i know the cost is cheap but still. But i still love the game, tho.
Horrific frames and performance. Boring combat. Bad UI. Poor story. Generic. Only giving an extra star for solid gamepad support.
Good game, love the story, I wish the choices changed the ending though. Artstyle is lovely, combat can be rather challenging, I am dissapointed that you don't get much more if you get the "deluxe" version or whatever. The full game is worth buying, anything more than that is a waste since you don't unlock more content or anything, just a never ending battle mode and an arena.
This is the only mobile game I play, the art style and story are beautiful and intriguing, and keep me interested!
Great game, great concept and great story. My only gripe is that there isnt more of it to play! The story is still a proper length, and lasts around 12 hours of solid gameplay. It's just afterwards, it seems super lonely and pointless. Luckily you can restart and play it different each time. Still I'd love a 2nd one! #makeawaytosavemiloandzorka!
Horrible ending. The "random" encounters were beyond obnoxious, constantly being attacked when im just on my way to the shop isnt fun, its grindy. Such a cool concept and world for a game but very poorly executed.
I love this game and constantly come back hoping there is a sequel or an update with expansion. I've played it through three times, and I just want more!
It's interesting, but the controls are terrible. Attacking is like pulling teeth, moving is difficult to control, and jumping is more likely to kill you than an enemy
I really did like the game. Sometimes challenging but once you get the hang of it is pretty fun. Unfortunately Digi is unavailable for some reason so I can't buy the game. But for the free version to go until lvl10 was great.
DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS GARBAGE. I DID the only game where the coins actively evade you and jump in the lava with INTENSE SUICIDAL INTEND . and the worst pick of enemies per level, and a swipe control scheme that randomly decides to push you into the void. BAD EVEN FOR A FREE GAME, LET ALONE A PAID ONE.
This is a first for me as far as game type. It took me a minute to get the controls down, but once I did, I had a BLAST! Too bad there isn't a way to save your progress, so you didn't have to go back so far every time you get killed
Interesting game I must say but it could use an update etc Better bosses,New and intreging armor with each armor has too come a special ability, Probably get new weapons,have some other characters which u could switch with but still is the reaper,and could have some transformations and good work on the graphics keep it up. I have too say this is one of the most satisfying, interesting and amazing games I have ever played. This game should get 7 stars l
Amazing! I really love this game it feels like a mix of an old fantasy tale of a antihero. I downloaded it and I spent the last 4 hours playing it non stop. Best rpg game on playstore 10/10 πŸ‘
Fighting and upgrading weapons & items as much as possible, I check the stores before I'm about to start a battle or a mission (and yes, sometimes there isn't anything worth your while) and sometimes there's an item that will give you an edge you were missing. Also love the metaphors for race, class struggle, oppression, and the communication breakdown that is always beneath the surface of any conflict. Smooth gameplay, simple controls, and a boatload of slashing and slicing enemies 😈!
Awesome gameplay and easy enough plot :) The levels get pretty hard but I liked that the most! Some of the conversations are quiet funny to. I enjoyed this a lot! ☺️❀️
It's my most favorite game to play. I don't usually keep games for a long time, but this one I know I'm too invested in to get rid of.
Incredible game with a generous monetization scheme. There's quite a bit of content in the free trial, but vastly more with the full game. The artstyle is simple, but nice and even beautiful at times. Simple gameplay definitely gets tough at times. From what I remember the story is alright, with a couple decisions you can make along the way, but it has a habit of ending plotlines on downer notes, which can make kind decisions feel meaningless, so watch out if you get invested in npcs too easily.
The best mobile game I've ever played. I'm still searching for one better, and I haven't found it. Fun, easy to master controls, intriguing storyline and lore, and beautiful art. 10/10
The gameplay is amazing, graphics outstanding and the plot is interesting but the only reason why I rated it 3 stars is because you have to buy the full game which annoys me, especially since most of these games are for kids and you are forcing them to pay real money to keep themselves entertained.
Awesome. Just a great game with a great design. I've replayed it multiple times. Bought the expansions. 10/10
I legit don't need to pay money just to complete the story mode games great make story mode free please
The game so far is interesting but the controls for the phones are a bit complicated i wish they were a bit simpler
Honestly amazing! The preview of the game is just the right length and shows you everything about the game to make your decision on whether or not to buy the game. The gameplay itself has a nice story along with addicting combat sessions with easy-to-learn controls. I honestly think that half of the bad reviews of this game are because it's too short, which is completely untrue! They are just too cheap to give a couple of bucks to the developers for the full game. And to think all of the features are available for as little as $5... awesome.
