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RandomNation - Politics & Government Simulation

RandomNation - Politics & Government Simulation for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Rosenburger Games located at Unit 10575 PO Box 6945 London, W1A6US United Kingdom. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 8.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've played this game on and off for a while and I really like it, but that ad placement is not the move. I'm still leaving yall the 5 cus I'm not mad at you but cmon now
It's essentially just a game about adjusting policies until your election to see how you fair. No music, not very interesting, not very much in general to do. Some outcomes don't seem very realistic either. It's not something I'd spend much time on.
Good but basic, i know it has tons of potential to have even more depth and ideas. Hope you guys improve the game more!
Downloaded this game. Chose centre-left Made a sensible budget using public transport and higher taxes to support economy. unemployment lowers to 2% and still making good money for defense/disasters/healthcare. parliament continues to try and undo the good work I've done. After 20 years of good leadership parliament removes me because I vetoed Fire Protection. 10/10 Would Veto Fire Protection again.
-=UPDATED=- Have played this game for a very long time loved both the old and new version. Like its amazing now. My 2 inputs would be, Remove the automatic debt that is added. I liked where we could take out a loan if need be. Instead you go into extreme bankruptcy before it ends. 2nd would be maybe more advanced like more sliders I mean 2 is to little 3 is to much. Hopefully the debt stuff gets changed! Love the game.
Fun game, it just needs some more development. The game is pretty fun for a while but at times it can kind of boring because nothing new seems to be added at least over the past while, which makes you feel like you're doing almost the same thing every game.
Your game is really but it needs more stuff to do like invaded Nations and Revolution so if the population gets angry and once the start of revolution stuff with the army system but two events or 3
It's a great game, i wish there was more economic indicators like GDP ( developer says they are working on it). The update made it way better. The developer is also really good at responding to feature requests and bug reports. Keep it up!
Terrible game.It is so repetitive and boring.The less boring events that come from time to time don't even come very often.Also there is no sound or music which causes 2 things to happen, I get jumpscared by ads almost getting a heart attack and it makes me want to go sleep.Music is very important to me in games.Also the grand total budget is broken because first I get +200 then -500. Also there is no price when changing a law so your always taking a gamble on how much money your going to spend.
This game is so great. It's so fun and great to know YOU CANT FORCE THINGS TO HAPPEN. For ex. If I wanted to raise my defences to full. The parliament will say no. This game is just what I was looking for. In terms of controlling a country. Even though I kinda like the dictator mode. I like the democracy mode WAY better. It's way more fun and entertaining. I hope they keep updating the game. But if they cant. It's fine since its already a great game by itself. I hope you guys play and have fun.
It's incredibly basic. I wish that it told you how much a policy was going to cost, and had advisors that gave you some idea of what the policies did. Additionally it should probably have laws, and more precise management since you very quickly run out of things to do. I played one game where I got my unemployment down from 10% to 8%, and yet my wages kept falling. I even increased unionisation twice and it had no effect. I simply had no ideas what was causing it. Very opaque, and clunky.
If you want to play this with conservative values don't. no matter what you do, you won't be able to get reelected and the people will hate you. But if you want to do leftist policies download this app.
There should be more simulators like this. It's great for what it is, but an app like this with more depth would earn a higher score. It's definitely enjoyable.
I've been looking for a game that's realistic in terms of actual government control. So far I have enjoyed this game but it needs some updating and more options, after a while it starts to get a bit repetitive.
After 1H it becomes really boring, but the concept is really good. If you can put in some more options it will be great
I love this game it is amazing to play and a time killer, I made a review saying that unemployment was to hard to control ans since then i have been able to get the unemployment to 2.4% I however do not like how it will say wildfires rageing through the nation or hurricane headed straight for us but we never see and reprecusions for it and it seems like we are wasting money in fire and disater protection and we spend money on military but we never use it, i wish we could attack other nations.
I think the game is really amazing I already have 1.3M experience.I think sometimes the Parliament of each system of government can be a little too extreme like the libertarian party because the parliament keeps wanting me to decrease everything basically to nothing. I would say it's the most challenging one for me because it really decreases my support and is hard to balance it. I think it would be interesting if I could donate money to my industries instead of waiting for the y or n questions.
