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Rapala Fishing - Daily Catch

Rapala Fishing - Daily Catch for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Concrete Software, Inc. located at 7250 Metro Blvd, Suite 210 Edina, MN 55439 United States. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is super addictive. It lets you play with plenty of coins. Gold is harder to get but you maintain enough to keep you in the game at a competitive level. My only complaint is. You should make a "Are you sure?" pop up, for submitting a tournament, when you still have time left in tournament. I have submitted my game many times after an add to play longer just because the "submit" button doesnt change to "Keep fishing" fast enough. Overall favorite game on my phone.
great fishing game and has gotten even better with the deep sea fishing!!! i love it kids love it we all love it!!
I'm having mixed feelings. It's fun but why is it only letting me catch small fish. The big ones do bite but even when I swipe up they let go. Only the small ones does it let me actually hook.
awesome game ..having trouble with offshore fishing gear...paid silver for max level heavy action rod but still says I need a rod ...updated game and still wasn't fixed ????
Best fishing never seen one like this, you see under water, the fish and your lure. Great graphics easy control and fun to play! Your mom could get hooked so dont show her!
Very good game! Have had NO issues so far. Try it for yourself and dont let the bad reviews decide for you. Maybe those 1-star folks have "crappie" phones or connections, so their experience sucks. I do not do in-app purchases and have been able to advance and enjoy the game. Very few ads :) Thank you and kudos to the developers! Enjoy the game...it's fun
I wish I had more states to go to. I have been playing for a long time and no new states have appeared. In the beginning the pop up fast not anymore. Why is that. Are is there others places to fish
This has been my go to favorite app for fishing! One of the biggest draws for me is you have actual lures (Shad rap, Skitter Pop, DT Bombers) and every lure can be accumulated without having to spend money. Then you have real locations (Minnetonka, Cherokee, Okeechobee, Guntersville) and each has their actual livestock as well (Perch, Bluegill, Smallmouth and Largemouths, Northern Pike, Walleye, Variations of Trout, and special species like Arctic Grayling). Download it
Best fishing game out thereπŸ‘πŸ‘...only thing I would change is the rewards should be higher when completing a challange instead of 11 to 22 silver coins should be atleast 40 min.. and up to 100 or more depending on challenge difficulty so it's a little easier to progress through the game
Best fishing game on google play I've downloaded just about everyone and deleted all but this one.Great game Rapala as usual never disappointed with these guys. Love it!
Enjoying catching fish from all around the United States. Good blend of realistic sense with fun elements. Highly recommend for real life angling fans! :D
Epic game. Epic support team. I lost all my data to a factory reset but I reached out and they were able to get me restored pretty much back to where I was. Maybe adding cloud save would be a benefit for players but like I said the support staff definitely took the time to help me. It wasn't like some bot cookie cutter assistance. After catching several legendary fish there was no way I was going to start from scratch. Again much love! By far the best fishing game available.
Ads AdsAdsAdsAds...and more even more ads... If I wanted to watch ads there is an app you can actually make money doing so. Not fun in game play DUH.
It is a really good game graphics are awesome and it's really fun. But in my opinion it needs to offer more as far as upgrades.
Be playing this game for 6 month and when I just updated it and I've lost all my progress it's getting unstalled if you don't sort it you pig's
This game sucks it freezes up and then stops working. Everytime I get a bull shark the game freezes and then the line snaps.
This is the best fishing game I have evered played Ive played a bunch. Because it dont take cash up front to really fish, if you need to you can. I dont have to and that is why love this one
Love the graphics. Hours of exciting action. Had to replace my device and even though all my apps were downloaded from my old device lost everything and had to start over, so money wasted there.
Most of the time game is pretty good there are still some glitches but you find ways to get through them.overall Great Game.
I love the game and would play more if it were a bit easier. Time of wait kills it for rewards it could be friendlier for all.
It's a fun game when it works. Be prepared to watch about 4 ads in a row before you get credit for one. If you need the ad to finish or place in your tournament, land a monster or legendary fish, or get funds, well that's too bad. You'll lose your fish and not get credit for watching the ad.
I used to have the game on my old phone and I loved it. I had over 1300 gold bars, every lake and spots open. I had caught 8 legendary fish with 2 being large mouth bars. But service provider sent me a new phone and none of my acompelments were transferred. But my second favorite game Risk did transfer my stats. Why did I have to start all over, not very happy with this game when it used to be my favorite.
love the game, been playing it for such a long time....its a good experience with great graphics. This game is also addictive and gets the blood pumping.
it was a great game but when I stopped and turned off my phone and went back on the game after like 2 hours I tried to cast my rode but it would not let me it would only allow me to move the target not cast the line
This is honastly the best game i have ever played and its so addicting. I was happy to see my favorite fish walleye in it most fishing games sadly dont and its real baits rapala made!!!
great game but I wish there were carp I also wish you could fish in Lake Michigan these are the fish I think there should be in it King Salmon ,Walleye,Atlantic Salmon,Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass and Bowfin
Was great until i changed phones an lost hundreds of dollars and time because when i reinstalled on new phone it erased all game play..