I really loved it. Difficulty was just enough to be interesting, but not frustrating - except last boss. And storyline is way too short...
I actually cracked this game twice to play it some years ago since I didn't have the money for it. I bought it today. This game is in my opinion one of the best game on Android. Control is Intuitive, story is nice with some choices, characters are well written and have emotions, not much to not like about Reaper. I think Hexage as a company is gone, but this game, along with their old school ethical monetization model is that does not revolve around addiction and gambling is good and I love it
It is quite a fun game but the combat gets so repetitive. I ended up paying for the full package and I now regret that.
A phenomenal experience. Yes, of course you need to pay for the full game and the extra dlc because it's worth it. It's also insanely cheap! The gameplay is really enjoyable and smooth and the graphics are stunning. I enjoyed every second of it
Great gameplay, controls are a bit awkward at first, but you get used to them very quick. My only issue is the ending. Extremely unsatisfying, rushed, leaves several character arcs open and honestly insulting to the player. Same can be said for the final boss.
Its really a great game . It has fun and challenging quests. The graphics are great. The enemies have weaknesses u can use. The only problem is that u have to pay to unlock the full game. I get that they need money to keep updating the game but it is kind of disappointing. Other than that its a great game and i reccomend u download it its really nice
Amazing story, the options you take further effect the story around you. The one problem I have is map loading. Have a level with flying enemies? Have pits and spiked bushes, makes the game TOO harder.
I used to play this game on my blue berry tablet when I was younger and I found it again :). The only problem is that you need to pay for the full game. It's pretty good other than that
I bought the full version. Really love it. Recommended for anyone searching for single player games where you don't need to buy new stuffs to get pass every level.
Hmm, this game is a game of timing, patience, planning, accuracy, and luck. I forgot when was the last time i played it but i definitely finished the game no problem. I died a couple of times but thats part of the excitement, sometimes equipment can be a problem but its not a big deal. I really loved the game, had fun completing it and I was kinda empty when i finished it because of the story
I LOVE this game, i played it when i was 7 and i played the demo over and over again but eventually had to delete it for space and forgot the name of it but 4 years later i saw the icon and immediately recognized it, i downloaded it and instantly bought the full game, really fun and im glad there still updating it after so long.
This game is fun but the fact that when you download it you need to pay for the entire game is horrible. If in the next update you don't remove the whole pay thing then me and others have just wasted money. if you want money then just do it on legendary equipment or on stopping adds. You've scammed a lot of people. I just help expose such
I just live this game!! Even after years of not playing it I still love it. The story like and the cute little character it's all amazing.
Fun game! :) I bought the premium, almost had a heart attack from not getting it. All i did was re install the app again and my purchase was there :) happy i could continue playing this :)
I like this game, it has pretty good graphics. One thing I do want is an easier control system but you get used to it. It is also a little hard to get coins. But other than these suggestions, great game.
Possibly one of the few games I've truly enjoyed playing. Good, decent story, love the artwork, graphics, animation, effects, controls work well...just everything about the game is awesome. The only con with playing this on a tablet or other portable device for me is that it occasionally lags and/or freezes at random moments, but it's a minor complaint.
I love this game. For a phone game I actually had a good amount of fun, if it says anything I never buy phone games because I don't feel they are worth it vs. Normal system/PC games but this is the first and only phone game I've actually paid money for. Try it and buy it if you like it but remember just because I like it doesn't mean everyone will. My only issue is that I wish the game still had more when I was done I wasn't ready to give it up. Honestly though I'm still playing the repeatable quests a little and playing dark harvest. Hex if you guys are reading please add more content I still really wanna play more but don't have much else to go off of.
if you didn't make me need premium to play the rest you could have gotten a full 5 stars on this game that you made trash I'm not paying a single cent for this thing unless it's fully playable on the main story without money I'm throwinh it in the trash
This is a very nice game. A story with many quests, and a unique way to fight, as far as I know. Easy-to-use controls, great graphics, and a great challenge for those who want it. 10/10
this game is so much fun, I love the story and gameplay. I wish you had more choices though, since none of them really matter. and OMG it is so annoying when they all bunch up and u cant even touch the ground
Good and addicting game! Challenging and interesting. Definitely worth buying full version for myself.
I have purchased the dark legend edition through api. And it's not reflecting in my game. This is absurd. Fix it quickly!!!!
Honestly, one of the best mobile games in my opinion. The story is great, I love that you can chose your dialogue and gear. The controls are very understandable and easy to use...just so cool!
