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Ravenhill®: Hidden Mystery - Match-3 with a Story

Ravenhill®: Hidden Mystery - Match-3 with a Story for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by MYTONA located at Clementi Central Post Office, PO Box 041 Singapore 911202. The game is suitable for Teen (Language) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a beautiful game. The team at Support have been attentive. The monster vanquishing has been fixed with the latest update 2.23.1. I am able to play without paying and can play a long time that way 'with the help of my Guild'. If your Guild is not helpful, change Guilds. I've bought in-game products every so often to thank the developers, and still will.
It's a complete nonsense to continue claiming that you insist on developing top quality games and at the same time destroying maybe the best game you have ever developed. It had excellent graphic, good story, nice experience of team work... So, stop repeating again and again something that is purely meaningless mumble. (The lowest number of stars is for the decision to close down the game, not for its quality).
Have been playing over a year, and they are pulling the plug. Ravenhill is 100% better than seekers notes, three unique puzzle games, challenging search locations, explosive adventure and Lily competition. seekers notes cant hold a candle to it. a group of us are looking for another game to play together, so sad.
Really love this game, I REALLY hope they don't end their technical support for the game. I love the story line, so many twists and turns, and surprises. I love the Characters and the colors and designs. As I was recommended this beautiful game by a great friend, I thank him so much! This is a great game.
I just love this game. I have just heard its being did intinued, got used to last changes and re- love it now, what a shame!!!!
This was a great game, but the more it updates the more it crashes and bogs down. I can't play and help my guild members with the game constantly crashing. Please stop "downdating" it.
This game offers something unique, working in a guild and helping others in the guild. I'm so disappointed that a decision has been made to finish the game at the end of the year.
A solid game. Good level design, fun to play, love the guild competitions. The new gift system is annoying, but it does give me a reason to play between events. Too many pop ups as well. Overall fun, but far from perfect and updates tend to break the app for a bit.
Love this game but have problems ALL the time. Been playing since last year. I have contacted you guys with no feedback. I am now having to uninstall again and having to reinstall.
The game is good but why can't I play when I don't have internet to play with?after all one is sopposed to be able to play anytime,anyday anywhere when one is bored but I noticed that you people r beginning to rule that out and it's NT ok...so pls kindly find something to do about it before I get bored of it and delete it...
I am extremely sad to hear that we will be losing Ravenhill. I have developed a relationship with the characters, and the scenes are very beautiful. The story was very intriguing, I hope that the next game will be able to grasp our attention as Ravenhill did. Thanks for the time we have had it, and thank you for the work you put in it. All the best with the new game I can't wait to see it.
A little disappointed the game is closing down. This is the only one of your games I continue to play. I do not care for ANY of your other games. So sad. Hate to see this end.
I used to love the game and play constantly but since the latest updates everything is crashing down in the game and I tend to complain more than enjoy. I*m frozen in a quest because I can*t banish monsters. also going from lives to energy and switching around the gifts system decreased my pleasure of playing. In my guild everyone has something to complain about because there are too many bugs. that is why I went from 5 stars in 2019 to 1 star this year. too bad because I love the game and the graphics are wonderful and the story likeable
Update: in response to your claims of wanting a better game for people to play, get rid of Seekers Notes. One of the worst pay to play games out there. Ravenhill was and is the better game. To bad you all are not smart enough to figure this out but we are. Was a Great game with a lot of variety that keeps you coming back. Now they have killed it off.
Always glitches when there is an update, app keeps closing when I try to play a level. When the option to double points by watching a video, majority of the time it doesn't work.
you really need to fix the glitches. I cant move forward in chapters because it doesn't recognize that I banished the monster! I have an inbox full of gifts that won't go away! Please fix this. And don't update during a Lily event again, we couldn't help anyone who had upgraded.
Update: NO!!!!! NO!!!!! This game was my only go-to, the best! Now it is being scrapped very soon and I don't even want to play because I am both disheartened and disappointed. It was a beautiful game! Why do all the BEST games disappear in favor of junk ones??? At least keep the game alive for everyone to play through over and over without any support or payments...just playing and matching and loving it! I am so mad...you get less than one star, even if you gave bonuses to soothe the hurt.
I uninstalled due to app not working but now i cant get back into game it closes out on me and kicks me out of game. Triuble started with last updat. Half of my wuild is having trouble with game nit opening up or banish monsters to advance in chapter story. I have not had no contact with them because i gwt logged of game. Please fix this my only game i play.
