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Real Racing  3

Real Racing 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by ELECTRONIC ARTS located at Geneva, Switzerland. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It is a very good game, the graphics look amazing and the controls too. I just would improve one think, a free race mode will be amazing. Beeing able to choose the track, car and weather. It would be amazing.
The game is good in all, but can be made better. One such suggestion is while shifting gears on paddle shift cars, if the finger does actually shift, it'll be awesome. If you can please add free practice of Tracks in any cars so as to improve the lap times.
First the negatives: the menu is a bit of a dog's breakfast that can overwhelm at times. It asks for a lot of (optional) money, and you keep needing data, which is frustrating and can impede play. But the handling, graphics, ability to use spotify, encouragement to continue are all top notch.
1. The Formula 1 sounds need more realism, there should be distinctions between different engines. 2. 2019 F1 cars are faster than 2020 F1 cars fully upgraded, why? 3. The GT-Pro/Am should be able to join all LMP1 cars in the races. 4. Bots are quite funny when the get passed on endurance 😂
Awarding less Gold. Upgrade requires more golds than RS. I have more than 60million RS and can't even use them. Need more golds to upgrade. Engine for example required 7 upgrades...and requires you to spend more than a 100golds. And so on for the rest. It's all about money...money...money. On the lighter side....truly an awesome game. Game wíse..the best!!!
The game is good, everything seems realistic, the only feature I want in the game is of creating private race rooms or anything like that, In online multiplayer mode you're confined to use limited cars on limited track with friends... There is no option to play it with friends in a choosy way.... Devs! Please listen the voice of my friends and I .... Thanks EA
The greatest mobile motorsport game I have ever played. The perfect game no glitches or anything. Just go ahead and download it if you are fan of car racing. I just have a request to please make the NASCAR events permanent. It had only came for a certain time. It will make the game more fun. And also add more new 2021 cars. Other than that you game is superb.
Its the best game. Real cars. Real race tracks. Real drivers and Real racers. But i think on the next update they should add rally racing like off-track racing as well as off-track racing cars and some monster trucks as well just imagine the graphics on off-track that dust rising. the speed. Thr drifting . All that experience would be wonderful please please please consider this
It's actually a pre good like how you have actual race tracks as accurate as you could make them and actual real cars stearing with a controller is good abit touchy still hard to try and drift but would be much better if you were able to choose between manual/auto ATM it's only auto I would love to be able to race in manual with clutch for the controller
This is the best racing game I have ever played for mobile! It's more like a simulator with the level of graphics it has. Lots of cars, lots of series Controls are simple and no lag at all. Bad thing though is that the cars get quite expensive. Could you add some weather and maybe pits to make it better please?
I've played this game for 3 years roughly and I've enjoyed it and it deserves a five star because there are a lots of things to do and there are challenges you can complete and it's very enjoyable. But my problem is that the steering angle on the F1 cars are too low and it's unrealistic so please fix that and please add racing lines and more tracks on F1 if possible as i look to play it even more in the future.
Honestly the game is good. The gameplay and graphic are well made but it cost too much gold to own a car, let alone the gold spend on modification... it's just too expensive, with those many cars that you just can buy it with gold and the modification which use gold, it is forcing you to buy more golds if you wanna pass that race.
I love it so everytime when the is an update reduce the price on selling car its bit expensive,even the one that you need to win on track it hard(difficulty) so change that to an option that maybe we can choose from neh...also the car are too expensive you need to play for a month to buy one,make the game interesting not complicated please I'm a fan in this Game👍👍☝️👍
Good but dumb. Very good racing game, but yet dumb at the same time. Performance Rating (PR) listed for events should just be a recommendation instead of a requirement. If I can win a PR 50 event with PR 45 car, great. If I can't, I should upgrade closer to PR 50 then. If Russell can win in a Williams, great. Else, he should find a better drive. I think its just a way to force you to spend gold/real money instead of a true test of skills.
Using a Vivo Y20i, 2021. First run is fine, but patch 9.3.0 makes it impossible to run it a second time or more, even with all assets not downloaded yet. So it's practically useless! Fix this, or I won't get this rating back up. It literally stops working when the app attempts to boot!!!
On the whole it's a very entertaining game, but it needs improvement. The biggest failing is that there should be a system to allow players to "trade in" cars they no longer need/use.
