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Real Carrom - 3D Multiplayer Game

Real Carrom - 3D Multiplayer Game for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Nextwave Multimedia located at Nextwave Multimedia Royapettah, Chennai - 14. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I downloaded and played this on my Ipad. I got hooked to it but the downside is that I am left-handed and so striking is very difficult. The app deviser needs to provide an option to place the striking facility on either side - left or right. I was playing on my own but most of the time due to inability to use left had, I would miss out on the final strike and lose. I felt disgusted and stopped playing. I want to install it on my lap top and searched in Google to find download site but could not. Disappointed. If you can update this app with left side striking option and how to download it on my laptop please let me know I would appreciate.
Very nice game, but lately stopping to work in the mid game. Though no further updates are available.
Game is experiencing so many issues. Sometimes queen is not visible. Sometimes coins placed randomly during the game. In my last game we were having 9 white and 9 white coins queen was missing from the table. I have to quit the game to end the game.
I did expect something unique from Nextwave multimedia. It does not have 2p vs 2p realtime facebook friends (4 friend) mode in point game and carrom game. Graphics needs improvement.
Game is glichy, buggy. Full of ads. No general rule followed. Not a real carrom experience. Uninstalling. Fix the game i will install the game again. Edit: You guys just saw ad section of my review not other things. Fix the damn game. I wonder u guys even play carrom ever. If you play u will know what is wrong with this app.
Waste .. multiplayer support is not working...when i enter the correct room id,after following the instructions...it is showing invalid room id.... totally waste
Graphics is excellent!! Much appreciated! The cursor pointer is really hectic. Not user friendly in each simple shot it is taking a lot of effort to keep moving the pointer.
While playing online tournament... There are many bugs to be fixed.. Oppent have taken queen but not cover...when all coins were taken both were getting penalty of 2 coin for not taking queen continuously as soon as we take 2 coin again 2 coin come on the table this goes for 30 minute an so on an to finish this ...i was taking oppnent coin still same 2 coin comes up stating penalty for not taking queen...i have left the table at last... Many a time this app gets hanged an act weird
Very nice app to play comfortably. At some times the board is tilting by preventing to play further and is not properly visible when it is tilted.
This is good but not all the thing is real, sometimes the striker even go in different direction and the settings are not visible sometimes
Don't install. It just looks good from the description but you can't play without watching tons of ads first! Disappointing!
A very interesting & fascinating board games that I have ever play so far! It's now a very popular games & so many players have installed this game to play it on their smartphone.High tech quality of the graphics display.The sound effects also are good & so clear. Game setting control are very easy to understand & it is so user friendly especially for a beginners. You can choose the types of game or change the colour,style & type of the carroms boards or what kind of strikers you like to use!
The latest update is worst , in timer we get again 15 seconds if we pocket a coin now we don't get 15 seconds. Please make it like before.
Well, graphics are so good. I wanna say, we have to asjust the pointer before hitting with the pointer that remains highligted. You remove ir, it is boring and doesnt let us use it propeely, you better come up with striker only with positioning features
This game needs alot of changes and improvement. please make this game similar to carrom king and carrom pool both the games are best
It doesn't connect to local friend (local wifi) even after entering correct connect id. Always says wrong code. Thumbs down for that. Controls are good for single player. But whats the fun if you can't play it with others.
great game but has one problem . opponents leave the game if they are about to loose and the winner ends up just getting only a part of the actual reward coins . fix this rest is awesome .
I have seven bought the ad removal but the games achievements don't work at all. When I sent email to the developer they did not respond. If they are taking money from customers then they should provide the options what they said in the game.
The game is good. I really liked it. But the local multiplayer doesn't work. Whenever I try connecting with my friends by entering room ID it says Invalid Room ID even though we are well connected to each other by a hotspot.
better than miniclip carrom. Reply: I did not give 5 star because of the offline feature in it. Sometimes you get offline lack of internet or internet speed issue. That time if we want to play it we have to play with my own. I mean what does it mean i am playing with myself? Am i mad? So that time we have to switch to the different game. It would be great if we get a offline Player to Robot mode with easy,hard and hardest settings without coin Practise with myself does not mean anything. Boring.
