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Rally Racer Dirt

Rally Racer Dirt for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by SBK Games located at SBK Games 1427. Cadde, 06530, Çankaya/ANKARA Türkiye. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Nice game definitely would highly recommend this to anyone and if this game has realistic features and realistic weather conditions that would be awesome.
been playing this for a while, probably about 2yr and keep installing it on every phone i buy as it's the most realistic challenging no faults free rally game on play store.
The game is great, the graphics are good. But I feel like a freeplay/practise mode would be good too. You could do laps and laps to try and get your best lap time down lower and lower. If you could please add this to the game it would make it even better.
This game is so fun the maps are great the controls are good but the game should include steering wheel anyway this game is amazing
I love every bits of update that this game provided with. The UI menu has been remodeled good as well. •) However, there is this bug/glitch with the Arrow button whenever I press Brake and a Turn at the same time to turn corner, the Arrow button sometimes did not respond to turn. In some case, it respond, but then off respond again. Please consider to fix that. •) Still about Arrow keys. Is it possible to make it a little bit bigger? There is a huge gap between Arrow and Handbrake after all.
Levels are too hard just increase the time in every levels its so hard.game is good just increase the time in every levels
Everything is good i did not expect this game to be this good specially when its under 100mb. I love playing in first person mode the physics are really good and close to how real dirt rally cars physics are but i have one complain, even going 120kmph i feel like im going 60kmph. The feel of speed is lacking, if developers improve that and increase little bit of graphics quality as well then this game might be one of the best out there .
Good rally game, a bit too much drifting, but a good came alltogether. Could use some new maps though.
I come from a sim community and to be honest, this game is really fun, the physics are very intuitive and realistic, you become a pro in a matter of minutes! Just needs some better graphics. After playing all the 90 career levels I must say, I'm very surprised that this game is holding up really well!
This game is really good! I've been playing it for months now! I love rally and this game gives a good understanding of the different cars handling on different surfaces. I like the realistic part of the driver changing gears and controlling the handbrake while drifting. Levels are also good, good number of rally cars. I also like how you can adjust the set up, this also helps to learn what setups to use on different surfaces. Good game! Thank you for creating it!
Like the game. Graphics are good, and gameplay is solid. Drifting is consistent and fun. Controls are locked in place though, on the non-assisted accelerator button layout, so button pressing is unreliable, as I have to contort my hands to play. Game needs customizable buttons layouts. Without it, I find myself restarting races often and quitting.
Probably the best car game on a mobile out there, well done Devs. Would rate 5 star but the control placement for touch buttons is not the best for me, having both steering controls on one side or ability to customise the layout personally (not tried gamepad) would be great. Otherwise definitely recommend trying.
I loved this game but the multiplayer does not work and I waited months for an update and the issue is still not fixed..I will be deleting this game as I have sent a number of emails asking to fix it and get no response from them...the multi player was the best part of the game and now it won't load any players to play against
Game hangs. I was to give 5stars but because of not correcting mistake 1star and I will never play again and no cars added like rally racing evo also I have never seen safari rally racing in the industry stupid game
Love this game. Though if you could add in your career where i can buy and customize my car, not just the performance. But as it stands in this current update. If we could adjust the controls And the the car sound is aweful I haven't faced any problems with this game. Bravo
I really want more games from you. This game has the best physics. Other games Are like already planned on turns and drifts. I want 120 fps and 90 fps support in this. With new maps full of hard turnes as we have in rally racing. New map should have.(at least add 2 more maps.) 1st map. Water on the road. Heavy dirt. Pits. 2nd map Ice all around. Physics should be good on ice(real like) And also add some cars modifications like spoilers, tints, grips, tires, times, body swap. Etc and new cars
Nice game, nice driving, physics, and graphics. It would be good more maps maybe, but besides that is really good.
Ok the game is good I have played the v 2.0.3 which is an update butI you should make more game with this UI and I will suggest you to make a hypercar racing game with real life cars, but don't make it like traffic racer(it is also good no problem) make it like the cars can turn like NFS most wanted 2005 and make it within 180MB of size. GOOD LUCK😊
This is the best rally game ever it looks and makes me feel as if I am the person driving the car but I think they should make the buttons bigger
The game is really great but you can just increase the steering arrows because are too small and I sometimes make mistakes thinking I've pressed right only to find that I pressed next to the arrow.
Could make the car's $ less I can only get 40000 gold and good cars are 200000 and could make the controls bigger and need more track. Besides that all are excellent
Still getting the hang of it. So far I love it! The physics are on point esp. On tarmac Though on dirt I feel like the car is kinda floating around and a lot of understeer for the corners. Edit; I realized you could set up the car and once you get it right the car handles well even on dirt. Though sometimes on dirt the game play seems to be a bit laggy. Sound is terrible especially with the replay hope you'll fix that...but it's a good and entertaining game!