The physics are kind of between an simulation based game, and an arcade game, so it's not too realistic but it is really fun. The graphics are impressive for a mobile game and even rival some of the other pc racing games out there. The only reason why I'm not giving it a 5 star rating is because, in my opinion, it's pretty 'pay to win', which does make it a bit tedious to obtain money. However, I still think this is one of, if not the best free racing game out there.
It's a great game, there's no doubt that it has improved in so many things. But car sounds are too generic like Pagani and Koenigsegg, they have almost the same engine sound. That's not something that will mess with the gameplay but it'd be nice if cars have more unique sounds. And also the game could have more rims options. Some of them are so boring. But it's great how some cars sounds almost real, even gear shifting.
I have been playing this game many years ago with many smartphones that I have changed every year but now I changed to be Samsung S21 Ultra 5G (according to readind reviews found that many people who using samsung faced this problem) and the game only show the EA logo and monkey logo then crash. Fix this please. :(
Most polished racing arcade on Android with not so realistic handling. I don't suppose you can change things many people ask for without completely overhauling the game and even adding to already huge size for a mobile device. I like your game but 4* because you're predominantly income driven and you know your game is far from perfect.
I could give it 5 Stars but I gave 4 stars.. Because in the 2019 grand prix™ season once I open the United States grand prix It works well but from second time when I am trying to open it is freezing and couldn't open,every day I'm trying to open but it don't and only 1d left for that event how could I complete the all 2019 grand prix™ season and own the safety car show down? Please fix it fast.
Huge fan of this game. Truly addictive.Graphic are awesome. New update is damn awesome. I'm happy that you guys are making this game more and more fantastic. You are just putting your all hardwork into this. Just bring some more f1 tracks to play. I wish that you can somehow add pitstop into the f1 or maybe increase laps upto 15-20. And plz plz one huge request, plz bring real time multiplayer, in which we can play live F1 race through WiFi hotspot or by making a server. Thank you so much ❤️
Brands Hatch. Still not sorted out. Buying cars that you cannot use as the game locks when ever that circuit crops up.... BRANDS HATCH. SORT IT OUT. 😭As previously said by Norman Townson. They need to sort out the problem with Brands Hatch with it 'hanging' on every event. It stops you completing loads of the game. Spoils what was a great game.
I know this game is good, I played it before but can someone please fix it. I can't even get into a game. As soon as the logo shows the game just crashes. My device is Mi10T from Xiaomi. Edit: Fixed it. For some reason it kept crashing beause my mobile data was on and as soon as I turned it off it started just fine.
When playing multi-online challenge, always glitches now. Please fix these problems, these glitches are making it possible to enjoy anymore. The first time I gave it 5 stars and that was in 2013 to 3 stars in 2019 now to in 2020 2 stars and now 1 star in 2021 as the glitches are getting worse. Again please fix this glitching, I also try to keep the upgrades current. Can anyone from Real Racing 3 development team respond to this?
For me it's the best driving sim compatable with my phone.. Been playing for years and still love it. I wish the developers would add stadium trucks to the motorsports categories, no one is offering a decent truck racing game on play store at the moment. You should pip them to the post 👌
Huge pay to win case, abdnormous prices in everything you update on the car, and some races you cant enter if you don t upgrade or you can't win if you don t upgrade the car, the worst part is that you find this problem after some weeks of playing. If this game was 25-30€ and no more pays i would buy it instantly, but having to constantly pay for cash and golds is the best way for your game to be deleted from most of the players.
Controls spot on, I especially love the fact that the tilt controls are there and it's perfect. The feel of the cars and also the real world tracks and also able to compete with random players around the world, but the things that are a total let down are heavy micro transactions now they have level up for the race driver and team making it even more, the ads, the slow progress, the coin only customization and for coin only purchase of the cars are so annoying. other than that it's a great
Really great game I just want you to add something else to the customization like a wide body kit That would be very appreciated and that's all otherwise the best game. The reason for 4 star is for lack of customization and add a mode where you have zero traction and can use a controller to control the throttle I have played this game all my life a d that is all I ask from you to add a wide body kit in the customization area. Thanks for being so amazing always have and will play this game.
Ive been playing this game for years now, and ive gone a long way already..but this past couple of game updates i lost my progress...what the.....!!!!! Would you mind explaining how it happened!? Everytime i try downloading from cloud all it says is error #2!!!
