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Rancho Blast: Family Story

Rancho Blast: Family Story for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by WhaleApp LTD located at hasadnaot 8 Herzeliya. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game isn't as fun as it was. Constantly waiting for updates. Just collecting keys now and playing games I've already done! The same games. It's not really worth it. Unfortunately it's lost its charm. Can only get so far with this game then it's stops.
The game is awesome to play but keeps freezing a few times during game play but will continue after a few seconds. However, sometimes it freezes completely that you have to close the game and restart again. I clean/boost my device regularly and have plenty of memory. Very frustrating because I love the game.
this game would be a great game if the idiots running it would fix the problem, see very often especially when im about to win the level the game board freezes the canon still moves up and down and spins but you cant play. these guys wanns take the dumb approach and blame my phone well its not my phone its this app!! oh and the nonsense where you put part of my earnings in this area where i have to pay money to get them is major BS!!!! i do not recommend this game at all! have a wonderful day!!!
DO NOT DPWNLOAD THIS GAME!!! It runs out of quest. I have been waiting for 3 days now for it to start back and nothing so far. The game isn't completed. Why they would put a game up that isn't completed is beyond me. I am deleting after this. I warn you not to download this. It only takes up a lot of space on your phone.
Enjoyable but hard to get past certain levels and not enough ways to get coins to help..... Review Update: HATE the most recent update! Now the game doesn't pay you enough for feeding pets to help get past challenging levels. What used to pay 500 now pays 35? Feel ripped off!!! I would reverse the update if it were possible.
just installing new update, lets hope its fixed. Double edit** there is nothing wrong with my internet connection, it's the game freezing, just as it is with lots of other players. Now deleted the game because every time i am close to completing the level it freezes, if it's obvious i am going 2 lose it doesn't. I tried reinstaling but it did nothing to help**
To open the game it will take a while & it is wasting time. The game is interesting but for the game to open is really annoying
Why because i was given 5star to this This is one of my favorite game and it amazing. There is no words to explain this game .its really great . There is no problem in this game its so good. I love ❀too . ❀ I not loved and liked any game . But i did this to this game.
I have sent in a help ticket twice asking this ; why do I keep losing the things that I have built for my horse? Also why do I have to choose between horse and dog? I have used my horse shoes to build their things and shouldn't keep losing them. I feed my horse and his stall and ect appears and than they disappear again. This is frustrating, please tell me why this is happening, thanks.
I recently downloaded this game. Ran out of tasks, got stuck playing some chest game, and there still haven't fixed their technical problems. I've only had this game 4 days. I already was told 3 weeks b4 they could fix there game, why 3 weeks? This is how you loose loyalty players.
Would give it a 5 star but I have been waiting forever for a new update. I don't want to give up on this game...please update.
Very poor freezing and cutting me down in middle of a board can not get through without shutting game down one day or 5 lives which I lose by the game doing its freezing and going off very unsatisfied.
I like playing the game. Sometimes it is too challenging. Especially when you play the same game over and over. Love the story and graphics. Just needs some work on making the game too difficult to beat at times when you have played repetitvely . I do like a challenge. Sometimes i just get frustrated with too much of a challenge.
Too many horseshoes needed to complete tasks. There are several levels that I had play to complete tasks that didn't add to the story. Two horseshoes required to feed the squirrels?!?
The game play is great. The problem is the game keeps closing in the midst of playing. I am done with it. Too frustrating. 2.14.19. Support contacted me back after I informed them I uninstalled the game. Told me I receieved free coins. Hmmm. Reinstall takes me to level one. Good luck Rancho Blast. This game is not for me. 2.19.19. Finally good. Thank you.
Game takes to long to load and then very sluggish. Please fix. That's exactly the answer I thought I would get. I'm smart enough to have already done that stuff. My other games do do those. Deleting.
I read the reviews first, almost didnt install. Now I'm irritated I did. The game would be so much better if you didnt have to get 3 stars just to play with the dog. Or to repaint what the helper messed up. In fact we should get a star for his mess up. And being forced to get animals and what nots....I mean restoring the place is cool, but the rest is a waste of time. I am uninstalling. Sorry. But its not that great.
Game has become unstable. I've got to level 186 and for the last levels it has crashed out, it has got worse the higher level I've got. It's a shame because I really have enjoyed the game, it has obviously become harder but not unbeatable, with perseverance. But when your playing match 3 or upgrading farm and it keeps closing down, I don't know how much longer it will be till I uninstall.
In did enjoy this game alot but since the last update I can't play at all on my tablet. It freezes terribly and cuts off right in the middle of a making a move. I'm just going to uninstall and find another game to play. cleared cache and uninstalled and reinstalled still won't play. Do not play on my phone!!
Don't bother! Seems so easy at first. I've been able to play for a couple months without buying any boosts. I'm now over the 300th level and the rejuvenating blocks part is out of control. You have to make a combo to rid the blocks. Sometimes I have to tap the combo up to 4 or 5 times and it still doesn't rid them. Tired of this game and excuses from developers. Deleted game. Give it time, so will you!
It was great while it lasted. Been waiting on an upgrade to keep playing, but nothing yet. Will be uninstalling. I also got 1st place for the month and it showed me my reward, but I didn't receive it and I emailed support and received no response. UPDATE: Well after waiting for what seemed like months, you finally put out an update, BUT after 2 days of play, I have now been waiting 2 days for another update which I'm sure is a month away. It's ridiculous! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!!