Epic but needs more free content i finished the game multiple times but never had any money to spend on it so i couldnt progress besides thst this is an amazing game
This game is truly a masterpiece amongst the rpg category, I've never played a game this fun and exciting before, the story is so deep and touching, i truly enjoyed playing through the whole game. But even then i still wish this game could offer more, i wish, this game had a sequel, a second part or even a dlc, this game is just too good to end it here and now, this must become a legacy to be remember for generations, to show a masterpiece to the world
I love this game, not just the gameplay the story, the graphics is amazing and has an easy controls, such a great game, but can you make the game story more longer
Love this game is there any chance of a sequel was well worth the Β£4.99 to unlock everything. If there is? I'll gladly pay for that too.
One of the best games on Google Play. Really cool art style, Amazing art style, And really fun and different combat style. Definitely deserves to be game of the year for 2021. 100 percent worth a few dollars to finish the game.
A very intense game in a very simple package. Some parts really made me sad... Especially the ending. I loved the Berserk vibe too.
I love it... It's too unique not to love... Controls surely take time to get used to but years later and I still love this game...
I love the game, but I don't like that you have to pay to get the full experience. I don't think it's fair for some people. I suggest they remove that.
Awesome!!! I just love the fact that u don't have to press the "attack" button again and again. This game gives the player the feel that it never ends, but it is a great play.(only if u get through the pay wall at level 10 -_-) but that doesn't affect the gameplay.
The game is amazing where you play as a souless mercenary where you can fight for money. Only one problem though, you see I tried to buy the full game but it said something like pending purchase on the screen. It wouldn't pend and I would like this to please be fixed.
Best game ever, demo ver in case you don't like it, hours worth of fun, it's literally a video game that works on mobile, and it takes up almost no space.
Looks like a great game. Too bad controls are unbearable, atrocious, the worst of any game. And I've played 100's of platformers. Tapping either jumps (as supposed to) or often dashes (killing u off a cliff), the left arrow lives on the extreme edge of the phone and is missed half the time. Then the swiping, double tapping, etc. is a discombobulated mess. And so so much more. Whichever dev thought this was clever idea should be fired. Ruined a game. And you can't move or change anything. Lame.
A short decent game to play through and an enjoyable self-contained story that never had a sequal with a random pay wall I kind of depise. The story isn't perfectly written but it makes up for it when you consider when it was made.
I can't play anymore. There's no way as far as I can tell to change the controller back to mobile touch controls. I started the app up again after a long hiatus and it's only giving me the gamepad option. I reset everything, hoping the tutorial would give me an option on which control scheme to use, and nothing. Its really inexcusable that theres no way to change this in the options menu. Please fix this, I love this game and want to continue playing.
It's a fun game but the controls need work!! For example, being able to move them would be great! Or simply don't have the left arrow so insanely close to the edge! Who holds their phone or tablet and plays like that? The hand position itself prevents ease of use. This needs to be fixed! Fun game though!
This is the best game ever. I've been waiting for years for a sequel. Please Hexage! I've played this through and through I love how you can customize your character. It's totally worth it to pay for the full game. In this game you just pay once and then the whole game is unlocked, not annoying ads or 10 $ sword.
Im mad because i did the game and then you got to pay for the full game I did think it was fun but now I need to buy the full thing to continue what the heck dude i might uninstall this game because i gotta pay for it its not really fair because i like this game but then you gotta pay for it
The game itself is very fun. The enemies have weaknesses you can exploit given proper timing. The equips vary in benefical stats so you can customize according to your preference. Each level up earns you three cards which all offer a permanent useful boost, you can choose one per level. The problem I see in this game is the background. It will block you, propel you, and hurt you. Hurt you far worse than a foe. This makes dodging opponent attacks and gathering gold drops, problematic.
Nice game but we have to upgrade to premium after level 10 but iam not able to because my dad doesnt allow me to spend money on mobile games. So those who can spend little money on videogames should install these game.
Am l missing something here? Started the game, added some armour, then let the character go. It just went on down the track, killing all the nasties, without any input from me! What's the point if you don't need to input anything? Another game removed from my phone. That's happening quite often lately.
Great lil action fighter game! I completed the main quest easily, but it's still enjoyable. No real incentive to go back and replay though. I purchased the highest upgrade, but never really used the perks of it. Would have been happy with just the full story, but it hardly broke the bank so nowt to complain about. Would play a 2nd one if they bring it out.
