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Real Chess for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Alienforce located at 236016, 30 Frunze, Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Hey, What a game marvelous. I love this game 😍😍😍😘😘😘.If you want to install any chess game, this is best option. Chess board and chess coins are very real. And it have both online and offline mode. This is very very nice game
Nice app. But, I think the chat feature is useless. You need full concentration on chess. Some players use the feature to distract their opponents, especially when they are under attack. Some others use it to intimidate, by saying obscene, rude words and the like. The "Search" feature must be available, by which you can find players from any country you want to fight with, or if you want to take revenge on opponents that beat you.
very nice app, I keep using it five years till now, only one thing I really don't like that players when they are going to lose they disconnect because they don't want to resign... I wish if the developer can improve the session handling and make the app able to detect those people and restrict them from opening new games until they finish what they started whether they will resign or win. Five years of use I'm sure that most of losers are using this trick.
Game is good enough...please add users with their I'd so we can search with I'd there is no option for search player by name or id and also create room option add there.. remain everything good.
It was great until you disabled undo when the game is over. I use this to teach chess, but without the undo, it's useless.
please, reduce the time of connection, as when online player looses, they don't resign instead they live the game running & keep waiting for win, it's very very annoying. Hope you will do in next update. Other than this issue, the gameplay is superb πŸ‘
6/08/2020 (3 stars) - After update there are many issues, I was facing much less issues. Now There are just issues, all the enjoyment and stuff has been just ruined with new update, please bring last version back or get this better. Else you would loose all the players who actually enjoy using this app and has been consistent from start. 19/08/2020 - Another issue - I moved my pawn to F4 It moved there, but the pawn from opponent, killed my same pawn on F3.! PLEASE FIX THESE ISSUES..
not so good, if we want to play with CPU then it's good but not good of you want play as 2 players with your frnd or with any online player. *Not connected with fb also so we cannot play with any friend online. there are other online chess games available on playstore i suggest you to install those not this one.
the game is generally good, but it has some mistakes: when you have problems with the internet connection, you are automatically lost, when you select the opponent the game does not allow you to get acquainted with its statistics as it starts immediately.
It kept me irritating Always kept players searched How long I need to kept waiting ? All I need is just one player. Fix it (always buffering players searched) I want to give it 0 rating. It kept all time buffering (Players searched)
Very bad app.....it makes both players win after disconnecting and doesn't reconnect both .....and repeat thrice turns drawing is very bad thing .....very annoying app
Asome beginning strategy seaker game truly a fun challenging and puzzling check mate's all of the best ways to do with a new one each time never repeated
Online play has been disabled since the last update. Before that, the game was good with excellent graphics and best game control. Although there were some connection problems and the game lacked the ability to play with a friend online, It was my best chess game, but now it only deserves 1 star until the issue is resolved.
This chess game is just fantabulous, I would have rated this app 5 stars if not for the offline two players which does not rotate sideways.
When ever i play online , every time i get the white i have to make the first move , so when i start with my first move my name and my flag disappear and its showing connecting bar with a red count down timer and it keeps counting until i lose , i didnt understand this thing tell now , can any one help me ?
I enjoy playing chess on this app. Please add more options where we can search friends based on Google id, Facebook etc.
this app cheats! when oppo pawn is in middle, it moves diagonally when my pawn is NEXT to his pawn and takes me, even though my pawn is not in the spot his pawn moved to. it does this both to the left or to the right. Totally illegal and impossible move that I am unable to make. CHEAT! You can't beat a real Chess player so you designed your game to cheat! I disrespect you!!! you don't deserve the 1 star you got!
The app is slow when I dont see a problem with my WiFi. And from last 2 days it has simply stopped responding.Graphics and designs were amazing. Actually felt like playing the game for real, but I had to lose many a times just because it used to start buffering. Lately the app has seemed to improve, which is very good. I always to play this game on this app.
Great experience. But, the game does not draw automatically when there is not enough material for checkmate. For example, when there is only two king left, the game would be automatically draw. But not here in this app.
Why can't some one play an offline multiplayer with Wi-Fi hotspot or bluetooth Why can't you play against someone with the same phone like 2 player Instead you will be the one to play the player one and also the player two I just don't understand
Really helpful to grow in with your strategy in chess by playing online it was real thrill and that's the reason it deserves 4 stars.It has same minor advertisement problems while online match which results in timeout.Here you may improve to be the best.
A SIMPLE FIX TO A LONG TERM PROBLEM - Keep count each time a user gets disconnected and add that to his/her stats. Then give the user the ability to filter out players to play with a number of disconnects. THIS WILL FIX THE PROBLEM OF PEOPLE NOT RETIRING BUT LEAVING A GAME AFTER THEIR QUEEN GETS CAPTURED OR WHEN THEY'RE ABOUT TO LOSE.
