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Raising Archangel

Raising Archangel for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Super Planet located at Gang-Nam-Gu, Seoul. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Extremely boring compared to other idle rpg titles due to lack of any visible improvements on the character or the surroundings as you progress, it doesn't feel like you're progressing at all. IAPs are stupidly expensive. Uninstalled.
Here's the thing, I really like the gameplay of this, don't get me wrong but there's been a problem occuring frequently. As I start the game and about to collect the afk gold, it crashes and after I relog, the gold counter restarts. It already happened multiple times. I hope the devs read this. Good job for a nice game btw.
This game is perfect to have running in the background while at work. Very generous with diamonds too.
After lvl 50 no more rewards besides base ones, final end game stage is all the same just increasing number, game still spams the buy packs ad even in power save mode. In the end just a basic idle game but with less content than others and overpriced shop packs that are monthly and allow you to spend $5000 a month on the game.....
Truthfully it could be worse you can get the best stuff in the game as far I know by composing your old stuff and into the new it may take time or you can purchase packs that are a bit expensive on my opinion if you want a good boost the uniform for 300% gold is good but I suggest just taking your time with it and not purchase packs unless you wanna reach the end at and become the "best" not many advertisements but I'd rate 5 if there was way to obtain the costumes without real money :)
Simple, but I like it, although more characters might be nice. Had no trouble although the "tutorial" is very light. No notable story yet either. The game-breaker for me is there is zero offline progress, at least for me. This should be a given for idle games. No one wants to drain battery to leave the app open and idling; offline progress has been the norm for years, yes?
It takes about 1-2 hours to for the idle part to really kick in. There's a distinct lack of char customization & costumes right now. The buff packs in the store are really expensive - they're looking for whales over high volume purchases here, which means this game is extremely p2w. You'll hit an agonizing grind after about 16 hours isle unless you're a whale. I'm uninstalling.
It's a good game, and that's the truth but if you were to lower the daily quests, it would be better for lots of people and you should make a system where you can use diamonds to roll for skins which gives different states depending on rarity which would be a great update for the game as it would add a new layer to the game
Game is ok. But store items are way overpriced. Plus so pay to win with pvp. The starter box with the costume should be closer to $20 not the current overpriced price. Honestly all prices should be cut in half given this is a mobile game with zero playability.
IT looks fun to play, but I try to get in and it just keeps crashing is there a way to fix this I have uninstalled and reinstalled over 5 times
A nice game. I would like to give five stars but currently to get somethings u have to put a lot of cash into the game. I would like a way to get certain things without extra stuff for example buy the costume without the extra items. It's also new so its obvious that not everything is perfect. With time I think this will become a nice game.
The game is good, I know is new but I have some problems. 1) repetitive: I knoe the game is more for AFK but it needs more types of game or at least something to keep the player in the game more than just the first day. 2) overpriced items in store, you can take the adds our for $4.99 in other games or the most valuable packe with the extra gold $44? Thats too much.
The game is a fun fast past high time. Though I wish we had more options in the game overall it is great.
During the five minutes I actually play this game I ended up getting pretty good stuff but I will say this the weapon acquisition and this game is pretty broken you might want to increase difficulty of the acquisition of gems.
The game is nice. The pick for weapons is a nice feature which allows you to get weapon and reinforce them and they all give passive ATK when you upgrade then which seems like a lot of people don't understand. Could be a lot more fun if you implent more modes/events. Also they are really generous on the diamonds.
It does its job as an idle game well but it lacks some impact. maybe add some content where the player is aiming for something perhaps?
Love the game and a great time killer and good for being afk if you work a lot or just don't hop on that much!
Gameplay.. looks good, also cute🤍 and Not going to reveal or say a Helpful Complaints to anything yet about the game Only besides the prices on buying a product/items here. But the Currency and Dungeons just needs more updates. It just the Prices of the Products are Very expensive.. than the other afk games. So now I rather stay as a f2p here.
