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Ravensword: Shadowlands 3d RPG

Ravensword: Shadowlands 3d RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Crescent Moon Games located at 488 Charlton Road Ballston Spa, New York 12020. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence, Scary Content) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The graphics are good I admit that, but the is glitching and the frame dropping is so annoying. Please fix the game, it wasn't perfect before but it was good and I loved it. Thank you.
Good game so far, but the game crashes when I try to go to north aven and thus prevents me from doing lamils letter quest. 1 star till it's fixed, then you'll get the 5 star rating this game deserves
Old game that i used to play.. and now, ruined by touch control that too slippery, just a bit move and woosshh .. right to corner of the view ..
Extremely unplayable. Opening sequence is no where near the character. View angles completely off. Just completely ruined. And I use to love this game.
I played this game about six months or so ago, and it worked flawlessly with my xbox one controller, but, after redownloading it after regaining some space on my phone, barely half of the controls register like they used to. I could crouch and change perspectives, scroll through menu tabs, cast spells, and sprint with an ES-like control scheme, yet it no longer works that way, and I have to constantly switch between using the controller and tapping the screen. I hope this gets fixed, soon.
Had high Hope's for this update, however I am just as disappointed as when I paid for it. There is no controller support, sensitivity adjusts only vertical axis, movement button does not allow to move backwards. Such a promising game with no support. Truly a shame.
very poor quality. i was looking forward to playing this one especially since i had to pay for it. it seems like everything is ascew in the game. people's faces are disfigured, objects are missing right in front of the character, so you cannot move because you can't see it. simple as the table in layna's house at the beginning or all the rocks at the first battle are gone and people are floating. plus to look around is drastically slow. fix it up guys. i hope no one else has this problem.
Very nice game. The graphics are awesome. Also the RPG experience is amazing. The bad thing is that just the in game currency is very expensive. So please see to it.
This is good however there is no way to zoom out more to see more of your character. And you can't walk, you're character runs the entire time you move forward
Can you please Fix the pressure of hold so it recognizes longer hold of control because i depend on fire and burn for a whopping 0.04 secs when just was able to press and hold for as long as my stamina. other than that great game...
The ideia is good, but the execution is terrible. The game has bugs everywhere you go. Really simple in the story and almost no side quest. Not worth the price
$6.99 for what!? I can't really give any kind of review of this game as I am unable to play it. At all. The game literally will, not, work. It gets as far as the title page, and a prompt 'New Game'. And that's it. There are animated clouds flying past. And a constant loop of music. But the game itself won't start. I even tried pressing the 'options' icon in the bottom corner, to no effect. I suppose I'll have to consider $7.00 lost.πŸ˜’
I really want to love this game, but the control is unforgivable fir a game I paid money for. The digital analog stick only moves you forward which is infuriating. The game runs fine on my redmi note 9s and I have no complaints about visuals. If the devs can fix controls this review would be five stars
Only took Seven days to finish on medium difficulty. All kiting kills. No strafing available. Decent but needs work. Controls are kind of awkward. Lots of glitches, twenty minutes to kill final boss when he glitched and disappeared. I ran around until he popped back onto screen.
The graphics update is tremendous. Absolutely the best open world game there is. This has the looks and feels of skyrim. The only problem I face now is that after the graphics update the game lags a lot on my phone. Frame rates drop rapidly. You could add an option so that we can change the graphics as per our device.
I feel like I've been lied to. The sample photos are just that photos, not actual screenshots. The textures in game or actually much less rendered. The gameplay is sluggish, the menus are not well-defined at all, there's absolutely no way of knowing what equipment you have on versus how many more slots you have to fill because there is no equipment display in the game, and worst of all the cash shop items aren't even marked with the prices in real currency. You only find that out after you select it and it tries to get you to purchase.
The environment and character creation is missing in large portions. In the begining the entire ground is either just not visible or just missing layers and buildings are missing visually. The character creation is missing half the persons face and its sticking out of his chest instead of being on his neck. Its also installing Ravensword2. App is clearly labeled Ravensword: Shadowlands whats up with that?
Hum. I don't know if it's just on my device Huawei P20 lite. But the textures are messed up. I see through the walls. The controls seems glitchy, I see my head through the helmet. Invisible rocks that guards stands on. I'm just starting the game. I'm happy I didn't pay for that. Im expecting a reply from the devs if they are looking into their players.. EDIT: I've contacted the devs by email, they've fixed the problem in no time ;) awesome gameplay, amazing graphics for mobile, fans of Skyrim, totally worth it. Thanks guys!
Dissapointed to see it underperform. I use a Galaxy Tab A 8.0 from 2019 which handles modern games well. Each time I attack any creature it literally seems like it freezes from how badly frames are skipped.
