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Ready to Drink! - cool puzzle game

Ready to Drink! - cool puzzle game for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by FTY LLC. located at 東京都渋谷区恵比寿西1-20-5 6F. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'm not really the best the two stars are not so much ads when I press next and we were supposed to slice fruit to make a color like the ad not what I played
I got scammed. I downloaded this app through an ad, the ad said you needed to slice fruits in order to reach the given colour. That's not what this app is all about. It's just a basic slicing game. I gave it two stars because it's OK but I got tricked into installing this app. That's why I give it two stars. I'm sad and mad right now. When I saw the ad, it actually looked fun and when I found out that this app is not all that, I deleted it. Immediately.
I wanted an app that was to macha color but you have to get a piece of fruit through a crack not make a color at all false avertising
The amount of ads make the game impossible. I dont mind ads in free games because then I'll buy it, but not like this.
I saw a ad about this game matching a certain color with fruit being sliced into a blender. This game is only slicing fruit into a blender, when you take to long to get all the fruit in the blender, you ran out of time. I just got this game, I don't get many ads. This is kinda fun! You will cure boardness from this game!
Use airplane mode to skip ads. The game is hella repetitive and not really interesting. I would skip this game.
That aint the ad at all. Like if you advertise something, have it like the game not something comlletely different
I haven't even had the game for a day or even 30 minutes and just from playing level one i can already see that after each round is an ad. And normaly i dont mind ads after each round but this one i dont like. Also i got this game from and ad like most people and the ad said that you have to slice to get the right color witch is provided all you do is just slice to get the amount that you have to get. Please dont scam your games in the future like this one and i hope that you will fix your game.
This was advertised to me as a game in which you slice fruit in order to match the given color. That is not what it is, it's actually a generic slicing game where you slice fruit so that they fall through cracks. As any slicing game, it's a good mindless activity and I would give it 2 stars if not for the excessive amount of ads. Ads are to be expected in a free game and normally I don't mind but this is a ridiculous amount. I would not recommend this game, esp due to the false advertising.
Like others have said, it advertised it as being a matching colour game when in reality it isnt and all you do is slice fruit. T-T
Game is not what it advertised as. Ads showed it as a game where you must cut fruit to match a color, but in reality, it has nothing to do with that. Instead, it's a game where you need to cut a certain amount of fruit within a slice limit, up to a bar. There are several other games like this out there that don't lie about what they are. Not to mention all of the ads shoved down your throat. It felt like any time you did anything, an ad would play. Skip this.
Eh it's ok nothing like the ad which was like you had to make the colour with the fruits but is far as I went into the game which is a couple levels that hasn't happened once yeah it's ok but nothing like the ad the game is ok though I guess it's something I would play when I'm really bored but I don't want to play something really complex so yeah
The advertising was all wrong, for me, and I downloaded the app, and 2 games completed and I already got an ad. Its ridiculous! I shouldn't have to uninstall a game when I only completed 4 games.
Game is not as advertized. The ad shows slicing fruit and making the juice turn into a certain colour by cutting different amounts of the fruits but the game is only about trying to get all of the fruit in the blender within a certain number of slices. Basic game.
Great game. But I hated that you don't get to mix the color like in the add. I HATE your false advertising 😒😤😡😠😑
Could be fun if there weren't unskippable ads in between each level. Level ends, you have a chance to watch an ad for coins, say no thanks, watch an ad anyway. Boo.
Way too many ads for what play time you get. Every two challenges there's another 30 second ad. The levels take maybe 10 seconds at longest to beat so you're spending more time having stupid ads for other games shoved down your throat than you are playing this game. Also this game was advertised as a game that dequides color recognition with combinations. But no its literally fruit ninja with a crop load of ads. Uninstalling this waste of space. Disappointed to the extreme!
Not as advertised, it's not a colour mixing game just a slicing one, and the ads are annoying as all hell, one after every level
Not a color mixing game as advertised. Noy even a cool puzzle game. So many ads and crashes like crazy. I gave it a fair shot and went through so many ads to see if I could find the color mixing i came for and nahh
A lot of adds but a fun game overall. Levels are repetitive theres no real challenge or goal unlike the adds shown about the game.