I rarely comment on any apps but this gave me a lot of joy. Well done! Only thing I'd wish to have more is to be able to save more daily catches :) To those who say you get stuck without using money - no you don't, it's easy to get golden bars in a game, just have to make it smart not hard.
Pretty dang fun. Not too easy, not too hard. I'd give it five stars if it wasn't for the fact that you really need to spend money to be able to upgrade your fishing poles all the way. (Especially the baitcaster.)
Your "expert" is a nuisance, your silly "secret pattern" finger prompt never goes away (major distraction), and the videos for additional money won't load (my "internet connection" is just fine). Why don't you just offer a paid version and focus instead on fixing the many problems within the game? Heck, now I see why I don't have any Rapala lures in my actual tackle box. Your emphasis is misdirected. Update: The "pattern display" button in settings doesn't work. Tried it. Tried reinstalling.
I simply love it. I fish with all the same stuff and it's a really good game. A lot of tournaments and All of the controlls work!! I simply love it. 😁😁😁😁😁
So i deleted the game once it kept saying to spend coins and so on that i reached limit of coins and gold bars i tried the game again today now this stupid tutorial comes on and wont let you fish it wants you to waste time and make these stupid patterens on the screen i exited the game 4 times and couldnt get rid of the darn tutorial i guess this time ill delete for good
i have been plsying for almost a year, Jul 2018. No problems but then about a month ago the saltwater line isnt available to use in the gulf snd all of the unlocked logos disappeared. ive requested help twice and nobody will respond. need to get the game together!
It's really a 4.9 just minor issues, the reel will slip sometimes and won't go to the little circles. I've watched the adds to get something, only for after the add plays through it says it couldn't find an add and says I have to pay for it. It's only a few small thing about other than that it's a good game.
Good game.. Just wish selling fish immediately after catch would get more in game coins and xp.. But other than that nice game
great game i just think it would be perfect if it told you wat legendary fish is in the area instead of going thru baits trying and hoping you can pick the right one and its for the right species of fish
Rapala fishing is a fun game, so far no glitches just wish it had more then standing wish you could drive boats and stuff but over all great game keep up the good work.
Hey folks, ruined a great game by too many 30 sec ads. 30 secs wont make me install a game it will just piss me off.
I absolutely love this game! This fishing game is the best out of all the others I highly recommend you download this game you won't regret it.
The game is great when it doesnt crash like every time i get on it now that sucks i did love the game if its not fixed soon im uninstalling
Great affects closely resembling actual fishing. Hours of fun. Numerous challenges. Multiple tournaments to join and test your skills against other players.
It would be nice if you got whatever you was supposed to get from watching the same video over and over. Most the time after videoit either shuts game down or its wanting you to do samething again and again. And up the pay for releasing fish cause couple monster fish you wont be able to keep any for hrs and hrs. And 1 and 1 you never make any money to buy slots or even get onto other lakes
As a fan of Rapala lures I really enjoy this game. Hoping for an update with more gear and more fishing venues.
5 stars White Eagle reached level 32 a few years ago. Now I'm glad to see salt water action, and better line strength thanks for listening. That 40lb. Suffix is working!
The best fishing game in android! But some fish movement and the fish fight is quite monotones. Maybe the power and duration of the fish fight can be depended on the size of the fish.
Fun game though it baffles my mind how I would need to worry about a bluegill or 2 pound fish breaking 65lb test. A little silly. Now I have a lending tree ad that pops up when I try to go back to the map that I can not close. Close the game and try again and get the same add with no way to close.
No adds no nonsense all good one of the best fishing games well the best fishing game ever well done Rapala you know how to make games well done team πŸ‘
Actually a good fishing app - targeted casting, reel & retrieve action that makes sense, and you see what species are targeting your lure. And you can pick your lure!!!
Fun game. Like it a lot. Play it for hours at a time. Only gripe i have about it is itll freeze from time to time after reeling in a fish and i have to completely close the program and start it again to unfreeze it.
great game have had this for a long while now. I would agree either lowering the amount of gold needed to upgrade or make it easier to earn gold instead of paying for it. plus what the heck happened to my salt gear? And be nice if there were spinner baits or jigs and better top water action veiws. hoe but throwing in some frogs or lizards?