Real Racing is a great game with cool graphics❤. But there is a lot of things that can be added to make it more exciting, like different weather ,Races that are not just in race tracks . A little off road races could also be fun ....And add some more background SONGS .Not instrumentals ,SONGS
This game game is great. I played this game since 2015 but I got bored since there are few features, but thank you that you put more on motorsports category and more special events to get cars because that made me come back to the game. I want to suggest something and that is the rainy conditions.. I would really love if you added a raining weather in a race and also some graphic options where you can change your game quality and realism.
amazing super enjoyable can you fix the handling model for the f1 cars because it feels like every time I take a corner the car just slides out. Also when doing the events to win an f1 car when i need to upgrade there is a huge amount I need to upgrade so could you make it slightly easier. Now the ai take weird racing lines which makes it hard for me to drive without hitting them other than that his game is super fun to play
The game is the best racing game available on phone hands down, for Motorsports as well as production car racing. The Motorsports category is as real as it gets, with real drivers, teams, tracks, liveries and championships. My only concern is the price. Altough earning money is not very tough, many cars and upgrades cost too much. Like you could only buy them by playing and saving for months, or buy using real money. If the team could make things a little more affordable I'll make it 5. Best!!!!
The game is so grt but opponents are difficult to see on the map. Give them a different colour. An also struggling with adding stripes on the car when customising it. Add more super cars like devel sixteen, lykan,nemesis trion etc. I wanna ask, how why a full upgraded car with pr 17.5 can participate in a event which require pr of 23 and above?? Help me with that
I'm playing this game for about 2 yrs. & I'm just addicated to this game. All r good in this game the graphics, controls & espically the collection of cars. But ofcourse I found & I also think that , they should also include some suv cars. SUV cars will definitely enhance the game more, I wish & I also request that in some day or in some upgrades they will include those cars......And the most important think is that they should reduce the value of GOLDs, cause they r soooo much expensive to us..
If you are playing this game I strongly advise not to spend any real money, the game wants you to spend real money, MS, RS, gold, even some cars cost can end up costing above well $40.I don't recommend spending real money in a game. You can't even earn more then 250,000 MS a day, that might seem like a lot but you need a least 1,500,000 Ms to buy a car. But the game is good, I don't think you can find time trials, real life competition, 150 cars, better graphics, settings etc in other games.
Best racing game ever. Only improve the back mirror to be in right side botton so that it can be useful. Also make it's view in squeeze back view instead of full screen to avoid collisions. Thanks
I don't normally like racing games, but I love you can level. Up quietly and not be charged, there's an option to of course, I can't speak for the game fully because I've just started the game, I like how the brake acceleration and clutch is done for you at my stage at level one, plus you've got a chose between cars and there's no charge, of course there's options to say level up your cars, but I suggest levelling up the important things quietly first, give another rating later on. So far 5/5
Arguably the best racing game on mobile to date. Size is big but manageable. Was featured in the iphone 5s keynote so it runs fast with modern phones, even with super realistic graphics. However you'll need to grind to get some desirable cars, and things like maintaining your car wont make it easy. Controls, sounds and even the ability to enter car interiors makes this game one of the best. I would reccomend.
Good so far! so why 4 stars and so far? becuase theres a lot missing and needed to be added.Like practice mode or free roam in a map or realistic physics because the cars here is just glued to the ground yes you drift but going upwards (flying when accidents occur) is impossible AND THE MOST THING I WANT OR MAYBE WE WANT IS PIT STOP PLEASE!! Love this game so much!!
Just 5% of the time for gameplay, 95% time for downloads. I want to play the game, not get pleasure seeing download bar everyday. What you're using so much data for? I installed all the assets 2+GB. A week later it starts asking to download huge data again. No event except one in main page is playable without download. Where did the downloaded all assets go? Next week, a game update comes, won't let play without update. After update, asks again to DL 1+gb or EXIT. Same story happens over again.
Like the driving experience very much. Shame though of the costly updates for some of the cars! More than 500 - 1000 gold for car + upgrades is not an exception. Winning all of those is next to impossible. Buying them will set you back $170! And that's for just one car!! Outrageous!!!
Returned to this old favourite over lockdown last year. Good game, a few gripes that could do with rectifying; Apparently there is an aversion to anything involving Brands Hatch. Any of the series after the first that involve a Brands Hatch stage are unplayable, the game freezes and crashes. More tracks. We need more tracks. Several British tracks would be nice, not just two. More choice of racing. Drifting? Trophy trucks. Rally-Cross. Actual rally, not just A car. BTCC? Aus V8s? Anything?!?