I thought the game was supposed to match the certain color and slice into the blender but when i play in its not exactly like the ad. umm so i really dont like that,how about you make a game the matches the ad. plus turn down the quality.Sorry but i know i cant rate a no star so just think that the one star is nothing just nothing.Thank you for Reading this have a nice and wonderful day!😊
only a one-star you know why because literally every one minute there's an ad ad ad ad ads it's so annoying and four to the game is not what it says it is on the ad from other things so that really made me mad and I am not happy with game it's not worth it at all don't get it (╯°□°╯)
False advertisement!!!! I played till level 102 and still no sign of mixing fruits to reach colours -_-
Ok game but I got it for the ad that I saw that was saying that you matched a colour with fruit but you just put fruit into a blender, the levels do not get harder and thay are not hard to begin with do not get.
I just got this game and when I just got on it there's first an ad I got it one level add one level ad I don't like this game too much really I thought I would but I don't like it because it has a lot of ads
I saw an ad about getting a certain colour to match and cut fruits to get the colour. I accidentally pressed cross. I went through a lot of other games until i found the same ad. I went ahead and downloaded it happily.. Until i found out it was just fake.
There is way too many ads. Every single time there is a ad. Plus, sometimes when it wants you to get something for a ad and you press no, it will make you watch an ad. Its boring too. Fake and horrible game.
Advertised as a color mixing game. It is just a slicing game to fill a cup. No color mixing at all. False advertising and the ads are long and very frequent.
This was advertised ad a color mixing game, it most definitely is not. It gets boring after the first time, not to mention the ads are aggravating.
This Game Is Just No It's Not Even What It Advertised As! I Only Had It For Like 5 Seconds Before UnStalling. You Should't Waste Any Space On It! I Now Know Why There Is NO Postitive Reveiw's. I Reccomend Finding A Game That IS Advertised As What It Truely Is. And The Ad Overfill Was Also Horribal That Much Add's For Such A BAD Game It's Just A No! The Home Game Is Just A Big No! :/
Not at all as advertised. Just an ad farm. Turned off internet to test it so at least they didn't get so revenue off me. Do not download.
Its bad enough you give false advertising but there is not enough time to slice the fruit and the ads after each lesson is longer then the lesson itself making the game less enjoyable to play. I should not have to sit through a 45 second ad after each 15 second lesson. I downloaded this game through an ad. The main reason I downloaded this game cause I like the idea of cutting and mixing the fruit to the colour given. However I've played 20 levels and no color given. Fake app!! 😡😡😡😡
The game is ok but not very fun and there are far too many ads, which a lot of them dont let you leave.
This game sucks it has too many ads and it only gives you like seconds to cut the fruit I hate this game it is a bad game they should make a different game that is way better with only one add sorry but think of another game
Super disappointed. The ad made it look like you would be aiming for a color. But its just a slicing game.
Don't waste your time on this app. Its nothing like the video and is super glitchy and there is an ad after every level.
ads after nearly every level. makes what would be a decent game an absolute unbearable one. also the game is not what was described on the ad I found it. this game is literally just cutting fruit. no color mechanic.
Horrible nothing like there is in the ad if you have come here seeing the ad please do not download it you will hate it not even worth 1 star
All we get is ads ads ads i don't know why I'm gonna yell at you one time...YOU BETTER FIX THIS GAME OR DELETE THE GAME IM NOT PLAYING OK NOW DELETE THE ADS
Do not download this app. It is clickbait. You don't get to match colours as advertised, you just get to slice fruit in general. Definitely a waste of space and definitely not worth all the adds.
not as advertised at all!!!!! the ad shows a video and you have to match the drink to a certain color by deciding how much of a fruit to cut, when I opened the actual app i tried to give the benefit of the doubt and I thought ok maybe the comes in at later levels, Nope!!!!!!!!!!