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Rakko Ukabe - Let's call cute sea otters!

Rakko Ukabe - Let's call cute sea otters! for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by EMERALD LLC located at 4-19-18 Awaji, Osaka Shi Higashiyodogawa Ku, Osaka Fu, 533-0032, Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Seems like a cute game that I'd love to play, but I can't even leave food out. I need to click the "yes" button on the first tutorial a bunch of times for it to register and then every time I do the next part and click the "check" button it just keeps popping up telling me to click the button I just did.
The game is not that go it is cute but there's a little problem with it it won't let you tap the side buttons and if you can't do that you can't do anything don't waste your time
It's a great app, so cute and fun to use - unfortunately all of a sudden the app wont open, and just closes whenever I try to open it! Hopefully it's fixed, because I adore it!
it's ok. it's cute, easy to play, and it keeps my attention for now. only issue is i can't keep my otter babes. i can only have one in my home and i let the other go. i wish there was an option to "cage" the otters. maybe have an option so it can be in the backyard. or have it so it can return to the beach and not the ocean. i miss my otter babe.
I love otters so much!! this game is so cute and relaxing, you just put food out for the otters and wait for them to show up. no need to spend money on this app unless you want to! also updates pretty frequently, adding new otters and items. thank you for making this wonderful game!!!
Really addictive game that lets you play with cute otters and backed by a very responsive support team who do their best to help with any issues you might encounter. Love it!
This game is so freaking CUTE!!! I love the art style of it and the designs of the different otters! Unfortunately, though, the gameplay tended to be rather lack-luster. I wish it was more interactive.
Very cute game! my only nit pick is that you can't see your pearls while inside your home or in the shop which turns kinda annoying when you need to go back and fourth to make sure you have enough pearls for whatever else you want to buy, other than that though the game plays very well!
This is a very cute and fun game!! i love the otters. Sadly there are some lags that make me cannot open ads for using macaron or open the mail to get pearls sometimes, it instead re-open the app. Sometimes the game wouldn't even open, can you please fix this?
Theres a really annoying bug where you have to tap below the actual button which means I can't tap on the bottom buttons at all. It was recommended by a friend but now I'm having second doubts. I'll wait a few days for a bug fix.
This game is super cute! I love it to bits already, especially after seeing otters hold hands. Unfortunately, there's a glitch with the touch, so it's a little bit frustrating when you have to tap something multiple times to get it to work. It'd also be nice if regular pearls were just slightly easier to get, but other than that, it's very very enjoyable and the concept is wonderful!
I had this game before than deleted it.Needed to for space. I downloaded the game again but needed to tap the buttons repeatedly for it to sense it. Very annoying.
I love this game so much its super cute and stuff but one thing i wish is that you could move the stuff that you place done without deleteing it and some of the stuff it wont let me sell
This gamee is amazing i just wish you could like decorate your house and make it bigger,and that you could have to otters insted of only one but out of all that very fun game!
I tried to like this game, I really really did but the controls are bad. I had to type one button multiple times for the command to get through and even then it wasn't clear on what you had to press, for that reason, 2 Stars :/
l truly love this game! The otters and even the graphics are cute! I love how the otters have different position and give you little clams...SO CUTE!!!!!!! I Also love how it always gives me updates when I open the app! l wish the developer could make more games like this, but with more animals like cats and dogs! It's very cute but also relaxing, creating the perfect past time activity! I recommend it to people who like CUTNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi! Im a android user and um, well my issue is that it takes a while to download, i mean it was at 88% and it stopped downloding, IDK why but please respond to this, Im actually new to google play/appstore so IDK why it does that. Anyways, My point is it took a while to download i mean, i waited 2 - 3 hours for it to download, No my wifi is strong i checked it. So yeah IM SORRY IF THIS REVIEW WAS USELESS!
Love it! Just one major issue. Another review has already mentioned it; but the unlimited items are a big problem. I've been having a great time collecting each kko (they are adorable! To the artist that drew them, you are the best! Hot Spring kko is my favourite) But due to the unlimited items, in order to get the 3 Fortune Shell items I need (Luxury Liner, Mallet of Luck and Nimbus), it's now almost impossible to use the Fortune Shell, so I'll have to give up on them. Thank you for reading!
It's very cute but it's not very creative. Neko Atsume did it better. In fact this is just a rip off of Neko Atsume. There you didn't have to play money for expansions, and it was simpler to understand. Also, sometimes the app just randomly closes and this is the first time that I've had the problem on my phone.