NICE game.. But try to upgrade means please introduce tournament format games like multiple players can be participate at one time and then if loose the game then gets knock out from that tournament. It will also increase your app downloaders. Please try this suggestion if possible. THANKS
Very visible graphics and clear board and pawns and pieces. It is suggested that chat should make easier during game, prior it was allowed to chat to everyone but the chat should be in decent manner free from a use etc. etc.
Great chess game and you slove puzzles if you arent interested in playing with AI and also the AI is great competition but would like see improvements in online player like a search bar cause its hard scroll down while trying to find a friend or add friends option would be amazing 😍😍
When ever opponent is about to lose, they quit the game,which makes us wait about 1 min. This really annoying.
i liked this chess game very much . i think this game is perfect just please do one thing give us a setting in two player mode that when one side playes this move than the borad doesn't rorate. example :- when i play from white side then the board rorate and comes to my side so please give us a setting in which we can stop this. other than this small problem this game is best.
It's my fav chess app, even though I give it 4 stars not 5, because it doesn't have the ability to play an online match with a friend. Note: If online mode is disabled (can't load other players), it's maybe because of your profile name, try to change it in settings.
This is the best so far, its not timed so i can really think about my moves and improve my game and try each possibility and if it doesnt work then i can undo a move as many times to rethink my game plan for the same move. Im seriously improving my game so much its making me crave for a real game with a real board and pieces. Its even taught me about the physical and spiritual aspects of life and how the universe was created from "A-1, in the beginning it was dark...?"
This is the best 3d chess...but the main issue is that we can't play it as a multiplayer..otherwise CPU is damn good..
Really good chess. But why when I win you give 1 point when I lose a game you deduct 13 or 14 points what is the logic????
Criminal. I have had to delete and re-download this game so many times. It stops working so you have to start all over again and they charge you every time. Just a money making scam it seems like
The game itself was okay, but once it creeped me out and I deleted it because in the middle of the night it woke me up and rang up gun sounds because there was some ad for a war game on it that had turned on. But I hadn't opened the app recently. Also there were 4 other apps open that I hadn't opened recently and there wasn't anybody that had touched my phone except for me before going to bed and I turn all my apps off before I turn off my screen. Every single time.
This is the only chess app I download as it is really good, easy and straightforward. The only thing I don't get is why do you get fewer points when you win than when you lose? Example...if I checkmate I take maximum 9 but if I lose the game will take 13? Is like playing football and on the home game you take 1 point for the win but if you lose away the opponent takes 3 points...I just don't get it
game is good ..but sometimes opponents tend to leave matches when they think they are going to lose. Goes to me sometimes..that's a bit annoying..there should be some medium like points that if one quits more than this much matches, one will not be able to play again for the day
The sound is an ugly clumsy metal sound, like banging scrap metal. There are ads every which way, even when heading back to the main menu to adjust the settings. While this may be a working app, the dev should be ashamed of making yet another garbage chess app that barely does what it's supposed to and looks a bit underwhelming in the process. Definitely not "gorgeous".
Full of adds and disconecting players and quiters. Need to update what happens when opposing player leaves a game. U should get the win...not wait for 5 mins to get 2 points thr point system is so broke. U get 2 points for a check mate. But loose 12 points when u loose. Stupid!
Its an amazing app and I really liked it, however, the time per move option is grayed out, I cannot adjust it while searching for online competitor and it is always set as 2 minutes by default while playing online.
Every player that gets behind, (loses pieces) disconnects instead of forfeiting or playing out the game. The software is great!
It is bad for 2 player mode. The chess board turns after each move that's why both players have to play from one side. So, please fix problem. Otherwise, this app very good for chesss.
Was a great game until you guys updated it It used to be a simple and easy to use online chess and now it's way to complicated with way to many options I will not be playing it anymore. Sometimes simpler is ok
I found it great!πŸ‘I always install this app whenever I feel like playing it. I love it. Good 3d view. I enjoy it.... This app is one of the amazing app. I love it simply.
Good game , but in last version and new updated version there was a bug and it still there till now !!! sometimes when I play a soldier, the enemy soldier can eat mine in spite of it's not eatable and not even on the eating way !! why is that ? and when are you going to fix that bug ?
If you take a queen, or get to far ahead,, you have to wait 5 minutes because your opponent rage quit and you have to wait for the connection to time out before you can claim the win
Very addictive. Real people. The only real chess game. Good visuals. I had real difficulty seeing the pieces in the other games. Only cons - sometimes the previous move by opponent is not visible, and the end of the game throws you out of the game instead of being able to see the board.