I had this game when it first came out and I still love it to this day I would've rated it 5 stars but I have a problem with the final boss fight in my personal opinion I found it far to easy
Played for a few days. Saved my char in the last city then when it was loading to the next area, the game crashed. When i tried to reload, my char was freefalling and dying from the fall, eventhough tye last saved was clearly in a save area in a city. It keeps on repeating everytime i load the saved game. In other words, i will have to start a new game. πŸ˜’
Great Game! but it lacks more Story and Quests I've Finished the Game like for 4 Hours, Graphics is Great, Difficulty is Amazing, Story is Predictable, The Main boss is Lacking the variety of Movements... Overall Great Game! if this Review has 4.5/5 ill probably do it any day!
This game is a beautiful deception. It's very clear Crescent Moon games made a deal with MOGA, so that you can only play it with a BLUETOOTH controller if you own a Moga controller. As for other controllers, even though the game detects it and lets you know a controller is connected, you won't get past the initial screen of the game, which doesn't let you do anything. Such a shady practice IMHO. For a paid game from this developer, I expected much better than this.
Dont get me wrong this is a very good game the mechanics are simple but not too simple and the graphics arent too bad but the big issue is it takes about 13 swipes to turn 180 degrees which not only kills my thumb but when you're being attacked from behind its very inconvenient and it also makes the game feel very slow please increase/fix sensitivity for turning asap
I don't understand why you have to pay for something that does not even work properly. Every time a enter combat the game glitches. This looks like a good game but because of this glitch it's unplayable. Please fix it or don't let people pay for it.!!!!!!!!!!!
This game has been updated and received some fixes for controller support! But it isn't there just yet, as there is room for improvement. Here are the downs of such implemented controller support: #1 The game will now move on after the initial screen after Unity detects a HID controller is connected to the phone and working; [OK] #2 Character customization screen, menus, conversation dialog options are touch screen only; [NEEDS FIX] #3 During a conversation, I can pass the dialogs with the A button, but I can't select a conversation dialog with the same button. I have to use touch control. Why is that? [NEEDS FIX] #4 I get close to an NPC, press X and it triggers conversation mode; Once the conversation is over, why can't I get out of it using a physical controller button, such as B? I have to use the 'Bye' touch control. Ugh! [NEEDS FIX] #5 Touch controls aren't supposed to be "printed" on screen after Unity detects an HID Bluetooth controller - I suggest using the custom buttons menu and give us an option to NOT display touch controls. Furthermore please update the game input tutorial to mention physical controller buttons, not touch controls, after Unity detects a controller is working during gameplay; [NEEDS FIX] #6 The backpack is accessible with start button, but once in there, there is no way to move to the next tab, which is a pain, especially when I need to check the map every so often. Switching tabs in the backpack should be done with shoulder buttons (L1 or R1) [NEEDS FIX] #7 There is no way to access or edit the four quick access slots using a physical controller. [NEEDS FIX] Guys, HID controller support for this game is here, it just needs some fixes. We can do this! I used a Saitake STF-7000 controller (HID mode) with XBOX buttons layout FYI.
Needs more sidequests and mounts. This game has good graphics and gameplay but it needs more of everything like better customization of your character whether your female or Male but other than that it needs better block/attack controls.
Really good game however not really big enough for the price, comlelted it within a day and there's not enough side quests to warrant keeping it, I also wish you found more items as gold is quite difficult to make and also wish there was an option to have an arrow showing which direction to go as its not always clear x
Awful game all around Graphics are bad Controls are bad I died multiple times to my character just standing there while in the middle of a fight, like he's mentally retarted. No quest markers and the caves are hard af to find. 1/10 would not recommend
Needs polish a lot of polish, there are mislabeled normal maps so certain objects use their normal map as their main texture which as you can tell looks extremely bad/off the world feels small, lifeless, and unpolished. Interiors and exteriors need more detail, the city needs more npcs just so it feels lived in. The game could also use more/better dungeons and quests. The game in its current state feels unfinished.
Very good game! , the only mention is : be aware that in the level of the temple when you need to use the wind stone.. It is not that, jump on the cubes and reach the power stone to start slowlly move some cubes to reach the other end.
I just finished the game, and while there are a few things to complain about (inventory screen was probably my biggest complaint), it was a great game overall. Granted, I bought it on sale for $2, it was easily one of the best $2 I've ever spent on the Play Store. Fun adventure, really hooked me in, and definitely pulled off some things I had definitely never seen in other games, I was like yea right, this can't be real! (No spoilers, but the last ring and the egg hunting totally caught me off guard in an awesome way). I love Crescent Moon games, so far they have delivered!