Super cute game I like open it and see the otters in cute poses But is very hard to get pearls and everything is very expensive
I love this game so much,only thing I wish for is that besides with real money,that the ocean could be expanded with rainbow pearls :) edit: I went back in the app recently to find all my data erased, please fix.
I can't even play the game because the tutorial is completely bugged. It gives you a set of instructions for what to do, when you have done it and you click the check button like it asks it just displays that same message. It is uncompletalbe, you try to put the food away so you can do it again the arrow for the check button stays there but the options disappear, then you can't do anything. Refreshing the app lead me back to the same bugged screen. Make sure your games actually work.
Absolute rubish. I have to click every single button at least 4 times before it registers. The "tutorial" is only one action and that took 4 minutes to complete because of the sheer amount of reclicking. UI is a joke.
Doesn't work on all phones and crashes when opening a lot but overall really fun! The otters are super adorable and the game is easily playable. You can watch ads for extra game money or not which is nice.
Cute but buggy, as soon as I entered it wouldn't let me place the food bowl to start the process, and several other things. It was a bit.. annoying, its not a bad game it looks cute just a bit annoying at points ^^'
It's so cute, but the button input detection is all wrong. Everytime I want to do something I have to tap slightly below where the actual button is or it won't register. It's very annoying. 5 stars if this gets a fix.
The otters are so cute and I actually wanted to play this game the moment I saw it on twitter but like previous reviewers the button detection settings are all wrong and always a little lower than where it is actually displayed at the screen. For now, I will be removing the game but I will add it to my wishlist to check from time to time if the settings are now fixed. Thank you for such a cute game and please keep it up! πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
This game is amazing it is so cool. I love making my little otters happy. They are ao cute they adorable
WaaaaAAAaaaaahhhhh!!!! so much CUTIES!!!!! πŸ˜³πŸ˜­πŸ™Œ thank you for making this game so much. :') now i'm inlove with the Otters and i'm so into the game now. 😭😭❀ and btw, thank you too so much for making so much adorable Otters in the game!!!! i really appreciated and and loved it thag much. if i'm being honest. πŸ™ i'm looking forward for moooore adorable Otters in the game and new things to play with for my Otters and new stylish and more seafoods plss!!! and maybe too new worlds to explore pls!
β€’ A good simple but long term game β€’ Earning game cash takes more than time β€’ Taming Rakko is also quite difficult (due to its style of economy; hard to earn game cash) β€’ Can accommodate only one Rakko at the time; leveling up all Rakko seems so impossible (unless if you top up real cash) β€’ Therefore, this is not a free game; a free game but there's imbalance features between free users and paid users. β€’ So far, it's a good and cute game
Very cute sea otter collecting game in tge style of Neko Atsume. Lots of different otters and decorations, and feeding the otters to unlock new animations gives some more interaction. The otters can raft together, which is adorable and necessary for a game about looking at cute sea otters. No in-game photo gallery or ability to change an otter's portrait though, and taking a picture triggers an ad.
The game is so cute! I love the style, nothing is wrong with it at all, it's so fun, And the otters come really fast which is really good!
I actually really love this app. At first when I download it it was boring and really didn't know what to do, but now I wanted to try the game because I really haven't played it, so when I tried the game I understand it little by little and now i keep playing this game every morning. THX FOR MAKING THIS APP :)
It froze my phone. It lagged. A lot. It was a pain to navigate anything. I had to restart the phone. It's unplayable on my end, and the battery is heating up very fast. Nevermind the fact that the English translation has lots of problems. I wanted to play this game. I wanted to enjoy it. But I just couldn't.
Super duper cute game!!! Try it if you like cute animals!!! The only thing i dislike is that the free space provided is too small please make it bigger.
I really tried to like this game I really did. I love the cute graphics and the design. The otters melt my heart but the buttons do not work half the time and I'm not sure if it's because my phone is a galaxy s10e or what but it really prevents my enjoyment of the game and is super frustrating. I wish I love this game
I love love love this game! It's so cute and kawaii, the Japanese cute aesthetic. The only downside is, I wish it had minigames and more options because sometimes it gets boring. Otherwise though, I love it! I'm obsessed with otters, so this is the perfect game for me. I haven't found any bugs personally, and I like that there aren't a ton of ads. In fact, I've only gotten one so far. Great game, just please add mini games so we can do more than just raise a ton of otters! ❀️
I cant even open the app. I was so excited to play it but it just wont open I've tried several time. un and reinstalled still wont work. please fix the bug >:/
It's very cute but I only have 1 complaint the controls aren't to good but over all its amazing! πŸ‘πŸ»β™‘
If it didn't crash every 80 seconds on my tablet, I would rate 6 stars. The problem is fatal, but rakko is killingly adorable so that I can't stop restart the app. Life is hard.