Good one in a nutshell...just connecting to realchessclub becomes a problem most of the time...this should be fixed
All in all , it is a nice game . The distinguishing factor is the online playing setup , with a lot auxiliaries , for instance , Lan settings , player search on the basis of time control , Xp level . Which really comes in handy if you want an experienced opponent or an amateur depending upon your own skill level .
Game has some serious bugs. Computer pawns attack the square behind your pawn and take it. Also the computer does the castle maneuver virtual every game, but there appears to be no way to do it yourself. Nothing in the instructions explains. Too bad. Looks good, but I'll be unistalling and looking for another.
The game has issues where the computer doesn't move at their turn at the start of the game. Minutes go by and the black piece doesn't move. Then there's the issue of not being able to see the checkmate because the screen changes.
Best graphics but most irritating game in online mode. When players leave it gives about 2 min for joining him and if they do so again time starts from beginning. Programmers are so foolish ,i can't believe that .
Nice chess game. Minor tweaks needed to add polish to the user interface. Otherwise a well designed game.
It is an awesome app, you get to play with people around the globe having a feel of their skill levels. I recommend voice interaction to be added
This game is good but it takes a lot of time to get ij the match sometimes when i do auto match it goes upto 400 players searched and i feel like as if the game is flexing but overall its a good game I would definetly give it a 4 star
Be better if you could make it so the other player can't just quit without resigning and leave you sitting there having to wait it out to win. I understand if someone loses a signal etc but, that doesn't happen every time a Queen, or sometimes any piece is taken, or when they're about to lose. Other than that, great app! Thanks!
This app is awesome because it is a great game for me. It's really challenging game in the world-wide.... Overall try too best played on the way perfect performance every game of very important things in every moment and challenging chess online playing games in a very competition's way that's platform making sense to faster mind. Thanks again and enjoy the great game online chess board......
I have installed the game successfully on several Android phones mostly Samsung Galaxies and they worked on each except when I got the Samsung Galaxy 9s and the 1 or 2 players work fine but the wheel just spins and spins and never connects. I have a Samsung Galaxy 6 work cell phone and it works fine with it. Also it doesn't work when I connect to my business WiFi but works fine on my home Wifi. Please explain and advise me if the issue can be resolved and how. Thanks
Application is good,but sometimes it won't connect for online games even with good internet connection and shows connecting for a very long time. Also in middle of the game this connection problem appears and you lose even if you have internet connection. This is very irritating.
Best chess app for beginners and amateurs. It analyses each match and let's you know where you made mistakes, making it easier to see your faults and correct them. You'll kick yourself for not having this is you're a novice.
The problem is quite obvious isn't it. If a player is about to lose he just quits the game to save his points. Why resign and lose points instead of just exiting the game and lose none. The least the developers could do is make a report option available so that they can deduct points as necessary and few penalty points.
I cannot recommend this game to anyone. I don't know what they changed, but difficulty offline is crazy hard now and I have started taking screanshots online when I can obviously still have moves but it says checkmate... hoping the new update helps. Uninstalling soon :(
I don't understand that how I can add my facebook id in the game, so I can play with my friends. There is no any sign in option by any way not Google, not facebook, not user name nothing. I hate it.
Best chess app but when you lose connection there are extremely high casualties like -10 or -11 and when you win u just get +5 or +6 and when you draw you either get 0 or -2. please fix the disconnected thing so that when you get disconnected you should get 0 value and opponent should get +5 or +6. please fix this as its annoying.
Nonsense in 2 player mode. Why do you turn the table after every move? Am i supposed to play with myself only. There is no option to change it. Fix it. Its a huge mistake. 2 player is meant for real 2 persons sitting opposite and trying to play chess. Why to turn the table everytime after every move? 😑
This is a good game but it sucks these days when it comes to performance,it refuses to connect most of the time and you end up looking at screen showing ' connecting' and stuck there.
Love the game but I keep getting checkmated by a queen that isnt backed up. I should be able to take the queen since it would be check instead of checkmate. I've lost my last 5 online games due to this "glitch:. I've saved the games and looked over them to make 100% sure Please look over and fix this issue dev's cause its legit the only thing wrong
The app is cool but I only have 3 stars because people are able to cheap on the game. They abandon games when they're losing. I've had over 30 people abandon a game to stop you from winning. Those features need to be fixed
This game is so interesting and amazing. It's graphics are wonderful. Gameplay is also nice. It's picese are superb. Control's I see in other games that is not working or very slowly but in this game Controls are Fantastic. This is the best game I ever seen, and I also think that this is the best game in the world's. Best regards from Avya to The Editor of this game.