One of the best action-adventure games you can find here. The graphics are amazing and the sotoryline unique. Great if you like challenges or are your everyday binger. Easy and responsive controls and amazing gameplay. Purchasing the full version is totally worth it Best regards to the developers and the team, hope to see more content from you! :)
I remember playing this years ago and it was even controller comparable on the note 4 way back love the game and I'm gonna replay it soon. Highly would reccomend it's just a fun side scroller esc game but it's worth the purchase.
I loved the game from the start when i needed to buy the full game i bought the dark legends edition and it made the game even more enjoyable for me and i think Milo is the funniest character of them all
Y'know, this game is awesome! The story is cool and the gameplay is splendid... Well, i rated it 4 stars cuz i have to pay to continue the story after reaching level 10... I don't have any money but this game is super cool!....
I was having a lot of fun but then i hit a stupid level cap which you have to pay to get rid of, and i know that the creators need money but having a purchase like that really infuriates me, an in app purchase should be something that is on the side not just be something you have in the first half and then something you need to pay for in the second half, that's the exact same problem with duck life 4!
I have been stuck on this one fight for at least a year now, occasionally going back to play it and inevitably failing. this might sound like a bad thing and maybe it is but I still love this game. I have had this game for so long now that it has earned a special place in my heart. I this game is apart of some of my most nostalgic memory's I love the lore in this game so far as it is not something you will often find in this kind of game.
lovely game the left right arrow could be replaced by a circle or gesture instead, maybe some spells would love to purchase the game but 350-450 is a bit steep, if any sale let me know and I'd buy the game. good graphics and fun to play.
This game deserves nothing less than 5 stars. The controls are smooth, the combat is satisfying, and there is no annoying energy system that prevents you from playing the whole game in one sitting.
I will rate this game as 5stars the reason why is that i really loved it and i always need to calm down whenever i play it because it makes me scream whenever i want to defeat the "bear" and the other "tribes", over all its a fun game and i just didnt expect that after "level 10" i need to go premium πŸ˜”
I really like the story and the characters revolving around it. The game's combat is pretty simple to understand and the quest's are entertaining even through they can sometimes be infuriating.
Literally gold. My only complaint is that you are forced to go a certain path, and the campaign is not longer. I really would've enjoyed beating the invaders once and for all, or leading the army against the natives. There is so much more potential, but I get it, this game probably already took a long while to develop. Thank you, Hexage!
Really fun game, I bought the max upgrade you can buy, but.. I would say I would like to see a sort of kit of some kit when you bought this upgrade. but overall it's a really fun and great game, with a great storyline.
Fun action slash 'em game. Controls are fairly simple. Let's you play up to level 10 (which is approximately 1/3 of the way finishing the game) before you have to purchase the full game. You can also reset your adventure so you can restart your game at anytime and get a chance to pick alternative choices in the game.
Wow. This little game has surprised me. I started playing using the phone, and then used my xbox one controller. Man, i havent been able to put it down. Level 25. Dont care much about the story. I like the fighting and backstabbing and asking for more gold. Nice game. Check it out.
Very fun! Only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because you had to pay to play past level 10.
!!! i need to play this again reaper is fun I love the graphics & the cute little story lines. it's a basic & great rpg format, I love it, thank you !!
I think this is a very good game I like every thing about it except how you can't play further that level 10 with ount buying packs that cost actual money and a also can't go back and play old levels so I can't do any thing.
This game is truly a wonderful experience, I'm sure given enough opportunity it could hopefully at some point become something more than just a phone game
The game is great but I wish I didn't have to pay for it as soon as I get to level 10 it won't even let you do anything else but other than that the fights are good the music is awesome and it's a pretty cool game
Yo, first of all, wonderfull! This game was so captivating!! Ill start by saying, you made an excellent storyline, which really is what made the game, along with some great controls and strategies. However, i feel like it ended short. The storyline came ro an unexpected end, and im not sure if thats what was intended, but i feel like the storyline could have been overall refined into an even better game. Third, even tho the storyline is good, i was so wishing that more choices could be left up to the player while still keeping the story progressing.(the zorka, the imperial slaughter, the poisoning of paku, etc.) So, just if you could continue with the story, and not leave the soulless reaper wandering forever without purpose in life, it relates too much to my life. XD
good game but I can't play anymore I would have given it 5 stars if It did'nt have a limeted amount of levels thats what stopped me from playing for some reason.
I absolutely adore this game. I can't sing it's praises enough, I recently came back to play through it again and remembered why I fell in love with it in the first place. The art is gorgeous, the story is intriguing, the lore is masterful, and the sheer number of different weapons and items is astonishing. Thank you hexage, for letting me play this game.