I've had this game drop me back to starting all over again four times now I'm not even going to bother to try to get in touch with the designers to reset and do it again because I'm tired of messing with it you know four times is ridiculous I don't understand why it's doing it It shouldn't be doing it it's not my damn fault y'all need to fix your damn game!
Wow I gave it 4 stars but I'm about to hang that Ever since the update a few days ago it totally closes when I answer a text and go back to play som more the game starts fr the let's play screen and I play a lot of tournaments when I spent 20 gold and the I lose out before I get a2 casts out it pisses me off BAD
I like it but for some reason I can't download the next lake? Maybe it's my day? IDK data works for everything else on my phone?? Anyone else have this problem? The second lake is the one not downloading
The game started out good after waiting like three mins for it to start onlyfor me to catch two fish try to get reward and game crashes so its not going to be played by me maybe after a while you all might fix this and i might try again but not likely terry hook
so far so great!!! i have checked out alot of these fishing games and this seems to be one of the best but i am very new so at the moment it has been AWESOME!!!! i will give updated rates and tell my interpretation of the game again as i move forward!!! Again so far so Great!!!!
Sorry, love fishinag! I have no problems at all. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 kind a bug... 6, 7, 8, 9 BUG! 11... Nothing.... I didn't play now. Good game. :'( Start in that again! :-) Wl-Again... This time 6 crash (Rapala) ... (>_<).. Cool. Try again? 5-7-2019 Wi-Fi: it's clear 1-7, but 8 ... Now is blacked out. I'll start again may be something else.
I would give 5 stars, however there is always room for improvement. The game glitches a bit, always at the worst time. However, this is the BEST fishing game I have found so far!
it's ok but the big fish in the game you will never catch one I have played this game for 5 years I have caught mot. single big fish this game is ok but it sucks at the same time!!!
Amazing game fun as can be. Bigger selection of fish would be nice but 99%! Curious if anyone ever caught the bull shark tho.72 thumbs up.
I love this game. I don't even like games that much enough to fit in a little bit while I'm at work. This one I do. The only one. It's so much fun. Lol
its very fun . i just believe you can use a little more to this game . im willing to advise if rewarded.
Just loaded app. Now immediately unloading!! No way it takes over a minute to reel in a perch! Please make more realistic.
This is a great fishing game, original controls, realistic graphics under the water & fish. However only 3* The ad's are a little overboard & ad's for bonus could be a little more generous. The Permits for each lake & I mean EVERY lake don't last long & constantly have to pay to renew which makes it hard to progress, as new equipment is expensive compared to the payouts.
fun app. Decent thought and factual items went into the game. i wish things were fixed like my 65 lb. line almost breaking from a 1 lb fish.
Love it! All of it!! Not a ton of ads, so you can actually enjoy what the creators spent so much time creating. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS. Plenty of fun fish to catch, great environments, fun fights. My only critiques: β€’ Retrieval bar vanishes. β€’ Some freezes β€’ Silver & Gold rewards need to be higher from videos & releasing fish you can't keep. β€’ Balance the fish fights. 5 lb speckled trout fights 10x's longer than a 27 lb snook. I'm already tired of speckled trout on 100 lb challenge.
Been playing for two years. Love the game but have had to start over twice. Uninstal and install again. First time I was up to 78,500 gold. Last night I had to do it again and had 63,600 gold when it crashed. Not upset, I will just do it again.
Allowing me to play ads in exchange for gold earned you 5 stars. It is a fantastic game! But, that is the icing on the cake! Thank you!!!
Way too basic of a game. I was hoping to get to drive a boat around and use a fish finder. There are only Rapala lures in the game, no soft plastics, spinnerbaits, etc. When you fight a fish, you can't see the lure in the corner of the fish's mouth. There's no need to work the water column, just match lure to species and spam the secret pattern. Fish are just randomly swimming around, not hiding in structures. Maybe a fun game for children, but not fishing enthusiasts...
It's not very realistic no weather tired of hearing the flies go around it's a decent game just wish it was more realistic
I love the game but I wish it had more of a variety of lure like frogs, spinner baits, top water baits stuff like that
One of the best mobile fishing games I have played. 2 things to improve though. the tournament payouts should be raised, seems like in most of them if you don't finish 3rd or better than you end up losing more on entry than you win.. Also if I break my line on a monster or legendary fish, about half the time after I watch the whole way through the 2nd chance ad it says "no ad found" and wants me to pay 50 gold instead for a "golden opportunity".
Amazing game really but i dont like how you have to spend coins on a permit everyday if they made it once a week that would be great.
BEST Fishing game EVER. It's EASY to learn. It has different fishing shots. You can achieve & level up FAST. I ENJOY this fun game.