The whole time limit sucks. I'm new to this app. And I'll be on a roll, and out of nowhere it says the color that I'm playing on says the time limit is up. And I'm like, "how the hell is that possible? I'm trying to concentrate on my next move..." so far I have lost 3 games or so and thats how my I have played. All THANKS to the STUPID time limit BS! I haven't played real life in person chess over 20+ years. And this is how I'm supposed to play on this stupid game app???
Make it so that your clock runs down even while you're disconnecting. Some players minimize the game to check their engine then reopen the game and play the best moves. It's very annoying.
Nice graphs but thats it. No hint, analisis, setup position, books, just straight up play and requires an internet conection even if you play against the engine.
Just downloaded (from Play Store. Not social media) and played 2 online games. I'm really loving it so far. I like the 3d pieces. I would like the ability to connect with friends online (User ID #, Google, Facebook, etc.) even better if it was cross platform. That's what I've been looking for. And I'd like to be able to pivot the board. But I think it's a great app, and easy to use.
Previous version was quite fast and dont know why my old ratings vanished and have to restart again. Not satisfied with the update.
Good gaming app, but no features like link sharing to friends, inviting friends, and search players by name.. like that.. please make these all feature next update
Playing since long time, I reach 2800 points now whenever I win a match then points not added it remains the same ☺️☺️, second biggest problem in this game is when opponent feel that they will loose the game they turn off their internet so game got disconnected and they will not loose points and other person have to wait for long time for points. Devlopers are slipping I think.
The App is actually exellent very good graphics and really enjoyable The only downside is that a lot of guys keep exiting the game when they loose just because it won't reflect on their results and its really annoying, so many people seem to have good ratings yet they're not really that good but only good at running away when they're loosing to keep up, so if something could be done about this, then this will almost be one of the best chess apps there is
Very Good it is given tuff challenges to me all features is good except one soo I'm giving 4 star that is play with friends option. please add that option to your app I hope it will be added to the next upcoming update we are waiting for that option..
Lots of bugs errors in the app. But have to admit that it is better than any other chess game app. It would be best if the bugs are removed.
Its really a great game. Graphics are outstanding. The best chess game that I've downloaded thus far. Plus you can save the games and watch it at a later time to go over your mistakes and possibly improve your strategy.
A Very great chess playing experience. Super fun. Worth downloading playing against players across the world losing and winning... building excitement... Designers of this game should be proud of themselves 10/10
I don't want to give stars but its their policy to give the app at least one star. This app after updating is not working , couldnot take internet. I am very much tensed.
Suitable sound should be added. Player search should be improved. Online mode should be more attractive. Otherwise this version is good.
If you close the game while losing on an online game it doesn't count as a loss while the opponent is stuck waiting for a minute. I've seen people waiting for 50 sec and then coming back so that you can lose by time because you expected them to be gone. You need to make it so that whenever someone starts a game his elo goes down by the number it would if he lost and then get it double if he wins. if he disconnects then he already lost the elo
A much better than app I had before. minimal ads, thanks great app. Only thing is it cuts out occasionally because of no connection even though my internet is fine and everything else is working fine. If you get a phone call you loose your game or sometimes if it is your internet that cuts out it will not reconnect. However, it runs perfect most of the time.
Cheap updation of real chess. Old version was better then new version. In Search menu taking many time to show online player it just show 10 ~ 12 at a time. If opponent use Abuse we can't block him there is no option to block him. If we lost game from opponent the rating minus 10 ~ 14 Point its too much point we lost. Auto match doesn't connect its just search opponent 1 ~ 150 still match not connect.
This chess game supposed to be be the best if not for the fact that so many people (hackers) mess with peoples timer. The timer is always faster on my own side when I play with people who are not from the same country as me. No matter how fast I attemp to be there are people who will always mess with the timer so that you lose. I suggest any game that finishes due to timer be made a draw or better still fix make it impossible for hackers to mess with it.
Older version was far better than this one. In the middle of a game it suddenly shows connecting and than my times up even when I am having full wifi net connection. Pathetic, crappy version. Please fix this asap, playing chess is my addiction and this version is giving me migraine.
Awesome global level competition. Excellent multiplayer community. Suggesting a feature, if we can invite players and play option and need to share the awesome played games with others.
Great app. You need to add a delete feature on your saved replays though. And add a bluetooth feature so we can play with friends that don't have access on the internet. But overall, I'm satisfied. Great graphics. I'm giving this a 5.
The game orients to a fixed view, so you're unable to rotate to play the game oriented the opposite way when charging cable is on they left.
Good gameplay, not over-done, challenging. CPU and online play. I do wish players would be penalized for disconnecting inlieu of resigning when they are beaten, or si.ply lose their queen. The game itself is is top-notch!