There's nothing particularly wrong with the game, its just very uneventful. You spend a few years getting everything balanced and then you just click skip month over and over, occasionally changing a policy back after parliament changes something. The random events are very few and far between so the game gets boring.
It's already a great game, and the update made it better, but there's vast room for improvement. There can certainly be more policies, more statistics, denser decision-making and perhaps a GDP count could also be included.
Sir, the new update is good but I think in this update retirement of government and corruption's options features is missing so I hope that you will add this also.
It is easy to lose elections and it's hard to gain the amount of experience needed for earning all ideologies. This combination, from my perspective, makes the experience less enjoyable. Also, dictatorship was a great mode and I did not like that now you have to pay for it. These are serious disincentives that I think the developer should consider in order to improve the user experience. As I have a lot of ideas and proposals, I would like to email the dev. Overall it is a fantastic game
It needs to be more complex. Right now, there are very few options available to the play, and there isn't a very dynamic range of effects from those actions. The developers just need to expand it, and I guarantee success.
Has potential, great time killer, wish there was a tutorial tho...EDIT yes a text tutorial would be better please
The game is ok. The biggest thing I dislike is congress's ability to kick you out of office. I think it puts too much power in the hands of congress. Only the people should decide if I am fit for office, not Congress
Good game but Should be more versatile . It should have more policies . The game is good but it's repititive . To fix that make the game more versatile .
Pretty fun and simple game but i bought the developers coffee 3 days ago but it did absolutley nothing and i have not been able to get a refund. Upsate!! Got the refund and everything is taken care of it was actually a mistake on my end and with that said, im happy to give this game a 5 star
The game seems good but I find one thing ridiculous and that thing is that the Government cannnot be removed if it is doing well in the polls. Secondly it also can't be removed if it has been elected with a clear majority, it has to finish it's allotted term. Kindly fix this issue.
This game is pretty cool for a while, kind of like a lite Democracy 3 as seem on Steam. Only complaints are, often a policy's actual effect isnt really apparent, and it's too time consuming checking your approval ratings often.
Cool game, quite realistic although simple. I'd suggest making it possible to set policies that increase birthrate, since it is impossible to stop your population from aging or shrinking. That being said, there should also be some disadvantages from having a lot of citizens. Currently it is impossible to create a state similair to eg. Pakistan.
Great game but lacks events, I've gotten an event to host an athletics tournament and thats it. Anyways great game!
Love the idea behind this game but it does definitely need some improvements. You should introduce some things like policies that need to be voted on to be implemented etc and being able to set prices individually like tax rates, minimum wages, ages to vote etc
It's fairly entertaining but there should be a way to "win" . After playing up to almost 14 years on my third or fourth try even after taking out a loan i still had money but then it said i was out of cash?!?! A good little time waste for free but 3/5 is the best i can give it. Edit: now up to 25 years in power. It just still stays the same though. I haven't even needed to take out a loan. What I did want to say is that i really appreciate that the creators actually responded to my review.
Great Game, but it's werid how I can stay in office for more than 150 years Also, the graph's markings are kinda broken. Like, if I zoom in, the intervals are always at least 15 years by now, and I don't see any markings
It is a good game other than one thing it is super hard to do anything as a conservative or nationalist as a nationalist your approval rating is always 30-40% and your money is -2.5b as a conservative if you ever raise taxes your approval rating drops 5% and if you dont increase your spending your approval rating drops you just need to fix that then It'll be a perfect game
I now understand political decisions better! I think everyone should play at least one round of this game to understand political decisions better. In- or decreasing taxes, when to improve healthcare or education. In the game its all about popularity because you have to win the elections, just like in real life. And in order to gain popularity from different people you have to do changes to make them happy, even if its not the right thing for the state. Great game for political understanding!
It is a pretty fun game and good for passing time. I think it is a bit boring sometimes. There are two features I think would improve it a lot - you have to run a proper campaign every election and sometimes, you have to form a coalition to avoid receiving a vote of no confidence from parliament.