The game is awesome. Graphics, controls, gameplay are great and that made it a favourite game. But there is only one thing that makes me down - The amount of in-game gold given are too low, it doesn't satisfy the upgrades and buying. I know no one cares about this...
Nice game.. Need some more tracks and also some short track racing. Nascar, dirt late Models, sprint cars and UK national hotrods would be awesome. Also some more specials on cars and price cutting on upgrades would be super.. Keep up the good work. Thanks.. Can you add old school cars so. Like Ford Escort, Ford cos worth, vw bug, datsun 1970 cars, fiat 128, Mazda 323 and some American classics cars. Also UK national hotrods and American short oval racing. That would be awesome. Thank you....???
Great, love the game. Ended up folding in and spending £2 on 100 gold to get rid of the ads. Graphics are great, ai are alright, and loving the f1 series. Would love to see some improvements into the livery side- removing the 50 vynil limit, and possibly being able to save liverys, maybe being able to zoom in more and a low sensitivity mode for tiny details.
After 5-6 years of playing the game I'm so disappointed in it, too expensive, hard goals, spending time to skip goals, no new tracks, no new ways of earning gold, just new expensive cars, I mean it's getting annoying, i can't gather 500 gold, I don't understand why you have to make everything so difficult,
An amazing game with amazing graphics although you do nee alot of phone storage as it us consyently dowloading cotent and stuff and you also need quite a bit of phone power to see the full potential of this game. Fertermore you can also pair this with a wireless Xbox controller although not sure about PlayStation controller and just gives the game a better mobile sim racer, best sim racer for mobile for sure
This is a really good racing game. It does have a lot of extra downloads, but these can all be done at once, and then you are able to enjoy this free game on or offline. The racing is good, with a verity of difficult and easy race. It also has about a billion different series, so it will keep you busy for years to come. Overall the handling is good, however it does take some time to get use to. Overall I would highly recommend this game.
Its a very good game... But it would be better if there were more selections of rims and body kits cause the some rims dnt go with the cars they kinder out dated 🤷‍♂️... Lets make it the best game around i mean 🤷‍♂️would be fun to do the cars up new body kit new spoiler new rims.... Cause thats what the game needs, it got everything else so please grade that 🏁👌
Feels like EA are turning this app into a themed casino as they have done before. Very disappointed with devs ramping up the difficulty of F1'20 event at stage 8/9 (unlike F1'19) and they should have said at beginning. They have had to put in free stage skips because it is too hard! Thinking of uninstalling the app to get back over 6.5GB which is too large :o(
The new update is great, taking away the maximum three cars servicing at once was the best thing ever. Now if i have four cars in a series I can race all four and service them then move on to my next series which makes the game more fun to play. This game is great so far, keep the updates comming. Can i request you bring in the full Nürburgring? That would be a great addition to this game.
Was a good game. But recently when I downloaded it again. It's taking in too much internet. When I was downloading just 3mb to see a car... It nearly took over 200mb.and still the car wasn't downloaded. Why is this happening? 😡and it takes too much time... Sometimes more than an hour to download something at even a high internet speed. Too bad😡😡😡
The design and the racing is really good, I just don't like the new car upgrade system, the previous one was really good, this system, especially for F1 we have to tune the car for every track which costs a lot of cash/coins for which you have to either play 20 hours a day or spend $170 on one car, when we said we wanted more F1 we didn't mean we wanted the money side of F1. Used to love this game, pretty rubbish now, only play if you're rich enough to throw away your money on garbage.
Not sure what this game is all about. Great graphics and cars etc, but basically it's just a blind ripoff, pay for a car goes amazing, until someone pushes the go slow button. It's beyond a joke. And I'm not laughing. But they are all the way to the bank. Fix your game or give me my money back. Not to mention the blatent cheating. This is not real racing, couldn't be further from the truth... it's purely designed for pay to play with emptying your pockets. A joke
I tried out many mobile race games but none came close to giving me the F1 2002 (Challenge 99-02) experience. EA managed to give me that feeling back. Great graphics, good and adjustable controls (except for the full or no throttle/brake), many customizable cars, and many tracks and challenges. I love the F1 update. The game tends to get to big for my devices. I had to delete other apps in order to update it. It loses 1 star after the Formula E update with the tunings an drivers.