Different views like 2D, 3D, vertical and horizontal. Different playing options like online, vs computer or with a friend on the same phone. Various difficulties mode. Few ads. It simply amazing app to use. I would recommend for the app creators to add some few options to make it better like playing with a friend online, improvement on the best move aid or tips and offline mode. Generally great app tho!
Great app. But if you introduce "search a player" option in online mode, then we can search and play with our friends. Please look into that update
Always good.In this I don't like the two players because when ones turn over the second turn this screen rotate.Worry about it and try to make changes in the updating this is my request
Best Chess ever played with many feature including time elapse when leaving the game. Is perfect, great design. I like to play in 2D, thow, the 3D is an awesome feature.Thanks Hate the update July 2020. it is a miserable color
Very practical chess app. Smooth running and has a lot of great features. It enables you to zoom and rotate the camera from every angle. Online you can match with any player you want, from the low ranks to the top. Simply put, this app got it right.
Great game. Need a little more work. The chat view isn't great enough. Aso, do it easier to add others from different countries. More improvements. Great app
Best graphics... Most realism piece like movement. Fast system, virtually no glitches. Best game online!
This is a great app. However I wish I could add players on here. And that when you have added each other there's like a separate scoring panel similar to one used to keep track of own score so you can see who's one how many games against the other, if that makes sense?
Why do you reward people for disconnecting. The individual that wins has to wait ten minutes because someone didn't make the right move. This is not what chess is about
Thank you for the great game, I really enjoy playing online, the only problem I have with this app is, people can hack you while playing and freeze up the time , result is you lose because you can't unfreeze your game.
Poor connection handling. Apparently it's 5ye only app that has a problem with the wifi I use at home and so I always end up being disconnected and I lose.
It's not good....... At first it was ok but now even the first level is hard....online matches are not good enough....
After new update. App crashes too often. It shos connecting but takes half an hour or more to conect.
Wish the app could save my rating so that even if I change devices I don't start from scratch.... Could you please enable that... Maybe via Gmail.... Save someone's progress??? I need a new device but thinking of starting down below is just a pretty steep climb for me
The freaking AI system is cheating how did a freaking pone ate my pone (which was my last chance) while their side to side. and my king can still move but the game ended and I lost.
New updated version sucks, first of all connect it with Facebook so that when someone changes his mobile his progress may continue... And 2 player mode sucks because it changes board, since new update you search for an automatic match online and you may sleep 12 hours till match to be started
I recommend all the chess begineers and players to use this app ,,, it is quite excellent you can play with Computer of various difficult levels and with online friends and 2 offline friends can use this .... I liked it very much so much Thank you for the app makers
"real" chess yeah right the rules are wrong in this game. Pawns can only move 1 square after your first move and kings can move only 1 square but it allows more
There is no option to search for friend add this and adding friends option When I lost the match I lost huge points please fix this problemIt's not open it's worest app bad app west of data time charging don't istall this app
STOP WITH ALL THE ADS. You can't do anything without having to watch ads, it's like they made the game only to get money from u watching ads. I'm fine if I have to watch an ad here and there but don't constantly blast it in our faces.
It was excellent before, but now there is a problem of connecting to internet! Although I have internet connection,the game disconnect and I lose the match !!! I lost many matches because of this issue.
It's not working I have tried to download and reinstall this game like 10 times but everytime it's just getting loading and connecting nothing else happens I really like this specific game but cannot play on my CP. Kindly do something about that
Worst chess game I have ever seen, while opening the game it always show connecting and after pressing on play the game didn't start a single time.
Very much appreciated the upgraded features such as replay with analysis, the puzzles and now being able to see your opponents rating. I have noticed while doing the puzzles that it does not always recognise quickest solution, ie I solved by checkmate but the system first wanted to capture material beforehand. Frustrating when you are in a winning position and opponent just stalls and you have to wait till time out or the opponent just disconnects. Otherwise great game.
Nice game, inch parfect graphics and so addictive, but How can an online opponent have an advantage botton, to disconnect you at will, especially when you are in a winning position, and still go ahead to win the game due to your inability to reconnect, and there is noting you can do about it. For that reason the online play is useless. Because a novice can just disconnect you and win you on and on and on and your rating would continue to depreciate. I hope somthing is done about that...
The update version is super,,new graphics as well as gaming system are so much attractive.. love it as a #ChessMasterβœŒοΈπŸ’“
Good game but the new update cannot connect to the internet.. It takes alot of time when your opponent has disconnected..
It is a real app of chess. It enables to make me experienced about different chess players of the world. I don't think it to be facade. It is a very nice app. I can guarantee you that one day it will be better than the best.
