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Ramen Craze - Fun Kitchen Cooking Game

Ramen Craze - Fun Kitchen Cooking Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Sanopy Limited located at Sanopy Limited Rm 01, 23/F, Futura Plaza, 111-113 How Ming Street, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its fun but sometimes the graphics lag? And the images are sort of distorted, also the waiting time for the lives is ridiculously long
This game is totally great! Their graphics is so pretty!๐Ÿ˜Š But I think level 30 is too hard. The sumos request too many ramen until your eyes like spinning around.๐Ÿ˜• So I have to install it again and restart again. But anyway the game is great!๐Ÿ˜
i am only on level 6, the graphics are pretty good. though i lose a live everytime i play a level no matter if i lose or pass. also, the area for tapping the item is too small i believe, i often need to tap on the same item multiple times for it to apply. and for the tutorial, everytime i enter the same level for higher score, the tutorial replays everytime. thats quite annoying as well. i will rate again if the above issues are fixed. thanks
The simulation is so good and the graphics are beautiful and very realistic. The working is awesome, does not hang and has so many different types of levels that are fun to play.
Fun cooking game, but the stamina runs out so fast. Wish there was a way to buy unlimited stamina or at least don't take away stamina when I clear a stage successfully.
this game is addictive you can play without WiFi,how ever its a bit confusing while playing since it gets harder and harder,,,you can upgrade every tools and food only up to 1st level yung coins 2nd level requires gem..and its a bit pricey...for now I have 30k in total of coins but there's nothing I can buy using coins since I upgrade every thing up to first dot..and the rest you can only upgrade using gem..I also accomplish my goals and have receive the gem as price..then use it as upgrade of sake or heating pan or spring onions since those three requires time to finish
It was getting pretty fun to play but suddenly the extreme money hungry tactics came to play and now I have to wait soon minutes til I have enough "energy" to play, buy some diamonds or watch an extreme amount of ads just to be able tho play the next level or replay the current level I am on. I just knew it was too good to be true...
Uninstalled this game because one thing. It's hard to click the bowl that has been used. Bad control ever. And because of that, it is hard to win the level. Please fix this! I don't want this game in my phone if u don't fix it. That's it.
I've only been playing for a bit but I can definitely say this is an addictive food making tycoon! I've been looking for a ramen one and this one is definitely satisfying. energy takes a while to replenish and upgrades are a but expensive so hopefully those can be slightly adjusted, but otherwise it's a fun free game.
I just downloaded this game today and played it. I was enjoying it up until the controls stopped working. Tapping the clean and collect bowls wasn't working. And then chopping the charisu. So that was frustrating. And this is like level 3 in the game. So I didn't even get far before the game started to act up.
Loving it so far. Would've given a 5-star rating if it weren't for the energy :/ I mean, I want to play more, lol. The more I play the more ads I have to view, right? More revenue for you? With these kinds of games I usually spend HOURS on them.
At first I started to enjoy the game but unfortunately there were many problems which was holding up the game and I can't even update the game. I would love to play the game in near future after all the problems sloved.
I like this game very much as this game is quiet tough firstly it seem easier but as next level it seems very tough Enjoy this game
Love the graphics, pleasantly different from your run of the mill click and tap simulation restaurant games. However, I can't connect to my Facebook account!
I tend to love games like these, where my heart starts pumping out of sheer thrill, and my hands start to rapidly work as I try to accomplish the goal for the level. I 100% approve of this as one of my favorite games to play. If you don't like games such as thrilling as this, then I advise you to not NOT play it... who knows..? After a few minutes of playing, it might even turn into hours before you know it...
i love the game, but unfortunately i found lot of bug.. like when tutorial suddenly it got freeze... or after cut the indregient it cant be placed at the bowl include ramen and the soup... and when u give the order to customer its very often the order got back to the table
this is really fun casual game that you can play on your free time and also you can still play it ofline. so that sorta of like a bonus. But i can't connect with my fb account i wonder why?
Easily one of the better cooking games! There are many levels, and they get increasingly difficult which makes it more rewarding when I manage to get 3 stars!! Sure, the upgrades require a lot of coins but it's easily earned after a few rounds of playing. The limited number of lives also allow me to take a break from the game and return to it after some time!
It's fun but I can't login to facebook. Always says "error". Also the limit of 5 chances to play is a little short :/ If you could make it something like losing a life only when you'd failed the level it'd be a lot more enjoyable.
Easily one of the better cooking games! There are many levels, and they get increasingly difficult which makes it more rewarding when I manage to get 3 stars! Sure, the upgrades require a lot of coins but it's easily earned after a few rounds of playing. The limited number of lives also allow me to take a break from the game and return to it after some time! One suggestion is allowing conversion of coins to gems as I have way too many unused coins while I need way more gems :")))
This is an awesome game! It's fun, fast paced and refreshing! Hope there will be more locations to unlock after Shanghai...
would have been a super fun game if you don't lose live everytime you won the level and move to the next one. basically you can only play 5 levels at one time until they gave you more lives. Sucks. The only game that make you lose life even if you won and going to the next level. Does not make any sense. Need to be fixed. or users will keep deleting the game and stop playing it.