I love this game but I only have 2 issues:1)You should try improving the view while driving inside the car (the road should be clear. 2)It will be better if more tracks were added in the game
Make the game more realistic, for example, more graphics around and helicopters to film the race and rainy weather, and when we want to race with a weak car, there are no secrets that you must upgrade your car and eliminate Formula E races and old cars. Remove the game and put the sefty car in the race to take care of the cars
I spent the last 5 days trying to get the bew Bugatti, all I had to do was to complete some simple mission and for the rest pay or watch ads, when I finally was close to winning the car, the mission got harder to almost impossible so I wasn't able to get the car. Everything is so damn expensive that I give up on this game. But after all, what do you expect from EA. Please don't put your money into this game, it's not worth it!
Love it. Feels real even without vibration. However the in game purchases costs are very high and seems to be the only way to complete a series.
The game itself is ok..my only gripe is every time I try to participate in racing at one particular track(Brands Hatch) for some reason it will not let me play this track. It continually buffers then freezes the game. It constantly does this. Please fix then I'll change my rating.
Really awesome game but in multiplayer mode it need some updation I want to play with friends near me. Like connecting with our devices.It Would be better if you introduce a contact(strucking with cars like in the offline mode) among the players when we play online multiplayer or playing with friends
Good game awesome graphics...one problem is that when servicing the cars they never get serviced until I use gold to service them instantly even if I've paid using the money in the game🥺🥺it sucks because I don't have enough gold please fix this bug. Really cool game. Nice.
This game is too great. Have been playing this game since the first release, and they keep update the events makes it like unstoppable playing. The developer should make some kind of rally and drift event in the game, and also add some classic cars collection which we can buy rusty cars and upgrade it until its dope! The downside is just the income vs spending ratio is too low, especially for upgrading cars, should make it more fair enough ratio. Love this game🔥🔥🔥
It's a great game, there's no doubt that it has improved in so many things. But car sounds are too generic like Pagani and Koenigsegg, they have almost the same engine sound. That's not something that will mess with the gameplay but it'd be nice if cars have more unique sounds. But it's great how some cars sounds almost real, even gear shifting.
Outstanding graphics.very high picture quality and back ground.it is too amazing, but only one thing that frustrated me which is too many downloads you have to complete for playing the main game after installing the game. My request is to reduce these downloads for better enjoying. But I must say that the car graphics and background quality and smoothness is just spectacular.
Nice game but they have to make qualifying because every time you start from the last place, try to include formula2 and try to make a team carrer mode like formula1 Playstation game. Try to put an online mode for formula1. Try to put more tracks, make more laps and damage, pit stop, put soft and hard tiers and make pit stop strategy thanks for that game. Last thing try to put penalties. They have to include safety cars, world champion ship.
I am blown away by the graphic quality. It is so amazing like, wow. The controls can be manual or automatic. It could be assisted or not. It is like awsome. I would just ask one thing from the real racing team, and that is to add 2 things. One is the view of the cars' inside to see the steering wheel etc. And the other is to add the newest car, Bugatti Bolide. It is next level electric car.
Best ap game I've ever played. Explore all avenues and make the odd in ap purchase to get the most out of the experience. If you are playing others online with a car you love then VIP it, take the day off and race till your fingers cramp up. I love the cars!!
The Game is Nice but the most disappointing thing about this is game is the upgrades are so dang Expensive. It's just my own opinion but I don't like the fact that we use so much gold to buy something. Other than that the controls are alright.
This is a very fun and entertaining game to play. I love that there are many cars and many race series to play. They have nailed down the rear wheel drive experience. However, the handling of front wheel drive cars seem to be off for me. Under acceleration in corners, they can oversteer, which seems wierd when they player knows that the car is front wheel drive. The front wheel drive cars handle more like all wheel drive cars.
Just like any other EA game it is pay to play/win which is sad to see. All tracks need updating as there are parts missing on all of them, some tracks are actually older than the game. However, the game is amazing and offers a variety of different cars to drive. I like how you can play the game offline when playing in the career/race category as well as online when playing in the motorsport category. I suggest you install it even though it takes up several GB to download all the assets. 🌟🌟🌟🌟
I like this game because if you have strong wifi but doesn't work on games turn on airplane mode and wifi at the same time, this is a great hack for gaming if you have a banner, or wifi message on your phone. If you tried this with talktalk (KidsSafe mode), you will have to use the game offline.