There should be no time limit for each seperate move that is desperate. And the time limit should be fixed 10min but it is altering every game without notification, that is disgusting
Played hundreds of games available by some other developers... But this one is absolutely great...user friendly most visible display...nothing better ever seen
Great graphics, smooth movements and satisfying sounds. Only played against AI so far as I am still learning. It would be great to be able to play against your friends (search for their profile?) otherwise 5 Stars
Great game. Quite easy & enjoyable for any level of player. But it doesnt have any option like, "play against friends". The game must have an option like..... link with facebook & choose your friends to play against. This will make this game more exciting.
Many a time during the game it simply stops makes lose points, and it happens frequently. And it's not improved at all, it's going bad to worse. Idiots running the show. 24.12.2020 Going bad to worse. 25.12.2020 hey real chess fellas, you people are utterly amateurish. 3.05.2021.serious problem of disconnection, very big bug.
I think its a very good chess app. But my rating is 4.2. Giving not 5 be cause there are some player in game they run away and showing us that they dont have a internet connection. And after some mintues and time waste of me they back. They want that I resign my game and increase their point. Indians do this so much.
1. Often loads ads that I cannot click out of (ads with white background and open/close button: close button does not work). Have to close the app to reset (samsung note2). 2. I wish disconnect timer was quicker. Too many bad sports disconnect if losing. I think half the current time should be more than enough to reconnect. 3. Analysis of played games is strange. Often labels winning sequence of moves as blunders.
There are 2 things u don't like in this game. 1. When 2 players want to play in offline, the board will jumble the side for every move. This is very disgusting and players wont pass the phone for wvry move and most probably they will be sitting opposite to each other as it is chess. So obviously changing the screen everytime is not required and it is so annoying. 2. Horizontal view - I think this is not at all required to play chess. Its just totally waste.
Good game but if you're playing online it's the worst for me as it's not working right it will tell me more than 60% that I've exceeded the time limit of the game even if I have more than half of the total time because of this bug I lost around half of my game that's the worst experience I've ever had in an online game where you're doing all the right things still you're losing and its not your fault in it.
would give 5 stars but since ur "update" my game would time me out arbitrarily every time I play, about mid-game. your app is really bad because of this bug. if u fix I would play again. 07/05/19- Do you guys respond or fix your App? you have the best chess app available, fix the time out issue, please! 05/01/2021 App still times out and I lose game halfway through a match. No issue I can find with settings, would appreciate a fix or a note on how to correct. You didn't respond to last message
Love to play chess. New version looks bug free where in earlier player can close the game when they were losing without decrease in points. After latest update its not getting connected to realchess.club! Please help..
D game has good potential with the AI being more challenging in every level, it's a good form of learning but the one thing that's really annoying is it shows my total accumulated score/points at the end of every game, its not a good way to check progress & its distracting, just playing over time is enough so I think it should be scrapped. Or at least it shouldn't have a absurd scoring system, ie u win then 3 pts, lose -12, draw -4, shd be like win 3, lose -2 & draw 0 pts, else it's a good game
Game and UI is very good ....But there is a big bug in this is game...the timer doesn't functions properly sometimes...This needed to be fixed ....
The game is good. However, it would be really great if they enable/include the "Search by Name" option while playing an Online game. So that we could play with our friends without going through the pain of scrolling down again and again in search of their names.
It would be a perfect game if there is More improvement regarding compatations inside the game and new table of online players please because this makes my eyes get bored while waiting for acceptance .I think the whole Background needs a serious game and it would be the best for online chess lovers πŸ‘πŸ‘
It is a verygood game u can also play chalange other players over all fantastic game.... But it deserve 1star from me because of adds Yes it shows not so many adds but it shows some s..ual adds with songs for xmple adds of like girls dancing without cloths ETC. for what mah parents shouted on me while I'm playing in my mom's mobile and account this is the reason why it deserve 1 star from me
A love playing here however when you try to download and want to play in the same country where you belong, it won't give you the option apart of this when you try to move your pawn sometimes it changes the direction itself which spoils the whole game
I like this app but new update sucks it has bad font and actually i write this because i am having problem with this app, when ever i open this app my wifi suddenly goes single shows no internet but it works with other app like youtube and other app works fine, dont know whats the problem is, any other people facing this problem.
Amazing application! I learned in few days and I get to play with different people of different levels all around the world. Well done guys!
I think it would be cool to have the option to continue playing out a puzzle. For example, after completing the puzzle, the user could continue playing and finish the game with that setup; just a thought.
4 stars because online match making is not very cool. Wecannot search for any names or friends, have to toggle through a long list. Overall game is perfectly fine
This game is smooth and clean. I have played other chess games on different apps and I have to say this is by far the coolest due to it detail and graphics. You have the option of switching between 2d and 3d. I think thats pretty awesome.