I love this game but ever since my android updated, the app won't work properly. The touch screen seems to be misaligned, making it impossible to play now. I hope this gets fixed soon!
I love this game! The otters are all adorable and I appreciate the constant updates. A really fun way to pass the time. The only bad thing is that the audio is an issue - even when everything is muted, the sounds will intermittently break through (especially right when opening the app, which has startled me multiple times).
The interaction is terrible. Not until you put finger in the middle of icons then it won't let you interact. And please add the inventory of purchased items. Still,the extension, the dev should let players extend the beach by coins at first, then charge for the rest later. Due to the difficulty in control, any comments about its cuteness are useless.
Really cute would of rated it 5 stars if THE BUTTONS WERE NOT SO HARD TO PRESS I'M STUCK AT THE START!
so cute but none of the buttons seem to work. had to press multiple times to get one to work. this is like 2 min into the intro. update: if you can get past the into, most of the buttons will work if you press slightly lower.
It's very cute and I love how otters have friendship levels and you can feed them daily, but there's a small problem where all the buttons are slightly lower than where it's shown on the screen so you have to tap lower and it's a little irritating. If that bug wasn't there this would be five stars.
Couldn't even start that game because it just opens a screen telling you what to do. But it takes about a hundred times to press the "yes" button for it to actually work- only to just reopen the same box telling you what to do. Pretty disappointing because this looked like a fun game.
This is one of my favorite apps! Otters are my favorite animal and being able to have so many cute friends that I can interact with in my pocket always makes my day! <3
Omg I could not even get past the tutorial like It said click the done button after setting your food where you like and I did but every time i did it kept showing me the same exact page it was very frustrating it looks fun and cute but I wish I could actually get to that part
Absolutely adorable game! Cute otters are lovely. Only downsides are some things aren't translated (although everything important is okay); game is also very crash-happy and needs restarts if I open any other app. Overall lovely though!
It be essentially like "Neko Atsume," except ye be a'summon'n sea otters (rakkos) and they've implemented a system to progress through different levels'o friendship with ye rakkos. In addition, all'o yer rakko toys require consistently less time ter unlock. All in all, this game be far superior ter "Neko Atsume."
this is a really cute game and i enjoyed it, but sometimes you i cant click on some stuff and it takes me several tries. another thing is that i can never catch any rakkos, not sure if it's just me or a general issue. however, the graphics are absolutely adorable. i hope these issues are fixed soon :)
This game used to be one of my favorites, But now everytime I play, it just seems to close me out. Hope this gets fixed soon.
Adorable game with calming gameplay. Wonderful for fans of otters or the Japanese cute aesthetic. Lots of updates and new otters so it never gets stale. Only complaint - there needs to be an option to trade non-premium currency for premium, like in "Neko Atsume", especially since the special otters only come out for premium items.
I played for about 10 seconds...the game is completely broken! In just the tutorial, you can't tap any of the buttons to proceed. They're broken, and I pressed many times on the button to confirm. It went away, then I tried to drag an object, and it wouldn't work. Then another box with a confirmation popped up, which wouldn't work when tapped. Entirely broken. Would be a cute game if actually playable.
A very cute game, again i've played so far. Just that sometimes i get lost while playing it. I mean there are somethings i couldn't figure out.... And i deleted it. Just, to explore other games. I would highly recommend this game to people who are highly addicted to aesthetic world.
It's super cute, and I would love to actually play it, but the tutorial is broken. It tells me to tap the check button to set the food, but won't let me do that. It just keeps bringing the box back up anytime I touch something.
Controls were very weird. It keeps repeating the same instructions because it doesn't detect what I'm pressing. Adorable graphics
Otters are my favorite animal, and I kind of love this game. The only thing I don't like is that some parts are broken. Whenever I tap on something like the shop, it's sometimes black. Many times, it gives the message, "Unfortunately, Rakko Ukabe has stopped." and closes out. If you can fix these problems, that would be great. A suggestion: add some minigames, like catching fish and swimming to avoid obstacles. Other than that, it's so cute.
Game is broken. Had to restart it multiple times to get the app to actually open, and when open none of the buttons qorked and I couldn't even complete the tutorial.