Having rediscovered a latent taste for games, I was introduced to RR3. I'm now much distracted. 😀 Realistic. Very compelling and engaging. Nice update; exciting new cars. __________ I'm installing the latest 9.4 update right now. This game is very interactive; there are many 'ins & outs' to learn and strategies to use. One gripe – the Gold Coins are too hard to come by, given the frequent elevating sums of them charged for upgrades, let alone cars. _____ Good fun; overall, it's a winner.
Top #1 Best racing game since I am also able to play on television with my remote! Here are some reasons this game the best 1. Best car graphics. I like the way you can customize you own car, even add vylns and rims!? This is total madness! 2. This is the first racing game I ever played that is smooth since real racing 1 3. You can play with your friend in a split screen! Now THIS IS TOP LEVEL
This game is pretty awesome i wish the game add pit lanes, technical,pit crews, racing engineer voices, make collision damage on the car when collided like real life, and Please Can The NASCAR Series on motor sport stays forever, getback the NASCAR Academy Car For Free Please, Add some manufacturers like Pontiac, and add some weather conditions, This game is really awesome.
Very irresponsible game support... Why there's a space for review, they don't even care to fix. This is my third time writing the review and not fixed any issues. In Time trial, you have negative(green) time with your ghost(previous trial), it shows a completely different time at the end of the trial... All efforts during the trial will just dissappear... Such a frustrating game.
I suggest to the producers of the game to make it paid from the very beginning. This game is made in such a way that in order to play you have to pay. I'm sure there are many wrong brains who pay crazy money to play this commercial damn game
Important! Vital information for those who are tired of painfully grinding "just to get another car"! Pay once & drive all cars instantly with GRID AUTOSPORT. Simulator pro handling, full damage, various levels of difficulty, different game modes (quick race, custom cup, career), team radio feedback, hear your tires screeching, crowds chanting & helicopter hovering above you. Since I flipped the switch on RR3, I never looked back. GRID makes me look forward to racing more & push my limits :)
I liked this game a lot....can you please extend the 24 heures track like the one in the forza....and can you make the wing of the koenigsegg one to one active in the sense like when it reaches a marked speed its wing would take a horizontal phase similar to the agera r....and can you please also add the koenigsegg agera rs (record car) and the JESKO and pls add few paint combinations for the one to one ... my issue was that please don't keep the PR a compulsion ...
Still learning to control the car as well as familiarizing myself within the field/racing area,otherwise hope to advance as time goes on and believe to be just like anybody else who is much or rather better than myself. All in all it's a good game. I wouldn't mind recommending it to anyone who is much into racing.
Very good game with good graphics. However, there needs to be some improvement like the acceleration sometimes is not responsive. And for the slipstream, why do some cars can draft behind other cars but others, they do not have? Also, i would like if you would put more cars in the game. I would really appreciate if you could fix these problems and make these improvements i have stated in my review. Overall, I think that this game is one of the most realistic racing game on mobile. Keep it up!
Very good game! The only thing I don't want is that cars are very expensive, when buying them or upgrading them. And it is very annoying that I always start at the very last position, making the game very difficult even though the car I'm using is maxed out! But still, this game is very good!
Overall the developers, testers and all people involved in the production of this game deserved a huge well done! It's a great game to play. Hovewer it does have room for improvement. Firstly I would suggest adding more racing series such as Formula 2, 3 and 4. Le Mans and Indycar would be a great addition too. Thank you very much for your work.
The game is great...the graphics and dynamics are amazing. But one request to the game development team is that please include weather conditions for F1 races, which makes it even more interesting to play.
I have being playing this game(on and off) for the past 5 years and I thoroughly enjoy it. The detail on the models for the cars are good, a healthy selection of real life tracks and a amazing soundtrack. However it has terrible drifting dynamics, maintenance of you cars take real irl times and I would like see the option being able to sell cars you dont want. Over all 8/10
To be honest this is the best racing game I've ever played it's high graphics multiple cars only fact was that it was freezing on my phone creating a bad experience at first which was disappointing then I found out how to fix the problem but now it's great. F1 and road cars. This is first game I permanently kept....
Phenomenal game.already rated it 5 stars because they dont allow 10 or even 30 star rating .1 problem i need a larger screened phone and tablet too play on...update is brilliant.Bug in saved game download is fixed thankfully not lost any game data yet like last time ..at level 49 now and its just getting better. .🔥rubber....STILL BURNIN RUBBER...