Smooth game and really appreciate the upgrade of still penalizing players who quit before they lose... However I find two major Cons: #1 Players who continually request games even after you decline them, maybe have it so you'll need a minute or so before you can request the same player who just declined you. #2 Not being able to cancel games requested in error, not sure why this was removed.
very poor update by the developer previous version is much much better than this one. Auto opponent search didn't work as it should be. Totally frustrated with this update and I am going to delete this game. When ever u people fix this issue mail me I reinstall it. Till then work for betterment of your app.
My experience with Real Chess has been an enjoyable one since I first enrolled four years ago. I'm trying to get used to the new version released recently, the graphics inclluding the 3D are very good but play using 2D only. I prefere the replay format on the older 8.9 version where you are always shown on the LHS as it is easier to read. Less available opponent's when searching for a new game and the auto search seems to be better on the old version? Need to understand the scoring/points system
It's pathetic game one I have never seen in my life even, first of all the creator of app have made it very long to enter and then anytime in between the game automatically it shows connecting even when your net is not bad and on top of that you suddenly see your time is almost finish when you are about to win. Pathetic worst or whatever. Feeling sry for this app
I love the game. But I would give you 5 stars if you give us the option for the menu to see in portrait mode. Because it is very annoying after every game the screen flips. Other than that nice game.
Beginner level just kill others men willy nelly. As it becomes advanced (even against computer) gets more complex. Like this app. One of the best. Thank you developers. πŸ‘
This chess apps is good.but I hope thier new improve for this apps. Lika 3minutes time playing not only 5minutes. the latest appgrade for this game is not good and the old one before is much better and where is that chatbox just like before where anyone can see that message in chatbox
I like how real chess keeps track of your standings, timing, and moves. I like how the board and pieces look. The big problem was games would disconnect or you couldn't get on, but I'm glad to say, all that has stopped. Now its the best chess I can find anywhere on the internet and I have tried many different chess sites. Real Chess, I'm glad I've stuck it out with you and to have the opportunity to play chess on your site! One thing I would like to see, being able to play others of my choice
it's a really great app and my best chess app so far. I just wish I could challenge a specific player whether online or Bluetooth or both. Would be great to see such function. Just one thing, I suddenly was unable the to save or view replays, had to uninstall and install the app but it's an awesome app overall, thx
It is a good chess app. 3D boards and good matching options. Only issue is it takes forever to get a high enough score to reach skilled players when only getting 10-15 a game no matter the rating. If a player quits mid game, you're stuck waiting a couple of minutes for them to time out. The record feature has no analysis. I can beat the max level computer version with a RL 2100 elo, so the AI isn't very challenging. I was unsuccessful in getting it moved to new phone and had to start over.
Best chess game available. Easy to use, offline and online options (including playing with friends). Challenging Ai on the more difficult settings. Graphics very good too. The only downside could be the fact that theres not a great deal of customization for the peices/ board- although there is a few- if that's your sort of thing. Great little pass time.
I found this app very useful and awsome. It allows us to play with different player online all over the world. Moreover the combination of online and offline play is great. The only thing lacking in this app is it does not allow to invite your friend or other player you know, you have to play with unknown player.
its very good game ... offer online player... but few corrections are there.. 1. It should show all the online players at a time. 2. Chess board doesn't rotate in 3D mode for better viewing angle. 3. In 3D mode when you reach in opponent last inside area, 3D and touch doesn't work. you have to be in 2D to perform next move, thats major drawback. kindly improve.
No problems what so ever, much better than app I had before. minimal ads, thanks great app. Edit: The rule if the same position occurs 3 times in a rwo, the player can call a stalemate, This rule is not implemented in this game and I have lost games because of this. It's a basic rule of chess and needs to be added to the game, otherwise 5 stars as previously. Cant do casteling either but opponents can, am I missing something here?
How are you suppose to play this game when your Tik Tok ads dont allow you to get into the game after after accepting a match??? There are better apps than this one folks. Too many bugs. Been playing long enough that these should be fixed by now... rematched games freeze almost every other time, chat function doesnt work properly, ect ect. Does anyone else disconnect after accepting a rematch... everytime? Update: after a year bugs still not fixed
The online experience is very frustrating, in an online game the opponents clock will just freeze and after a few minutes I'll lose and the game will say I was disconnected. It has has happened a couple of times now. Other than that it's a good game
Great! Playing real chess against real people from all over the world. The only slight negative is that the board disappears when a draw is offered so it is difficult to make an informed judgment. But still a very good app.