I've been playing since launch and I have some pointers. If you want my 5 star rating, get more outfits with abilities in. Like maybe a 10x gold for a new one. The other thing is a button to auto run all of your arenas at once. And a 10x and 100x level up button for the stats. Also dungeons should drop materials, even good ones sometimes too. More then just gold. Really loving the game, but since launch almost nothing has changed. There's nothing new. There's been no events. We need some!
It's a good enough idle game and I know these games are for like personal accomplishment and grinding through it, but when on the very first day of release you open the Rank leaderboard and see the person at #1 with the best gear in the game at max level who probably spent $4k to beat the game day one it feels pointless playing it at a F2P pace so I'm done with it.
the game is fun and has great graphics, the only thing is that the game needs a bit of activity, for example: pvp is always just the same 10 seconds (maybe a skip option?). 2 times instead of 3 times watching an ad for the daily quest would also help. clubs/clans would also be fun and maybe there are club/clan activities. I like the game so far. ^w^ here, some pats: *pat pat*
Rated 2 cause of the buggy ad system and the fact that if an add refuses to load you lose out on rewards for that reward type for the day. Why put a try again later message when if you hit can do its gone for that day (roulette and the 'freebe' buffs)
3 star at begining but after days of playing, it just boring and yet want you buy buy cash items, having 0 update from dev.
Interesting game but i dont have a button under the check in menu for some reason so i cant unlock stuff. A little annoying. Otherwise a nice game.
I download Raid the Dungeon (a game I played before and loved) but my phone didn't like it. Because of that, I was looking for a different, but similar game. Idk if this is "similar" but whatever it is is great!!!!
The graphics are decent and the gameplay so far is okay but it feels like there's too much going on at once. I feel the tutorial should be more spread out so we get used to one thing before the next. I like endless goodies but they felt like they were being shoved down my throat.
It is fun to play with minimal buttons (most if not all afk games have so many buttons to click on which confuses new players) but this game only has what's necessary.
I like the game and like to see more things in the future but the reason im giving this 3 stars is because your doing the same thing over and over which gets boring over time. And my second problem is that the *pick* as you call it its easy to get everything exept the super best items which in my opinion ruins the game because once you get the best weapons and items its like ur just good at the game now. My third problem is the store everything is to much money.
Honestly, the big numbers and lack of customisation is what gets to me. I understand that this is still young game, so I will choose to continue playing it. I love the idea of raising your own archangel, but it'd be better if I can really personalise its appearance. As for the numbers, it quickly gets boring once you get a grasp of the whole game. Suggestion: Maybe a little story of each level? I look forward to future updates :)
The game is amazing and the tutorial is short and sweet. There are a couple of things however that need attention. Firstly the achievements do not work. I'm level 9 currently and I have yet to receive my level 5 achievement. The game is linked with Play Games and I can view the achievements for the game however it says I haven't unlocked it yet. Secondly I'm unable to receive the X2 rewards when booting up the game after being AFK. Other than that, the game is beautiful. Keep up the good work!
It's not very idle. You have to babysit it and fight the bosses manually every 10 enemies killed. The equipment is a Gacha and auto combine system thats a little opaque.
Boring. Just a huge progression wall that enables you every opportunity to buy their battle pass. battle pass. battle pass. also can't use skills automatically without battle pass. higher levels you cant progress automatically unless you have auto skills. very generic.
graphics is ok free gems everywhrere easy to play, but this game lacks character improvement options, why? there are no other stats aside from ATK, CRIT and CRITDMG. HP is fixed to 5? only 2 skills, in which you will also upgrade both of them (no need to choose). PVP is RNGish, since we all have the same build, the one who has higher damage output wins unless they crit a alot. you are stuck with sword with same passive from other sword(difference is the rare sword has higher stats).disappointing
It's a good game, this game got me play for 4 hours, It's fun, It's entertaining and it got me addicted real fast, but there is some one problem in this game, the problem is that i was trying to watch ads to get me diamonds and trying to get tickets in PvP mode it does not work, even if i reopen the game it does not work. This is all, but please fix the problem I'm having fun playing and thank you !