I've really loved this game... Especially on how close it is to being on the famous tracks all over the world, it's quite amazing..... One thing though, I've had the game for about a week and, for some reason, I can't access the Formula E category, the game just crashes😔. Please fix it or tell me what to do
I have played this game since it began,after RR2. It is an exceptional game and keeps on improving. The graphics are immaculate. The gameplay is awesome and so easy to get hang of. You fine tune the controls and sensitivity to suit your gameplay. Play on or offline. Music is a bit naff but I turn it off. Constant updates, new cars and a massive array of events and career modes to choose from. I love it and play every chance I get. It is part of my daily routine.
It is a very nice game, probably the best. However please make available paddle shifters as an option in all races, just like that of the drag race. It will make the real racing experience more real like and skillful.
Just redownloaded it after I lost my old fone & I'm having a problem with the controls even with the default control is worrying. The game run's smooth but can't steer the car steadily in high speeds. That's why I gave 3 stars rating! Love the the game alot & almost clocked on the previous fone.
I would rate this game 5 stars, as it's a great game except for the fact that Brands Hatch has stopped loading and freezes, in every racing format from cup to time trial, speedsnap, everything... resulting in having to exit the game and reload. I have at least 5 championships I can't 100% complete, because of Brands Hatch, and in every new championship that I enter, if Brands comes up, thats another championship I can't complete. It is very frustrating.
I spent months playing the game, earning to be able to upgrade my cars. I even spent real world cash to enable me to get some of those upgrade faster and get past tracks I struggled with. Then, the game is upgraded and I loose every car I paid for and spent over 36 hours playing. Suddenly I have to do it all over again witha new set of cars. I was literally robbed of my digital content. Disgusting. Not good enough guys.
This is my review after 2 months of playing this game. First of all the graphics are absolutely mind blowing and the music is really appealing. Gameplay is amazing - no lags on WiFi and controls are smooth. I love the high end cars in the game, most nice ones can be bought with game cash or loaned and you need not spend real cash unless you are someone who is obsessed. One bummer is that upgrades and servicing is very time consuming. I would give 5 stars if that's improved!
First of all this is an amazing mobile sim racing game. But lately EA have some dick moves. They are choking us to spend real money. While people who are capable of doing this will progress much ahead getting access to limited edition cars and events. Even they have changed the F1 series where it was quite easy to obtain an F1 car, now added some tuning card and drivers XP making us spend the little we already have. Come EA you can do better. Giving 4 stars because how good the game is.
A great game. But one star. Because the in game purchases are just too expensive. When a person grinds so hard to get close to earning 1000 gold, just to then spend 120 of it on one uprgade for a car, Its really annoying. The same with the PR which forces you to spend a lot of your hard earned RS and gold. Again I really love the game. But what I dont like is the way it forces you to buy upgrades and spend a lot of money while doing it. If fixed, then 5/5.
Everything's still good, referring to the variety of cars and tracks and also the graphics. And lastly, the Motorsport Events are so ridiculous, especially the F1 series, from challenges that are almost impossible to do, to AIs that are like twice faster than ones self, to overpriced upgrades, small rewards, and the freaking earning limit. Like seriously, what's the purpose of that ish. A big thumbs down. Gonna switch to Assoluto or Asphalt while this 'motorsport events' thing is still the same.
This game is very much money demanding. The concept is good but it's too expensive . You have to purchase almost everything. The free MS and gold given daily is not enough to perform even a single complete upgrade. I think the developers should think about those who can't afford to make purchases. It has to be accessible to everyone. And again it would be great if you guys could add a full season. Thanks
It's a great game but getting gold is way too difficult,the upgrades are also expensive. You guys need to think for us! Everything is gold.most powerful cars are gold.not everyone who plays the game can afford to buy gold with real money.i recommended the game to my friends but they say its difficult to enjoy because of the upgrades and the gold difficulties
I am blown away by the graphic quality. It is so amazing like, wow. The controls can be manual or automatic. It could be assisted or not. It is like awsome. I would just ask one thing from the real racing team, and that is to add 2 things. One is when looking at a car before you buy it, view of the cars' inside to see the steering wheel etc, just for fun. And i also have a problem, that the programs in which you can win a car are too difficult. I request to make them a bit easier. Otherwise ❤️
I am extremely impressed with how good the graphics are AND the fact that there is never any lag. Gameplay and customization is also Amazing. Hiwever one thing that im not sure about. If you are in controll of it PLEASE put it back on fire stick it makes the game twice as good and im realy sad because i had a car i spent weeks customizing and upgrading and now i cant use it :(
Unreal Racing 3 Dummy expensive upgrades and have to wait ages for repairs... And you can't even win races when you get placed behind 20 retarded AI drivers except from the pole position guy, who's car apparently is always slightly faster than yours.