It's is very nice app to play online chess with your world wide friends or any other person. And there is also have good player so you can play with him/her and you can practice with him and learn can too
I like how real chess keeps track of your standings, timing, and moves. I like how the board and pieces look. The big problem was games would disconnect or you couldn't get on, but I'm glad to say, all that has stopped. Now its the best chess I can find anywhere on the internet and I have tried many different chess sites. Real Chess, I'm glad I've stuck it out with you and to have the opportunity to play chess on your site!
Best real time chess game. It's customized view feature makes it more real. It give you real chess feeling. I'm saying this because if you play a 2d chess and later on you play chess on board in person, the moves and the vision may confuse you between that 2d chess and the real life chess. But this game gives feeling and vision of real chess and that's why I would recommend this to all. Also I have tried many 3d chess but this the best one and I'm playing this game from last 3 years.
Worst worst worst worst seriously worst connectivity...3d graphics juz awesome.. Connectivity is so pathetic...no seriously pathetic...loosed many winning games..from hand juz coz of bad d worst connectivity in any game have seen
Always there is connection and disconnection issue. Dono y the graphics of boar & coins are cheap. Kindly fix the connection and disconnection issue and improve the graphics quality of board and coin
Keeps showing "Connecting". So now you can't open the game until you're online atleast once. I remember being able to play it offline before.
you have to reduce the time when other player gone offline or leave the match without resign.. and also sometimes there is glitch in game during the rematch and giving check. when i get check from other players. i have the right move .. but game automatically mate me. you have to do about this.. i hope i get right response
There needs to be an additional penality for abandoning the game without resigning. There's a bunch of soar losers that rage quit just to be smart asses. It's actually funny but I shouldn't have to wait for the connection to time out because of it.
I really enjoyed that game but the only reason I don't give it 5 star rating is because when you save any match it does not allows you to delete it from library and sometimes it don't even save Complete match. I hope you will fix that problem because I am feeling bad for giving it 3 star rating.
This is the best chess app for playing without any problem & its graphics is different and there are many graphics in the game, there moves style is very good if you are by mistake then you can undo. Also you can play online with other person or your friends. I play everyday with my friends who are far away from my village. Thanks to this app
In online... opponent have a chance to lose they are leaving from the app ..in that case we need to wait until fill the red line CONNECTING 😀... it's irritating us to play online..... please do something for this... i will give you a suggestion for this.. "Once we enter the game...leave the app they need to lose same points... how we are loosing the points... after we are loosing the match...in that case no one can leave without fight.. LOOSE THEM MORE POINTS..as compared to loosing players😊.
The game is really good as per graphics and online gaming, but facing some bugs, as it disconnects in between the game and then its hard to reconnect.
Would have given it 5 but i can't stand it when an app allows people to cheat. If you are playing a timed game, your opponent can switch off their internet connection to save up to and them just reconnect back to the game. Pathetic, unsportsmanlike behavior, chess is for individuals that with honor, not scam.
Great game but needs some fixes. With the update it times out before you finish the game. Another bad thing is that when I play a game and I win I get about 6 points but if I were to loose that same game I would get anywjere from 13-15 points deducted. Why? You should give the option of a friend search as well so you can also play with people who you know. In general it has room for improvement.
Please make a worldchat options with all peoples and also take a profile photo. To this app we r make friends form this game and also stay a option in corner to add friend as like Facebook app. Do this on your next update. Thnx for reading
Very bad application, when you winning the game and 2 steps remains until your wom the system decided that you lost without any reason. I had queen and turret and two steps until final won when my opponent had one turret only and I had enouhg time for step when application decided that i lost. :(
1.Player search is a big problem in this app 2. In many rematches, one of the party gets disconnected due to bad software and programming. 3.Country name with the flag don't matches,like in my case in strad of India it shows Indonesia. 4.the programmer don't rectify its shortfalls after pointing out the same.
Worst experience , Always disconnects itself during the game. Even when connected to a 100 mbps wifi with full speed. Never install this game unless you want to just see ads....
It is wonderfull and one of the good chess app. I have 1 issue, in no chess app or website while playing against a computer rating doesn't go down but in your app it does. Please fix this issue. Playing with computer is just to test yourself not for winning and losing.
Stupit game losing becase you of stupit time when time out you must give 10 sec to move and you thinking when time almost close to lost game it must lturn on red light
Many a time during the game it simply stops makes lose points, and it happens frequently. And it's not improved at all, it's going bad to worse. Idiots running the show. 24.12.2020 Going bad to worse. 25.12.2020 hey real chess fellas, you people are utterly amateurish.
With the exception of some inconsistencies with the clock, the app is outstanding! The graphics are awesome and the play is fair for the most part, but there are always a few players out there who try to "game the system!"
Great, it's definitely a challenge. I thought my chess play was better but apparently I need improvement. Real Chess is for the serious strategist! Bravo!!