Edit: Dev response was to my previous comment. They reached out to me and heard my concerns. And regardless of where the game goes i appreciate and respect that they took the time to address how I felt, even if they can't fix everything right away. 3 stars. Will raise again when improvements make their way into the game. But easily three stars just for the quality of response I got.
I like the game overall but I have only 1 issue so far. The PvP in the game is not truly PvP. You get paired with AI with the same gear and similar stats as you, so there is no competition with other players. This makes PvP feel like a roll of the dice and I don't even look at my screen anymore when I start matches. I hope this gets changed soon so I can both enjoy and look forward to gearing myself more than other players.
Overall, the game is fun and interesting though a little generic. Changes i advise (order of importance) : 1 Add +5 or +10 options to skill upgrades 2 Add more player skill based power ups. 3 Add more interactions between user and angel. 4 Add NPCs, world feels empty. 5 Let us see our opponents stats more in pvp. 6 Wings look way too static, not important but... 7 Some backstory would be nice. 8 More toggle-able skills That's all I have for now, looking forward to the games future.
This is a really fun game just casually checking in and getting further into dungeons my only complaint is that the one skin you can buy is $50. Even if it meant less gold other cosmetics would be really cool if it costed less I think I'd buy into it
While the characters are cute..... The game is completely unfinished. The placeholders or programmer notes for buttons and notifications are showing and it makes it impossible to understand what each button is for, and how to do pretty much anything.... This game has potential but.... It is like half finished. There's also nothing to it plot wise and no story... Nothing really to do besides watching the girl run. Can't really understand what buttons do what....
Pointless. Once you run out of keys which is easy cause everything runs on keys, you just let it autoplay for coins and thats it. Pvp is fake. Your opponent is a mirror of your person and even if they are 5 million less than you, they will still win. You cant unlock final dungeon unless you spend 50k to 100k diamonds pulling 5 lll swords to make an ultra sword. 55million attack and cant even beat pet stage 6. This game is ridiculous.
Great game only issue is the rewards if you go over the amount needed it doesn't count the rest of the amount built up
I love how simple the game is but I have mixed feelings about pvp. On the one hand you're always playing a bot so you don't have to worry about matchmaking with op opponents but on the other hand, since it's a bot system & you're not playing against actual opponents, it just feels like mirror matches where you're fighting against yourself all the time. Also I don't understand why there's always a daily quest to play 60 mins when this is supposed to be a afk/idle game. Needs to be lowered to 30.
It's a nice little "game" but the lack of customization options and, variations kinda makes it boring. Plus power creep and cost to upgrade jumps up quickly. I shouldn't be struggling as badly as I am nor should I be as broke all the time like I am. But other than that it's a pretty decent time.
So far it is fairly good, simple but good. From what I see it has great potential, but the idea of there not being a story, at least from what I've seen, might be a turn off for some players. All and all, it has sound gameplay, easy to understand mechanics and a beautiful looking design.
This can be a great game. Alot of things seem way over priced for what they are. Also the skills need way clearer details on what they are and what they do. As I have no idea what's best to reinforce. Chat needs a separate tab as it's spammed with people's item pulls. I'll give 5 stars ones skills and abilitys are described better. I myself and many others are really struggling to under stand them. Thanks. Kirkyboy
PvP is just a mirror of yourself with certain stats a fixed % higher or lower than yours in some categories, but for the most part it's not even "PvP" at all, but just a PvE with yourself who will almost always be mirrored with your stats. Game dailies are way too annoying to do. Play 1 hr and watch ads 3 times a day that has a 1 hr cooldown in between each ad??? For an idle game that has virtually no active interaction other than pressing some buttons that's just annoying to do DAILY.