I really really really wanted to like this. The music is pleasant, the graphics are cute. When you first open it, you're presented with a tutorial which is fine... if it worked. It's relentless and doesn't recognize when you've completed the task. The tap control isn't sensitive at all, having to tap "yes" several times before it registers, and if you don't tap the task in exactly where you need, which is impossible to tell, to tutorial prompt is back up.
This game is super cute and chill, a great way to start off my morning. The wide variety of otters to find is fun and I love feeding them and giving them dessert. The touch screen is a little iffy and doesn't respond sometimes, but besides that the game is a joy to play
Very cute and very functional. I wans't expecting to be able to customize the area and the names. Its easy to gather pearls, the otters are adorable, and the game itself is very fluid.
Well I really love the concept but I'm giving it 4 stars just because it kinda lags and sometimes I have to press it alot of times to just do something simple.. Please fix this✌
Fun! Love this! If you add minigames, I guess more people will love this and share it to their friends! It's cute! But because the file is too big and makes my phone almost lost my space... Anyways, love this!
It's time to update! Last update was early April. Cute game, but the fortune shell kept on giving the same normal items again and again, waste of rainbow pearls. πŸ™„πŸ˜
Super cute graphics. Easy to get currency for cute items. Only complaint is hard to catch the Rakko when they are in my ocean.
I love this game! The otters are all adorable and I appreciate the constant updates. A really fun way to pass the time. The previous audio issue has mostly been fixed; there is only a slight hiccup when opening the app. Update (4/26/2020): I'm not the biggest fan of the changes in the newest version. The lucky draw is no longer fair without the item cap. But the game is still great at what it does.
This is a very cute and relaxing game. I usually play this for hours! Gotta make sure my otters have everything they need.
This is such a cute game and I really like the graphics However I think they will have to fix some of the technical problems. Often the home button did not register and I would have reopen the game multie times before it works I also had a hard time selecting the otter
it's a cool game if you like interactive you know check-in kind of games it's it's not a bad game overall I think it's it's really cute and I recommend it to people who don't like big file games and are more simplistic at what they want to play. all I can say is it's not like a very very interesting game but if you like it cute little kind of collection pet kind of games than this might be for you.
The game is adorable, but I will always miss the time that otters come. πŸ˜” One thing that I dislike about it is that you have to spend money to expand your view from left right. I mean I would've love to but this looks more like a friendly kids game rather than a 'money spending' game.
sometimes it crashes and it's kinda laggy. gave five stars because overall it's very cute and i really like the sound of the waves. please fix those problems soon so i can keep enjoying this beautiful game.
After the newest update, I have to bump my rating down to 4 stars. The lack of an item cap makes it nearly impossible to get certain items (and therefore otters) and makes the game very pay to win. If this can be changed back to x9, I would bump the rating back up. But for now, I can't ignore that you basically need to pay now to unlock everything. The game's always been cute though.
THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜…πŸ˜„πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜„πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
very cute and good. there's a slight bug in that the touch orientation seems to be shifted slightly downwards. I have to touch underneath the object i want to select. also the price for expanding their little yard seems a bit much, especially when there's no other way to buy the ground.
I think the game is cute but very hard to understand because the translation is awful. also $6 (real money) for one room expansion (so $12 if you want both) is rediculous. I wanted to play but the money thing is a game breaker for me. I want to work toward unlocking exspantion not be forced to pay real money. I uninstalled.
it's an amazing app but for this phone I'm not able to play it for some reason whenever I get into the app it shows the starting page and then kicks me out of the game I'm able to play it on my other phone but it's reactions were not very good when I click on something most of the time nothing would happen and I had to either switch fingers or keep pressing it which was really annoying however I would love this game if those didn't happen
Cute otters! It's like Neko Atsume but for otters. You can give them all custom names and invite your favourite otter inside to have a special meal (now including DESSERTS). I would like to be able to see currency when inside the house. Currently you can only see how many pearls you have when on the beach which makes it hard to judge how many you should spend on otter meals inside the house. Also, sometimes the screenshot etc buttons stop you clicking otters behind them.
I really like this game I really do But it needs a few adgustments And it takes up to almost just so much storage and MB just for a small little otter game. Sorry lol no offense. And it takes a long time to load. I kinda like the animation though. And also it doesnt really do much. My sis plays this. And i mostly download it for ny stuff toy seal. I dont know this game much though dont mind. Im pretty sure you'd doubt..