This game is adorable, fun, and not as "selfish" as all the others. There's a lot you can do to get free plays and infinite lives for a while. I get "bored" easily, but NOT with this one. The graphics alone are amazing ! I love the animals too ! πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“
I used to play this game (typically) at least once a day. i missed a few but not many. I happily spent, literally, hundreds of dollars liking to continue levels as opposed to giving up and restarting. Once the 500G reward for feeding pets every third time was decimated, I really began to lose interest. I was happy to spend my money because every other day I would receive 1000G, which is easily spent, and it was a nice little bump. That began my disappointment and, sadly, today I say goodbye.
I'm completely aggravated and annoyed with this game. In the beginning I loved it. Now none of the updates work... And if you can get an update.. you either lose your points can't feed your pets lose your levels.. and when you do contact support all they tell you is to reinstall the app. Helloooo!!! Your app is the worst and I've been dealing with this for the last 3 months. Waist of time and energy...
That was the best game I like that one a lot too factum thank you for caring but I got to have free up space on my phone when I need help with that so I can't put any more games and stuff on my phone because you're fixing a problem or whatever so anyway have a great evening God bless and Merry Christmas stay safe from the goofy virus.
This used to be a fun game until they started doing upgrades. have played at least 30 levels but have gotten no credit for them or horseshoes. when I contacted support they just brushed me off or didn't answer. I do realize they have to do upgrades but 2 weeks plus each time....
at one time i would gave given this game a five star,but since i did the update on it im giving it a generous two star rating.. before the update i could feed the pets and get 500 coins on each.but now their only giving 35 at the most.( not enough to help buy any recourses that you need) and yea u do have the option of getting the cow bank, if you want to spend yout real money.and there are no better prizes that you get like they say..if you haven't updated the game yet, my advice is don't!!
Would have given 5 stars but waiting 2 weeks for an update on levels is ridiculous as I was told it would be ready within a week. Was really enjoying the game but got bored waiting for updates. Delete Delete Delete!!! Still no update...will not play this game ever again!
Lots of fun, good challenges. 2 things I would like to see changed or find out about. Number one once you don't realize that you have gifts to pick up can you redo it? In the beginning of the game I missed out on four or five and have not been able to pick them up. Number two I would like a few more choices on some of the items that are placed in the game. Have a good time it is fun.
Down from five stars to 1. All their games appeared to be awesome in the beginning but with every update it becomes more apparent that player friendliness is not at all a consideration. Setting you up to spend enormous amounts of money is. I couldn't be more disappointed I have uninstalled three games in the last week 1 that I've been playing for years. Shame on you whale app Limited. I hope you achieve what you're looking for.
I love this game. its not to easy but not to hard to win and advance levels. love the graphics. and earning free lives is so easy and awesome. very rarely do i not have enough free lives to play for two to three hours a day. am addicted. awesome game. please dont change it.
Great game. I loved it until you hit a certain level. Then they dont give you enough moves to complete the level. Then wanting you to purchase boosters to complete the game. Gave up and deleted it. Would have been nice if the levels weren't so hard to pass
This game is fun to play, but there should be more horseshoes given as you advance. when you reach a level above 10 the horseshoes should match that level. you shouldn't have to spend all your money buying boosters.When you give free boosters it should be more than 1.
I have enjoyed this game so far but now says I have to wait for update. Won't wait long. Update/I've been waiting for days for the update.so decided to play and get a little ahead. I find a new game I guess it's to pass the time. But you have to beat 30 levels just for a lousy 300 coins. Really guys that's not right and you know it.
The game itself is fun but it won't allow me to do any of the task at all. Tried sending an email for help with absolutely no help at all from anyone. I want to continue playing but it's no point if I cannot do the task and continue working on the ranch. I am stuck in the dog yard and it's now finished but can't move on due to not being able to do the task. So sadly it looks like I have to delete the game. Which is not what I really want to do. UGH
I was enjoying the game immensely, until the quest stopped! I have built the guest houses and was able to furnish one of the 2. Now I'm not moving on in the game and only playing for chests. Really wish the game would update, so I can continue on.....getting bored.
Recently I have had great difficulty in getting the squares to clear especially on the levels. where the brown "boxes" are. It takes several attempts to clear the match by which time the brown squares are taking over. Hopefully this update will correct the problem.
I enjoy this game. But I have a question about the update. Why can't I feed the dog and the horse? I do like that player can still get 100 coins when starting the game. But why was that split up? Seems unnecessary.
I'm not happy with this game . I liked to play it. But every other game it would freeze up and kicking me off. I cleared my cache like you said to do. But it still does it. So I am deleting it and will not play it anymore. Along with your game Texas solitary . It does the same thing. Needs A lot of work on both games
Very enjoyable, so far it's not too hard to level up and rewards are good giving enough at each level to upgrade the ranch and there are plenty of free life rewards. Feeding the dog is a nice feature. I would have given 5 stars but the game freezes frequently.
It freezes on you when you're playing the game and it also shuts down on you it's not a fun game to play
Thanks, but I have been playingfor a long time now. Solitaire Texas Villge llike the game but you are too slow with the updates. I am waiting for months for that.
Good enough in this genre. It would be better if one could choose among tasks and skip what one doesn't want. Why should a player be forced to paint elements using 3 horseshoes and then repaint using 2 more because the painter apparently screwed up? Really not fair. Also when one chooses a booster, one must have the choice of when to use it and where to place it
Uninstalled the game because it wouldn't load past the black screen with the whale. I tried everything clearing my cache made sure I had tons of memory uninstalled and installed it a couple of times and nothing.
Worst game I have every played. Keeps stop responding with almost every level you play. Would be an excellent game if this could get sorted out