Some of the paid packages don't work. If you get the skip ads for pvp, you still have to wait for the cool down and sometimes it's the length of 3 ads... Idle progress skip is a joke. Idle progress never triggers unless after an ad and it only gives a minute worth.
Very amazing! I especially like how all equipment has a passive effect, so even unequipped items help, which is a huge plus! So even getting other equipment still helps, even if it's not equipped!! So far enjoying this game a lot. This game is a keeper! I can see it growing and getting better and more popular! :) :)
Update: Seems that after I posted my original review, there is now an offline progress feature. That, or it was bugged. Either way, I am much more happy with the game. It also seems that after an update, my phone doesn't heat up as fast as it did. (Or I'm just dumb, but it is better now) So, 2 for 2, my issues have been solved. Enjoying the game. Only thing now is to wait for more content and see what else we get to have fun.
This game is fun but 100% fake. PVP is predetermined if you will win or lose regardless of your stats. Item drop is rigged to require money past L status items... Money hungry developers with a advertisement to spend money (every few minutes) spam bot game...
Not easy to progress without running the game 24/7 to earn diamond. Everything become so expensive and slow in later stage of the game. Sigh ... Overall, if you like simplicity game and able to keep 24/7. It's still good.
As most people are writing in their reviews, items in store are overpriced. PVP feels "meh", every opponent has you same equipment, but different stats and they are all called "Enemy". It is fun because it is idle, but after a while gets boring. I would recommend, lower the prices on some things. Example, battle pass $7.99 instead of $17.99, would be a lot more affordable and people would pay it easier. Also, more costumes, everyone has the free one, but the other one is $44.99... seriously?
Overpriced, the game itself is simple and to consider the things to do is so little please think before pricing your in app items. All of the store items are too expensive and not worth it. Maybe consider lowering it up to 75% off. Everything only cost that much for an idle game. This game will not get any longer if your sales and pricing team is so greedy. I bet this doesn't have many sales.
I enjoy the game, despite being a idle game it gives me something to do to pass time. My only problem so far is the pvp system, theres been times I beat them by nearly 1b, but get told I lost the fight. For example, my last fight 8.54b to 7.8b but I lost, maybe it's a bug, I don't know.
Afk rewards are a bit glitchy, you can be offline for a full day and come back to 8 minutes of rewards somehow. Also disappointing that ad free doesn't remove ALL ads, just the arena and afk ones. Pets were a good addition but the game needs much more, so hopefully we'll continue to get substantial updates.
Pretty decent and gives you tons of free currency in the beginning. The people leaving the bad reviews say it doesnt tell you what each thing does. It's not rocket science, if you played any rpg ever it's the same mechanics you can figure out. Defeat stages, earn currency, spend on stats etc. Maybe think a little bit for yourself and figure it out, no need for all the hand holding.
The game refused to start except for once and that one time it started it lastes maybe 15 seconds before it crashed my phone entirely
Needs way cheaper prices and game connat be played 24/7 therefore the people running game need to increase the growth in order to keep up with what you are advertising..if its doesnt keep up with it than it ends up being FASLE ADVERTISEMENT.. SO please do your best to fix
It's heavy on adds, 140 out of 150 daily pvp limit is locked behind 14 adds. The only reliable way to get dungeon keys is to pvp which you need to watch adds first. It is almost pay to win, you can get all items for free except the costume(+300% gold) but it is a lot harder than pay to win player. I would like to see some free to play costume with buff that you can get with some diamond. Lacks side feature to be more powerful, the only way to be powerful to infinitely upgrade stats and weqpon.
-Yes. Like The Title. This Game Is Just About AFK. You Do Nothing. Open The Game, Slap Some Upgrade Button, Then Leave. Thats It. But The Worse Is, The Daily Mission Need You To Stay In Game For 1 Hour. -There Is No Pop Up Ads, But You Forced To See Ads. Ads Is Part Of Daily Mission. -PVP Doesn't Make Any Sense, The Enemy Its Just Yourself With Some RNG In The Stats. -All Items (IAP) Is Overpriced. Even Some Setting In Game Need Purchase Some Item If You Want To Flip It To On. I'm Just Honest.