Fun game, I like cooking ramen in real life thats why I play this game. I play Sushi dinner & Pizza too (but pizza use a bit old style graphics pls make pizza game with new highend anime visual graphics). I shared this game in group of 6000 member, 3 friends told me they tried & enjoyed this game, other member maybe shy to tell me that they are trying๐Ÿ˜†In between live charging break I need to cook my delicious real ramen with a lot of toppings so I can play virtual ramen & also eat REAL ramen๐Ÿœ
I really enjoy this game because it's so much fun. However I'll improve my rating if you make it possible for Ramen Craze and Sushi Diner to be able to log in Facebook to sync. Because at the moment it's not possible for me.
I like the game and all I played this before and it keeps lagging but thankfully when I played it again this time it works but there are two things about the game that annoys me, like there are time they order a drink all at once and like I can't do anything and it forces you to buy a wagashi also the recent thing I noticed is that when I pause the game it pauses everything but the countdown timer, it just continues also today the game just took all my health and can't play I only played once
Very fun game a real little gem. I love the entire idea and food differences to be prepared for the simulated guests. I love this game very much! Th exciting Japanese themed war drums for the boss levels are amazing and the tension from the timelimit and the complex wishes with the rythm and music note of the drums were great(during the writing and update of this review 8 december 2019 A.D. a.k.a A.C.E.
Please fix the issue where more than 3 customers come asking for a drink, it ruins any chance of getting a higher score or finishing the tasks properly especially when the levels have a time limit
It's a fun game but the prices on upgrades are too high and you barely get enough money to pay for them
I love this game but it's a bit glitchy, sometimes when you tap things they dont work and you gotta tap it a few times before it registers. there are quite a few ads, I understand adds and usually dont mind them but it's almost too much on this game. The Facebook login always says "error" and doesn't work. I also wish there was a bit more energy, the 5 were given get used up too quickly. I feel like if the technical issues were fixed this would be the perfect game.
Love the game. But it stopped responding to certain dishes. I cant make it chop veggies but i can make soup????
It's really fun but it's annoying how difficult to tap things like the water! It always makes me lose the stage
Fun once you get the hang of it. I dont like that u really have pay attention to the picture of what the client wants,pick the correct ingredients, and if you dont, you need to recycle the entire bowl. You cant remove items. Its frustrating.
Terrible, i can only play for less then 10 minutes, then you basicly have to pay rl money after, or watch ad, you could atleast make every level longer, 1-2 minutes each level? and only have 5 lives? this game is so money oriented. And the control is equally terrible, i have to tap 3 times for some action for a time constraint game that is very frustating.
I'm about 6 levels in and it's pretty fun. But not addicting fun, which is good for a casual game imo. The controls are confusing at first, but i guess that's the challenge. I have no quarrels about how the game makes u spend money yada yada cause i havent gotten that far yet i suppose.
Love it. Have some probl with the touch box. I click and do nothing. Long wait for energy. Pissing me off. Except that, game is really good right now!!
Not able to login Facebook despite having a stable Internet connection (able to play the game normally, but just cannot login to Facebook at the end of a game round). As pointed out by other users, sometimes when you click on the item, like the water jug, it doesn't reload itself. Glitchy.
It's a good game. I really having fun playing this game. Only the diamonds for upgrading is kinda hard to get. 3 stars enough yea. ๐Ÿ˜Š
I love this game!!! But its just when upgrade required a lot of coin and gems so it make its so difficult to own 3 star and unable to login Facebook its so annoying cause I've stable internet connection but other is okay
It would be a fairer game if lives are not lost if levels are passed. The amount of ads to be watched should be reduced to get diamonds.
I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH. Its very challenging and I have been searching for apps like this. I think the concept of waiting for energy is really good. It makes us play the game much longer rather than just play it non-stop and then the game ends to quickly. Also, I dont mind watching adds for diamonds, because this game is free to begin with and they need money too so please understand. And if you dont want to watch adds you dont need too, i mean its optional and you can just turn of your data.
The game is great! The difficulty level is just right! Been having a few glitches which makes it annoying but thats okay
I downloaded this app a lot of times. I uninstalled it because i couldn't win the level. Honestly i love this game but the fact that u have to drag the food instead of just click to deliver the food is not a good idea, And a waste of time. I just hope you fix this and upgrade this to a better gameplay. Cuz this game is literally lit! I'll give 5 stars once you fix this. Thanks creator
Best app ever. I am sooo addicted to this game. I would have give this game 5 out of 5 if not for the lives, it juz take too long to wait for the lives to refill again.
The game itself is fun, I got a lot of problems though. Some items (like dishes) had to be touched several times before it responded. Then there were a lot of times where the game crashed, and I lost a life. This will happen multiple times, sometimes until I even ran out of lives, I hadn't even play any stage fully, but I ran out of lives just because it keeps on crashing.
It's really fun and challenging for me. Overall it's a big thumbs up though I want to request something about the lives in the game. I'm fine with losing lives actually but I don't like how I lose a life every time I finish one game even though I didn't really lost. I want it to lose lives every time a player should fail a task because I have to continuously wait for the lives to get back and it kills my mood to play often times.
I like this game very much, however the "COMING SOON" is always there but it never actually really have anything updated after a very long time. That's why I will uninstall the game after I playing what's already there, if it's just going to be a "COMING SOON" there everytime, then why not just leave a blank as it never actually will be coming anyway.