I like the game. My only issue is the game play. I have played your other game, Seeker's Note, and the thing I like about it is the amount of replay you get until the quest item have been found. Not only it exercise my searching skill it also gave me lots of time to get access passes and fixers. However, here the collectible items could be gotten immediately to which leave me no room to gain lots of those for future quest.
I was quite stoked to hear that a Ravenhill game was coming on mobile (as I've played Ravenhill games on the Nintendo 3DS before) I knew I had to try it out once it was released. Being a MyTona game, I knew the gameplay was going to be absolutely addictive and have a brilliant story behind it. MyTona, you never cease to amaze. Keep up the brilliant work!
I love the game and have played it since it first developed and put on play store but I can no longer play it! I'm trying to update it and it keeps freezing, I have checked wi-fi and cleared cache. I cannot use the help button in play because it just loads the game then tells me to update. There is no way to get rid of the update message without pressing update which keeps freezing! Please fix this
Great and frustrating! Unfortunately it crashes before it even opens now. Love the game, but I can't play it currently or for the last few days.
It keeps shutting down or taking my reward during the lily challenges. I did go to your page for it about 20 ti.es but you never answered or fixed it so then you send me this and I am not going to say stuff that is not true. We just get things working right and you mess the.up again with new updates. I am now kicked off i can n9t get back in to my game!! So I am done and my whole guild and friends of my giild are leaving as soon as i find which new app we at r going to.
Don't worry this game. I did love it. But, they plan to shut it down at the end of the year and they will no longer have a support system for the game. Their other game they sent us to. Is similar but not as good
** Update** the crashes have been fixed but its a great shame it took two days** The latest update means that when you banish monsters, your progress is not updated, therefore you cannot progess any further in the game. Also you can only play the three puzzles because all the locations cause the game to crash when you open them and you lose a life without being able to play. Lots of people are having this issue. Please fix this MyTona.
I hope the next game you do it has a Guild and is better than Seekers note , I have played some of your other games didn't care to much for them , That is why I tried Ravinhill , Ravinhill is your best game!! Now your closing it down. People will complain on any game you develop, but are you going to shut down Seekers note if people complain about it !! I am sure people are complaining about it, Hope new game is better than Seekers note and some of the other games,
The first day of 2019 is when I began playing Ravenhill. Since the first moments I was fascinated by the story, music, characters, scenes, elements and atmosphere, the mysterious ghostly rose above all. It quickly became one of my favourite games. I truly feel for the end of the game, and it's a pity we couldn't have one last christmas update for a farewell! Although I hadn't been much active in the game lately, I shall remember Ravenhill by all the delightful times I had playing. So long! 💙
Please fix the issues with game updates...they always seem to hang and never finish...I have had to try several times to install updates on numerous occasions...really frustrating!!
Love it!! This is sooo much better than seekers and am SOOOO sad they are taking this away. I don't dislike seekers, just HATE their puzzles. One suggestion would be to take the ravenhill puzzles and replace with those from seekers....cause they totally suck and a huge reason why I quit playing seekers
Since the last update it's become unplayable, it crashes out every time you try to do a quest. If it carries on like this, I'll probably uninstall it. Shame, cause it used to be quite good
Fun game that can actually be played with very minimal coinage, though the offers are there. Guild competitions are where this game shines with teamwork a major plus, placing it slightly above other hidden object games.
This update will not open with my original ID and level. After rebooting over and over, it finally gave me the option to sign in with Facebook and now it will not load the game at all. 2 days now this sucks... Here it is September 22nd and it's doing it again . It will not let me in under my original ID 00clom, in the middle of the Lily competition. There are many glitches in this updates also. Please correct asap.
I been play this game for long time I love the game very much but, this new update is terrible. There is no longer life system, it's limited energy, even I solved puzzle I'll lose energy anyways then if all energy is gone we have to ask team for energy. I love this game very much, keep going.
Game is full of problems, it was a brilliant game when I first got it. Good job you are deleting it but anyone thinking of downloading Seekers notes beware it is just has bad !
It has been a great experience, for the main reason being, that it continues to build with you as you go. The alternation between the different types of games and storyline with mystery to solve keeps it from being boring. If you find the right group of people to join a team with can be a major plus in regards to taking the enjoyment of the game to another level.
