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Rails Empire

Rails Empire for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by feel free to join located at Jiadu Business Building, 66 Jianzhong Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou. The game is suitable for Everyone (Alcohol and Tobacco Reference) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love it. The graphics are clear and well designed, the growth of your train is easy to understand, and I have yet to comw across any problems with the ads. You xont have to watch them. They do appear with the UFO, but thats for a X5 profit that you dont have to watch. Every price in here is well thought out and not draining your account if you choose to get an extra boost of things. I think once it gets more popular, there could be updates, but i have no complainrs here. Great job Devs!!!
Fine enough game, but is anyone else getting consistently bugged multiple times in one sitting about the limited time offers? Like, in a span of 3 minutes, I felt like it popped up at least 5 times.
The game was fun until the recent update adding the offline manager, limiting offline time to 2 hours (6 if you make a $3 purchase). Also introduced "temp" ads that pop up and play for 5 seconds or so before being allowed to skip. The latest update honestly ruined a lot of my want to play. This was a great game to took a turn towards every other mass produced idle game that is shoved full of ads and "forced" purchases.
Its essentially AdVenture Capitalist with effort. The animations and artstyle add personality while the music let's you relax allowing the game to work as a time waster. Decent game nothing more you can really ask for from a idle game.
GREAT little time waster, love the different characters !!!!!! I'm afraid I'll have to drop my rating to 2 stars, can't view any ads to get triple dollar amounts while I'm not playing the game, and will take forever to advance.
Was chill, until this last update.(a few minutes ago) Now it forces you to watch an add when you click on the ufo. (Prior an add was optional if you wanted x4 reward). I wouldn't mind watching adds, especially for the x3 income for 2 hours. But it was optional. Now since you're pushing for add revenue ill simply remove the game. Cheers 1☆ across
Used to be entertaining until the most recent update which now limits your offline progress to 2 hours unless you pay money, as well as forced ads on ufo's even when you decline to watch an ad. No longer entertaining so uninstalling.
Partial forced app. Watch an ad for money bonus, decline and you still watch an ad just shorter. About to quit Google play period, too many ads for most games
I'm a fan of idle, clicker type games to pass the time at night. This is a nice, fluid, well built one. I'm enjoying it so far.
Was kinda fun to start with. You cant ever collect the ufos which is part of the missions. You cant get the ad bonuses to hardly ever work and when you do, a 30 second ad takes 2-5 minutes to complete due to freezing up. Without the ads the game is impossible to progress. The update only made things worse but did provide another way to drop real money in a broken game.. Ill likely delete this game soon.
Beautifully done nice art soothing music and plenty of Easter eggs and jokes please keep it up or I wants a sequel
Good Game but the most irritating thing is that I have the music off because for the most part people don't know what they are doing when comes to mixing music with game play and EVERY SINGLE TIME I watch a ad it comes back from the ad reactivating the music and silence sound effects. 40 ads 40 different times that I have to change the sound / music settings again. Otherwise it is a very good game.
Latest update is full of bugs, cant progress any further with the game also asking you to build a station in the main game which you have no access to
Can't find a general help guide. I can't seem to relocate where to buy a new trainset. Help tells me to buy a new one. But, not where to buy it.
It's okay, it's literally adventure capitalist rail car edition but it's okay. Which is the same it's boring just like adventure capitalists but it's okay.
The game was fine for the first half hour till I got bombarded with ads when I collect my offline earnings, even though i tap no on the ad still plays anyways, and after the first prestige you dont gain anymore fame so you cant progress throughout the game and you are just stuck there.
Changed my review to 1/5 after this last update. Used to be fun and very idle, now it's infested with invasive ads every few seconds. Half the time an ad plays it just causes the game to get stuck in a loop of never ending ads.
Game: Watch an ad for 5x Claim multiplier? Me: Nah. I don't want to watch an ad. G: Well, watch an ad anyways. No reward. M: ........no. *force stop app*
Bought the Random Ad removal bundle and still receive random (not the clickable ads, RANDOM) ads. Not comfortable purchasing anything else. Edit: Dev response doesn't address issue. I get RANDOM ads playing despite having bought the ad removal package (how do you sell a random ad removal package, but state that there are no random ads in your game?) It's bundled with a legendary asset.
Good game so far keep up the good work dont start adding ads coz I hate them keep making it better with updates and new things thank you sir
Ruined the gameplay in the last few days with the latest update. Has random drops that you have the option to watch an ad and multiply your income. Don't want to watch an ad? Tough, you'll have one forced on you regardless of your choice. I recognize they need to make money, but that's ridiculous. Uninstall and 1 star for me.
Has no problem feeding you ads while you play but log off for a few hours to get the offline bonus and log into the game to get 7x by watching an ad and all of the sudden no ads available. Has happened every single time. Deleting.
Was a fun game in the beginning. Good ideas for leveling and bonus items. Lacking in portability. I tried it on two devices and was unable to discover any way to link the two together, resulting in two separate games all the time. Also, the forced mini-ads, even when not requesting other adverts, became invasive and annoying. As well, with no way to link the games, any purchase would have to be made multiple times to enjoy on other devices. Had to delete as adverts became annoying.
Really good game I like that it tells you how much money your getting in one second. Not trying to brag but after 5 minutes I've got 2.3 million per second. Defenty download Rails Empire now.
Definitely needs more work. I get a big triangle on top of engine and carriages, with spanner underneath. I click it and it comes up with a question, which I am fine with. It is the fact that the triangle and spanner does not disappear afterwards which annoys me. As it stops me earning any money at all. All of them has them, and I ain't earning no more money as they won't disappear.
It was great in the beginning. In the long term it gets a little boring. Pretty much everything requires you to watch an add but there are not even enough adds available. In the end you can't do most of the festures because you can't even watch ads.
Need to get reward ads fixed as don't always work. The paid 4 hour extension for offline to 6 hours is way to short. How many players sleep or work over 6 hours? For that reason I won't purchase otherwise I would if the devs made it 12 hours like the other Idle games. Will now delete as Devs can't be bothered replying to players. Ta ta!
Even if you want to watch ads to make meaningful progress 99.99% of the time you'll see 'no ads'. I've never seen idle game not letting you watch ads. Usually they beg you and let you watch as many as you want. Most probably this one blocks the ads to make you spend real money. It's not going to happen, while the graphics are nice this is not a game to spend real money on it. Edit: After participating in one of their so called 'specials events' I'm sure that the game sucks even more than I thought. The event lasts like 12 hours and they expect you to stare at your phone for hours on end for nothing clicking the stupid UFOs. The 'specials event' is to generate ad revenue giving nothing back to the player. Wish I could give it minus 100 stars. It's probably one of the worst games in the idle category in term of rewarding the player for their time. Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with free games generating ad revenue for the developer as long as it's fair. This one is one of the most unfair that I've came across that's all about the developer and player gets almost nothing in return.