It's really a bad game cause we can't connect to local multiplayer. We have done everything as it says but when I fill the room number it always tells that's it's invalid number. Please fix this bug.
This is the best carrom on mobile in which you feel 3D. It's the best way to play carrom. Don't buy. Just come and join us. East or West Real carrom is the best. I loved it very much. All of my cousins play this game and after there motivations I got the chance to to download and it was such an interesting game. Thanks for uploading the best game.
This game is just unbelievable. If i want to recommend a carrom game then this is the best carrom gave i had ever played. But there is a small issue, in tournament there are so many glitches which is so annoying. Please fix that issue.
I like this game but the game should be updated .The graphics are well .The game is interesting but it should more interesting. When I played the first time I was very excited.The first game made me happy .Then I understood that the game will be more interesting but the game should be compulsarily updated
The game hangs at times, at times the other player gets multiple chances, even when it's our turn. Wudnt recommend this game, unless the developer fixes the bugs and helps in an uninterrupted fair play Ads are a menace, but no complaints about them. Just fair play is very rare, most of the time the game is hacked by some online players.
The new update has made this game even more worst. Strike gets unusual speed at times. Online play mode shows the last opponent many times. So much issues in one app. Feeling like unstalling it now. May be this is the reason rating for this app is getting down day by day. The game is good, however, there are many technical glitches that occur during the play.
Really good experience, when play carroms a game we can finish with three or four boards. Good option. Good game, gettings good experience.
Controls are so weird, you can't move it flawlessly. You have to spend extra 20 minutes after every shot to adjust and make sure you got it right.
Game is good but I think it shouldn't have aim assist. I played vs Computer, in that mode no aim assist and I like that. The whole game should be played like that without aim assist. That'll be amazing. Its too easy with aim assist.
There are lot of issue in this game. Some times the strike speed bar becomes freeze and I am noy able strike any coin. Some times I strike once but striker hits board twice or thrice and in that time even if I put a coin in the hole, still I loose my hand and strike goes to opponent. Another issue is, in the mid of game, if by mistake I press on home button, its directly quitting from game, not asking for any confirmation or to pause. Please fix all the issues.
Very poor game it is not starting I am start this app and coming upto that purchase 2500000 coins and when I am touching my mobile screen it is not running then I have to put down mobile after that it is coming home screen don't waste your 56 MB It is my request to all please don't download this app I have uninstalled
its a good game but online play should also have a hard level without showing the striking line but only white spin line,will make game more interesting, this feels like geometry trying to line the cootdinates rather than showing skills.
Don't install this spam app. Please be careful.nan online multiplayer game, why it needs permissiom to Phone, Storage, Camera? Unnecessary things. Don't lose your privacy by such spam apps. Please be careful
Your hard level with Mobile sucks....its hitting all the coins like it knows where its gonna fall. It's like you equipped the AI with an invisible direction line like in Pool Games. And this is taking out all the fun. It's not even interesting to play anymore.
we don't need the themes and color for pools and bords we just need to play nicely and nice control this game does not have this so I have to give it 1* you developers of this game please improve the play options
Local WiFi multiplayer Option isn't working. It's pooping the message of 'Invalid Room Id number' everytime I try to connect 2 devices. Do fix it
Didn't get through their "list of permissions". Firstly, why would they need access to my contacts? They answered saying to "manage my account in the game and to access other game modes". Also, needing access to my microphone to analyse offline TV viewing habits?!
Poor management to play with friends. How can friends play with hotspots or same wifi ? Idiots. No method to share invite using whatsapp. Waste
It is almost good game. I would rate it 4 star. But there are too many bugs in this game. As example : I won 1600 coins. But after a few seconds my coin was subtracted without any reason and no coin was added. It happens almost every time if I win much coin.
1. The game hangs sometimes. 2. Oponents always pot the coins even if their hit is not correct. 3. Takes too much time to start the game. And so on......
There seems to be a glitch in covering the queen. Board won't end as much as you cover. It goes on and on
The game is good but when I play any mode it uses game money and when money is less you can't play at all plz remove game money in it thanks
Always appeared, invalid room number even after the exact room number was entered.. Useless games in multiplayer.