Please throughly test and fix bugs. Please improve MP and controls. Please, car handling is too much alike.
I love this, but the ONLY WAY you'llget the 5th star from me is if It's controller compatible (On my EVO VR Controller that is...) ...Like THE TERMINATOR would say... "I'll be back!".
My Favorite Racing Game! I've had this game on every phone I've had in the last 5-6 years. Each new phone I start from the beginning and it never gets old! The upgrades are good and the vehicle setup actually makes a huge difference in how the car will do on different tracks. If I could make one change it would be to make the steering buttons bigger. Nothing worse than being in a groove and missing a turn because your finger isn't in the right place.
Great game but I have the 4th car fully upgraded and I still can make it to the finish before the time runs out and I'm only in the teens with the levels its ridiculous
Its amazing controls makes it easier to drive and you can see your performance on a video after you drive
This is one of the best racing game I have played. It's mi d blowing, the graphics, drift sounds, tracks are all interestingly incredible.
The game is really good before the update. The challenges were a bit hard in my opinion. For the update, I like how you changed the lighting where most of the track is set on a bright sunny day. Some tracks are better that way and some tracks really don't set the mood. As for the gameplay, the controls were already great, but since the update. Why do you have to make the buttons smaller? I couldn't control the car properly. Also it would be better if a player could choose a manual transmission
No controller support in a sim racer. Awesome, good thing I bought a gaming phone and a mobile gamepad...
It's a nice game and anyone should try it. The makeup is brilliant and the graphics are OK. De control are small as people say but it's still OK. Die hard gamer like me can handle it perfectly. I love u guys keep it up u making the world a better place with ur work
BEST RALLY GAME ON MOBILE YET! For me at least. Could use a lot more features regarding customization but the game as is is wonderful. Kudos to the creators.
Game play is quite easy, could use a beginner stage for those who don't understand the dynamics of drifting, graphics are ok and the controls are smooth. All in all a great time waster!
I love this game, but I find myself a bit stuck. I'm on one of the final levels with a car to slow to beat it (or I just suck), and I can't make enough money to buy the next car. Is there a way to reset progress?
I love the experience, but there are two issues, I want you to look into. First one cannot view from the cockpit during replay. Second, The engine sound keeps repeating itself during replay,, instead of a smooth flow of the engine just the way you were playing.
Ok things has changed. Please add manual transmission and please please i beg you please add more tracks in the multiplayer section. My friend and I got bored playing the same map over and over again. The game is good just pls add these things.
I'm gonna be honestly this game is good and the graphic too😊 but the problem There is no steering wheel 😭 i wish you can add a steering wheel😊
I didn't expect this game to be soo good for game of soo low mb. The handling is very good and graphics are decent. The problem is it tends to get boring after some time due to lack of variety of maps.
Physics: 8/10 Graphics: 2/10 Maps: 1/10 UI: 3/10 Controls: 8.5/10 Cor a mobile game the physics are really good but everything else is meh
This is the best racing game I have ever played..but I have a little issue with it,,,its time to reach the finish line is alittle down compared to the corners and bends on the racing path,, developers please check on time.
Cool game & controls are easy2 use but when going2 multiplayer random never connects with others2 go head2 head or multiplayers
The best rally focused game in years...... Just love it. One addition of flames would make the game even better
Good graphics. But the sounds of engine when watching replay is annoying. Nice controls but a bit small. I hope we could somehow modify the controls or change it's size and positions. But it's still a good game. Hope you could fix my issues. For the 5 stars ✨ Thanks and good job guys.
Great game for mobile i purchased the no Ads and its the same as DIRT rally 2.0 execpet this is for mobile
It is a really nice rally car game i really love this game but i hope that there is a freeroam mode because sometimes i just want to drive freely but i still love this game the physics of this game is awesome.
Awesome game, but not for noobs, I recommend to play it in driving camera. Add some more maps, I am at stage 45 n got bored from same repeating maps. Controls r unique but well planned takes time to get used to it.
The game itself is nice but it didn't save my advancements in Google play games. New phone start again from zero
i love this game very very very very very much it's graphics is good and control is very nice i love this game very much
What to say.. Best game... Good graphics .. Good physics... And enjoyable... Loved it... Thumbs up to the developer....