Cool game. You should put boats, motors, Trucks,RVs,ATVs, tackle boxes to buy. Kl Keep it growing. I haven't been fishing since I was in my early twenties and this makes me want to go get my license at Bass Pro shop and try some of these lures! lol
So I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I was happy to see that Rapala offered this game in the Play Store. I have followed Rapala Bass Fishing on the major consoles so having this game at my fingertips is AWESOME πŸ₯³
pretty well rendered 3D fishing environment and generous with in game currency. raised 10 levels in two days and have a wide array of lures to use
5 Star fishing game. No doubt. When I saw a Rapala product available for Android, I knew had to get it ! Having played Rapala fishing games over multiple consoles through the years, I knew that this would be a quality app and it did not disappoint in any way. Of course there are Ads, but in this case I would say the Ads are extremely helpful because the developer has implemented them into the game very well. Even though that this is an old app, it definitely looks the best on my phone, not to forget that the performance is amazing (bugless/no lag). The game can even be paused for long periods and you can still continue from where you left off. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who is looking for realism, fun, great graphics and overall extremely solid fishing game. Rapala is the BEST, hands down! Every other fishing app/game out there is either way too arcade like, advert ridden, money grabbing & full of glitches/bugs. I have uninstalled countless other fishing apps and would not look back once. If Rapala comes out with an updated version or any new game, I would close my eyes and download! Absolutely FABULOUS, Thank You Rapala !
Love the game! Although after about 15 minutes into playing, after I try to release a fish, the game freezes and I have to stop the app and lose any game data for tournaments and such... I hope its a bug that gets fixed soon.
It's a pretty good game. But I do wish it did not show under. And I don't like the 3rd.person feature. I wish it was 1st person. So it was more realistic.
i would like to upgrade my lures and rods but I never win nothing cause I dont have real money to buy gold so I'm depending on the lucky strike everyday for gold so kind of sucks just wish there was more i can do for gold.
Pretty good fishing game. Haven't found a better one yet. Still looking for something more realistic and open world
Awsome game. i love it. i like the graghics. Only thing is that prices on some of the stuff is a little pricey and the fish take to long to clame.
I love this game! The graphics are great, and the challenges and tournaments are a lot of fun! Definitely can be addictive at times because it is that good.. I really hope you guys plan to update the app by adding more fishing spots, different fish to catch, along with additional new lures in the near future? No doubt, that would be the icing on the cake for this game to be truly perfect!!
I can't use the offshore pole or line in Mexico what is going on with the game I haven't been able to fish in Mexico for about a month it was after the March 27th update.
I like it. It sure keeps you busy as a fisherperson. Fishing is supposed to be slow and calm, not this game. It keeps you on the edge,you never know what is going to happen. Loads of fish,you just have to catch them. Good Luck you are going to need it.
Great fun, I should point out that even after a purchase you're still consistently hit with ads! This game didnt used to have any ads at all other than the voluntary ones to gain some perk or other.
Addicted starts slow but overall very pleased it's quite a well build game with little ads and it seems to give you great gear for free
I downlouded this game 3 days a go and had nothing but truble with the game dropping out not entering the game playing music and freezing with play backup by amber team and ive had about enough of a very good game that i would enjoy playing if i could just play
Great game. The fish look and feel more realistic than many console fishing games I have tried. You can buy your way to better gear but you can earn it the hard way, feel like you earned and still keep a good, fun pace.
I would highly recommend this game! It's amazing. The graphics are wonderful, the lures seem spot on, so all in all you will not be disappointed. I've got some family and friends who became addicted just as much as I am with this game. There's only one thing I got a little frustrated with and that's when I had to buy a new phone and wasn't able to get into my old account that I had for a few years. Which I spent loads of money on. I lost all my progress and had to start from level one.
why do I need to allow your company to create, edit, and possibly delete my Google play stuff? your company should not have that right. that's not cool. change it
Tried a couple other fishing games. I keep coming back to this one. I really like the interface. Enjoyable way to pass some time.
Best fishing game ive ever played. Just like being on the boat with a pole in your hand and a beer in your other. 5 stars all day
Not as good as I would have hoped... Every fish I try to catch almost fights the same and none of the fighting is realistic... it looks as if someone created this game who has never fished a day in their life... Whether it's a 3-lb walleye or a 10-lb walleye they fight the same and I could have a 4-lb line or a 12-lb line it doesn't matter they all fight the same... It gets very repetitive and boring... A bluegill should never put up a fight the same as a walleye... App Game or otherwise
This app is great for people that love fishing. The lure selections are great and the graphics are so realistic! I wish the lures and poles weren't so expensive though, otherwise it's an awsome app!