It's an amazing game, immersive gameplay experience, cool music amd nice handling for most of the cars though progress is only held back by pay to play transactions which is very disappointing, there are lots of events to play including F1 which isn't common in most games. I'd give it a five star cause it's just different from most racing games out there, give it a try if you wish
Awesome game !!! Wide selection of cars, graphics are so on point, attention to detail is amazing, the cars look as real as they can be, feels like you are driving a real car. Highly recommended, if there were 7 stars I would them 7 out of 5. Keep it up guys
Addictive game but it has become more of a job than a game. The rewards are quite low if you don't own the farming cars, so it will take you a lifetime to get some half decent cars. The m$ daily allowance of $250k is a joke and needs to be at least $500k or else you can carry on playing with no rewards or find road cars to race after half hour of earning the $250k. Even if you play with real money, what you get in return is a pittance.
This game is great, very realistic and great graphics. Amazing customization, great range of cars across different motorsports and road cars. I've played this a game for a few years and the way it has progressed is amazing. I've always loved this game. Few mistakes on track where some curbs are missing, colours, sausage curbs and second layer (astro, concrete etc) I wish the AI were faster to set a harder challenge. Nevertheless this is a super realistic cool game in my perspective.
Best driving game ever created... No regrets at all... Though we get some glitches once in a while, but that's fine after restarting the game. The main problem is the sound that each car makes in the game. To me most of the cars engine sound the same!!! I hope that they can improve the sound of the super cars. That's all! Cheers 🙂
Trying to draft in this game is a hell, the grip is unreal (I literally turned with gear 8 locked on), the physics are all over the place, that's my only critism against the F1 part But other than that it's fun, I can't lie, but still damn, trying to draft is still a hell, so it won't go much higher than 3 stars, please just improve the ai, they can recover instantly, when I crash into them full speed he literally recover immediately and drives off, and I'm left on the gravel trap
Astonishing game!! Great graphics, great gameplay and there is soooo much to do. I just love it with a passion, but then it is also "too addicting" to play. Keep adding cars and tracks 'cause this game is never getting old for me. But seriously there is only some things I'll consider adding and that is like an ancient archives or something series where you would race with all them oldies and then also, we need the Supra! Thanks so much for this game and keep up the outstanding work! 💪👌
Fabulous and life like,I've played a lot of other games and they don't have the same control over the car and balance its the best game out there. Just after about eight months of playing this I've taken of the driver aids and even its better much faster through the corners and finding the balance for the breaking,its a work of art love it.
As a simracer myself, im quite impressed with RR3. Turning off the assists definitely made the game's physics much better, but obviously its not that accurate like simulators since its for mobile. i used to give you guys 5 stars but overtime the paying method is a bit annoying, although you still can enjoy the game without spending a cent (it just needs time and a lot of grinding). The AI is sometimes dirty but not always. So 4 stars will do. Great game and so far the best mobile racing game.
I love everything about this game from handling to sound, just having a hard time liking the sound of BMW M they just don't sound like Mcars. I want that juicy pop sound from the M4 and that unique sound a 4.4L twinturbo V8 engine M6 produces. And since the update last year the Nissan GTR has been a non-fun racing car with the updated handling, it just doesn't grip anymore which makes it slower around corners. We would like to hear our favorite automobiles original sound. Really like Koenigsegg.
Pretty frustrating and expensive. I have a car that is totally maxed out - fully upgraded - and it flies past the other cars but the game purposely keeps two cars in front of me and I can't complete the task. It's PURPOSELY keeping me from completing unless I pay more. That's really disappointing.
If I say I love it I love it for sure never seen a game that is well programmed and calculated, my only reason for not giving a five star is because it quite expensive to purchase cars, gold and R$. It is good to be rewarded for such a beautiful game but don't take the fun out with a high budget
The look and the experience of the game is nothing short of amazing, and so are the tracks involved. Only suggestion I would have is a request for Pikes Peak and the Pegeout T16 Pikes Peak, other than that I'm happy.
I'm amazed by the handling physics, interior and exterior design of 300+ Licensed cars. Its a great learning experience for studying the racing lines and braking points of real world tracks. I downloaded this game for its cockpit view and I'm completely satisfied with it.