There's still some bugs on the movement.. I can't seem to go any other directions than going forward. Also raising shield function doesn't work... I hope the developers would fix this function in time... I really liked the theme of the game, but it just has too many bugs that makes the gameplay not good... Fixing bugs would really make the game fun as it was before in the earlier years... Hoping a fix update of this game soon... πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
The control problem is still in there, i can't move backwards, left, or even right! When i touch the virtual analog, it's just make my character move forward, whatever i do, it still just move forward. I don't know what the exact thing you guys fix on the new update, but the control problem is still there, and its make the game unplayable for me. I hope you guys fix this as soon as you can, because this is a good game, and i would like to play this game again.
Beautiful game! Really surprising in it's detail for a mobile game. It left me wanting more though. Even with the relatively limited world it seemed there were opportunities to have many more side quests and a longer storyline. It almost seemed like a waist to have so much detail and much of it not come into play. There wasn't much purpose to the thieving skills and furnishing the home could have been made much easier. Not much to choose from when it came to high level armor and weapons.
A true, CLASSIC Elder Scrolls style solo RPG. Yeah the graphics could use an HD patch for new phones like they did on next gen consoles for Skyrim, but this game is incredibly perfect if you are looking for a ES clone, it's like Morrowind was but with a little less content but it's exactly what is refreshing to play after dealing with this "Money Hungry Freemium FauxRPG" trend that mobile games have been polluted with. 10/10 Would replay a 2nd time (I went straight magic the first time, I'm goin all strength and ranged this time)
This game is actually fun to play although i did have some issues with my save data before and had to restart my entire gameplay i still cant get my stuff back but my issue now is the lag i thought it was my device but through various test i found out that it wasnt .Please fix, this game has so much potential its crazy
Controller support is only partial, only for move and fighting, the rest u need touch the screen, so it's useless to use gamepad......, u can easily implement a flying mouse through gamepad arrows for example, so until is not fully gamepad support I will simulate mapping with Flydigi apk and apex controller , cheers!
It's an Excellent game I've known about it for a long time but never wanted to drop $7 not that it's a lot but the game didn't seem to have enough content but I got it for free now after years and I can't complain solid graphics and controls aren't bad you just have to get used to the combat, couple things are wrong with it, it's slightly buggy and I got excited to hear voice acting only to be disappointed by the fact that they only voiced the first sentence, maybe they were trying to conserve space but honestly it's already a large game so you might as well have gone big or gone home. They certainly had plenty of time to update it over time but haven't. All in all pretty good game but I'm glad I didn't have to pay for it especially since even though it cost $7 they still have microtransactions.
Finally I can play this on maximum settings... just because I got lucky and currently have a phone that's recognized by this game as "high-end". Lack of graphical settings and an option to reset custom buttons, sound and sensitivity sliders to default is ridiculous. The mini map is also messed up - places names are appearing on the bottom of the screen, not on the map itself. But the game itself it awesome. It's like a pocket Morrowind.
Help. Game malfunctioning: All NPCs and buildings are translucent upon entering the game. Will change my review if I get some help. Really love this type of game, but thusfar I have paid for nothing.
Add more mod,quest and items. Pls fix the compass icon that show the layout of the place because I can't see the shop names so fix it as soon as possible.
I have yet to be disapointed with a crescent moon game that I spent money on, and of them all- this is the BEST original development mobile adventure game. I refer other developers having issues to check out crescent moon games because they did it all right. A marvelous sand box adventure game with RPG elements. I never had a problem with the controls, nor have I encountered the glitches I see many folks complain about using samsung tablets from the old tab S to the S4 tablet.
Rather dire game which is a shame seeing as it's powered by unity, the game graphic is laughable at best due to the skin textures and background textures colliding thus making a merger between the two. If played long enough I think in time it could cause some form of motion sickness In short not worth the time even when being on sell for nothing..
This is skyrim for mobile devices. We want next sequel. A gift for all RPG lovers. We need another game like this. BTW control is horrible on this update. I have problems with touch control. Whatever I do on left side control, it just goes forward, not backword or moving left right. And with right side control it is moving the view so fast on left/right but up/down view is too much slow. what can I do now? Using redmi 9.
Fantastic game with partial controller support! I have had no issues using an XBOX one controller. Does not work in start menu or other certain tasks so the touch screen is still needed. Very immersive game. Great lore!