Literally, the game has improved a tone! But I believe it can be continued to still be improved, it has a lot of damn potential as a mobile game. Perhaps you should add more types of taxation alongside more types of spending, if it comes to the ' security' part of the game you could add a propaganda station? Honestly, there's a lot of things you can take from political history and now to add in the game. Overall it's really great, and I'm more impressed than before with it.
Now I do enjoy games based around politics, however I feel as if this one has some unrealistic features such as a pure dictatorship having a parliament including the authoritarian option which is kind of difficult to implement when you have a parliament, socialism kind of works like it does in real life, in the sense of constant taxation and constant spending doesn't work, so I'll give the game that at least and the fact that It can be addicting if you survive for a long time, sadly no updates.
The game is quite easy once we put economy on a good track we just keep on elections by skipping I am still at 64 year without doing anything and poll at 57-60 while economy at 340,398M it gets boring thus.
the game is not bad at all their is just some problems with the game. i always acept the things that change the taxes, education etc and it always keep on poping up every time i play the game. its not a problem its just a little bite anoying that all
-=UPDATED=- Hi! I have been playing the game for more than a year, I love all the new stuff finally added! Wish you would of kept the old layout just make it more advanced not to hip with the new layout but loving all the new stuff! Possible bring back loans and actually be able to pay them off when you want not regulated instead of debt being added automatically. Thanks for the update!
My favorite game right now. Can you guys add the ability to invade other countries, and if you win then you get their citizens as like a colony, and you can tax them differently? Then etc etc? You guys get what I mean.
I thought in this update the developer will bring big improvement but the conclusion is that it doesn't happened at all. EVERYTHING SAME AS PREVIOUS UPDATES.
I did better than trump, hahaha. to be fair he is a special needs type, in my opinion and like 70% others. lol. but to the game makers you should have a map to show where your policy is effective or not.
Completely biased towards left wing policies. You can easily get 60 percent popularity forever by using the highest taxes and spending.
I like it, but after playing for a while it gets boring, none of the parties change the game that much... maybe add more options for policies and more events, maybe have a way to interact with other countries more, maybe a map.
Your deficit increases with every proposal you make, regardless of what it is. There doesn't seem to be any actual game here.
The most realistic goverment game i ever played. Keep up the good work. Just need better advice assistant or a vice president to warn you when your making a bad policy move. But good game ;)
I like the game so far and I like all of the different political parties and approaches you can use. There's one thing that doesn't make too much sense, I played as a centre-right and when I decided to turn on curfews 97 out of 100 of the parliament agreed. After a couple of turns the parliament decided to turn off curfews. That doesn't make sense because almost every single member of the parliament agreed to have curfews. I accepted to turn it off. When I turned it back on 100 Parliament agreed
Fun just not any thing that make it worth while. Not enough pictures. And no sound effects. And its kind of confusing no explanation of what it is.
Got this game years ago. Was alright but lacked depth. Just opened it now on a whim and found it's had a whole overhaul. Really liking the new update, looking forward to further changes!
Loved it and would highly recommend to those interested in straight strategy and resource management. No bugs or issues so far but it could do with a more transparent economy as its hard to judge what the impacts of your policies will be. Overall great game.
Good game. I like the difficulty level .I request developer to please ad on more features in this game it would be fantastic
This game helps me to assimilate the effects of some policies on unemployment rate, and also to appreciate the Keynesian model on unemployment, that is, reducing unemployment by creating demand through fiscal policy. it also, shows the reaction of political parties and the electrates on certain policies. It is beautiful, i love it.
Good game but becomes boring quickly. Just a few options to plah with and also impact of decisions are not known. No special circumstances to deal with. Should be interesting if more options in policy making, changing options and special circumstances to deal and negotiate with.
I love this game, one thing that i would like to see in the future is set ammonts on spending and taxes rather than 4 sliders. The reason i want this is because on defence spending the 2nd slider is too little and the 3rd is too much.
Hasn't been an update in a year. Just found this game again randomly (after 1 year) developer still responds to reviews but doesn't do much. Still a fun game, doesn't deserve it's bad reviews
Very neat concept, and fun to play. However, I feel like it is very skewed towards big government politics. It says I trigger a lower class revolution whenever I try to implement my plans.