I can't play local multiplayer mode by using WiFi or hotspot. When I enter the room id then invalid room id shows. Why? Please solve the problem. Answer me.
Attention please...!!! This game can be hacked so easily by many players. I have been a victim of these circumstances while playing this irritating game.When there is my turn the opponent player easily ceases my striker and pockets in his favour. If anyone faces this kind of circumstances then he will come to know what I am saying. 😑
Not able to play with local multiplayer game option. Showing invalid room number whenever we try to join room. Hope developer will look into this for more userfriendly play.
Its definitely a nice game but the online multiplayer mode doesn't response..every time it says "oops server down" when go through friends list in "challenge a friend" mode...plzz try to fix this bug issue asapπŸ™πŸ™
This is just a supid game we want to give our real money to get the coins and they will take soo much money to play game so i hate the game other than that everithing is good like graphics,boards,strikers etc...
The game is very fine, When I'm trying to play local multiplayer game through connecting with my partner through Wifi Hotspot it's saying Invalid room number always even I'm entering crt room number help me
Not working properly very very very bad game... not All time properly follow my order. Many times miss hit my short..
A pay to win game never thought someone could be so greedy that they ruined carrom game by making a pay to win game! Bad app never play online only to play with friends offline, online mide sucks. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Nice to play, but sometimes seems to be cheating, specially after reconnection, or may be intentionally reconnecting and not allowing to play and making it a one sided game. Dont know might be software problem.
I hope developers will improve this game. Thatswhy I want to tell some major issues. 1.This game needs smoothness (board very ruff) 2.Need to change controls like (CARROM DELUXE GAME) 3. I think strikers not need any powers that would be realistic. Thank you I will again comment then any issue I have found again
The new update isnt working properly, inplay often, but now i feel like uninstalling it, ut hangs many of times, the force of strikes has changed drastically, suddenly there is change in coin position, and many more, plz look into this .
It is best a carrom game can possibly be. Yes there is some sort of lagging issue but it is common to all games and as per my experience it hangs 2-3 times in a week, which is quite normal.
What I find is, game is filled with cheats, cheaters, loop holes, bugs. Today I find someone who stricked 1st and won the whole game, I am not even got any chance to play, and on the 2nd set he got the same style of gameplay. I am sure there has to be cheating. Worst game. Cheater developers. Shame.
Even though the game is pretty awesome but I can't enjoy to buy items with the game coins because of your login policy. It makes the game to be review only a singleβ˜†. So many users don't want to share Gmail account with someone because of privacy concerns. Please note this and make it sure that users can access to buy without login.
Such a bad online networking game ever i played. Whenever i played better exactly that time its server goes disconnected or server connection lost. Mostly when we played tournament game.
When I start my game, my striker moves automatically with out my efforts. Which is controlled by others.
This game is no doubt the best carrom game i have ever played but the new version of the game has some problems with it. Although the UI is great than the old version but the problem is that when i play this game offline without signing in and making coins as well as xp's; if i sign in the next time i don't get my xp and coins back after signing in, they are not added to my profile and i've to play again to equal my progress. i think this should not happen with this game and this must be resolved
Love to play real carrom. occasionally it doesnt work smoothly, sometimes saying you have lost because of inactivity when I have not left the game, sometimes the turn changes for one person and not for others. but overall just lovely. I play it in all my free time and thoroughly enjoy it. Good work
I love this game, I play it all the time, the best thing about this game was we don't need to buy all the boards and strikers you just have to watch a video and that's it, I can use my favorite board and striker! It has single player, local multi-player and online Multi-player and there's a lot more challenges, I highly doubt this game super awesome game.... I love it 😍 😍😍😍😍
Im very unhappy with bug of the game because im just of winning the tournament but it's some problems and im out of tournament and im lose the loot and the tournament mr. Carrom fix this problem like showing the internet problems but my net running properly if this type of issues was not done then I could uninstall the game thanks
Well this app is like ok not to good also. But to puck a shoot you have to adjust the force and all for every shot. I can't play more than 2 or 3 games it's boring after that whereas in the app Carrom pool it so lovely and like drugs. You will never wanna stop playing....