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Random Mahjong

Random Mahjong for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Paul Burkey located at Cinnamon Building #34, Henry Street, Liverpool, L1 5FE, United Kingdom. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I have had this for years, and love the layout choices and the chosen tiles falling downward across the screen. I just don't like it when any mahjong games have the correct tiles turn gray, as if to point out to the player which ones to choose, while searching. That takes away the challenge, the purpose is for us to search & find the matching tiles, ourselves.
Update: Back to 1 star. Disappointing to see the devs are not reading the reviews. I'm always shifting back and forth between data and offline. Keep losing my accumulative score. Absolutely useless feature causing frustration with the game. Surely not a hard fix? You seem to update the app regularly anyway. Fix the advert issues too. Cmon.
Loved the game until they started supported ads with audio that play out loud even when your device was set to mute. I delete every game that permits those ads.
I had to uninstall this because the obnoxious Trump ads. It was causing pop ups when the game wasn't open.
It would be even better if it could keep track of my scores like it used to do! With one update the top forty scores were back - now they are gone again! It no longer keeps track of your score and your lives. Please bring them back!!!!
I love this game but it would be awesome if there was a count down of available matches..or at least something where if you lose the game it will say how many tiles removed against total tiles were on the level... really hope that makes sense! Haha+
I've been playing Random Mahjong for a fair number of years and I enjoy it. Have actually gotten a little better over the past few months! Very recently, a glitch started occurring with the screen. All I have to do is barely move the image of the game and it starts rapidly moving. All I can do is quit the game and start a new one. Touching the pieces does not cause this movement. This happens only with this app. Any ideas?
Every day, the xp defaults back to 6984. It doesn't matter how many I accrue in each session, the next day it defaults back. I love the game, but this is frustrating. In the grand scheme of things, it's not a big deal, as I play to relax, not compete, but still.....
I have loved this game over all the others. Have spent many hours playing. Now it has started freezing and I can't get it past that stop. That time I was able to uninstall and reinstall to play. Now this time it didn't work. After reinstalling it went back to the place it froze.
Been playing since 2012!! I LOVE the game, v 1.4.7!! I never like the reviews. So no UPDATING recent Versions. But I've read if you TURN OFF background data, OR Turn ON AIRPLANE MODE, ads go away! I haven't tried it.
This used to be a decent game app, but now it has ads at the bottom of the screen during play AND video ads with audio that come in between the games you play. That's horrible! There's no need for that!
Hi! I love the game and I play it in my TV. except for one major complaint. There is no option to save a game. I reached level 7 in one game and had to stop after that. Came back a couple of hours later to play and I was back to level 2! As it is reaching any higher level isn't a cake walk (at least for me) and to start at 5 levels lower is diaheartening and in losing interest. This happens every single time irrespective of what level you've reached. Please rectify this.
I paid a few yrs ago and loved not having ads..somehow here i am with loud obnoxious ads, weird random zoom ins that i cannot change unless i exit the game ,sometimes the tiles vibrate and the game cannot resume. Now it is crashed and i cannot reinstall.. boo again..back to full page ads after months of only ads at bottom of screen even though I paid again to be ad free
My list of highest scores has gone and my extra lives do not ever get added on if I have more than 3 lives, so what's the point of earning them. Why get rid of the highest scores list?
give me a version without ads Ann's i might reconsider. Especially those nasty apps that play sounds. I played this without sound preferring the quiet play them a blasted ad stays blaring out.. totally annoying.
It used to be great but the adverts have ruined it and the xp score is rubbish. Has lost my cumulative score several times & is about 2000 out. Today it was just sitting there running up an xp total with nothing going on at all. The ads are so intrusive. Spoilt an excellent game completely.
Great game! You can set it where it highlights the matched tiles. If you don't want ads, just turn off your WiFi or data.
Support for this app is non-existent! I have contacted the developer Paul Burkey multiple times but have yet to receive any response... The updated add platform is a real pain! It is constantly in your face. Mr Burkey, please respond to our support emails! You will be hearing from Google too.
I should have never updated a game that worked fine. Having a list of my 50 highest scores always gave me something to beat. Now, with no highscores, it feel worthless to play if there is nothing to beat . It has also become unfairly hard.
Game continues to reset me to an initial player loosing all previous high scores and experience points (whatever they happen to be). Very, very, very annoying.
Now have pop up ads that have no escape hatch. And all have annoyingly loud sound where before most were silent. If you close the screen you lose your current game. Not much fun now.
After several years of play I can't play any other form of this game. Once you learn how to select boards, there are many hundreds - perhaps thousands, The graphics are good and play is smooth. I've tried others and find them all wanting. Don't hesitate to try this game.
Of all the mahjong games available on Play Store, this is the very best. You can't go wrong with this one.
Why are all my high scores gone, replaced by only my most recent score and a long list of OTHER people's scores? I could not possibly care less about other people. This is not supposed to be competitive.
I've been a big fan of mahjong for many years now and random mahjong is one of my favorites. You'll want to get the pro version though unless you're a fan of ads.
Good game but when I get my XP points up and close out I come back and they have dropped from 130 down to 7 what's the deal? Pointless to build XP points just for them to drop when I close out and come me back later to play.
Ads play waaaay too loud, even when the game sounds are turned off in the options menu. I deleted it because I was tired of sound blasting and alarming everyone around me.
The free version of the app was pretty good, adds were there but not as intrusive. Unfortunately after an update the user is bombarded with too many adds and some contain sound. The adds are so bad i won't even consider purchasing the add free version. Don't waste your time with this game app, you'll just end up frustrated.
My favorite game, I've played just about all of them, these put together by Mr. Paul are the ones I like the most. ****