I've come back to change my review. I've upgraded the game to 4 stars as it has changed, and the game is not demanding that I spend anymore. It's much better and I thank the devs for listening to the reviews. It truly has the most beautiful graphics, and the games and puzzles are fun and challenging, but not impossible anymore. Don't expect any free weapons, lol. But it is now a favorite game. It's worth it to play, even for free, but it's also become a worthy game to reward the devs for.
I still really like the game but several glitches that need to be fixed. It is not good when you cant play reward festival because some things will not work! Please fix the problem with some of the monsters/trolls!!!!
Been playing for a while with energy instead of lives, I still love the game let's see what this upgrade gives us....I love the new upgrades! But game has glitches now, hoping it all gets worked out sooner than later
I love the game but this new update has said the lily event has finished although the rest of my guild is still playing it ,keeps freezing and booting me out of the game and I mailed mytona and have heard nothing back.
Loved this game...but then it became impossible to play. No matter what I did, uninstall, reinstall, turn off device, restart... Game will not play properly. Have to give it only one star although before the problems I would have given it 5 before, sorry to say...
You'll get hooked on the game, especially if you join a guild, as there are many good ones. You'll come to love the people you're playing with and look forward to "seeing" them. And then the updates will start.... and every single one of them will break something... until you're like me, unable to even open the game and unable to support your team anymore. When you contact game support they'll make nice noises, but nothing they offer as a fix will actually fix the situation.
I'm here until the end. I'm sad and going to miss the game and characters. How can you ask us to play a new game when it could be taken away after we become invested? There had to be a better way. I'm sure that there are pieces of the puzzle that the players don't know but it would be good if you trusted us with the facts.
I like Seeker's Notes and I love this game too. I wonder if both game are connected in some way storywise. I enjoy playing until I get stuck. Sad to hear this will be discontinued. I enjoyed playing it.
I love this game I only discovered it this week and am bumped it's going to stop working in December, I love the stories and the graphics and all the different games in it, I wish it wasn't going away.
I was also having issues with the app shutting down, but I uninstalled and reinstalled AND was able to resume my game where I left off. Hope this helps. This my all time favorite game.
Works really slow. Misses rewards from videos, poor rewards, long winded gift giving, have to earn gifts so not really gifts from your friends. Used to be an amazing game which has been slowly ruined by the changes. Most people only play to chat and even that is slowing due to annoyance with game changes
I was also having issues with the app shutting down, but I uninstalled and reinstalled AND was able to resume my game where I left off. Hope this helps. This my all time favorite game. 11/12/20 So, so, so very sad to hear this game is going away.
It's a fun game, but energy runs out too fast. The tools you get are cool, but it costs too much to replenish them. I love the idea of combinding match 3 and seek and find, it makes it more challenging and that's why Iove it. It would be great if you could make getting energy easier so players can go farther an complete tasks.
Good game but the latest gifting to friends set up is horrible. You have to play and win in a location to receive a gift. Takes forever to visit friends and you can only gift them if they have locations that don't already have a gift. If all locations are full you've wasted your time. Interesting that you can put a gift at a location they don't yet have access to. What's the point of that? After you visit a friend it takes you back to the beginning of your list instead of where you left off.
I think ravenhill is a great game, and to be honest with you, I find ravenhill a better game seekers note. Once I found ravenhill & started playing it, I quit playing seekers note and uninstalled it. I love ravenhill & so does my guild. We would love to see ravenhill stay in business & seekers note be closing & not the other way around 😔
After fixing major issues the game wouldn't load. Had to uninstall and reinstalled. Now having all the same problems as before. Very frustrating considering the price increases!
Was 5 stars now 1. Not happy that the game is being deleted after playing it for over 2 years! Shame on you Mytona as Seekers Notes is rubbish compared to this game! With 1million downloads aswell! What about those that paid for extras! Will you be refunding customers?
It sucks that you are shutting down this game. Why are we still able to play? I love the guild I'm in and several people don't like seekers so we are losing friends we met in this game.
Ravenhill was a 5 star game until 4/30/20 when it changed from lives-based to energy-based. Every update since then has made the game progressively worse in features and in bugs. MyTona has let greed rule. That's too bad because so many loved this game dearly. Now, players are leaving in droves. Steer clear unless you want constant frustration instead of relaxation!
This game is was challenging and fun. Unfortunately updates have ruined it, now run on energy. It used to be lives. Puzzles are not timed, but in moves complete. Complete in less time and moves, get bonus points. The story is in chapters making it easy to follow. There are not to many challenges or events at one time, but each update seems to make it less fun and the guild community has disappeared. Currently, I am not able to get into the game. I open it and it is responsive.b
Apart from some glitches a good game. Shame they're stopping it as I would have liked to see how the story ends
My game keeps taking my energy away but not letting me work the puzzle out. This is the first Ive had this problem and I was really disappointed that I couldn't continue or follow through. Other than that,game is awesome!!
