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Railroad Manager 3

Railroad Manager 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Ludetis UG (haftungsbeschränkt) located at Berenberger Mark 57a 45133 Essen Germany. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really like this game, but ever since you updated it to 3.0 it isn't letting me continue games and I am losing diamonds in the process. I want to keep playing, but I'm not sure if I will be able to if I have to start over every time. Some tasks take longer than others and I need to be able to come back to it later.
how do you go from railroad manager to railroad manager 3? nice game: when I first got it, I thought it was going to be too difficult to unlock other levels because I needed like 1,000 xp, but I was only getting like 18 xp for the first mission. so maybe make it easier to get to lvl 2.
New update bugs! I will need to uninstall if there is no prompt fix. I finally tried to uninstall and reinstall, and the bug is back. I like to play this game, but need to uninstall every 3 days as it freezes completely. Developers, please help!
Good railroad management game complete tasks and research to complete goals. Only criticism not possible to edit passenger trains once running if you add towns and are low on rolling stock. Update. Found the passenger editor at the bottom of the screen.
A great game ignore the no isntructions theres a tutorial its a cheap version of railroad tycoon if ur into them kind of games
The game is very good and I like to play it very much but I would really appreciate it if you could make a game mode like Sandbox or Creative where you can freely play just for fun. I know there is a Free Play mode but it's hard to reach it.
Just for money making, u cant even play game for more than once, not at all progressive just one tutorial.
love this game but.... when I get half way through a level the game freezes and I have to start over... its happened twice so far... please do a patch update to fix this issue. thanks.
very fun to play once you can work out how to properly utilise it. many things yout cant do in-game that seems obvious and the sponsored diamonds never work. very money grabbing unless you repeat the same map endlessly to gain ten diamonds.
It's not a bad game I figured out how to do it without a manual or anything thought the only thing I don't like about the game and it's a bit buggy is when you finish off a territory it says you're supposed to get 10 diamonds I don't seem to get any diamonds added to my score so you might want to fix that bug
The game is easy to learn and with the new animation the game looks good and I have played it from an early stage.
Spharz s is right you can't play you have to buy the gems I've been playing for a week and the only mod doesn't work
Lots of fun, but there are a few glitches that I've noticed. The biggest one is that the tracks act like they have been turned into double tracks from the start of the game.
This is a great game, one of the best free train tycoon games could find for mobile. There's a great variety of trains, freight and locations. I do wish the gems where Easter to get though, as I find it difficult to earn many.
Ehh... Bare bones... Edit: i decided to just dive in head first, I read the "how to play" at the website (maybe the tutorial could use a.part 3 and 4) and figured out how to advance! It's actually not at all bad!!! Maybe with few updates this could be a top 5 train tycoon!!!
I do adore this game, though it has one or two glitches - mostly mentioned in other reviews. But... GENOVA! The Italy map often has two Genovas: one where you would expect to find Genoa; and a second which can turn up anywhere....... [Update in response to developer : I'm afraid to say that I'm running version 4.4.0 (on Android 9, Motorola G6) - and the Genova problem is very much still there ('there' being near Rome the last time I looked). Would you like me to email you?]
Great game but you do not receive the diamonds when you complete the daily or weekly tasks. Also when you save a game you can't get back into it.
One of my favourite childhood video games was Railroad Tycoon. This game is as close as I can get to playing that game in the absence of an HD remake. There are some differences but the general idea is the same, loving the options and challenges.
A superb game, once you get the hang of it but it is a bit buggy in places. Please build in the ability to automate freight trains to make the game more manageable. Also, it was not really worth getting to level to create my own maps as they are automatically generated and not very good.
Once you learn the game it's great fun, I wouldn't mind a USA map version soon and I have some new ideas for the game
Great time filler game, like others, takes awhile to earn gems vs. Paying for them. But overall happy, there should be able to have a multiplayer board where you can charge for using your built rails.
This game is very good! I give it 3 stars because I kept freezing during play through, please fix this in future updates! If fixed, I will increase the stars!
Probably good. Tutorial tuened me off and I nevwr booted it up again. Eventually just uninstalled. Didn't leave me with any passion for or against.
I love it's not hard and not easy and like that I have 2 problems I cant stop the trains and I also would if you could use any map for free and me being from the uk i wanna go on them anyway i give 5 stars
Very fun. For some reason after so many years u lose use of certain engines that u paid for. I don't like that u can't use them even though u paid for them. And u can only buy stuff with 💎. So u have to play alot, or spend real money, which in some games almost forces u to do that. But overall pretty good game
The gameplay is great, and not filled with ads. Rating: 10/10 The only problem is the gem system, it takes alot of time to get them to buy new trains but there can be a replacement, add an option to buy trains and coaches for the map that you are playing you can buy them using the coins earned inside the maps. The trains bought inside the map will not be for all map, as soon as the mission gets completed the in map trains disappear. Thats the thing need to be added.
Overall very well made game, the only downside is obtaining diamonds is very slow without paying real money, maybe make a couple of engines and trailers available to purchase with gold or unlocked after viewing ads etc...
Great little game which I have used to pass the time on and off for years. I like what you've done with recent updates such as industries and farms. Downside since the last updates is that now if I run a second passenger train on the same route it just doesn't collect any passengers at all and any "via points" sometimes become destinations instead. I've rated 5* as I'm sure this is a quick fix.
Love this game, especially the variety of maps. But please improve the game engine. Whenever I restart the game and try to start previously saved game, it freezes most of the times
Game is quite good, takes a little time to understand how things work which makes.it challenging. Bit basic graphics but enjoyable
The map keeps locking up The app was updated yesterday 5/9/2020 and the screen keeps locking up. If you're going to issue an update at least fix the problems.
Why do you "NEED" all of my personal info? Are all of you going to end up asking for our soc. sec. #s too, voice sample, and our finger prints?!? None of you, don't really care about our privacy!!! And all of this under the guise of marketing!!???!! I had a job for over 6yrs. that dealt in this! I was an idea man!
Best RR strategy game I've played on Android. The only issue for me is the map often freezing, have to reboot the device to clear it.
the game is good but earning diamond is a pain, it's really hard to get just a new engine, the sponsored free is not working
okay game, would be nice if there were another way to obtain new cars besides diamonds. Also, when a train navigates a curve, the animation could be better. And tenders (coal cars) on steam locomotives should be able to round curves seperately from the locomotive, like they do on real trains. The tank engines are fine, as they do not use seperate coal cars.
Pretty cool game. I'm not sure why not allow cargo trains running like passanger trains. And there is a bug when replacing bridge with a better one - my passanger trains just stopped and now I cant remove them which screwed my entire game
easy to use point and play game. One or two things that could be included in updates but my opinion only. otherwise a brilliant little game
Nearly Railroad Tycoon! Not quite though. I'm not sure if I like that cargo trains disappear after they make a single journey. It'd be nice if you could just let cities produce similar goods all the time and then just have cargos trains always delivering coal, wool or whatever carriages you put on. Other than that, really great game - definitely needs a sandbox mode! I'd pay good money for that 😊💰
It's a great game, but ever since the recent update I've been having issues with it freezing. Hopefully a fix will be out soon.
Great game. Not those ad filled games. Nice train hauling game. The only downside is the slow start. Trains cost gems. And to get gems you need to do maps and to quickly finish the map you need a good train network and for that you need trains. But considering the free model it's quite nice. An optional ad watching in exchange for a gem could be a good addition. Since sometimes you just need 1 gem to unlock a map. Another thing to improve a bit is the graphics.