It's a pretty good game...SPOILERS not to hard to level up in the beginning and quest are fairly challenging. I beat the game in about 2 days during my down time. Best grinding spots for gold is the goblin fort to the right of the eastern forest you can get about 100 gold per goblin after selling the bows($60-70), after mid game grind the dark elves cave, they give you roughly 800 gold per after selling there bows($600-700) and keys($199)...you need to save all runes you pick up during the game because once you equip them you cant unequip them. Dont bother with buying every armor just stick to the leather and grind out some gold once you get to dark elves cave after boss battle itll give you best gear. Raven sword can be found in the statue in the middle of south aven. Best weapon to grind with is BLUNT hammer you can get it in north aven but the ravensword is really the best weapon in the game. I bought both small and large houses and you CANNOT decorate even though you can buy furniture and paintings. DONT WASTE YOUR GOLD LIKE I DID. If there are any questions feel free to email me.
I have problems with sensitivity. I have to swipe many time to make the hero turn just a little bit. Sensitivity setting is at max. Very few times it works ok. Please fix this. Looks like a good game so far, but all this effort just to turn arround is making me to just quit. I'm looking forward for a reply. Thank you! πŸ™‚
It's a good game but... Why do you still update this on iOS but not on Android as well? It has serious issues like not being able to adjust the graphics besides view distance. It defaults to lowest texture quality. Which makes it look like a PS2 game! And then there's the problem with connecting controllers to it. Where the game doesn't load the main menu after selecting yes. I beg of you please update the game! The least you can do is give people the updates to the game they actually paid for.
Very Impressed! in Dec 2019 I gave it a 3 star because it did not work with a Shield Controller. Now I am using the LG Tribute Monarch with the Shield Controller and to my surprise I can now move the character with the controller. I am so glad I purchased this game app a few years ago. Now looking forward to finish the game completely. I still have to tap on screen for certain features but, hey, not much to complain as long as I can use a controller for the main gameplay. Much thanks to the dev!
Game is good. There is a bug where the labels on the map isn't showing. I'm also lagging when in North Avern only. Here's hoping to fix these. Wish this would be updated though...
Add better graphics more to the map house building updates for all above this is a very very good game but not as good as it can be one of a kind for sure but $6.00 I paid its worth half that right now if worked on top of the line game love it guys but I want to put 5 stars πŸ˜‰
This game was really good. Updates I would like to see is more items, more side quests, more places to go to and an ending that did not leave you kind of confused.When I killed the last boss the ending was kind of bland that I was wondering "was that it?" And the house decorating part of this game is harder than the boss fight... Don't get me wrong this is an amazing game, but it could be one of the best games if it had a bit more content! I will still give it a 5 star because, man, was this a really good game. 10/10 would recommend people to play it even at least once.
The game is fine for a game last updated 5 years ago. The graphics are understandable,and the control is pretty smooth. Buuut there is a problem or 2 with the gameplay. To begin with, if you attack a giant in the north, your player stays frozen for a bit, and unfreezes just in time for him to escape the attack. Also,It might take quite long in order to generate an area after fast travel, sometimes making the loading screen freeze. I quit the game while it was frozen, and next time I opened my save file my player was met with the absolute void, and he of course died a few seconds later. I restarted from my last save, only to realize the VOID was my last save. I had been playing for 3 hours. At least you could make it be able to load the save before the last one . One last thing that is pretty annoying is tha fact that you use the exact same face for many npcs. What? Do I play a post-apoxalyptic game where clones have taken all over the map?
The graphics is so beautiful and the controls are so easy to use but the map is too small and quests are quite short, and you can't pick your gender and height but it's good. I suggest to make a sequel for this game
Graphics & controls are really good. Needs better explanation of game mechanics, how to use your skills, how to develop, etc. Stupidly frustrating when it comes to some areas - you are ambushed as you walk in (as soon as area loads) with a maybe 5% chance of getting lucky enough to not die (in which case you easily win). That idiocy has made me quit this game for days at a time, and dropped two stars off the rating
A great RPG experience like when I was a kid plagued by long time bugs and broken controller support making it unplayable for me. Am requesting refund.
Huawei mate 10 pro. The details are amazing but the optimization is SICK! IS 0 ! I can see through the walls, all the objects are everywhere, the map have alot of bugs, I can.t even customize my character without moving it because everything were 3d and I could see even my eyes out from the head. Everything is sick, fix it and you will receive 5 stars because is an amazing game.
Overall a good game, especially for mobile. Controls and camera could be a little more responsive and the quest markers could do with a display on the screen or on the map that visible without being in the near area of the quest objective. But enjoyable and a good story, well done.
Beautiful looking game, however I cannot get very far into it as the game lags terribly as soon as I engage in combat, making the game near unplayable.
What happened to this? Last time I played this was on an older device and it was smooth. Playing it on a new device now, I'm lagging so much. I just wanted to replay the game.
I remember the first time I had seen it and it was amazing. The graphics are very good for a mobile game and if u get stuck u can turn down the difficulty in settings.