Generic, boring idler. Concept seems to have potential, but months after release some of the core aspects are still such a mess it's a joke. The supposed PVP, it always just says "enemy", so is it another player or just a generated composite? And the stats flash by so fast before the fight you can't get any feel for why you might win one battle and lose another. They seem more interested in renaming the 2 skills than actually fixing or improving much. Shame, might have had potential.
A simple and fun AFK game. Many gripes I see in other reviews are that the game tells you nothing about what you're supposed to do, but that is untrue, since the quest system acts like an ongoing tutorial. This is actually good, since people who have experience with AFKs aren't bored to death, and those that don't aren't left in the dark.
The game is very simple but still very fun. When I first launched the game I played for maybe 30 minutes. About 3 hours or so I hop back on and nothing saved. In the settings at the bottom right there's a save data button. I recommend clicking that before getting off. :D
As much as I like the idea of raising my own archangel, this game is filled with flaws. No character customizations aside from gear 'picks', high prices store, flooded public chat, draining too much battery for an afk game, and no offline progress. Also the updates are always twice the size of the first installation without any hints of what the update is about.
Rates are extremely low (0.03% for top grade rollable item) and there's 4 different items to roll so to have any chance of competing on the leaderboards you have to roll 4 items (preferably multiple times each) at 0.03% each. They've made a game exclusively for whales so if you're someone that doesn't spend money on mobile games you can pass on this one. (The reason I only commented on ranking is because interactive gameplay is non-existent and the only thing of interest would be PVP/rank)
I understand its farely new, but its really unpolished and honestly, makes no sense as the game literally throws you in and just expects you know what to do, also why even add a battle pass to an idle game >:(
Pretty much the game is fun but like most of the other reviews my main problems lie with pvp and prices my issue with pvp is that like most other people your only matched against AI with the same gear and every match is a flip of the rng coin due to the extra hits being the only thing that decide a match for example started the match got a hot mile ahead of the opponent then rnjesus decides to want to shaft me and gives the opponent 8 of the extra hit things in a row completely negating my lead.
I literally just opened the app clicked on attendance check and had a pop-up for a 64 dollar microtransaction. Instant uninstall / 1 star
It's really fun and all..also..da music and sound effect shuld fix more often..cuz its sounded like it jacked up
Another empty grind afk game with nothing to offer, new or old. I tried it and was already out of anything new to look forward to or do at all but let the game grind by itself just to let it get further at continuing to do only that, and I had only played for 30 minutes. Avoid this game and don't waste your time.
I have a decent phone as far as mobile gaming is concerned and every once in a while, the game will freeze my entire phone and i'll have to force a full phone restart to fix it. This is the only game that's caused it, and i play a fairly considerable selection of games. The game is moderately enjoyable overall, but this issue is quite the hinderance.
I love the game so far, it's pretty fun, and I can't wait till there are more costumes, I just hope we don't need to buy them with real money. But I do think this game has great potential considering what it's brought so far. Keep up the great work.
I dond usually play games like this one but its a very fun game and its very smooth and clean. Some of the Armor looks great too. But not all the stuff you equip shows. Maybe change that up a bit. Otherwise its a good game all around.
A game with so much cool rewards, nice game but.. im rating four stars, because i dont see the tutorial pls fix this.
The game is very very good but they should add styles and guilds to chat with and progress with and make u choose what colours and armour colours u can make and use look cool wearing, they should make it easyer to level up and have more weapons but the game is really good ilove it can't stop playing it I waited for it for ages and I had to pre order it and I woke up and it downloaded and I almost had a heart attack ilove this game
Is a really enjoyable game with lots of rewards, which really helps you progress through game, i love it. Keep it up!
Really good game I like it but I did the update and now it want let me play the game on my phone it keeps shutting down