This is like the best game I've ever played it's indeed a cool game. Am giving it 4stars because one thing on the part of vehicles in the game you can add more realistic on the looks of the vehicles and plz add also a free mode drive just for training and enjoyment but otherwise good game ever for me. Looking forward for new updates
Would you add another map to run? I LIKE the controller of the game so easy.. can you adjust the hand break to become slightly BIG? Because it's too small, sometimes I lost because of it and most of all please put the gloves on the drivers hand.
Upgrading makes no difference. Framework rate in certain stages cant keep up. Please make the cars sound differently. Gran turismo for example, tube exhaust, different sound. All cars sound the same, change this.
Rally Racer Dirt is a good racing game. Controls are solid,Graphics are decent,Gameplay is good. I love the different control schemes & the game doesn't constantly shove ads at you. Levels are pretty bland though!! 4/5
I have played the game before but after i downloaded it recently it never played its a nice game if they can fix the glitch i will be reall happy
Great.. Better than other drift games.. Look like really race.. Mau be you can make controlled in car more feel real drift cars.. Thanks a lot..
Its a decent simple game to have a little fun when your stuck in a otherwise boring situation. Only frustrating issues are when your trying to drift and car slams into wall instead, it's hard to turn out and away from the wall. Also some tracks on career mode seem a little too tight on time frame to complete where other tracks have a little extra time and not needed. And 6 seconds extra time after watching advertisers is a little too short..should be 10 seconds. Fun otherwise
A more realistic down-to-earth rally car experience. To me the handling controls and characteristics of the vehicles are more true to life than other games I've tried so far. I really enjoy it but I need more levels and challenges please. It is also very hard to find somebody to race on multiplayer. One thing that would help is if the game randomly chose the track so that players wouldn't be searching for each other over multiple tracks. I definitely recommend it to rally rats like me! ;-)
A good game and addictive but you give us a very short time to complete a very diffucult course.If you add more time then I will rate it 5 stars
For anyone who LOVES rally racing, this game is definitely for you, this game has everything you could want for rallying. All the cars are very exciting to drive and you have to be percese to complete the events and get a fast time. This is an awesome game I love it.
The game is quite descriptive according to the space it consumes. There are other games which occupy more space but don't have the agility as this. It's soft smoother and mind trickier. Once you get to corner properly , you will get addicted to this rally game.
This game is amazing, and would be outstanding with a few additions/ changes: first, more cars please! It didn't take me long to get the second Ford Focus ST, and, while it's amazing, it gets boring after awhile. Next please add a game mode where we can race other cars online, but not just a holograph of the other the other driver. Make it with real contact! And Crashes! Thirdly, more tracks please! They have gotten boring after awhile. Lastly, more career levels, please. Great game!
Loved it. Good entertainment. A few modes would be nice. Please add. 1 body modes (e.g body colour ) 2 engine 3 multiplyer 4 rewind n record 5 profile creation 6 roads. O erall its good game.i will give it a 5 since we all love rally.
Its not the best because when i put automatic mode it will be really fast and when i drift it will shift . But it is really really fantastic for beginner in rally
This game is good and I have no problems with it. One recommendation would be to add a storyline or Dirt bikes. Again just a recommendation. 👌🏾😁
This game was awesome.the graphics was okay but play in cockpit view will be great experience.overall this game was great and most realistic rally game other than another game
Few glitches ive never seen before, turn left and it goes right, not always but it does. Impossible to get ahead, especially with the pittance it pays for a win, $60000 for a car and a win gets you like 900 bucks, could take awaile... lmfao . Just to add, what's the story with drift fail, sideways ain't enough?
Its a game that i love and admired over the years,but to be honest what ever upgrades or improvements you guys make to this game, made it worse.
The physics are great and inner cockpit view is excellent loved playing it and there is no multiplayer but singleplayer mode is nice.
Love the feel of the game but it starts getting repetitive. I would love to give this game a 5 star rating but for that u guys need to start working on some new maps. Good luck ahead.
This is very op game i play this game most of time but take 4 star because please give freemode on it i change the star 4 to 5 .
Very very bad graphic, controls, moments,some time it take time to move over all it just time wast🤮🤮🤮
Absolutely love this game. Was hooked instantly. Only 3 things I feel could make it better. One if there were more stages instead of circuits. Two if the cars made the noise they would in real like or closer to it instead of the same noise no matter the car and three if it was a bit lighter in the shadows and tunnels
I just need some money and I want multiplayer for more than 2 and some new maps I know people that say they play all the maps I play all to but they not playing it because the maps all of them to tell the truth its getting boring
love the customisable yet simple HUD maybe try make the handbrake effect match up to the pick up & shift rate of the car very good physics & graphics 🎖
This game is so fun. But i have some suggestion, can you please put a custom controller options. So maybe we can adjust the controller as we want. Because sometimes when i press the left and right button, i miss it. And for me, that because the left and right button is too small. So that's what i mean.