I really enjoy this game. It had problems once in a while but they were very quick to fix them. But now they want to take a game away from thousands of people still playing it for no logical reason. But what should I exspect from any company in 2020. Just proves that they dont care about the people that truely spent their time and money because they loved the story and challenges in this game. I hope they change their minds, if not I will never trust another Mytona game.
Love this game but several glitches make the game a bit frusterating. Can not complete story lines with issues. Game freezes up and crashes frequently when using gift finder through email or attempting to play certain locations. Today I can not log into game at all, crashes immediately. Tried to reinstall with no luck. Maybe glitches are being worked on. Detailed update notes would be appreciated. There is little to no communication from Mytona regarding issues, downtime and upgrades.
My, opinion only! Rewards ARE Very small, compared to the cost of playing !! MUST pay $$ to play consistently, IF you enjoy Tourneys, MUST Pay 2 have any chance of winning! A small Fortune Spent! MYTONA, Balanced? = U give & Take AWAY! Hv Uninstalled due to Glitches, Lags, Boots, Crashes, Bad Updates, small Rewards! & Oh, the game ** IS ** a Money PIT! Reinstalled new update, Now MUST PAY $4.99 for Xtra 50 Energy, which we HAD, b4 this update! Shame on you Mytona = Balanced? NOT! [email protected]#! > : [
Really enjoy the keyboards. The scenes are lovely and if you find a great guild the camaraderie is super.
** Can I buy the dvd of this game just to find items. It doesn't matter about the other things, PLEEZE!!! * I cant stop playing. I really like this game, it's so addictive. Is so much better I don't like getting constantly bombarded with messages to buy things though. If there wasn't so many "buying" messages, I' d probably give it 5 stars. The graphics are FABULOUS!!!
The game is good but why can't I play when I don't have internet to play with?after all one is sopposed to be able to play anytime,anyday anywhere when one is bored but I noticed that you people r beginning to rule that out and it's NT ok...so pls kindly find something to do about it before I get bored of it and delete it...am sorry,wnt to knw why I couldn't get the new 3chapters and the reason y you guys Wana shut down the game ey...we v been enjoying the game so far...
It's okay I guess. I like it. But the fact that you have to be a certain level to join certain guilds or even guilds at all makes it a 4 star. If that was not there it would be a five but please don't change it because the people that do like that might be a little upset. Plus it might be hard to change the game like that or at least that much.
Great game. However when I select a gift from a guild member it kicks me off the game. So I took away 3 stars cause of this problem. Please fix so I can give this game 5 stars. I like this game cause I get to banish monsters in order to collect what I need in stead of spending money.
I used to enjoy playing this game. Now its full of glitches and as soon as its half way through loading me in to play the game it just completely stops and takes me back to my home screen. Absolute shite
Absolutely love this game. I cannot believe it's being shut down. Is there a save Ravenhill group. I'd definite fight to keep it going. So much better than Seekers Notes...
Every time I try to play a location the game crashes & takes my energy. I uninstalled the game but even crashes while I try to install. What is going on? So many glitches & this is the worst ever!
This has been my daily go to game for over a year. Annoyed that the plug is being pulled. I don't understand how you conclude it's not up to your high standards when it's far better than your Seekers Notes and many other similar games like G5s Twin Moons & Nordcurrents Time Guardians which I found were both a grind. The Ravenhill mini games are very enjoyable but the Seekers Notes ones are not. This is why I ditched Seekers. Not sure I would get involved long term with any future Mytona games.
I absolutely love this game. The creators got it right in this version. I've played Seekers Notes for a long time, and this is much better, in my opinion.
Used to LOVE this game until they started messing with it. Update after update..made the lives go away, can't get your gift from a friend, until you win the room/game...WHAT?!?! A gift is a GIFT no need to EARN that gift if it is given to you voluntarily. Rarely play anymore, just to keep my friends in the top 10.
Started as an interesting game but for every update for new rooms there are also glitches that need to be fixed. Videos not playing every time. Getting kicked out of rooms. Changed the way the gamed is played. More like seekers notes now where before it was a game that was uniquely different. Really fantastic Graphics and original stickers.
To update this game, it wants me too get rid of 12 different apps that are important to me, one of them being my internet protection. I have ask numerous times about how to do something and have not recieve a response yet. The challenges are real had to accomplish unless you are will to spend money. Try something else. This is full of ads that want you to either buy in their bank or fitness stuff.
Since this latest update my guild are experiencing so many glitches within the game and Mytona are not quicke to act, giving the same old answer that it is being dealt with etc. The daily rewards scam you out of the coins they show, gifted areas are sometimes stuck on the person who gifted you and you only get one gift from them as it doesn't clear when you play the area and win. Too many glitches within the storyline that keeps you stuck and can't move on to further stories.
Im on level 69 and it says to defeat the forest troll which ive done 8 times now and it wont let me move on.....help!! Oh and its constantly buffering and trailing pls fix this!.,... Two reports no reply... Guild members having issues also.... So glad i havent spent money on this game ..... So the issues please ....its not on for you to put quests out with a time limit to complete when you cant even finish the chapters !! Not impressed!!
Love this game. My name is trudy and I am 74 years old and live on the East Coast of Scotland. My thanks to mo from california who made me feel so welcome. I didn't respond to guild members because my device broke down. I will miss this game so much. Soon sad.
Love this game! Challenging, holds your interest. Great opportunities to get rewards. Joining a guild is a huge plus. Developers are always trying to upgrade the game to make it better.
Used to LOVE this game until they started messing with it. Update after update..made the lives go away, can't get your gift from a friend, until you win the room/game...WHAT?!?! A gift is a GIFT no need to EARN that gift if it is given to you voluntarily. Rarely play anymore, just to keep my friends in the top 10. It's too bad that the developer couldn't take constructive criticism and shut this game down...just stop messing with it...it was fine and FUN
I am sorry that this game is ending. It is one of the two I play like clockwork almost every evening. Hope you will come up with another that has as an interesting story and wonderful characters. Happy 2021!
This update is definitely NOT "fantastic." In fact, it's the worst one yet. If you have to SPEND energy to collect a gift, then it's not a GIFT. I'm not sending OR collecting any more gifts because it's more effort than it's worth, so we'll see how long before I uninstall it. The app also crashes every time you try to send feedback or get help. It's definitely getting less fun to play. This is the kind of thing that made me uninstall Seekers Notes a few years ago. And here we are again.
You'll get hooked on the game, but literally every time there's an update, they break stuff. If you report the issue to support, they try to blame you for some reason that shouldn't matter. Also, the same canned response that they don't wish their users to be upset, they'll take your feedback into consideration. But then nothing gets fixed, the next release comes, & more goes awry. 🙃 Maybe try testing before deploying? Also, I now can't even open the game without crashing. Fix yoselves.
My tablet had to be renewed, I wrote developers and gave them the name of the guild I was leader of and my ID number, they didn't answer so I reinstalled the game but yet again I'm back at the beginning
After the recent update, I was not able to proceed with any of the storybook quests. I thought reinstalling the app would help, but after that, the game just stopped loading. I tried to reinstall multiple times, and cleared the storage, cache etc, but no avail. I was enjoying the game, until it just decided to stop.
I'm so sad to heard ,Raven hill ,is stopping end of December ,can you let me now, please can you answer this question, can the game still be played as it is after December, as there is over 3 years of hard work ,and still loads to do .As we have this download it will still be in my I.Pad ,thank you
Love this game & am sad it is being terminated. However am confused as told would end by the end of the year with a new game replacing it. Still playing & no new game. Message on game not updated either. Can you update with latest news please
I cannot believe you are axing this terrific game. The graphics are FABULOUS!!! Will it be available on other gaming sites just as it is now, just days before it's demise? Can I buy it from you before it disappears? PLEASE!!! I desperately want to see inside all the other places in the game. Sorry, but I'm not particularly interested in your other games. Please let me buy Ravenhill from you. If this game is not available to play as it is now I'll purposely not play any of ur other games.
I really love playing Ravenhill but it could most certainly adopt some of the ideas that I have that would make this game 90%-100% more awesome and make your app #1 in the entire gaming world and I guarantee you that everyone from teen's to grandma's and grandpa's and I will always play Ravenhill even if no one takes me seriously. It really helps me relax and take my mind off of stressful days.
I absolutely adore this game, i just downloaded it nd got the news that the devs are shutting down the server of this game, like its so upsetting that i finally found a game actually worthwhile nd i wud no longer be able to play it...