This is a phenomenal game but idk y I lag when its the forest section but generally I love this game👍👍👍👍
Please make some changes in Forest level, the car is moving in slow motion. It's very hard for me to play in that level.
Very good game is graphics was amazing after race the video or our race was amazing looks that great to see our video . Really good work 👍👍
It was a really great game at the begging but later on I was experiencing some issue with the controls and it was really annoying. I hope you could fix it
Can't get multiplayer to work. Game is good but when I'm in multiplayer mode it can't find racers ready to race
Wishing for: more players in multiplayer, controls to be more reliable and comfortable and new tracks.
I just downloaded this game because i played it when i was a kid. Gives me nostalgia. I really like the interior details, you can see your character or driver shifting gears or using the handbrake. I like the turbo sounds by the way. Hope you guys never give up improving this masterpiece!
Perfect..excellent... Im suggesting to the developer to add more course..gravel,sand,concrete,and also a sprint challenge or survival..not only circuit...i hope to the next update..
Great game but it excludes beginners of no drifting experience or knowledge from fully enjoying it due to lack of training mode before time trial or career. Training makes it easier for a beginner to slowly smooth their way into mastering the game and compete with precise execution in the coming levels of the game.
Good graphics, very fun rally game. However i can't seem to check my money and need to press unlock some expensive cars then it will only show how much i lack and then i'll know my money......and hopefully can change the size of buttons...it needs to get bigger....
Honestly outstanding rally game, it's actually realistic which is nice, what I would love to see is thinner maps with more height and drops and stuff like like real rally. Physics and graphics are immaculatel
the game play was good but with the maps are the problem. Feeling repetitive the longer I play. and the cars sound kinda same which is boring. With a proper rally tracks that always prioritize speed rather than drift score, a narrow road with turns and jumps, and a co-driver this game will be a perfect "rally" game. The purchasing prize and the money that we get is a little bit unbalanced. The car is a little bit expensive.
Really amazing game to play around but i feel it needs 120fps and sharper textures please ,by far the best rally game out there.
The Best Rally Racing game I ever Played. graphics and the Gameplay are Very Unique. But The Audio Need to More Realistic. Otherwise really good. I'm Loving this Game🤍.
Truely a BadAss rally racing game . reminds me of going to the arcade and playing while sitting on a really hard seat. But the gameplay is amaing. I love it. I can sit here and play this for hours
By far, best nuts and bolts rally game available. That I have played. I must have uninstalled about 50+ racing games alone. I genuinely appreciate the efforts made to create this exceptional driving experience.
I give 3 rating bcs the control on auto acceleration it sucks to drive and on manual acceleration that steering wheel response towards left is too slow than right . If not it would have been good game on manual acceleration . Now its too unpredictable with auto acceleration and no customizable control layout 🤷‍♂️.
I love this game, i wish there is way you could make it easy to download the replay so one can share on social media
It's just a drift game. You drift you win. All tracks have 40% and more of tarmack. 1 map is all tarmackk wth. The cars are slidey af. Bad game.
Really a great game great graphics and effects but there should be added another car to race with not one in the single player
In multiple player mode ,friends make 4 to more players please and give more mape and brind hospot mode in multiple player mode Please I love this game sooo much please🙏🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️🚘
Best rally game.. very addictive..but i have cut one star coz of less maps..plzz add more maps other than forets, harbour, stadium..
I'm rating 4 stars for right now since the controls are unresponsive sometimes. If it's fixed in the future update or later then I'll change the rating to 5 stars.
This game is really good.but the tracks are very not that much wide and I like this game but I didn't get the multiplayer code.can some one help me but u can play online with compute but it glitches.i will give 5 stars Download it
I like the game but as I progress and setup the car for each track it doesn't seem to be working anymore. How is it possible to get slower times with faster and better handling cars? There are only 6 tracks and I'm up to level 60 so I've done each track like 10 times and I know what setup works for each track. I'm starting to get bored and regret downloading this game. Add some more tracks. I do like that it shows what the car can do after setup but it still doesn't respond how it shows after.
The most realistic rally mobile game close to simulator that we can enjoy. It would be completely perfect if there were the co driver instructions and if the game had a better shopping menu. It's good to spend time with this game as an introduction to rally if you can't play dirt rally or any pc simulator.
If you guys want more players, I HIGHLY recommend adding cover art, the games profile icon makes it look like a trashy ripoff when it actually isn't